Soylent Green (1973)

In the year 2022, overpopulation and global warming have destroyed all of Earth's natural resources. The rich live in ivory towers, while the poor huddle together in shanty towns and crowded corridors. With no fresh foods available to the public, people have come to rely on the Soylent Corporation for a sustainable vegetable-concentrate known as Soylent Green, but a corporate assassination will lead detective Robert Thorn into discovering the horrifying secret behind the mysterious food source...

As a film, SOYLENT GREEN may show many obvious signs of aging since its 1973 release, but the 'final solution' that it represents is no less chilling, subversive, and relevant in today's overcrowded society. Richard Fleisher's vision of the future is filled with many nightmarish images, most memorably the scene in which crowds of people are scooped up and dumped into large garbage trucks like cattle. The same sequence finds the poor clamoring over each other just for a small ration of food, which is a sad reminder of the real-life difficulties around the world that are so easily overlooked by privileged societies. Legendary leading man Charlton Heston steals every scene with his boorish mannerisms and booming screen presence, but it is Edward G. Robinson's portrayal of the regret-filled Sol who becomes the most endearing as he takes simple pleasures in a piece of celery or a picture from the past. Though it lacks the mind-bending special effects that typically filled the Science Fiction staples of the 70's, the intriguing mystery and suspense coupled with its shocking ending make SOYLENT GREEN another all-time classic!

Rating: 9/10.

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Bitch Slap (2009)

Hot chicks. Big guns. Bad tempers. Crazy kung fu action. What more could any exploitation fan ask for? Director Rick Jacobson takes the same type of high-flying heroines found in the SIN CITY and KILL BILL films and slams his own hard-R stamp on them in BITCH SLAP, a raunchy and over-the-top shoot 'em up with tons of T & A. Trixie, Hel, and Camero bust out of the slammer and head into the desert to recover a stolen payload of diamonds buried deep beneath the sand, but the job won't be easy with bounty hunters and mobsters hot on their trail! BITCH SLAP has huge aspirations that span across several genres, but while Jacobson does well with the comic pacing, explosive styling, and big fight sequences, the story itself just seems to plod along at the complete loss of interest to the viewer. Not even the campy comic book characters or gratuitous scenes of girl-on-girl action can distract from the boring plot, although the frequent references to exploitation classics like THRILLER and FASTER PUSSYCAT! KILL! KILL! are always welcomed. With a more exciting story to go off of, the hope is that a sequel might make up for BITCH SLAP's unfortunate shortcomings.

Rating: 7/10.

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Press Release: BleedFest Returns With Badass Women, Rockers, and Moms

BleedFest Film Festival Returns With
Sunday, May 1st in Sherman Oaks

SHERMAN OAKS, CA - April 29, 2011 - BleedFest Film Festival proudly announces the official line-up for May's upcoming event, featuring Badass Women, Rockers, and Moms:

Sunday May 1st, 2011
TIME: 11am-4:00pm
Location: CAP Theatre
13752 Ventura Blvd.
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423
$10 cash at door for all day ticket and open bar

Our May Charity event is for SOJOURN. Bring any household donations on their list and get in to BleedFest for half price!

Schedule subject to change, personal appearances dependent on schedule.
Monthly charity to be announced soon.
May IndieGoGo campaign

11:00am-11:15am RED CARPET, OPEN BAR, MIXER

11:15am-11:40am BADASS SHORTS 

-BULLET, 2010 (7 minutes) by Rebecca Drummond

-TAKE OUT, 2010 (8 minutes) by Bridget Palardy

-ASSASINS –Webisode THE SHOWDOWN, 2011 (6 minutes)
by Barbara Stepansky

11:40am-11:55am SCREENWRITER AWARD

AWKWARD EMBRACES -Webisode: THE FLASHBACK, 2011 (8 minutes)

Q&A Jessica Mills
11:55am-12:10pm PRODUCER AWARD

THE GIRLS ON FILM –Webisode: THE TOWN, 2011 (6 minutes)

Q&A with Ashleigh Harrington, Jeff Hammond

12:10pm-12:20pm PARTNERSHIP AWARD
Screening of trailer MOTHER’S RED DRESS, 2011 (2 minutes)
Q&A recipient John Paul Rice with director Edgar Michael Bravo
 and editor Brian Nelson

12:20pm-12:30pm SNEAK PEAK
ACCOMPLICE, 2011 (5 minutes)
by Brenda Fies
Q&A stars Jessica Cameron, Trista Caruso, Brian Hunt, director Brenda Fies

12:30pm-12:55pm BREAK: Open Bar, Red Carpet, Mixer!!!

12:55pm-1:00pm LIVE STAND-UP COMEDY
First 5 minutes of UNDER THE HOOD one woman show by Candice Rankin

MOMZ HOT ROCKS, 2009 (90 minutes) by Kate Perotti
Introducing Joy Rose, mother of 4, lead singer of Housewives on Prozac and founder of Mamapalooza Festivals, Frump from Texas, Placenta from California, the Mydols Detroit and a comic from Nashville. The concept and reality are humorous, fast paced and intense. Each of the bands is a completely different entity, each member with unique passions, duties and agendas. Being in a band is likened to being in a marriage and these groups of women formed during and after family life. Never mind the laundry, the balancing act only intensifies as tasks increase with both family and blossoming new musical careers.

2:30pm-2:50pm BREAK

I WAS A TEENAGE FEMINIST, 2005 (62 minutes) by Therese Shecter
When did feminism become a bad word? Why is it that young independent, progressive women in today’s society feel uncomfortable identifying with the F-word? Join filmmaker Therese Shechter as she takes a funny, moving and very personal journey into the heart of Feminism, circa 2005. Armed with a video camera and an irreverent sense of humor, Therese talks with Feminist superstars, rowdy frat boys, liberated Cosmo girls and Radical Cheerleaders, all in her quest to find out whether Feminism can still be a source of personal and political power.



The rumor is true…
June will feature very special guests and the badass documentary I AM NANCY directed by Arlene Marachel starring Heather Langenkamp!

Shorts include ZEKE, 2003 (15 minutes) by Dana Buning, HARD TO DO, 2011 (8 minutes) directed by Elisabeth Fies, written by and starring Kit Williamson, NEIGHBORS, 2011, by Stephen Johnson & Robyn Simms
Our charity is Impact Personal Safety, and there will be a full contact live demonstration of their self defense techniques.

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Press Release: Hidden in the Woods

Exclusive First Look Photos of Chilean movie

SANTIAGO, CL - April 29, 2011 - Director Patricio Valladares was inspired by true events of multiple murder cases which transpired over the last years in your city. Ana and Anny are two sisters whom have been raised in isolation, under the attrocity of drug dealing and the incestuous obsesion of his grim father. When they, tired of the abuse, called the police, he kills two officers and is put in jail. Free from their father, the girls now will have to escape forn tío Costello, the local drug lord tryng to recover a large amount of drug hidden in the woods.

Horror film that mixes drama and action. Currently in post production for release in Chile later this year.

Shot over the course of 14 days on Chillán (Chile)

Horror fans too will be able to catch a peek this web site.

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Press Release: IFC Picks Up Saint from XYZ Films


NEW YORK, NY - April 29, 2011 - IFC Midnight announced today that the company has acquired U.S. distribution rights from sales and production outfit XYZ Films for director Dick Maas’ evil Santa film SAINT. The deal includes a theatrical component and was made prior to the movie’s North American premiere in the Cinemania section at the 2011 Tribeca Film Festival. Maas wrote the screenplay for the picture and produced with Tom de Mol. Starring Huub Stapel, Egbert-Jan Weeber, Caro Lenssen, Bert Luppes and Escha Tanihatu, the Dutch film will premiere tonight at 9:00pm at the AMC Loews Village 7.

An original and delightfully gruesome slasher film, SAINT re-imagines jolly old Saint Nick as a murderous bishop fulfilling a grisly prophecy under the December full moon. Packed with creative yuletide horror, SAINT is a fun chiller that follows local teen Frank (Weeber) as he sets out on a bloody, high-energy battle to save Amsterdam from the wrathful “Sinterklaas” and his minions.

Jonathan Sehring, President of Sundance Selects/IFC Films, said: “Dick Maas has created a high-octane, extraordinarily chilling film that is truly unlike anything we’ve seen before. It’s sure to make a huge splash with audiences at the Tribeca Film Festival.”

The deal for SAINT was negotiated by Arianna Bocco , Senior Vice President of Acquisitions & Productions for Sundance Selects/IFC Films with Nate Bolotin of XYZ Films on behalf of the filmmakers.

Additional Tribeca Film Festival screenings:

* Saturday, April 23, 11:59 p.m. - Clearview Chelsea Cinemas
* Sunday, April 24, 12:00 p.m. - AMC Loews Village 7
* Wednesday, April 27, 11:30 p.m. - AMC Loews Village 7

At Tribeca, XYZ Films is also representing North America rights on the narrative competition film THE LAST RITES OF JOE MAY starring Dennis Farina and written and directed by Joseph Maggio; BEYOND THE BLACK RAINBOW, the feature film debut of writer and director Panos Cosmatos and featuring a hypnotic analog synthesizer score by Jeremy Schmidt of Sinoia Caves and Black Mountain; RABIES from Israeli filmmakers Aharon Keshales and Navot Papushado; and U.S. rights on the feature documentary THE SWELL SEASON.

IFC Midnight is a sister division to Sundance Selects and IFC Films, and is owned and operated by Rainbow Media.

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Win Your Tickets for Creation Entertainment's Weekend of Horrors HERE!!

Creation Entertainment has provided fans with another HUGE line-up for their upcoming frightfest, the Weekend of Horrors Los Angeles 2011, featuring special guest appearances by Tom Savini, Tippi Hendren, Lance Henriksen, John Carpenter, and many more!! The convention will be held throughout the weekend of May 14-15th, with an awesome assortment of panels, film screenings, and events in addition to the ghoulish vendor's hall. Be sure to read the official announcement below for the complete details and guest list:

Creation Announces the Weekend of Horrors LA 2011

Creation Entertainment has also been a longtime collaborator with I Like Horror Movies, so with no further adieu, we would like to announce our next BIG ticket giveaway!! I Like Horror Movies will be giving away not one but TWO pairs of weekend passes, good for admission to all of the exciting events on both days! Read on for your chance to win...

Complete Entry Rules:

One entry per person. Two winners will be drawn at random. Contest is only open to individuals within Southern California that are able to attend the event between May 14-15th. Must be 18 to enter.

Contest ends 5/6/2011. To enter, e-mail with your first and last name and the name of the guest that you are most excited to see at the event. The winner's names will be provided to Creation Entertainment for prize disbursement. No private information will be shared with any third-parties.

Thanks again to Creation Entertainment for providing this week's giveaway, and good luck!
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Press Release: Little Big Boy Now Available


COPENHAGEN, DENMARK - April 29, 2011 - Little Big Boy is, to say the least, a film like no other. It tells the story of acclaimed horror film director Jimmy Duncan, famous for his hot temper aswell as his very exploitative movies. Having witnessed the murder of his mother at the age of seven, Duncan grows up at an orphanage and as an adult works his way up in the movie industry.

Caught up in the downward spiral of his own success surrounded by movie reviewers who refuse to acknowledge his obvious talent, starlet wannabes with absolutely no talent, producers with little patience and people who will do anything and exploid anyone to become famous in an industry where you can count on noone, we follow Jimmy while working on his fourth feature film "Death Stalker", which quickly turns into a descent into complete and utter madness as his leading lady leaves the production halfway through the shooting. This begins the insane fall of Jimmy Duncan.

All this while being haunting in his dreams by his childhood experiences.

Along the way we meet many familiar faces: Troma's Lloyd Kaufman, April Monique Burril (Chainsaw Sally, Good Sisters), Monique Dupree (Satan Hates You, Spirit), Megan Sacco (Avantgarde), Amy Lynn Best (A Feast of Flesh, Splatter Movie), Rachel Grubb (Terror Overload, Strip Club Slasher), Brandon Slagle (Methodic, Mega Shark vs Crocosourus), David C. Hayes (Blood Moon Rising, Slices), Keith Collins (Non Compos Mentis, Killer Hoo-Ha!), Manoush (Amelie from Montmatre, Le Petite Morte), Gry Bay (All About Anna), Melany Denise (Westbrick Murders) and realitystars/celebritymodels Katrine Poulsen and Jessica Sky and many others. The role as Jimmy's daughter is played by teenage talent Nicolette Michaela. Furthermore it contains brief cameos by Playboy models Angelina Leigh and Nikki Magnusson.

Jimmy Duncan at his adult age is played by the director Kim Sønderholm himself, while seven year old Jimmy is played by Danish child rapper/actor Toke Lars Bjarke who recently starred in Academy Award Winner/Golden Globe Winner for best foreign film 2011, 'In A Better World'.

New and official trailer can be seen here (just fresh off the bat):

IMDb info page

Expect DVD Street Date for Little Big Boy is September, but until then you can view it @ amazon-on-demand:

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Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956)

Doctor Miles Bennell returns home to the quiet town of Santa Mira to find that a strange sort of neurosis and mass hysteria has overtaken the community, causing his patients to become distrusting of their friends and family. As more cases turn up around town, he uncovers the horrifying truth that an alien organism has been replicating the people of Santa Mira with emotionless doubles while destroying their hosts!

INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS is, without a doubt, one of the greatest Science Fiction thrillers that has ever been brought to the screen. It posing complex themes of alienation and loss of identity that continue to hold a social significance and relevance to this very day. During a time when McCarthyism and the growing threat of communism takeover loomed in the back of every American's mind, it would seem that this invasion was being used as a clear allegory for far more terrestrial fears. Kevin McCarthy plays the suspicious doctor with a calm cool and self-assuredness that quickly degenerates into utter despair as the world around him gives way into a perceived madness. His love interest, the beautiful Becky Driscoll, later plays part in what may be Science Fiction's most shocking moment in film. The audience is held in a gripping suspense as the two slowly unravel the mystery and attempt to warn the rest of the world of the impending danger. INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS would see three other adaptations in the decades to follow, but while the 1978 remake perfectly recaptures the underlying themes and impenetrable terror of the original, Don Siegel's version remains the most accurate to the novel and perhaps the most frightening.

Rating: 10/10.

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Press Release: Creation Announces the Weekend of Horrors LA 2011

Creation Entertainment Announces the
Featuring Frightful Appearances By
John Carpenter, Tom Savini, Lance Henriksen, and MORE!!

LOS ANGELES, CA - April 27, 2011 - Creation Entertainment, provider of the world's leading conventions for fans of genre television and film, has announced the line-up for their next exciting convention being held at the Marriott Hotel Los Angeles Airport on May 14-15, 2011! Read on for the complete list of guests and events that will be going on all weekend long! Also, be sure to check back for your chance to win one of TWO pairs of FREE WEEKEND PASSES to the event, sponsored by Creation Entertainment and I Like Horror Movies!!

Creation Entertainment's
A Convention for Fans of
Dark Entertainment

Friday, May 13, 2011
Noon to 8pm: Vendors Set Up/Vendors Only
Saturday, May 14, 2011
8:00 am to 10 am: Vendors Set Up/Vendors Only
10 am to 7pm Vendors Room Open
10 am to 10:30 am Gold Weekend Package Holders Early Registration (a convenience not a necessity, Gold Patrons can register anytime registration is open)
10:30 am to 7 pm Registration Open
11:30 am to 7 pm Main Theatre and Presentation Rooms Open
9:30 pm The Saturday Night Cocktail Party: this event is exclusive to our Gold Weekend Patrons, featuring a FREE drink on us and appearances by Asia Argento, Barbara Steele, Sergio Stivaletti, Lamberto Bava, John Carpenter, Charles Cyphers, Denice Duff, Ted Nicolau, Nancy Loomis, Tom Savini, Bobby Rhodes, Anders Hove and that is just for starters!
Sunday, May 15, 2011
9:40 am to 10 am: Vendors Room Set-Up/Vendors Only
10 am to 6 pm Registration and Vendors Room Open
10:45 am to 6 pm Main Theatre and Presentation Rooms Open

Special Guests

John Carpenter
John Carpenter is a director, screenwriter, producer, editor, composer and occasionally even an actor. He has worked in numerous film genres in his career but for horror fans his name is most commonly associated with his ground-breaking horror films such as Halloween (1978), The Fog (1980), Escape from New York (1981), The Thing (1982), and They Live (1988).
Appearing Saturday

Asia Argento
Asia Argento (Actress, director, writer) Our most asked for celebrity, Asia makes her very first WEEKEND OF HORRORS stage appearance and we can't wait!
Appearing Sunday

Robert Englund
ROBERT ENGLUND: Horror Icon and Fan Favorite, Robert Englund wil be participating in the "Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon" panel.(Panel Only)
Appearing on Sunday.

Tippi Hedren
TIPPI HEDREN: One of the legendary female stars of the works of Alfred Hitchcock, Ms. Hedren is best known for her roles in THE BIRDS and MARNIE while also accumulating a wide array of television and film credits over the decades of her career. Perhaps most notably, Ms. Hedren has devoted much of her time to the preservation of wildlife and her "The Roar Foundation," an animal preserve outside of Los Angeles. Ms. Hedren will be on hand throughout the convention at a table in the vendors room where she will be meeting fans, and offering her merchandise and autographs for a nominal fee.

Lance Henriksen
Lance Henriksen is one of the genre's best known and beloved stars. Perhaps most recognized as the android Bishop in Alines and Alien 3 he also played Charles Bishop Weyland in Alien vs. Predator. In 1996 he starred in the TV series Millenium. Lance can also add author to his resume with the autobiography Not Bad For A Human. The book will be published in a limited edition by Steve Niles and Alex Lodermeier's Bloody Pulp Books. LANCE HENRICKSON WILL BE APPEARING ON SATURDAY PROMOTING HIS NEW BOOK – he will do a Q & A and will be selling his book and signing autographs at his table in the vendor's room for a nominal fee.

Tom Savini
TOM SAVINI: Award-winning special-effects and makeup artist, actor, stuntman, director. Widely known for his work on the Living Dead films of George A. Romero, as well as Creepshow, The Burning, Friday the 13th, The Prowler, and Maniac, he also directed the 1990 remake of Night of the Living Dead. Appearing on stage Saturday.

Sergio Stivaletti
Sergio Stivaletti is one of the greatest European experts in the field of special effects and make-up. He has collaborated during his career with some of the genre's most important Italian directors, like Dario Argento in Opera (1987), The Stendhal Syndrome (1996); Lamberto Bava in Demons (1985) and Demons 2 (1987); and Michele Soavi in La Chiesa ( Cathedral of Demons , 1989), La secta ( The Sect , 1991) and Dellamorte Delamore (1993). He debuted in feature film directing in 1997 with Maschera di cera. In 2006 he produced his second work as a filmmaker, I tre volti del terrore.

Lamberto Bava
Lamberto Bava has a long and solid history in Italian horror cinema. Working with his father, Mario Bava, and Italian horror master Dario Argento, Lamberto learned the art of film-making and went on to earn commercial success in the horror genre with his films Demons (1985) and the sequel Demons 2 (1986).

Bobby Rhodes
Bobby Rhodes: is best known to horror fans as the funky, no-nonsense Tony the Pimp in Lamberto Bava's outrageously gruesome Demons (1985) and as the rugged gym instructor Hank in the sequel Demons 2 (1986). Appearing on stage Saturday as part of The Demons 25th Anniversary Panel. Bobby will be at a booth in the vendors room and will sign on a complimentary basis for our Gold Weekend Patrons, for others he will charge a nominal fee.

Luigi Cozzi
Known for his noteworthy career in Italian genre cinema Luigi Cozzi has worked in almost every element of film production from acting to directing including working on Dario Argento's Phenomenon (1985), Stendahl Syndrome (1996), and Two Evil Eyes (1990) as well as directing the infamous space adventures Starcrash (1978) and Contamination (1980). Luigi will be on hand during the weekend at his booth to meet fans and offer his autograph for a nominal fee. He will also sign on a complimentary basis for our Gold Weekend attendees.
Appearing on Stage Sunday

Geretta Geretta
Geretta Geretta has an extensive career in film working both behind and in front of the camera but is perhaps best known to horror fans for her role in Lamberto Bava's Demons (1985). Geretta Geretta will be appearing all weekend as part of our Demons re-union and will be meeting fans and signing at her booth in the vendors area.

Nancy Loomis
Nancy Loomis is best known to horror fans for her roles in the John Carpenter films Assault on Precinct 13 (1976), Halloween (1978), The Fog (1980), Halloween II (1981), and Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1982). Nancy will be on hand all weekend in the vendors room as well as appearing on stage Saturday.

Charles Cyphers
Charles Cyphers has had an extensive career in film television but is perhaps best known to horror fans for his roles in the John Carpenter films Halloween (1978) The Fog (1980) Halloween II (1981) andEscape from New York (1981). Charles will be on hand all weekend in the vendors room as well as appearing on stage Saturday.

Victoria Demare
Hollywood's Hottest Scream Queen, BSX Records Recording Artist, & Star of Killjoy 3, Contagion, & Werewolf In A Women's Prison appearing Sat. & Sun. at the

Heather Langenkamp
Heather Langenkamp will be at a table in the vendors room and will be showing a 20-minute sneak preview of her upcoming film "I AM NANCY"
I Am Nancy

Ian Patrick Williams
Ian Patrick Williams has appeared in Sturart Gordon's Re-Animator [1985] and King of the Ants [2003] as well as appearing in the popular horror-genre television show Dexter.

Anders Hove
Anders Hove has had a long career in film and television in the United States and internationally but is best know to horror fans for his portrayal of the vampire Radu in the Subspecies series of films released by Full Moon Pictures.

Ted Nicolaou
Ted Nicolaou has directed a wide assortment of films fmiliar to fans of Full Moon Pictures, including the Subspecies series.

Denice Duff
Denice Duff has had a varied and interesting career in film television, but is best know to horror fans for her portrayal of Michelle Morgan in the Subspecies series of films released by Full Moon Pictures.

Alan Howarth
Alan Howarth has made a noteworthy contribution to the realm of cinematic soundscapes and special effects, but is perhaps best know to horror fans for his collaboration with Jon Carpenter to create the unique soundscape which helped to create the ominous atmosphere of many of John Carpenter's earlier films.

Brooke Lewis
Brooke Lewis is an actress/producer who has appeared in a variety of film and television, but is best known for her roles in independent horror and sci-fi films and her comedic Brooklyn Vampire character and horror host "Ms. Vampy".

Ty Mitchell
Ty Mitchell appeared in John Carpenter's "The Fog" as "Andy" and Halloween II as "Gary".

Brian Andrews
Brian Andrews appeared in John Carpenter's "Halloween" as "Tommy Doyle".

Camden Toy
Although you may not recognize Camden Toy by his picture, he has been quite active as an actor portraying a wide range of creature characters including a prolific run on Buffy the Vampire Slayer! Make sure you bring your Buffy boxed sets for him to sign!

Nathan Baesel
Nathan Baesel: In addition to appearing on CSI and Off The Ledge he is best known to horror fans as "Leslie Vernon" the star of Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon (2006).
Appearing Sunday.

Angela Goethals
Angela Goethals: In addition to appearing in Home Alone (1990), Six Feet Under, 24, and Grey’s Anatomy she is best known to horror fans as Behind the Mask's "Taylor Gentry".
Appearing Sunday.

Scott Wilson
Scott Wilson: Beginning his career with roles in In the Heat of the Night (1967) and In Cold Blood (1967), but may best be known to horror fans as Behind the Mask's "Eugene".
Appearing Sunday.

Kate Long Johnson
Kate Lang Johnson: Kate may best be known to horror fans for Behind the Mask's "Kelly".
Appearing Sunday.

Ben Pace
Ben Pace: Ben may best be known to horror fans for Behind the Mask's "Doug".
Appearing Sunday.

Britain Spellings
Britain Spellings: Britain may best be known to horror fans for Behind the Mask's "Todd".
Appearing Sunday.

Scott Wilson
David J. Stieve: David may best be known to horror fans for Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon (2006).
Appearing Sunday.

Scott Glosserman
Scott Glosserman: Scott may best be known to horror fans for Behind the Mask's "D.A. Heilman"
Appearing Sunday.

Bridgett Newton
Bridgett Newton: Bridgett may best be known to horror fans as Behind the Mask's Jaime
Appearing Sunday.

Christy Kane
Christy Kane: Moviemaker, author, photographer, artist, musician and clothing designer.

Daniel Bernhardt
Daniel Bernhardt: Will be on the CREATURE panel on Saturday and will be signing autographs immediately following the panel.

Austin Stoker
Austin Stoker: Star of John Carpenter's Assault on Precinct 13 plus Battle for the Planet of the Apes, Horror High, Shebababy and Abby.
Signing autographs at the GRINDHOUSE table.

Andrew Prine
Andrew Prine: Star Of Grizzly, Simon - King Of The Witches, Hannah - Queen Of The Vampires, The Centerfold Girls, Barn Of The Naked Dead, The Evil The Town That Dreaded Sundown, Amityville 2: The Possession, The Eliminators And The Original TV Miniseries "V".
Signing autographs at the GRINDHOUSE table.

Barbara Magnolfi
Barbara Magnolfi: Best known to horror fans as "Olga" in Dario Argento's SUSPIRIA, Barbara Magnolfi has had a successful career in Italy and has worked with the top directors in the genre: Dario Argento on SUSPIRIA; Ruggero Deodato on CUT AND RUN, Dario Argento; and Sergio Martino on THE SUSPICIOUS DEATH OF A MINOR. She is now getting into production as well and dipping into music with her first CD coming out soon.
Signing autographs at the GRINDHOUSE table.

Kelli Maroney
Kelli Maroney: Star Of Chopping Mall And Night Of The Comet.
Signing autographs at the GRINDHOUSE table.

Terry Alexander
Terry Alexander: Star Of Day Of The Dead.
Signing autographs at the GRINDHOUSE table.

Brian Trenchard-Smith
Brian Trenchard-Smith: Director Of Turkey Shoot, Dead End Drive-in, Leprechaun 3 & 4, Night Of The Demons 2, Bmx Bandits And Stunt Rock.
Signing autographs at the GRINDHOUSE table.

Additional guests to be announced...
April 6: Barbara Steele has had to cancel her participation at this event because of an urgent family issue that will bring her to NY during this time frame. She hopes to join us next time.

Convention Events

Special Event

Join the cast and crew of the Subspecies film series for a look back at the films and an informal question and answer session! Participants will include Anders Hove in his first convention appearance, Ted Nicolaou, and Denice Duff! Tentatively set for Saturday. Our SUBSCPECIES guests will be available in the vendors room as well to meet fans and offer their autographs directly.

Ink Fusion
Weekend of Horrors Tattoo Exhibition hosted by Ink Fusion
INK-FUSION "When the Worlds of Tattooing and comics collide" Has been touring the Country for almost a decade now , and is proud to have Creation Entertainment open it's doors to it's artists and create a program just for the fans! These professional tattoo artists will be attending all weekend and are licensed by the Board of Health . Custom tattoo designs will be created and performed on clients 18 and older only, under only the highest in sterile procedures .So are you looking for that horror tattoo to show respect for the master of horror John Carpenter?? Or just looking for something nice and sweet like a flower or portrait of your child? Some of the attending artists specialize and are award winning artists in these categories. So feel free to stop by and ask the attending artists about ideas, or bring your own design as well. Feel free to contact your artist of choice prior to the show as well to set up an appointment!


Curated by JACK ULRICH of L.A goth couture notoriety, the Isolation Threads' "Art Ghoulery" is a fully structured self-contained art gallery and museum featuring dozens of works by nationwhide artists specializing in dark and creepy art. Featured works confirmed as of this time will be by noted artists Dienzo, Clint Carney, Nicolas Caesar, Todd Robey, Brian Henderson, Mike Pain, William Hawley IV, Terence Ulrich, Hezaa, Christopher Moonlight and Amber M, with more to come in the weeks before the show. Original paintings and sculptures will be on sale, as well as high-end prints for discerning collectors.


We are proud once again to have a weekend marathon of horror and cult film screenings courtesy our friends from The Grindhouse Film Festival.

Watch here for titles and screening schedules, but many of our listed guests will be on hand to personally present films they produced, directed or starred in, many of which have not been screen ed publicly in decades! This is the closest you'll get to a classic '70s/'80s grindhouse experience, minus the bugs and questionable sticky stuff on your seat.

ABOUT THE GRINDHOUSE FILM FESTIVAL: Presented by Eric Caidin and Brian Quinn at the New Beverly Cinema in Los Angeles throughout the year, they screen rare 35mm prints of cult and exploitation films from the 1960s through the 1980s, many of which have not been publicly shown since the drive-ins and inner city grindhouse theaters faded away twenty years ago. For one low price attendees get two rare films, a reel of rare exploitation trailers, a free raffle, and very often appearances by the directors, cast and crew of the films being shown.


A Creation horror convention tradition for more than 20 years! Come dressed as your finest fiend on SATURDAY 6:45pm for a chance to win some amazing prizes:



SUNDAY: Join the cast of Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon (2006) for a look back at the film and and to discuss the upcoming sequel B4TM! Participants will include Robert Englund(Panel Only), Scott Glosserman, David J. Stieve, Nathan Baesel, Angela Goethals, Scott Wilson, Bridgett Newton, Kate Lang Johnson, Ben Pace and Britain Spellings and all other panel participants will participate in a complimentary signing after the panel.
Hosted by The Nightshadow

-$100.00 Cash
-Free comic books
-Custom Sword
-Miss Goth Contest: Trophies for 1st, 2nd and 3rd
-And MORE?

Join the longest running Cable TV Horror Host in Los Angeles and his Cast of Characters that will descend from 'CastleShadow'. Contaminating the airwaves since 1992 and over 900 'live' episodes, Horror/Kung-fu Theatre keeps alive the Los Angeles tradition of Horror Hosts such as: Vampira, Seymore, Grimsley and Elvira, with a twist. The show is an amalgam of: Comedy Skits/Street Performers/Guests and of course, playing the most cheezy Horror and kick-ass Kung-fu movies around. Some of the Horror Icons that have been interviewed include: Reggie Bannister, Forest J. Ackerman, Jose 'Coffin Joe' Mojica, Paul Naschy, Felix Silla, Ben Chapman, Maila Nurmi and John Saxon. Enjoy the MADNESS!

Movie Panels

HALLOWEEN: Join director John Carpenter and cast members Nancy Loomis and Charles Cyphers for a retrospective discussion about the film that launched the franchise and influenced countless films to follow in the horror genre.

DEMONS: Join the cast and crew of Demons (1985) for a look back at the making of the film and a discussion about the impact of the film on the the history of horror films. Panel participants will include Lamberto Bava, Sergio Stivaletti, Booby Rhodes and Geretta Geretta.

THE STENDHAL SYNDROME: Join Asia Argento, the star of The Stendhal Syndrome (1996) for a look back at the film and her career in the film industry.


Get set to share the gruesome fun as you come dressed in your beautiful Zombie finery and march around the hotel block with dozens of other crazed Zombies. The press usually turn out to capture our grotesque gang of ghouls, who sometimes break out into spontaneous rounds of "Thriller"! Simply meet us in the foyer of the convention on Saturday at 10 am, we will march from 10:15-10:45 am around Century Blvd. as a helpless public watches and gasps. Gifts for everyone who turns out in Zombie wear!

Long enchanted with the whimsical side of traditional fairy tales, artist and storyteller Christy Kane creates life size, one-of-a-kind, handmade dolls then photographs them in antique settings to illustrate her original stories. Her dolls have remarkably distinct personalities, her photographs are nuanced and richly detailed, and her stories are haunting and unforgettable. Her first book “Tales of the Sisters Kane” is now available. With the help of the Chiodo Bros. (Killer Klowns from Outer Space, Vincent, Team America) she created a live puppetry version of her tale “Callalilly" which won runner up for Most Visually Innovative Short Film at the 2008 Baltimore Women’s Film Festival.

Kane’s enchanting artwork, stories and movies are perfect for children with a sense of adventure as well as adults who, deep down, still believe in Peter Pan. And fans of Hillaire Belloc’s “Cautionary Tales”, the Brothers Grimm, ETA Hoffmann, Tim Burton, Edward Gorey and Gris Grimly will have no trouble adding Christy Kane to the list.

Kane is currently working on “Tales of the Sisters Kane – Book II” as well as a new short film.

Indie Filmmakers Panel
INDIE FILMMAKERS PANEL- The Indie Filmmakers Panel features some great young filmmakers offering their experiences and tips! Participants to include:

Mike Flanagan is best known as the writer/director of the critically acclaimed indie horror film Absentia (2011), which has been called "the best independent horror film since Night of the Living Dead," and the upcoming feature adaptation of his award-winning horror short Oculus.

Dustin Warburton is an American fiction writer best known for his young adult/adult horror stories which include, "Taste," "Strange Things," and "Mortician's Food". He is also known for his acclaimed children's book, "My Brother Eats Spiders," which is based on his two sons. Dustin broke into Hollywood in 2011 with his first feature film, Spiders 3D.

Dave Reda began his career at a young age in Northern California. His early professional credits include performing at the Gaslighter Theater, Comedy Sportz, So I Married an Axe Murderer, Angels in the Outfield, Cornuts National Commercial, and other national commercials… To compete for larger roles, he moved to Los Angeles where he appeared in Smash TV, Street Smartz, Senseless, Dirt Merchant and on HBO as body double to Luke Perry in Indiscreet. Dave soon began creating his own opportunities by forming the sketch comedy group Click This! where he took up producing and directing in addition to refining his craft. He took pitch meetings regarding the show with executive producers at MTVand at VH1. Click This! has won Best Comedy Short at Angel City Film Festival and Hollywood Underground Film Festival and Best New Show on Pasadena Cable Access. Looking for a new challenge, Dave (a horror movie buff) was very excited at the opportunity to produce, direct, and act for Bit Parts. “It was incredibly hard but now I truly understand the phrase ‘It was the best of times, it was the worst of times!!’ , says Dave… Early 2010, Dave decided to try his hand at writing and wrote/directed/starred/produced the critically acclaimed, award winning, horror comedy short film/music video Horror of Our Love: a short film featuring the song by the same name by the band LUDO. The short has gone on to win 8 out of th last 11 film festivals nationwide....“Cant thank LUDO enough for all their inspiration and support for the film, they are the best!!!”, says Dave

James Ryan Gary, a former infantry Marine and Combat Veteran of both Iraq and Afghanistan, has turned Independent filmmaker. He is the Co-founder of the new up and coming Horror Film Production Co. Indigo Pictures and the Writer/Director/Editor of "Devil's Crossing" a Post Apocalyptic, Rock'n Roll, Action Zombie Western! Devil's Crossing is just now being released and already has a 121,000+ fanbase from around the world. James has just recently completed his second horror feature entitled "Pull" and while overseeing post-production of the film will be working on Indigo Pictures third film which will be shot early 2012.

Creature Panel

Fred M. Andrews has been in the film and television industry for over 20 years. In that time he has done everything from directing to producing; production designing; special effects make-up; animation; illustration; writing, and even acting. Fred is best known as an award winning Production Designer; having won several MTV awards, 2 Cleo’s, as well as, having been ADG nominated for his work on ‘CSI-MIAMI’ and ‘WITHOUT A TRACE’. Fred is also an accomplished fine artist with his works exhibited in galleries across the nation. "CREATURE" is Fred's first feature film as writer/director.
Daniel Bernhardt

Sounding more like an American these days, it’s hard to believe that Daniel Bernhardt was born and raised in Bern, Switzerland. Even more surprising is the fact that a guy who got his degree in architectural engineering, could wind up co-starring alongside Keanu Reeves and Lawrence Fishburn as “Agent Johnson” in the highly successful sequel…The Matrix Reloaded.

The movie producer that had launched Jean-Claude Van Damme's career was looking for a new action star. After years of searching he finally got his man. Daniel was signed on as the lead in Bloodsport II. The film was released theatrically in the U.S. the following year. Having successfully made the part his own, he went off to Sri Lanka to complete the next installment.

Bernhardt spring boarded his Bloodsport notoriety into starring rolls in Perfect Target, Bloodsport III and IV, Global Effect, Strike Force, Tornado and the Sony feature film The Cutter with Chuck Norris.

Bernhardt also starred in the television series Mortal Kombat Conquest as “Siro”, produced by Warner Bros. and New Line Cinema, based on the popular video game and movie franchise and in the television network series "Desire" for My Network.

Bernhardt just starred as the main villain in monster/Horror film entitled Blood is Blood, AKA Lockjaw, where he played the monster.
Dillion Casey

Dillion Casey is best known for his role as Trevor Lemonde in the television series MVP. Casey has also been cast in "The Vampire Diaries", "Valemont", the Rachel McAdams/Channing Tatum film "The Vow" (2012), and most recently as Brad, a love interest of Jack Harkness, in Torchwood: Miracle Day.
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Press Release: Severin to Market Intervision Releases

Company promises ‘outsider cinema from a world all its own’;
Premiere DVD release to be rare ’80s shocker SLEDGEHAMMER

LOS ANGELES, CA - APRIL 27, 2011 – Severin Films today announced an agreement with the estate of Larry Gold, Sr. to handle all future production and marketing for Intervision Picture Corporation. The arrangement commences with the 5/10 release of 1983’s SLEDGEHAMMER, notorious as the first shot-on-tape ‘slasher’ thriller for the then-exploding home video market. Gold, a pioneer of ‘70s film distribution and ‘80s genre VHS, died in March following a massive coronary at his home in Thailand. Severin’s Evan Husney will supervise all production and marketing for the label. Intervision product will continue to be distributed in the United States by CAV Distributing Corporation.

Intervision was reactivated in January 2011 with the DVD releases of recent Goya Award Winner Jess Franco’s 1973 rarity SINISTER EYES OF DR. ORLOFF and his acclaimed 2010 ‘audio-visual experience’ PAULA-PAULA. The 5/10 release of SLEDGEHAMMER marks the return of director David A. Prior’s bizarre video shocker, which was celebrated as part of Los Angeles’ Cinefamily ‘Homemade Horror’ series and will be screened on street-date at Austin’s Alamo Drafthouse. Future Intervision releases include the 1989 ‘Canuxploitaion’ oddity THINGS and 1993’s disturbing THE SECRET LIFE: JEFFREY DAHMER.

“Either by way of budget constraints or warped vision,” says Intervision marketing director Evan Husney, “each release will represent a piece of a cinematic underbelly from a universe all its own. Buried in obscurity and ripe for reintroduction, the films in Intervision's new cult canon assure top-shelf bizarro derangement, gonzo action, transcendental fever dreams and beyond.”

“From the days of plastic clamshell VHS through the rise of Blu-ray, Intervision has been dedicated to everything fascinating and extraordinary about obscure genre works,” says Carl Daft, co-founder and CEO of Severin Films. “We are proud to carry on this commitment to rare and unique genre films under the Intervision banner, as well as its new website launching soon at”

Severin Films, founded in 2006 with offices in Los Angeles and London, has been called “well on its way to becoming the greatest indie label of all time” by Their DVD and Blu-ray releases include Alejandro Jodorowsky’s SANTA SANGRE, Jess Franco’s MACUMBA SEXUAL and BLOODY MOON, Walerian Borowczyk’s IMMORAL WOMEN, the unrated Director’s Cut of Just Jaeckin’s GWENDOLINE, Richard Stanley’s restored HARDWARE, Enzo Castellari’s original INGLORIOUS BASTARDS, Oscar®-nominee Patrice Leconte’s THE HAIRDRESSER’S HUSBAND, Don Sharp’s PSYCHOMANIA and Roman Polanski’s WHAT? Severin’s upcoming HD restorations include Ted Post’s THE BABY, Eugenio Martín’s HORROR EXPRESS and Peter Duffell’s THE HOUSE THAT DRIPPED BLOOD. The company’s theatrical releases include BIRDEMIC, DEVOLVED, and the forthcoming horror anthology THE THEATRE BIZARRE.
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31: Transmission #28 (2011)

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31: Transmission #23 (2011)

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The Invisible Man's Revenge (1944)

A bitter Robert Griffin descends on the Herrick Household to restore the fortune that was stolen out from underneath him by a greedy business partner, but the Herricks betray him once more by drugging him and stealing his only claim to the millions. Lost, without any means to get back what is rightfully his, Griffin lands on the doorstep of a reclusive scientist, who offers him the chance to become the first human test subject for an experimental invisibility formula made after his own design. Griffin accepts, and uses his new abilities exact his revenge in THE INVISIBLE MAN'S REVENGE from 1944. With only the Griffin name and invisibility formula typing it to the series, THE INVISIBLE MAN'S REVENGE is yet another original stand-alone story in the long line of films. The assembly of many great actors and more creative special effects make it another enjoyable entry, even if the novelty of the character has begun to wear at this point. Leon Errol adds some entertaining light comedy as Griffin's misguided ally, while Jon Hall reprises the role he had first landed in THE INVISIBLE AGENT with only moderate success. With the exception of ABBOTT AND COSTELLO MEET THE INVISIBLE MAN, this would be the last film in the series.

Rating: 7/10.

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31: Transmission #22 (2011)

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Bride of the Monster (1955)

Mutants! Monsters! Giant atomic octopi? BRIDE OF THE MONSTER has them all, and at breakneck prices! Ed Wood's next cinematic blunder takes us into the laboratory of the diabolical Dr. Varnoff, who has harnessed the power of the atom in order to create a race of atomic supermen. His plan is almost spoiled when a daring young reporter sets out to investigate the claims of a giant monster that has killed over twelve people, but her unfortunate trip into the marshes may lead her to become the next bride of the atom!

It is impossible to discuss a film like BRIDE OF THE MONSTER without complete enthusiasm and loving adoration despite the horrendous production at hand. Wood's tattered sets and awful editing are nothing compared to the absurd plot and silliness of the acting. In one of the most bizarre and unconvincing moments ever recorded on film, Wood has his actors wrestle with the lifeless limbs of a stolen rubber octopus in a shallow pool of water as he cuts back and forth between the (in)action occurring on screen and stock footage of a captive octopus in some far-off aquarium. What then becomes the greatest difficulty is deciding on a favorite character between Tor Johnson's gaping-jawed Lobo, Bela Lugosi's vapid Dr. Varnoff, or the robotic Loretta King in the lead. The endless amounts of inane dialog only end up adding to the overall charm of the picture. As if GLEN OR GLENDA, JAIL BAIT, and BRIDE OF THE MONSTER weren't enough to crown him as one of the worst filmmakers of all time, Wood's next picture, PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE, would somehow manage to lower the bar even further...

Rating: 3/10.
Entertainment: 7/10.

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Broken (2006)

Hope seems lost for a young mother who is kidnapped and held captive in the woods by a crazed hunter, but each deadly new game of survival gives her more strength and determination to break free and save her daughter. Although it was purportedly based on true events, it seems much more likely that BROKEN was a rushed effort made to cash in on the then-popular trend in Torture Porn films. Adam Mason and Simon Boyes find moderate success by turning stomachs with their ultra-realistic gore sequences, but this low-budget effort is an otherwise unremarkable attempt that simply aims to shock and disgust its audience. The threadbare plot contains very little dialog, and instead focuses on the humiliating and exploitative tortures instilled by the villain. It is not helped either by the lackluster performances from its two leads, the cheap digital filming, artificial lighting, or overall lack of explanation behind the events. In an interesting twist, however, Mason and Boyes make a valid attempt to explore the psychology of their victim as her mind and body are broken by her master.

Rating: 6/10.
Gore: 7/10.

If you liked BROKEN, check out:

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31: Transmission #21 (2011)

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New Poster Up for American Mary!!

Be sure to check out the awesome new poster art for The Soska Sisters' second feature AMERICAN MARY online now:

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Press Release: Full Moon's Smokin' 420 Sale!!

Celebrate 420 with Full Moon's
One Day ONLY: April 20th

LOS ANGELES, CA - April 18, 2011 - Available ONLY at!! 99% of all of Full Moon's products will be on sale in celebration of the release of Evil Bong 3-D and 420! There will only be a few exceptions, but not many! Even tickets to the screenings will be 42% off for ONE day only. That means you can see Evil Bong 3D: The Wrath of Bong in theatres in Dallas for only $8.70! (usually $15)

You can also attend the ALL DAY Full Moon Film Fest in New Jersey for only $14.85!!! (usually $25)

Charles Band got on camera to tell you about the new items going up on:

Many new items debuting on 420 will be 42% OFF!
- New Evil Bong 3D Shirt (featuring the Alien Bong)
- High end Zippo-style lighters (Blade, Alien Bong, and Evil Bong featuring Tommy Chong)
- Haunted Casino Ghost Cards (standard 52 card poker deck, plus jokers)

And the new Gingerdeadman Replica will be at the already rock bottom Road Show price of $150!!! (usually $200)

To celebrate Evil Bong 3D's awesome opening weekend, we're giving fans across the world a special treat on 420..... All these items will be available on for the first time on Wednesday, April 20th!

PLUS: The new Haunted Casinos shot glasses go on sale! This ultra unique set of 5 shot glasses makes a killer gift, featuring the sinister aces (clubs, spades, diamonds, hearts) of the Haunted Casino poker deck and the joker on the fifth shot glass. The shot glasses debut exclusively in Tempe on Saturday, April 16th at the Evil Bong 3D screenings (8pm & 10:30pm). And to celebrate 420, the shot glasses and all the other new merch will go on sale at for the first time on Wednesday, April 20th!

For those of you in Dallas, we'll see you on April 20th at the Evil Bong 3D screening!

For tickets, go to

And check out the new relaunch of - new stuff added all the time!
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Jail Bait (1954)

From transvestites to gangsters... B-movie great Ed Wood takes on the classic crime thriller in his second feature film, JAIL BAIT, featuring another hare-brained plot and plenty more examples of filmmaking at its worst. After a botched robbery, Vic decides to blackmail his partner's father, a renown plastic surgeon, into building him a new face in order to avoid capture. Unfortunately for him, the good doctor has discovered his son's dead body in Vic's closet, and he has his own plans for revenge in store... For what it's worth, JAIL BAIT is probably the closest Wood has ever come to making a legitimate film. That being said, it is still downright terrible, but it isn't nearly as much fun as either BRIDE OF THE MONSTER or PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE. While the clumsy acting and poor editing are to be expected, it takes a sampling of dialog to truly appreciate Wood's gift as a writer: "This afternoon we had a long telephone conversation earlier in the day." What lies behind Vic's bandages will come as no surprise, but thankfully the final reveal and subsequent chase puts an abrupt end to this bore of a film. JAIL BAIT can safely be avoided for all but the die-hard Wood fanatics.

Rating: 3/10.

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31: Transmission #19 (2011)

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Triangle (2009)

After their boat is overturned in a sudden storm, the passengers of the Triangle are rescued by a passing cruise ship, but what they find aboard the deserted ocean liner will be even more terrifying and deadly... Christopher Smith hits it off in his third feature film, a sharp and sophisticated psychological thriller that should be considered right alongside Brad Anderson' and Christopher Nolan's early works. TRIANGLE maintains an impending sense of dread all throughout the early events in the film even when there is no apparent threat. Smith brings back the same exploratory camera work that he had used in CREEP and SEVERANCE in a big way, giving the small film a much larger look and feel while perfectly framing the suspense in a number of tight shots. Overlaps in time and space that are caused by the Bermuda Triangle are handled in a very clever and precise way without many of the expected errors in logical along the way. The cast is also filled with talented actors that put in credible performances along the way. Although it does have a Slasher element to it, TRIANGLE should not be confused with the average SCREAM knock-off, as it has much more in common with MEMENTO or THE MACHINIST.

Rating: 9/10.

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Glen or Glenda (1953)

Controversial subjects like cross-dressing and sex-change operations were still taboo in the early 1950's, but unfortunately, the man most likely to provide an accurate depiction of the transvestite male was also the man least competent to tell the story on film. Ed Wood's first feature as a director is, on one level, a shockingly honest and telling portrayal of the human condition. On yet another, it is one of the most incomprehensible and mind-boggling pieces of celluloid waste ever created in the history of cinema.

GLEN OR GLENDA is almost an exact transcription of Wood's struggle as a cross-dresser, and a daring exposure that ended up taking a huge toll on his personal life. In the main story, a conflicted 'Glen' is faced with the impossible decision of either revealing his alter-ego, the angora sweater wearing 'Glenda,' to his fiance at the risk of losing her, or living out the rest of his life hiding in the shadows of his true inner self. Meanwhile, the sadistic Scientist looks down from his hellish quarters to mock his human pawns as they quarrel with their own existences.

A withered old Bela Lugosi spouts out countless lines of nonsense as stock footage of bustling sidewalks and packs of buffalo (?) scroll below him. "Pull the strings! Pull the strings!" he shouts, but this cruel creator would rather watch as his subjects suffer than ever intervene. Wood, himself, stars as the troubled Glen and Glenda, whose rigid performance is infinitely more natural than his own torturous scripting. Most of Ed's characters speak to each other in long strings of monologue when they aren't pantomiming under a dictating narrator. Confused lines about how objected people once were to the airplane and automobile are used in correlation to modern society's exception of transgendered individuals. Wood then concludes his story with a sad and rather defeatist look at his own condition that is perhaps a secret wish that he knows will never come true.

For all of its lack of skill and production, GLEN OR GLENDA is, at its roots, a harrowing and heartfelt (if not completely misguided) film that has earned an irreplaceable spot in the annals of American cinema.

Rating: 2/10.
Entertainment: 7/10.

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31: Transmission #17 (2011)

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End of the Line (2007)

The unfortunate passengers aboard an underground railway must fight to survive when a group of religious zealots are called to "cleanse" the world of evil by their fanatic cult leader! One cannot help but be reminded of JACOB'S LADDER during many of the nightmarish dream sequences early on, but after a blood-spattered opening act, END OF THE LINE quickly diminishes into another average stalk-and-slash entry. It does, however, provide a number of jolting scares and gooey murders along the way. Where Maurice Devereaux loses his audience is mainly in the tedious second act, which slows down the pace and number of deaths without providing any key exposition or depth to any of his characters. He has at least written his psychotic churchgoers to be ghoulishly over-the-top, so it is easier to overlook some of the goofier performances. It is too bad the rest of the film does not maintain the fun and excitement as the beginning, but END OF THE LINE should still have plenty of appeal for fans of CREEP, MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN, and RAW MEAT.

Rating: 6/10.
Gore: 7/10.

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The Boneyard (2000)

When a mass grave is found in the mountains of Northern California, the police must begin an investigation for an elusive murderer that has been striking the Bay Area throughout the early 1980's. A simple shoplifting incident leads the police to their suspect, but what they discover will lead them to one of the most notorious serial killers since The Zodiac! THE BONEYARD first debuted on The Discovery Channel back in 2000, but has since found its way on to DVD thanks to Echo Bridge. It follows the standard Docudrama approach as investigators and key witnesses recount their experiences on the case. This particular case may not have been as widely publicized as those of Ted Bundy or Jeffrey Dahmer, but with over twelve bodies and a pile of evidence detailing their horrific crimes, THE BONEYARD's Leonard Lake and Charles Ng prove to be just as vile and reprehensible. While the story is surprisingly grisly, the narrative and re-enactments are stock made-for-television fare. For True Crime fans only.

Rating: 6/10.

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31: Transmission #14 (2011)

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Deep in the Woods (2000)

With a mysterious killer prowling in the woods outside, the members of a traveling theater group decide it is best to remain in their host's creepy mansion, but the danger is much closer than they ever imagined... Director Lionel Delplanque injects a European sense of style and grace into the American Slasher with 2000's DEEP IN THE WOODS, a sleek reminder of STAGEFRIGHT, PHENOMENA, and (more recently) SHEITAN. Mood and atmosphere take center stage over any elaborately designed deaths, though the devices used to dispatch the teens are quite cruel. DEEP IN THE WOODS draws many parallels to the story of Little Red Riding Hood, and for this reason, Delplanque has selected a sinister looking wolf costume for his killer that is quite frightening. Unfortunately, the film suffers from issues found in both of the genres that it draws from: its stale, underdeveloped, and oversexed characters have been carried over from its Slasher roots, and the unnecessarily complex plot and unbelievable twists are sure signs of its Italian influences. DEEP IN THE WOODS will win over Dario Argento and Michele Soavi fans with its artful approach to the Slasher, but the lack of gore will be a sure turnoff for most other Slasher fans.

Rating: 7/10.

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The Lost Boys: The Thirst (2010)

The Frog Brothers are all but extinct, still battling vampires yet barely able to make the rent. That is, until a beautiful young woman offers them a huge reward to save her brother by destroying the first vampire, DJ X, while riding the world of the disease once and for all! Now, Edgar and Alan must set off to stop X before he converts more teens into bloodthirsty vampires at his next big rave in the sleepy town of San Cazador, California. THE THIRST still may not come close to recapturing the essence of the original film, but it is a decided step forward from the first series sequel in THE TRIBE. Director Dario Piana introduces several big action sequences in addition to a hip attitude and impressive set pieces in the end. The Frog Brothers are each armed to the teeth with bigger and badder weapons as they take on troves of snarling vampires, and the film shoots for a hard 'R' with more blood, violence, and nudity than ever before. It is hard to imagine that no director has had the balls to tell Corey Feldman just how ridiculous he sounds when he tries to act tough, and yet here again, he comes off as being a complete joke. While it may just be base entertainment, THE THIRST has enough mindless action to please fans of the series.

Rating: 6/10.
Entertainment: 7/10.

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31: Transmission #12 (2011)

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The Inheritance (2011)

When the great-grandchildren of five wealthy slave families come together to meet with the elders for their inheritance, they will find out that the family fortune comes at a terrible price that must be paid in blood! THE INHERITANCE is built on a unique and interesting piece of traditional slave folklore that can best be related to THE SKELETON KEY within the genre. It is too bad that the film loses itself in cheap cliches and tired genre conventions, since it had the potential to become a much more chilling ghost tale. Writer/Director Robert O'Hara includes a number of garish sound and editing choices like split-screen and both fast- and slow-motion techniques where they are absolutely unnecessary, which makes it difficult to take the film seriously at times. His talented cast is wasted on stiff and unnatural dialog that brings down their performances. By the end, THE INHERITANCE suffers from a complete identity crisis as it struggles to define itself as either a mediocre ghost tale or weak Slasher. However, as one of the few films of its kind, it does present a strong cultural influence that is rarely seen in modern haunts.

Rating: 6/10.

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31: Transmission #11 (2011)

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Catfish (2010)

Everything seems to be going great between Nev and Meg as they continue to build an online relationship through Facebook, but when Nev and two of his filmmaker friends begin finding evidence that Meg might not be who she says she is, he will be caught in an intricate web of lies and deceit leading up to a shocking reveal! In a time when social networking and online activity are at their peak, a personal documentary like CATFISH strikes the hardest, and becomes more unnerving than any amount of violence and gore. CATFISH allows the viewer intimate access into Nev's daily life as he and his friends continue to discover just how deep and twisted his fantasy relationship had become as it is unfolding on screen. The extreme moments of tension and utter disbelief as the group grows closer to the truth are enough to make your stomach drop and heart race. Nev's experience forces the viewer to confront the reality of online interaction, and closely consider the effect that shifting identities and false fronts can create while we attempt to promote ourselves in the best light possible. CATFISH is the next step in reality filmmaking, and should serve as a terrifying reminder for unsuspecting Internet users.

Rating: 9/10.

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31: Transmission #10 (2011)

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Short: Canary Suicides (2010)

CANARY SUICIDES is shot around the brilliant art of Catherine Coan, and features several sordid tales of woe as read from the suicide notes of five painfully sad canaries. Coan's art truly speaks for itself, but the hilarious stories that are given to each of her pieces are equally clever in their own right. Natalia Provatas and Valerian Zamel have craftily framed each shot of the cages to maximize the impact and irony. The intricacy in design of the bird cages and their miniature houseware is simply incredible, and given the theme, it only adds to the sheer madness and absurdity of each scene. CANARY SUICIDES is still touring on the film festival circuit, where it has won numerous awards, so be sure to look out for it as it continues to make its rounds across the country!

Rating: 8/10.
Entertainment: 10/10.

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Short: Milton (2010)

The ghosts of Milton's past catch up with him on a long and lonesome road in this brief but effective horror short. Although it ends faster than it begins, Angela Pritchett and Mariah Smith give us a completed storyline with a jarring scare in just a few short minutes. Unfortunately, though, the ghostly plot for revenge is tired and predictable.

Rating: 6/10. Read The Full Post HERE!

Short: Friday Night Fright (2009)

One boy's fears manifest all throughout the house after he stays up late to watch an episode of Friday Night Fright while his parents are out on a date, but what could be lurking down in the basement, inside the closet, and right outside the front door?? FRIDAY NIGHT FRIGHT is a clever and original play on childhood fears that effectively captures the emotion in a fun way. Mason Maddocks is an excellent choice for the frightened young Andy, while Bill Suplee and the supporting cast play perfectly into the script's high camp. Writer/Director Ashley Maria also uses subjective camera angles to place us back in the days of our youth, cowering under blankets as shadows loom overhead. Now grab your bag of popcorn and turn on FRIDAY NIGHT FRIGHT for a ghoulish good time!

Rating: 9/10.

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The Centerfold Girls (1974)

A cleanly-dressed Andrew Prine looks to rid the world of lewd women with a little help from his straight razor in THE CENTERFOLD GIRLS from 1974. THE CENTERFOLD GIRLS is pure sleaze and exploitation for exploitation's sake, with no social significance or redeeming moral value to be found anywhere in its blatant attempt to suppress female sexuality, and that is what makes it one of the best examples within its own genre. The female characters, who are constantly finding new and creative reasons for getting undressed, are portrayed as being weak and naive, easily manipulated and controlled by the men in the film before our killer is finally able to "help" them pay for their so-called "sins." Surprisingly, Andrew Prine's killer is the least vile of any of the men, who each rape, beat, and subvert the girls in any way that they can. Prine puts in another wicked performance as Clement Dunne, giving the character a cool but calculated composure that is seasoned with a sprinkling of dark humor. THE CENTERFOLD GIRLS delivers on all of the raw violence, nudity, and downright nastiness that exploitation fans crave!

Rating: 7/10.

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News: ILHM Takes LA!!

The shortage in posts and inactivity online has been no lack of effort on our part recently, as I Like Horror Movies is very happy to announce that we will be taking on Los Angeles in a major way this Spring! ILHM founder Carl Manes will be relocating to Valencia, California, to be closer to all of the action and horror in LA. What that means for you, the reader, is that you can expect more in-depth coverage on the spot for many local shoots and events! Bear with us the next few weeks as we get situated, and a big thanks as always to our many loyal readers.

-I Like Horror Movies
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31: Transmission #7 (2011)

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31: Transmission #6 (2011)

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Tremors 4 (2004)

TREMORS heads back to the Old West in a prequel of monstrous proportions! When workers begin disappearing in a nearby silver mine, the dusty town of Rejection must call on mine owner Hiram Gummer to save the day. With the help of a local rancher and a hired gun, Hiram will take on the subterranean terrors before they destroy what's left of the town and spread out towards the big city! Michael Gross returns for the final installment in the series, which by now has lost most of its steam. His character, the ancestor to gun nut Burt Gummer, is too rigid and serious to be much fun outside of a few snooty moments of arrogance. Billy Drago also makes an appearance as Black Hand Kelly, bringing with him more of his particular brand of weird. TREMORS 4 follows many of the same action and story beats as the previous films, so fans of the series will know exactly what to expect at this point. Still, the Old West setting makes for an exciting new backdrop to unleash the creatures upon.

Rating: 6/10.

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Short: Candy (2010)

Candy's family is picture-perfect... That is, until you cross them... When her son Marcus brings a bitchy girl back to the house, the world's sweetest mom becomes Jenny's worst nightmare! Sage Hall brings a music video look and feel to CANDY along with a fast-pace and fun energy. Her bright-lit smile and cheery attitude make her uncomfortably nice and off-putting in the lead, while giving a whole new meaning to the term MILF. Jesse Kozel's script is playful and smart, and brings out every teenager's worst fears when inviting a date home to meet the parents.

Rating: 8/10.

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Short: You Are So Undead (2010)

Being bitten by a vampire has become the next big thing, and all of the kids are doing it! Mary finally lets a boy go all the way, but her mom is going to kill her when she finds those puncture marks on her neck! YOU ARE SO UNDEAD is a breath of fresh air in a genre that has been beaten to undeath. The sharp wit and clever metaphors found in Lisa Hunter's script equates sex and vampirism in the same way that GINGER SNAPS linked puberty with werewolves. Meaghan Rath and Erin Agostino are each fantastic, and play right into the brilliant humor. The short wraps up with a perfectly timed twist in the end. Hopefully this isn't the last we hear from newcomers Lisa Hunter and Alex Epstein, as YOU ARE SO UNDEAD is sure to become a huge sensation with Horror fans!

Rating: 9/10.

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UK Press Release: Dead Hooker in a Trunk Available in May!

Bounty Films Proudly Announces Available on DVD in the UK and Australia this May!

MELBOURNE, AU - April 4, 2011 - Set in beautiful Vancouver, four friends set out on an everyday errand and end up in a fight for their lives when they discover the body of a dead hooker left in their trunk.

Lead by a sexy, impulsive Badass, her distant Geek twin sister, their bible thumping, Jesus
loving Goody Two Shoes friend, and a chaotic, rock star Junkie pal, the group has to put
aside their differences to dispose of the body before they're next.

Thrown into their own personal purgatory, they face off against persistent police, a
sleazy motel manager, chainsaw wielding triads, and a brutal serial killer. All the while
they are followed by a mysterious Cowboy Pimp who wants to claim the corpse for his

Will they uncover the truth behind the body and be able to stand up to their demons?
Buckle up and get ready for the ride of your life filled with gun fights, extreme violence,
blood, guts, gore, and goats.

“Watching Dead Hooker in a Trunk is like having the best bare backing sex of your life
while hopped up on junk with a fugly prostitute in a seedy motel room on the wrong side
of town” – TWITCH Film

The debut feature film written, directed and produced by Jen & Sylvia Soska
and featuring music by Fake Shark-Real Zombie! is released on DVD in the UK
by BOUNTY FILMS on 23 May 2011.

Extras include -
Mini Documentary, Commentary & more!

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31: Transmission #5 (2011)

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31: Transmission #4 (2011)

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RoboGeisha (2009)

Japanese exploitation cinema hits outrageous new heights in ROBOGEISHA, from the makers of THE MACHINE GIRL and TOKYO GORE POLICE! Young Yoshie always aspired to be a beautiful geisha like her sister, but fierce sibling rivalry had kept her from her dreams. Now, the seedy Kageno Steel corporation looks to enlist each of them into their underground organization of trained geisha assassins that they plan to transform into murderous robots in a plot to destroy their enemies! Despite the absurd premise and off-the-wall action, ROBOGEISHA puts a surprising amount of focus on its story rather than simply pasting a bunch of ultra-violent gore sequences together without a cohesive plot. On top of that, it also offers some intelligent scripting intermingled with the camp ridiculousness for an even blend of high and low brow humor. That is especially hard to say when the film features robot geisha assassins that shoot shurikens from their asses and kill with blades that are concealed in their armpits! Noboru Iguchi is also sure to pack in tons of his trademarked splatter effects, which together with everything else makes this another highly entertaining and bloody cult comedy.

Rating: 7/10.
Gore: 7/10.


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Hollywood Boulevard (1976)

HOLLYWOOD BOULEVARD has got it all: big action sequences, explosions, steamy sex scenes, car chases, monsters, aliens, and plenty of girls with HUGE... aspirations! Candy leaves Indiana with hopes of making it big in Hollywood, but shady producers and hackney directors lead her down the boulevard of broken dreams. Joe Dante's first feature serves up plenty of zany comedy with the same fun and enthusiasm that he would bring to later films like ROCK 'N' ROLL HIGH SCHOOL and GREMLINS. HOLLYWOOD BOULEVARD is both a sad and hilarious look at B-movie filmmaking, and it is entirely self-reflective in the fact that it was made under many of the same circumstances that appear in the story. After serving as one of Roger Corman's editors for years, Dante was finally given the chance to direct as long as he could make the film on a non-existent budget. He achieves this and more by shooting around other camp classics like DEATH RACE 2000 while weaving together his own silly satire. Many longtime Corman favorites like Dick Miller and Paul Bartel star in a series of quirky cameos, but Candice Rialson stands out most as the unlucky lead. All of the kooky antics lead up to a climactic showdown that fittingly takes place beneath the Hollywood sign. Fans of Joe Dante and John Landis' particular brand of humor are sure to love this 1976 cult comedy!

Rating: 7/10.

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31: Transmission #2 (2011)

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