Retardead (2008)

Dan West and Rick Popko followup the immensely entertaining MONSTURD with the second half of their demented Grindhouse double-feature! RETARDEAD begins after a brief intermission featuring two ridiculously over-the-top trailers for FRANKENSTEIN AND THE BLOODY BEAST OF GHASTLY TERROR and DRACULA VS JACK THE RIPPER. The feature picks up immediately where MONSTURD left off, with the conniving Dr. Stern narrowly escaping his own demise from the city sewers. Stern takes on a new position at the school for the gifted in town, and administers an experimental serum to its special needs children that gives them a heightened intelligence. Unfortunately for Butte County, the drug also has an unforeseen side-effect that turns his test subjects into the retardead! Like Mike Judge and Don Hertzfeldt before them, Dan and Rick use crude and idiotic humor in a brilliantly dark and twisted way that is always sure to offend. Popko and West save all of the best lines for themselves while hamming it up as the town's dimwitted deputies. When it does come time for the horror, RETARDEAD spares nothing in the gore department! The bloody special effects are top-rate for a low-budget feature, with plenty of flesh-ripping and gut-munching goodness to please the fans. RETARDED is the kind of B-movie gold that Horror fans search tirelessly for, but expect the same tasteless humor that the title implies.

Rating: 5/10.

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