The Defiled (2010)

With so many zombie stinkers released year after year, it is often difficult to find those diamonds in the rough. THE DEFILED is one such film, a unique Indie entry into the long worn genre that just goes to show that originality still exists some forty years since Romero's flesh-eating ghouls first walked the screen. Julian Grant turns the genre on its head by creating the ultimate 'zombie survival guide,' where the dead that are brought back to life are the unfortunate ones who are hunted down and despised by humanity. Yar continues to exist without purpose, only to wander the earth and feast on human flesh. When his wife dies giving birth to their zombie child, he has only the will to defend it while they struggle to find their place within the post-apocalyptic world around them. Filmed entirely in black and white, THE DEFILED has a vintage look and feel that builds more on the characters' perilous plight than on gore. Yar is even made up to remind us of Bill Hinzman's 'Cemetery Zombie' from NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD. The largest credit towards the film's success goes to Brian Shaw's sympathetic performance as the troubled Yar, whose expressive gesturing drives his character's emotion despite the complete lack of dialog. He is left to defend himself against both humans and zombies alike, neither of whom accept his attempt to live a peaceful existence. The great Robert Kurtzman lends his talents for the special effects as well.

Rating: 7/10.

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  1. Sounds interesting - will put this on my to rent list.