'The Night Shift' Released on DVD

Fighting Owl Films is pleased to announce that the family-friendly supernatural-adventure-comedy “The Night Shift” received North American DVD distribution by R-Squared Films on October 25. The film has been met with critical acclaim and a positive response from fans. The Night Shift is currently available at Amazon.com, Walmart, and many other retailers:

“The Night Shift” is a supernatural-adventure-comedy about Rue Morgan, the undead night watchman at Pinewood Oaks Cemetery. Rue, along with his buddy Herb, a limbless corpse, spends his nights trying to keep the cemetery’s cantankerous residents in, and his days dreaming of a date with hard-nosed day-shifter, Claire. It’s an okay afterlife until a scourge of supernatural occurrences leaves Rue not only watching the cemetery, but also watching his back!

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Vanished (2011)

Two families. Two missing children. One search for the truth. VANISHED follows in the grand tradition of the Australian exploitation film, taking after the murder and revenge themes from MAD MAX and more recently THE HORSEMAN. Director Michael Adante uses the split story format to lay out the plot, which he converges with moderate success. Unfortunately, the clues behind the mystery are hastily put together and highly improbable. The film's protagonist says it best: "I can't explain it... Somehow I knew you had killed my son" after taking several drastic leaps in logic that lead to disbelief. We do not know enough about Caterina in the beginning to invest any emotion in her struggle, so her shift from grieving mother to heartless avenger puts her in the villain's chair. This is particularly true given Carolyn Bock's crazy-eyed performance, which makes it difficult to relate to her character. The supernatural twist in the end is also a questionable direction to take the revenge plot that, until then, has been built on purely tension and suspense. As an independent thriller, VANISHED is a valid attempt that fails to reach the same success as its predecessors.

Rating: 6/10.

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A Chinese Ghost Story (1987)

An unassuming young tax collector is seduced by the ghost of a beautiful girl after spending the night in a haunted temple, but the two are torn apart by the evil tree spirit that controls her soul. Together with the help of the Taoist swordsman Yen, Ning must gather the courage to defeat the ancient demon in order to free his love forever! A CHINESE GHOST STORY is one of the finest pieces of Hong Kong horror cinema, and Tsui Hark's crowning achievement within the genre. At its heart is a beautiful tragedy between two torn lovers, but on the surface, A CHINESE GHOST STORY is an action-packed horror comedy that takes influence from both East and West, including Sam Raimi's THE EVIL DEAD, Obayashi's HOUSE, and Hong Kong's own MR. VAMPIRE series. The shadowy temples and shrouded forests already set an eerie mood, but it is the superior cinematography that brings them to life as we follow the wolves and spirits that haunt the woods. Built upon these stunning locations are a number of incredible special effects, combining the high-flying acrobatics of the Chinese sword fighting film with flowing robes, mystical powers, and an enormous demon with a wicked tongue. For all of its style and visual grace, A CHINESE GHOST STORY is met with equally impressive performance by the entire cast. Leslie Cheung is playfully naive as Ning, who becomes easily enchanted by the beautiful Joey Wong as the ghost of Hsiao Tsing. A CHINESE GHOST STORY blends all of the most terrifying, exciting, and atmospheric elements of Hong Kong fantasy film making to produce one of the greatest unknown classics of the horror genre.

Rating: 10/10.


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New Trailer for Ti West's 'The Innkeepers' Now Online!

Synopsis: After over one hundred years of service, The Yankee Pedlar Inn is shutting its doors for good. The last remaining employees -Claire (Sara Paxton) and Luke (Pat Healy) - are determined to uncover proof of what many believe to be one of New England's most haunted hotels. As the Inn’s final days draw near, odd guests check in as the pair of minimum wage “ghost hunters” begin to experience strange and alarming events that may ultimately cause them to be mere footnotes in the hotel’s long unexplained history

THE INNKEEPERS will be available on-demand December 30th and In theatres starting February 3rd.

Official site: http://www.magnetreleasing.com/theinnkeepers/

Official Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/theinnkeepersmovie Read The Full Post HERE!

Coming Soon...

I Like Horror Movies takes on THE TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE for Halloween!

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Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky (1991)

After his girlfriend is murdered by a ruthless gang of miscreants, the unstoppable Riki-Oh is thrown in prison for killing the crime boss that was responsible for her death. Finding the same vile corruption in jail, Riki decides to battle his way through countless more villains in order to clean up the prison system and take down its evil warden. Nothing can prepare you for RIKI-OH! It is a non-stop freight train of bloody violence set to absurd kung fu action and outrageous humor. Adapted from the popular manga by Masahiko Takajo, RIKI-OH feels like a comic book come to life, with an explosive display of gore unlike anything else. The ultra-powerful hero is virtually indestructible, withstanding bullets and broken bones, and even tying his own tendons back together to continue fighting after his arm is nearly sliced off! Riki blasts holes through people with his fists, punches through one guy's chin and out his face, and grinds the warden into liquid goo before he is through. The ridiculous characters and silly script add up to pure entertainment as Riki prepares to fight his way to the top. Fans of Peter Jackson and Sam Raimi can't afford to miss this over-the-top action flick!

Rating: 7/10.
Entertainment: 9/10.
Gore: 10/10.

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Wrong Turn 4 (2011)

In 1974, the Glenville Sanatorium is overrun by three of its most notorious patients: the inbred cannibal brothers known as One Eye, Three Finger, and Saw Tooth. Thirty years later, a pack of partying college students make a wrong turn and end up camping out in the old abandoned asylum. Little do they know that its prior residents still live within its walls, and meat is back on the menu! WRONG TURN 4 presents itself as a prequel to the series, but then lazily jumps forward to the 2000's after a brief introduction of the infamous killers. It is clear from the beginning that SHARKTOPUS director Declan O'Brien is entirely unconcerned with the plot or characters, and that he is just using the shell of a film to put on another gory display. WRONG TURN 4 is just as bland and predictable as the third installment. It lacks the suspense of the original and the off-the-wall insanity of the second, leaving Slasher fans with nothing more than a few bloody kills and ample amounts of nudity. If you're in it for the gore, you get several decapitations, a giant drill through the chest, a human buffet, and countless missing limbs, but WRONG TURN 4 is nothing more than a mindless knock-off of the Norwegian hit COLD PREY.

Rating: 6/10.
Gore: 6/10.

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Book Review: Sad Monsters (2011)

Ever wonder why the werewolf howls at the moon, or why the banshee screams? Emmy-Award winning writer Frank Lesser tells us in Sad Monsters: Growling on the Outside, Crying on the Inside, a wonderfully witty look at the downside of being scary. Where else can you find Godzilla questioning his own existence, Carl Denham on the stand for driving a giant ape to his own destruction, zombies being threatened by hordes of the living, and many other terrible tragedies that befall the creatures of the night? Lesser brilliantly deconstructs both modern myths and classic legends to extract the humor in everyone's favorite monsters. His clever word play is really quite punny, and the variation in form keeps each new vignette freshly unexpected. Above all else, Sad Monsters is exceptionally entertaining, and is the perfect book to read to your own little monsters before bedtime.

Rating: 9/10.

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Panic Button (2011)

Four unsuspecting members of the All2gether social networking site board a plane headed for New York, where they must survive several revealing rounds of trivia if they hope to win big cash and prizes upon their arrival. Each new question uncovers another dark secret that the contestants have been hiding in their virtual lives, and the failure to answer correctly has deadly consequences for their online friends! PANIC BUTTON is a perfectly-timed strike against modern technology that exposes the risks and vulnerabilities of living life in the public eye. While the characters and events are extremely exaggerated, the underlying message regarding personal privacy serves as a harsh wake-up call for internet users. What begins as an intense psychological thriller unfortunately trails off into a bland struggle for survive that follows the blueprint laid out in SAW. For Horror on a budget, however, PANIC BUTTON packs enough violence and suspense to earn itself a passing grade.

Rating: 7/10.

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APOLLO 18 Launches This December!

“Terrifying! This film will shock you to your core.”
~ Fred Topel, CraveOnline.com


Sci-Fi Thriller Heads To Retail On December 27th!

BEVERLY HILLS, CA – October 25, 2011 – Anchor Bay Entertainment and Dimension Films announced today the Blu-ray™ and DVD release of the “terrifying” (Fred Topel, CraveOnline.com) and “chilling” (Hunter Daniels, Collider.com) sci-fi thriller, APOLLO 18. In the same vein as such blockbusters as The Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity, the film unearths alleged lost Department of Defense footage to construct a riveting story of the events that unfolded during this covert mission to the moon. Full of tension and suspense, APOLLO 18 blasts into stores on December 27, 2011 with an SRP of $39.99 for the Blu-ray™ Combo Pack and $29.98 for the DVD.

Officially, Apollo 17, launched December 7, 1972, was the last manned mission to the moon. But two years later, in December of 1974, two American astronauts were sent on a secret mission to the moon funded by the US Department of Defense. What you are about to see is the actual footage which the astronauts captured on that mission. While NASA denies its authenticity, others say it’s the real reason we’ve never gone back to the moon.

The APOLLO 18 Blu-ray™ and DVD bonus features include an audio commentary with director Gonzalo López-Gallego and editor Patrick Lussier, deleted and alternate scenes, alternate endings, among other bonus features to be confirmed. Note: Special features are subject to change.

Learn more about APOLLO 18 at: http://apollo18movie.net/

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Dracula (1979)

Dracula returns in the 1979 retelling of the classic tale as directed by John Badham. This rendition, which was similarly adapted from the Broadway play by Deane and Balderston, has undergone a number of noticeable changes in the plot and characters to give the film a unique life of its own. Frank Langella stars as the infamous Count, bringing with him the same youthful exuberance and seductive charm that earned him a nomination for the Tony Awards on stage. His captivating screen presence and overt sexualization of the role make this a refreshing new take on the old familiar character. Langella is joined by film legends Donald Pleasence and Laurence Olivier as Dr. Jack Seward and Professor Van Helsing, along with Kate Nelligan, Trevor Eve, and Jan Francis. The battle of wills between Olivier and Langella in their first conflict exerts an enormous amount of power and tension that makes the screen tremble. DRACULA is also filled with thrilling special effects, including the villain's first vertical descent down the castle walls, and several transformations into wolf and bat. The image of the pale-faced and ruby-eyed Mina that is discovered feeding on the town's children is beyond terrifying. John Williams sets the mood with a chilling score as well. John Badham's DRACULA is often overlooked and highly underrated, and ranks among the best film versions of the character to date.

Rating: 9/10.

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UK Residents: Win Your Copy of THE CLINIC on DVD!

Inspired by terrifying true events, this unsettling and shocking film follows young couple Cameron (Andy Whitfield - Spartacus TV Series) and his pregnant fiancée Beth (Tabrett Bethell – The Legend of the Seeker) as they travel across Australia on Christmas Eve 1979.

UK residents, read on for your chance to win your copy of the DVD care of Universal Pictures UK!

This seemingly normal trip is thrown off kilter when the couple are forced to take shelter in a remote hotel. When Cameron leaves Beth briefly to get some food, his return yields a nightmare he could never have prepared himself for as he finds the room empty and Beth vanished.

Dark, tense and chilling, viewers will be on the edge of their sofas as every mother’s worst nightmare unfolds when Beth awakes alone in an isolated clinic in a bathtub of ice with a very fresh C section. And no baby.

As desperate Beth struggles to understand the full horror of what has happened to her, she discovers that she is not the only woman to have been subjected to this gruesome abduction. Four other mothers inhabit this hellish clinic and slowly discover that they’ll have to fight each other to survive.

Don’t miss this bloodcurdling and chilling film when The Clinic is released for the first time on DVD from 17th October 2011.

The Clinic QUESTION:

What country is this story, based on true events, set in?

Be sure to send in your answers to us at the following e-mail address before Friday, October 28th for your chance to win:


All entries must be from within the UK due to the licensing and territory of this release, sorry! Only one entry per person. Contest ends 11:59PM Thursday, October 27th. The winner will be chosen at random and notified by e-mail.

Pre-order your copy HERE!

Watch the trailer HERE!

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Short: Kill Devil Hill (2010)

A small family is plagued by a mysterious artifact that causes them to kill in Ace Jordan's bloody short KILL DEVIL HILL, based on the bizarre series of murders that occurred in North Carolina. Jordan takes great care in building his characters with a distinct sense of realism, which makes the twist that much more shocking and unbelievable. His soft lensing and clean cinematography also lend a professional look that makes it easy to forget that the film is only twelve-minutes long and leaves the audience wanting more. Frightening, brutal, and bloody, KILL DEVIL HILL is sure to unnerve audiences with its unforgettable ending.

Rating: 7/10.

Official Website: http://killdevilhill.webs.com/ Read The Full Post HERE!

House of Dracula (1945)

Count Dracula and the Wolf Man each arrive at the residence of Dr. Franz Edelmann in the hopes that he can determine the causes of their individual afflictions and rid them of their curses forever, but a failed blood transfusion infects the doctor with Dracula's evil. Meanwhile, Frankenstein's Monster is found encased in mud beneath the castle's cellar, and he is brought back to be recharged by the mad Dr. Edelmann. Will the monsters be cured, or has death returned to the small village of Visaria? HOUSE OF DRACULA serves as a direct sequel to Universal's HOUSE OF FRANKENSTEIN, and is the last picture to feature the classic monsters outside of ABBOTT AND COSTELLO MEET FRANKENSTEIN. John Carradine, Lon Chaney Jr., and Glenn Strange each return in fine form, though it is Onslow Stevens who puts forth the strongest performance as the crazed Dr. Edelmann. The waning interest at the box office and decreased budget are both apparent, as the film frequently falls back on stock footage and recycled plot points in this final entry. Jack Pierce's make-up designs never fail to impress, however, and HOUSE OF DRACULA allows each of the monsters to go out with dignity. It is a fine bookend to Universal's original DRACULA series.

Rating: 7/10.

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Dracula (Spanish Version, 1931)

While Universal's DRACULA was being filmed in the daylight hours, a lesser-known classic was also taking shape as night fell on the studio backlot. In almost every way (save for Bela Lugosi's iconic performance), the Spanish-language version of DRACULA is the superior film. Using the same costumes, script, and sets as the English version, it would seem that the end result would be very similar, however there are many distinct differences that set the two films apart. George Melford's DRACULA is filled with romanticized performances from each of the expressive cast members, lead by the beautiful and enchanting Lupita Tovar playing Eva Seward (this version's Mina). Likewise, Melford and cinematographer George Robinson explore each of the sets with more artful enthusiasm than the Browning/Freund team. Carlos Villarías would star as this version's Dracula, and while he is very good, some of his more comical movements and mannerisms may have resulted from his instructions to imitate Bela Lugosi's performance. Still, he brings an air of sophistication and menace of his own that allow him to excel in the role. The Spanish DRACULA cannot be overlooked by fans now that it is available in wide circulation, and it is should be considered right alongside the English version as a classic of its era.

Rating: 9/10.

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Son of Dracula (1943)

A rich southern belle that is obsessed with the occult falls under the influence of the mysterious Count Alucard after visiting Budapest. Returning home, the two are quickly married and take over the family estate, but it would seem that Katherine has her own secret agenda for the Count! Eerie and atmospheric, SON OF DRACULA succeeds most with its incredible special effects, which take a huge leap forward from the previous films in the series. Here, Dracula transforms into a bat and a cloud of mist right before our very eyes! The fog-laden swamps of the Louisiana bayou also serve as a fine change of locale from London, giving the vampire reign over a brand new land. Director Robert Siodmak does a fine job here, with early elements of the Film Noir style seeping into the shadowy crime drama found in brother Curt's script. Lon Chaney Jr.'s performance as Dracula is as lifeless as the character he portrays. He does not capture the sophisticated aristocrat, but rather an oafish brute. Louise Allbritton, on the other hand, is a much more compelling lead, both a stark beauty and a manipulative con. SON OF DRACULA is a fitting sequel to Lugosi's original that is sure to impress fans of the classics!

Rating: 7/10.

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Beware the Hero: 'Boy Wonder' on VOD and DVD This November!

“A dangerous, new superhero …”

“… the indie superhero movie that could literally punch the throat
out of the big boys this year …”
303 Magazine

Inception Media Group, Lightning Media & Boy Wonder Productions

Proudly Present
Boy Wonder

Beware the Hero …

Multi-Award-Winning Psychological-Thriller Critically Acclaimed During Limited
Theatrical Run & at Film Festivals Across the Country & Internationally

LOS ANGELES, CA — October 19, 2011 — For Immediate Release — The urban psychological-thriller Boy Wonder – already an underground cult hit that has garnered 13 awards and been critically acclaimed during a limited theatrical run and at film and pop culture festivals across the country – now debuts on VOD (Oct. 28) and DVD (Nov. 8) from Inception Media Group.

In this riveting and gritty film, a young boy witnesses the brutal murder of his mother during a Brooklyn car-jacking … leaving him to be raised by his alcoholic father (Bill Sage, HBO’s Boardwalk Empire, Handsome Harry, 2010 Best Picture-nominee Precious, American Psycho, If Lucy Fell). Now a 17-year-old loner, Sean Donovan (Caleb Steinmeyer, HBO’s True Blood, ABC’s Lost) is relentlessly haunted by his past and obsessed with finding his mother’s killer.

Drawn into a nocturnal urban underworld, Sean’s consuming rage is vented one night, defending himself from a chaotic attack by a drug dealer. Thus begins his life as a quiet, straight-A student by day and a self-appointed hero at night.

Investigating a series of vigilante murders, hot-shot new homicide detective Teresa Ames (Zulay Henao, Fighting, S. Darko, Feel the Noise) – broken by her own troubled life – takes an interest in Sean and his case. Yet the closer Teresa gets, the more suspicious she becomes. Engaged in a twisting game of cat and mouse, Sean and Teresa become allies by day … and enemies by night.

But what is a real hero? Who decides what is right or wrong? As the boundaries between justice and vengeance blur, Sean’s dual life wears on his psyche and his two worlds careen dangerously close to colliding.

Like a graphic novel you can’t put down, Boy Wonder challenges morality, distorting perceptions of what is right and what is justified, as it races to its shocking conclusion.

Written and directed by Michael Morrissey, who makes his feature film debut, Boy Wonder also stars James Russo (Public Enemies, Extremities) and Tracy Middendorf (HBO’s Boardwalk Empire, Mission Impossible III).

Boy Wonder, which marks the feature film debut of Morrissey, received accolades from critics during a limited theatrical release and won 13 awards at film festivals across the country, including:

Best Feature at the 2011 Crystal City International Film Festival (London); Best Feature at the 2011 Vail Film Festival; Best Feature at the 2011 Hardacre Film Festival; Gen-Next Film Award at the 2011 KahBang Music, Art & Film Festival; Best Feature Film and Audience Choice Award for Best Feature Film at the 2010 Sacramento Film Festival; Best Feature, Best Director (Morrissey) and Best Actor (Caleb Steinmeyer) at the 2010 Williamsburg International Film Festival; Best Feature and Best Actress (Zulay Henao) at the 2010 ThrillSpy International Thriller & Spy Film Festival; Best Feature Film at the 2010 Festivus Film Festival; and Best Editing (Ray Hubley & Doug Fitch) at the 2010 Rhode Island International Film Festival.

It was also an Official Selection of HBO’s 2011 New York International Latino Film Festival; 2011
New York City International Film Festival; 2011 Sedona International Film Festival; 2011 Twin Cities Film Fest; 2011 Ruby Mountain Film Festival, 2011 Crystal Palace International Film Festival (London); 2011 Tacoma Film Festival; 2011 Maelstrom International Fantastic Film Festival; 2011 Hell’s Half Mile Film & Music Festival; 2011 FirstGlance Film Festival; 2011 Titanic International Film Festival (Budapest); 2011 Fantaspoa International Film Festival (Brazil); 2010 Dallas Inernational Film Festival; 2010 Canada International Film Festival; and the 2010 Kansas City FilmFest.

Boy Wonder is presented in widescreen with an aspect ratio of 16 x 9 (2.40:1) and 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound. Special features include “Making Of” Featurette.

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Rise of the Planet of the Apes Comes Home This December!


Evolution Becomes Revolution In The Critically-Acclaimed
Over $432 Million Worldwide Box Office Smash Arriving Globally
on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Download in December

LOS ANGELES, CA - October 19, 2011 - A single act of both compassion and arrogance leads to a battle unlike any other when RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES makes its worldwide debut on Blu-ray, DVD and digital download on December 13th in North America and starting December 7th Internationally. From the Oscar-winning® visual effects team that brought to life the worlds of Avatar and Lord of the Rings comes revolutionary new ground - a CGI ape that delivers a dramatic performance of unprecedented emotion and intelligence, and epic battles on which rest the upended destinies of man and primate.

James Franco (127 Hours) stars as Will Rodman, a neuroscientist living in San Francisco trying to develop a cure for Alzheimer’s disease by testing on chimpanzees, giving them a human level of intelligence. After a test subject’s baby, Caesar, is orphaned, Will decides to raise him at home on his own with his Alzheimer-stricken father (John Lithgow; “Dexter”). What begins simply as a continuation of his experiment quickly turns into a problem for Will, as Caesar is taken away from him and forced to live in a primate facility. As Caesar’s intelligence continues to grow, he begins to stake his claim as the leader of his new primate counterparts, which will ultimately lead to the RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES.

Directed by Rupert Wyatt (The Escapist), this special effects blockbuster features fantastic supporting performances from Freida Pinto (Slumdog Millionaire), Brian Cox (Red), Tom Felton (Harry Potter films) and Andy Serkis (The Lord of the Rings Trilogy) in a ground-breaking performance. The RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES Blu-ray is loaded with bonus material including deleted scenes, making-of featurettes commentaries and more.


· Feature Film

· Deleted Scenes

o Alpha Gets Shot

o Will’s Meeting with Lab Assistants

o Will Discovers Caesar Has Solved Puzzles

o Caesar Plays with Bicycle

o Caesar Questions His Identity

o Caesar Bites Off Neighbors Finger

o Will Ignores the Risks of an Airborne Mutated Virus

o Rodney Gives Caesar a Cookie

o Rocket Gets Hosed by Dodge

o Caesar Destroys the Lab and Koba’s Attempted Revenge on Jacobs

o Caesar Pushes Helicopter

o Koba with Shotgun

· Pre-vis for The Future

· Capturing Caesar – Script to Screen

· Studying the Genius of Andy Serkis

· Multi-Angle: Rocket Cookie Scene

· A New Generation of Apes

· Breaking Motion Capture Boundaries

· Breaking New Sound Barriers: The Music and Sound Design of Rise of the Planet of the Apes

· Ape Facts

o Chimpanzee

o Gorilla

o Orangutan

· Audio Commentary by Director Rupert Wyatt

· Audio Commentary by Writers Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver

· Character Concept Art Gallery

· Three Theatrical Trailers

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UK Residents: Win Your Copy of THE CALLER on DVD!

– UK Release October 24th –

From British director Matthew Parkhill comes this disturbing tale starring Twilight’s illuminating Rachelle Lefevre and True Blood’s Stephen Moyer. Lefevre is divorcee Mary Kee who is being harassed by both her ex-husband Steven (Ed Quinn - True Blood), and a mysterious female caller with the alarming claim that she is ringing from Mary’s own past. This atmospheric, eerie chiller will leave audiences jumping each time their phone rings - when it arrives on Blu-ray & DVD in time for Halloween 2011.

UK residents, read on for your chance to win your copy of the DVD care of Universal Pictures UK!

Following her divorce Mary moves into a new apartment and is keen to get on with the rest of her life including building a budding new relationship with the charismatic John Guidi (Stephen Moyer). When she begins to receive phone calls from a mysterious woman she at first dismisses them for a confused caller, but as the calls continue the lonely Mary eventually begins to strike up an unlikely friendship with the woman, whom she discovers is called Rose.

However as the calls become more regular, Mary becomes disturbed by Rose’s claims that she is calling from Mary’s own past. As her sense of being haunted escalates an alarmed Mary tries to cut off all contact but Rose makes it frighteningly clear that she does not like to be ignored. With Rose threatening a terrible revenge, the two become embroiled in a petrifying game of cat and mouse that traverses time through Mary’s past and present.

Fans of Twilight and True Blood will enjoy the opportunity to see Lefevre, Moyer and Quinn playing The Caller’s tormented lead characters, whilst the director Matthew Parkhill plays on the dark and atmospheric Puerto Rico locations to create a claustrophobic situation for both Mary and the audience. Once the credits role, if you can take any more terror, the Blu-ray and DVD also include an alternative ending, ‘Making of’ feature, deleted scenes and a director’s commentary to give an insight into the making of the psychodrama.

With the ominous danger of Rose’s disembodied voice designed to truly terrify, The Caller is the perfect film to watch hidden behind the sofa this Halloween – just don’t forget to disconnect the phone first!

The Caller arrives on Blu-ray and DVD from 24th October 2011.

The Caller QUESTION:

Rachelle Lefevre also starred in WHAT other top box office hit?

Be sure to send in your answers to us at the following e-mail address before Tuesday, October 25th for your chance to win:


All entries must be from within the UK due to the licensing and territory of this release, sorry! Only one entry per person. Contest ends 11:59PM Monday, October 24th. The winner will be chosen at random and notified by e-mail.
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FullMoonHorror.com Launches Friday!

Duuuuudes!!!!! FullMoonHorror launches in just 2 days!!!! Check out a "sneak preview" at http://www.fullmoonhorror.com!

And If you're even near LA come by and join the party! Celebs + Fun Stuff + Our first Full Moon Store + Booze! And it's FREE!

Plus! The festivities will be streaming live for all to see online!

Plus! All these new products will be available to purchase on October 21st at our new store in Hollywood and at www.fullmoondirect.com!!!


-Charles Band

Come join us to celebrate the launch of

The New Horror Entertainment Destination!
Launch Party
October 21, 2011
6pm to 10pm

Meltdown Comics,
7518 Sunset Boulevard
Hollywood, CA 90028

All Ages
FREE, but requires RSVP

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Only names on the list +1 guest may attend

Come dressed to impress in costume as a Full Moon character and receive a FREE DVD! There will be some very special celebrity appearances. Plus a full-fledged Full Moon Horror store, featuring over 150 different DVD titles, toys, shirts, replicas, and more. Charles Band himself will be there in person to host the evening! Plus more special guests for appearances, signings, and more.

For a sneak peak at what we're doing, visit http://www.fullmoonhorror.com

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Dracula (1931)

In 1931, the face of Horror would be changed forever as Carl Laemmle Jr. and Universal Studios introduced the world to two of their most famous monsters: Dracula and Frankenstein. DRACULA has secured its place in history not for its cinematic quality, but rather for being the first of a new era of monster movies that would dominate the genre for more than a decade. Its influence in shaping later films, however, can never be denied.

After acquiring the deed to a private estate in London, the vampiric Count Dracula sets out into the night to extend his own life with the blood of his innocent victims. Dracula soon becomes enthralled with the beautiful Mina Seward, whose father owns the neighboring sanitarium. Fearing for his daughter's safety, Dr. Seward enlists the help of the renown Professor Van Helsing, who comes to the conclusion that the recent rash of deaths are somehow connected to Nosferatu, the vampire. It is up to Van Helsing to identify the vampire and stop him from entering young Mina into a world of eternal darkness!

It was decided early on that DRACULA would be adapted for the screen from the Broadway play of Bram Stoker's classic novel. Its roots in the theater are ever apparent, given the rigid performances by the cast and Tod Browning's listless direction. After the first act, the pacing suffers dramatically up until the anticlimactic ending. The absence of music is also quite apparent throughout the film, although the deathly silence sends shivers down the spine as Dracula and his brides first arise from the ancient graves. Atmospheric moments such as this and Dracula's grand descent down the ruinous castle stairway have helped to define the Gothic Horror genre.

Edward Van Sloan is very good as the calculative Professor Van Helsing, whereas Helen Chandler seems entirely detached and disinterested as Ms. Mina. Dwight Frye's portrayal of Dracula's deranged assistant Renfield is the most entertaining of the bunch, often recalling the exaggerated performances from the German Expressionist era.

What truly sets DRACULA apart is the man behind the monster: Bela Lugosi. The Hungarian-born actor had already won critical acclaim for his portrayal of the character on the stage, and although he was not the first choice for Browning's filmed version (a role that was originally intended for the great Lon Chaney), his legacy will be forever linked to this performance. Lugosi's thick Hungarian accent and countless charm mesmerize the audience just as they do the characters on screen. He is equally terrifying and captivating at the same time.

While the 1931 version of DRACULA is far from perfect, its historical and cultural significance on world cinema makes it a true classic. Bela Lugosi has since become an icon in the eyes of the public, which will continue to feed DRACULA's eternal life for centuries to come.

Rating: 8/10.

Movies like DRACULA:

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'Ice Quake' and 'Metal Shifters' Spell Disaster in 2012!


Master the Disaster on Blu-Ray™ and DVD!

CHATSWORTH, CA - October 18, 2011 - With a world that seems to be teetering on the brink, you thought things couldn’t get any worse, but what about a deadly crack in the earth’s crust seeping a deadly gas, or a killer iron creature from outer space? Next year, Anchor Bay Entertainment releases ICE QUAKE (January 3rd) and METAL SHIFTERS (February 7th) on Blu-ray™ and DVD. These two films, which premiered strongly on the Syfy Channel, will excite, terrify and also remind you that things aren’t as bad as they could be.

In ICE QUAKE, we witness nature’s unforgiving power unleashed, as melting Alaskan permafrost is about to drastically alter a tranquil Christmas Eve. The permafrost thaws underground rivers of volatile liquid methane and creates a succession of violent and destructive earthquakes. The crack now leaks a deadly gas from deep within the earth’s core, and the world could end before New Year’s Eve! It’s up to a single geologist and his family to save the world by stopping this crack from spreading and the gas from getting into a nearby cave system that would destroy the planet. The cast includes Brendan Fehr (“Bones,” “CSI – Miami”) and Victor Garber (“Alias,” Titanic).

METAL SHIFTERS is an out of this world tale that will have you watching the skies, and your back. Two brothers desperate to keep the family business afloat soon find their prayers answered when a Russian satellite dislodges from orbit and crashes into the middle of a nearby field. Unaware the satellite carries a mysterious alien substance; the brothers sell the satellite to a local artist who uses the wreckage in his giant sculpture. But soon the substance brings the giant sculpture to life, creating an iron monster whose only mission is to kill. The cast includes Colby Johannson (Final Destination 3, Freddy Vs. Jason), Kavan Smith (“Stargate: Atlantis,” “Eureka”) and Jesse Moss (Dear Mr. Gacy, Final Destination 3).

Both of these Syfy original movies were an immediate hit with audiences for their fresh twist on the disaster film genre. ICE QUAKE and METAL SHIFTERS are thrill rides through a world in peril, but fear not (spoiler alert), the world will be saved just in time.

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Dracula's Daughter (1936)

With the bodies of Renfield and Count Dracula at his feet, Scotland Yard is forced to take Professor Van Helsing into police custody on murder charges. While he is being held, a mysterious woman entrances the guards and makes off with the body of the deceased Count. The woman is revealed to be Countess Zaleska - Dracula's daughter - who destroys her father's corpse in the hopes of freeing herself from his curse. After discovering that the curse has not yet left her, the Countess calls upon a renown psychiatrist to help dispel the evil that plagues her. DRACULA'S DAUGHTER is an odd choice as a follow up to the Gothic classic, but an interesting one nonetheless. Here we find a lonely and reluctant vampiress that is struggling with her own existence. She fights the urge to feed, but is unable to overcome her impulses to kill. Gloria Holden is enchanting with her stark features and hypnotic gaze, giving an excellent performance as the mistress of the night. She is joined by the slithery Irving Pichel as her assistant Sandor, whose sly, manipulative tone often pins him as the true villain of the film. Otto Kruger, on the other hand, does nothing to gain the audience's sympathies with his stagnant portrayal of Dr. Jeffrey Garth. DRACULA'S DAUGHTER is a good sequel that may only have benefited more as a standalone film.

Rating: 7/10.

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The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes (1970)

Sherlock Holmes and his trusty companion Watson embark on their greatest adventure yet to help a grieving widow in a case that involves missing midgets, Trappist monks, and the Loch Ness monster! With THE PRIVATE LIFE OF SHERLOCK HOLMES, director Billy Wilder takes Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's classic characters and adds his own signature brand of humor in what was originally intended as an episodic road show picture. In its edited theatrical release, the structure and pacing become highly uneven between the first and second acts, although the strength of Wilder's script rarely falters as a result. Robert Stephens is simply brilliant as the famed detective, delivering plenty of dry wit and playful androgyny that set his performance apart from all others. Colin Blakely is equally enjoyable as Dr. John Watson, Holmes' excitable colleague who has turned an effeminate cocaine addict into a modern myth thanks to the somewhat fictionalized accounts that he has been submitting to The Strand periodical. Christopher Lee also appears in another dashing role as Holmes' elder brother Mycroft, who is shown to be of superior intellect and social standing despite his lack of celebrity. THE PRIVATE LIFE OF SHERLOCK HOLMES is an exciting, edgy, and wildly entertaining twist on the old familiar characters that explores many of the unanswered questions behind the world's finest consulting detective.

Rating: 9/10.


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Panic Button Hits UK DVD in November

“The best British Horror in years”
-Ain’t It Cool News

“One of the most nerve-wracking films of 2011”
-Scream Magazine


HERTS, GB - October 16, 2011 - Four young people win a competition of a lifetime; Jo (Scarlett Alice Johnson – Adulthood), Max (Jack Gordon – Fish Tank; Heartless) Gwen (Elen Rhys - Season Of The Witch) and Dave (Michael Jibson – The Bank Job; Cemetery Junction) are heading off on an all-expenses paid trip to New York courtesy of the social network site ‘All2gethr.com’. As they board the private jet, they are asked to relinquish their mobile phones and take part in the in-flight entertainment - a new online gaming experience.

Once airborne the games begin, and it soon becomes evident through a series of twisted and sickening tasks, that the passengers’ mystery host knows far more than they ever dared imagine, but are they all as innocent as they seem?

Trapped 30,000 feet in the air and with everything at stake, the four find themselves set on a horrific course, forcing them to play for their lives and leading to a gruesome and bloody twist. A breathless psychological horror film for the 21st century, when you live your life online, there is no Esc…


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Take Another 'Wrong Turn' This October!



Witness The UNRATED Bloody Beginnings of Three Finger and
His Family of Hillbilly Cannibals on Blu-ray and DVD October 25

BEVERLY HILLS, CA - October 13, 2011 - Director Declan O’Brien created the right recipe for the gut wrenching blood-oozing tale that follows a group of friends that decide to go snowboarding during their winter break.

They make the ‘Wrong Turn’ and end up getting lost in a deadly storm with killers in their midst.

Just in time for Halloween, our new ‘WRONG TURN 4: Bloody Beginnings Cannibal Cookbook’ is now available via https://apps.facebook.com/249019378478168/, where you’ll be able to follow an array of gruesome recipes to make something horribly delicious – just be careful not to make the Wrong Turn’ & consume at your own risk!

Don’t forget to ‘Like’ us on Facebook as well via: http://www.facebook.com/WrongTurnMovies


Before their victims ever hit a “Dead End,” one family took terror to a gruesome new level. Discover the disturbing origins and bloody beginnings when WRONG TURN 4: Bloody Beginnings debuts on unrated Blu-ray and DVD October 25 from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.

In 1974, Glenville Sanatorium was the site of a brutal and horrific crime, as three hideously deformed cannibals went on a merciless killing spree. Now, years later, a group of college kids having the time of their life make a fateful wrong turn, giving this family of blood-thirsty cannibals new prey to stalk. The abandoned medical wards within the sanatorium soon become killing fields as the panicked victims come face to face with a chilling choice: fight back or die.

With bonus footage too graphic for theaters including behind-the-scenes featurettes and commentary from director Declan O’Brien (Wrong Turn 3, Sharktopus), WRONG TURN 4: Bloody Beginnings takes audiences back to the most terrifying place of all… the beginning.

WRONG TURN 4: Bloody Beginnings Special Features

● Feature Commentary from Director Declan O’Brien
● Director’s Die-aries
● Making Another Wrong Turn
● Lifestyles of the Sick and Infamous
● Music Video Featuring The Black Out City Kids

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It Came From Beneath the Sea (1955)

After his atomic submarine is attacked by a giant octopus, Commander Pete Mathews sets out to stop the beast before it can destroy all of San Francisco! IT CAME FROM BENEATH THE SEA is the second film to feature the amazing special effects of Ray Harryhausen. Although the plot is little more than a rehash of earlier Atomic Age horrors like THE BEAST FROM 20,000 FATHOMS, it is still competently played and never ceases to impress with Harryhausen's stop-motion animation. The film's signature scene involves the creature's attack on the Golden Gate Bridge. It has also become infamously well-known for Harryhausen's cost-saving techniques in giving the octopus only six arms instead of eight. Scripted by THEM's George Worthing Yates and starring Kenneth Tobey from THE THING FROM ANOTHER WORLD, IT CAME FROM BENEATH THE SEA has all of the right elements for a successful Sci-Fi adventure!

Rating: 7/10.


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The Hills Have Eyes 2 (1985)

THE HILLS HAVE EYES PART 2 is easily one of the most preposterous sequels in the history of Horror cinema. It seems inconceivable that the same man who had written and directed A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET just a year earlier could have produced such garbage, despite his own claims that the film was made at a point in his life when he needed the money. HILLS 2 takes directly after FRIDAY THE 13TH, pitting a group of idiotic teenagers against the hillside cannibals after they take a detour through the desert on their way to a motorcycle rally. Luckily for them, they are joined by a reformed Ruby and the heroic canine Beast, who had each taken on the demented family eight years earlier. It is absolutely absurd to think that Ruby would allow the group to travel on the same blood-soaked road where her family had killed countless people knowing that more of them could be lurking in the hills. The fact that the motorcycle rally just happened to take place in the same remote location is also completely contrived. It is simply a pathetic way to bring new victims into the desert. Craven brings back Michael Berryman as Pluto, but also introduces a new villain known as The Reaper, who is supposedly Papa Jupiter's older brother (again going against information given to us in the original). The pair tracks down and kills each of the teens in a variety of uninspired (but mildly gory) ways. To fill time, Craven also employs a number of flashback sequences, one of which has gained the film its greatest notoriety. Beast, the Carter family dog, inexplicably has a flashback of his own, where he recalls attacking Pluto from before. THE HILLS HAVE EYES PART 2 is a film that any fan can do without, and a mar on Wes Craven's career.

Rating: 4/10.

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The Hound of the Baskervilles (1959)

Sherlock Holmes, a legend of literary fiction. Who better to bring the classic character back to life than the Hammer house of horror, a legendary film studio in its own right. Terence Fisher directs this 1959 adaptation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's most popular tale, THE HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES, starring Peter Cushing as the brilliant detective. Cushing is ideally cast in the role, delivering a quirky and arrogant performance that is quite befitting of the character. He is met with equally impressive performances by the entire supporting cast, including Andre Morell as Doctor Watson and the great Christopher Lee as the last surviving member of the Baskerville household. Fisher draws a dark Gothic drapery around the swampy moors, which lends a chilling atmosphere to the growing suspense as Holmes and Watson attempt to unmask the mythical beast that haunts Baskerville Hall. Though slightly abridged and modified to better suit the sensibilities of the silver screen, Hammer's version is surprisingly faithful to the story and overall mood of the original novel. After over fifty years, THE HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES remains as one of the best Sherlock Holmes mysteries to date.

Rating: 9/10.


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The Hills Have Eyes (1977)

Shocking. Terrifying. Extreme. An idyllic road trip to California ends in disaster when the Carter family becomes stranded on an old desert road. The worst is yet to come when they discover that THE HILLS HAVE EYES! Wes Craven returns to the screen with his sophomore horror entry following the exploitation classic THE LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT. THE HILLS HAVE EYES is an extension of the themes found in LAST HOUSE. When left to fend for themselves, the Carter family quickly surrenders their civility for the same blood lust and savagery as their cannibal counterparts, leaving the audience to question if there is really any difference between the two. Craven demonstrates a dramatic advancement in form in his second feature, refining his characters while also dropping the uneven tone that plagued LAST HOUSE. As far as filming goes, there is nothing polished about THE HILLS HAVE EYES. It is as gritty, visceral, and raw, using the lay of the land and minimal production to convey a darkened sense of reality. This style, often referred to as 'guerilla filmmaking,' set THE HILLS HAVE EYES apart from nearly all other big studio productions of the time. Michael Berryman is iconic as the cannibal family's deformed son Pluto, who has since become one of Horror's most memorable villains. Perhaps even more frightening is Lance Gordon's portrayal of Pluto's feral brother Mars, who drinks the blood of the family's pet bird before threatening to eat their baby. THE HILLS HAVE EYES is yet another highly-influential and genre-changing effort by director Wes Craven, who would go on to redefine the Slasher genre a few years later with A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET.

Rating: 8/10.


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Chillerama Invades Homes This November!

"Chillerama is a Late Night Classic for the new millennium." — Jason Bene, Killerfilm.com

"The most offensively nostalgic fun time I’ve personally experienced in theaters in I don’t know how long." — Aaronflux, Dread Central

"Ghoulishly good and delicious." — Why So Blu?

"Highly recommended fun." — Fangoria

"Worth checking out for a laugh and some seriously gross-out moments." — Shock Till You Drop


CHATSWORTH, CA – October 11, 2011 - After a triumphant premiere at the famed Hollywood Forever Cemetery and after grossing out, er, entertaining audiences all over the country with a 20-city Roadshow Tour, the long-awaited new cult classic finally comes home! On November 29th, Image Entertainment unleashes the horror anthology CHILLERAMA to home theaters everywhere on unrated Blu-ray™ and DVD. SRP is $29.97 for the Blu-ray™ and $27.97 for the DVD. Pre-book is November 1st.

From the depraved minds of directors Adam Rifkin (Detroit Rock City, The Dark Backward), Tim Sullivan (2001 Maniacs,VH-1’s “Scream Queens”), Adam Green (Hatchet, Frozen), and Joe Lynch (Wrong Turn 2, Knights of Badassdom), CHILLERAMA is a festival of gore, guts, goofiness and good times. In addition to experiencing all the chills, thrills – and goo – of the ultimate midnight movie in high-definition 1080p picture and DTS-HD audio, CHILLERAMA boasts two hours of insightful and heretofore unseen bonus features that delve deep into the creative process of these four renowned directors of the macabre, as they labored and toiled to create a cinematic love letter to horror and film fans.

Produced by ArieScope Pictures and in the spirit of classic “omnibus” films like Dead of Night, Tales From the Crypt, Creepshow and Twilight Zone: The Movie, with four vignettes that not only celebrate the golden age of B horror schlock but also nearly the entire history of horror cinema itself, CHILLERAMA offers something for every bad taste. With titles like “Wadzilla,” “I Was A Teenage Werebear,” The Diary of Anne Frankenstein,” and “Zom-B-Movie,” CHILLERAMA features appearances by Joel David Moore (Avatar, Hatchet), Lin Shaye (Insidious), Ray Wise (X-Men: First Class), Kane Hodder (Hatchet and Hatchet II), Eric Roberts (The Dark Knight, Sharktopus) and more cameos than one can (body)count.

It's the closing night at the last drive-in theater in America and Cecil B. Kaufman (Richard Riehle, Bridesmaids, Hatchet) has planned the ultimate marathon of lost film prints to unleash upon his faithful cinephile patrons. Four films so rare that they have never been exhibited publicly on American soil until this very night! What could possibly go wrong?

Bonus features on CHILLERAMA Blu-ray™ and DVD include:

Directors' Video Commentary
Wadzilla Deleted Scenes and Trailer
The Making of The Diary of Anne Frankenstein
I Was A Teenage Werebear Behind the Scenes, Deleted Scenes, and Trailer
Zom-B-Movie Deleted Scenes
Directors' Interviews
Original Theatrical Trailer

For more information, check out www.chillerama.com.

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Anchor Bay Takes Over New York Comic Con!

It’s Anchor Bay’s World
At 2011 New York Comic Con!

WHAT: Legendary producer Roger Corman and Corman’s World documentary preview highlight Anchor Bay Films Theatrical and Anchor Bay Entertainment DVD/Blu-ray™ Releases at the 2011 New York Comic Con show – the East Coast’s largest fan and genre gathering!

WHEN: Thursday, October 13th through Sunday, October 16th

WHERE: Jacob K. Javits Convention Center – Booth #430
655 W. 34th Street, New York, NY 10001

DETAILS: Oscar™-winning producer Roger Corman will be making a rare appearance at the 2011 New York Comic Con on Saturday, October 15th to sign posters from the upcoming ABF documentary Corman’s World. ABE will also showcase the latest previews and posters for their upcoming Blu-ray™ and DVD titles!

EVENTS: Saturday, October 15th
5:30 – 6:30pm
Roger Corman poster signing at ABE Booth #430

Mr. Corman will sign exclusive Corman’s World theatrical posters specially printed for NYCC. PLEASE NOTE: Autographs are limited to the Corman’s World poster and ONE other Roger Corman related item only!!!

In addition, watch the latest previews from upcoming Anchor Bay Entertainment Blu-ray™ and DVD releases, spanning every major genre including:

Television: “Camelot: The Complete First Season,” “Spartacus: Gods of the Arena,” “Spartacus: Vengeance,” “The Walking Dead S1 Special Edition,” and “The Walking Dead Season 2”

Horror/Sci-Fi: Apollo 18, The Divide, The Howling Reborn, Ice Quake, Metal Shifters, Scream 4 and The Wicker Tree

Action/Thrillers: 13, 5 Days of War, Battle Royale and Carjacked

Manga: First Squad, Redline

In what’s become a NYCC tradition, there will be daily (sometimes hourly!) giveaways of exclusive ABE DVDs, Blu-rays™, merchandise and premiums during all four days of the 2011 New York Comic-Con!

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Magnet Releasing Takes US Rights to 'Playback'

Magnet Releasing takes US Rights to
From Celluloid Nightmares

NEW YORK, NY – Monday, October 10, 2011 – The Wagner/Cuban Company’s Magnet Releasing, genre arm of Magnolia Pictures, announced today they have acquired US rights to PLAYBACK, a frightening horror film featuring Christian Slater, directed by Michael Nickles.

Magnet will release PLAYBACK through its Ultra VOD program in February, launching the film on all digital VOD platforms prior to its theatrical release in March.

While digging into their town’s infamous past, a group of high school students unwittingly unlock a dark secret, unleashing an evil spirit that takes possession of its victims. In addition to Slater, the film stars Toby Hemingway, Johnny Pacar and Ambyr Childers.

“PLAYBACK is very scary and a lot of fun,” said Magnolia/Magnet President Eamonn Bowles. “We think it will be a hit with horror fans.”

The deal was negotiated for Magnet by SVP of Acquisitions Dori Begley, Director of Acquisitions Peter Van Steemberg, and Head of Legal and Business Affairs Chris Matson with Nate Bolotin from Celluloid Nightmares.

Lawrence Robbins and John M. Bennett produced "Playback" under their New York production banner, Bennett Robbins Productions. Bennett Robbins has previously Co-Executive produced MGM’s "The Betrayed," starring Melissa George, and Co-Executive Produced the romantic comedy "Coming and Going," directed by Edoardo Ponti and starring Rhys Darby and Sasha Alexander that recently premiered on TNT.

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20 Million Miles to Earth (1957)

A research vessel comes crashing back to Earth after a mission to Venus, bringing with it an alien specimen that begins to grow at an alarming rate. Soon, the creature reaches an enormous size, and sets off on a rampage through the streets of Rome with the military hot on its trail. Special effects master Ray Harryhausen unleashes one of his most memorable creations in 20 MILLION MILES TO EARTH, bringing the Ymir to life in an incredibly articulated animated performance. The plot follows the same path of destruction that had become characteristic of so many other 1950's Science Fiction pictures, but unlike the radioactive ants in THEM or Harryhausen's earlier reptilian monstrosity THE BEAST FROM 20,000 FATHOMS, the audience is led to empathize with the Ymir, who is simply lost in a foreign world that it does not understand. The humans handle the creature the only way they know how: through brute force and utter annihilation. Director Nathan Juran steps back and gives Harryhausen the center stage to work his magic, but backs the animation with solid characters and a winning cast (including THE BAD SEED's William Hopper). Harryhausen's most stunning achievement in the film involves a showdown between the Ymir and a bull elephant that pours out of the zoo and into the bustling city streets. 20 MILLION MILES TO EARTH is another ambitious creature feature that demonstrates some of the finest work by one of Science Fiction's most brilliant artists.

Rating: 9/10.


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The Creeps (1997)

A crazed scientist steals the original manuscripts for the legendary monsters Dracula, The Wolf Man, The Mummy, and Frankenstein so that he can bring them to life using a machine of his own design, but things go horribly wrong when his virgin sacrifice escapes. The creatures are restored, but at only three feet tall! Now, the miniature monsters must track down the girl and bring her back to the lab so that they can be returned to their normal size in order to wreak havoc on the world! Charles Band and Full Moon Entertainment present another tale featuring a group of tiny terrors, this time employing veteran actor Phil Fondacaro in the role of Dracula. Fondacaro takes the character seriously despite the campy nature of the script, and gives one of his best performances to date. Bill Moynihan's stuttering scientist provides more fun with his odd, quirky behavior and foolhardy delusions of control. Additional praise goes to Gabriel Bartalos in charge of the special make-up effects for coming up with a series of excellent design updates for the hideous creeps. Like in so many other Full Moon flicks, the mood is kept light and playful, with story falling second to entertainment. For a cheesy monster romp, these ankle-biters are sure to please!

Rating: 5/10.
Entertainment: 7/10.

Movies like THE CREEPS:

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Resident Evil: Afterlife (2010)

Alice returns to destroy the evil Umbrella Corporation once and for all, but her journey leaves her trapped with a small band of survivors in an abandoned prison compound that is surrounded by thousands of the undead. It will be up to her to find an escape and lead the group to the safe haven known as Arcadia. Paul W.S. Anderson has outdone himself once again in RESIDENT EVIL: AFTERLIFE, creating the most mindless and over-budgeted entry in the series. Anderson's complete lack of concern for story and character is more apparent than ever. From beginning to end, there is no progression or expansion on any of the events from the previous films. It is an unnecessary chapter at best, and a boring one at that. Several new characters are introduced from the video game series, only to be given fewer lines and background than they had in their playable forms. The one place where RESIDENT EVIL continues to excel is in the fast-paced and explosive action sequences, although most are self-indulgent attempts to exploit the 3-D gimmick used in the film's theatrical release. Unfortunately, the open ending lends proof that Anderson's career will continue onward to bigger (but not better) things.

Rating: 6/10.

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Cat in the Brain 'Weird Wobbler' Available in December

Lucio Fulci’s
CAT IN THE BRAIN “Weird Wobbler”
Bobblehead figure available for pre-order!

SACRAMENTO, CA - October 5, 2011 - Cult Collectibles in association with Box Office Spectaculars is proud to announce the release of the Lucio Fulci – CAT IN THE BRAIN "Weird Wobbler" bobblehead figure. Based on Lucio Fulci’s portrayal of himself in his 1990 film CAT IN THE BRAIN, this is the world’s first fully authorized figure of any type of the beloved Italian director.

The film features Fulci as a horror film director who believes he is losing touch with reality. Fulci fills the movie with his wicked sense of humor and literally assaults our senses with a seemingly endless barrage of violence, gore and sex!

Having previously released the incredible “Weird Wobbler” bobblehead figure for Fulci’s THE BEYOND (the world’s first bobblehead figure with an alternate detachable face), Cult Collectibles jumped at the opportunity to produce a figure of the director.

Owner Mark Jason Murray comments, “Fulci’s films were a major discovery for me in my pre-teen years during the wonderful era of ‘mom and pop’ video stores! Decades later I am still as much of a fan as ever and really wanted to pay tribute to Lucio himself. He was a master film maker even in genres outside of horror. For many of us, his horror films are the classics of our generation. I wanted to produce a figure for the true fans in honor of him.”

The figure shows Fulci wearing a flannel hat and jacket as shown in the film. “Fans kept coming up to me at conventions telling me to have Fulci in his ‘hunting outfit’… which was always the plan from the start, so I knew right away I was on the right track,” states Murray. “I also wanted to give it a little more personality, so I have Lucio holding a pipe in one hand since he was an avid pipe smoker.”

The film CAT IN THE BRAIN features the acclaimed Italian horror maestro Lucio Fulci (director of such genre classics as ZOMBIE, HOUSE BY THE CEMETERY, THE BEYOND, CITY OF THE LIVING DEAD, etc.), starring in this blood-soaked epic as a director being driven insane by his own movies. Fulci is thrust into an ultra-violent nightmare of death and depravity where murder and madness consume his sanity in a vortex of violence! The film is currently available in a deluxe two DVD set from Grindhouse Releasing / Box Office Spectaculars.

Cult Collectibles has quickly become known for its attention to detail, incredible packaging and high quality products. This figure is of no exception and one that no true fan of horror should be without!

Lucio Fulci – CAT IN THE BRAIN “Weird Wobbler” bobblehead figure details:

-Pre-orders available now with figure shipping early December 2011
-Limited edition of 1,000 individually numbered figures
-7 inches of lightweight polyresin
-Meticulously hand sculpted and hand painted likeness
-Incredible full color gore soaked packaging designed by Stephen Romano
- Collectible trading card included only with pre-orders from www.cultcollectibles.com

(Due to licensing restrictions outside of our control, this figure is only available to purchase in North America. Fans outside of North America, please understand that this is a legal matter which Cult Collectibles must abide by.)

This is the fourth bobblehead figure by Cult Collectibles following the successful release of THE BEYOND, DEMON DOLL and BLACK DEVIL DOLL “Weird Wobbler” figures. Cult Collectibles is already hard at work on another limited edition “Weird Wobbler” figure:

Rudy Ray Moore is DOLEMITE (in association with Dolemiterecords.com) coming in March 2012.

For more information on Cult Collectibles visit: www.cultcollectibles.com

For more information on Grindhouse Releasing / Box Office Spectaculars visit: http://www.grindhousereleasing.com

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Night Train Murders (1975)

A pair of murdering thieves hitch a ride on the night train to Italy, where they torture, rape, and kill two young girls who are on their way home for Christmas. It's THE LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT... on a train. Director Aldo Lado only looks to shock and disgust with this exploitation flick that quickly cashes in on the notoriety of Craven's film. What comes as a surprise is that the cinematography and acting are actually quite good, which is even more disturbing considering that the nastiness of the film has been carefully planned and executed unlike the guerilla shooting style found in LAST HOUSE. While the characters are plainly drawn, their actions and dialog are very tight-knit, which keeps the pace moving along at a rapid pace. Flavio Bucci and Gianfranco De Grassi, who play the villainous Blackie and Curly, are frighteningly realistic and believable as common street hoods. They are not overdrawn and exaggerated like Krug and the gang. The bone-chilling tune that Curly plays on his harmonica gives a foreboding sense of danger leading up to their attack on the two girls. It is hard not to turn away from the disgusting acts of depravity that occur on board, but Lado elicits the anger and hatred he needs to fuel the final act, where the murderers accidentally arrive at the house of the girls' vengeful parents. Though lacking the impact and historical significance that LAST HOUSE carries with it, NIGHT TRAIN MURDERS is one of the better imitators that came in the years following its release.

Rating: 7/10.


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Bloodsucking Freaks (1976)

The Great Sardu is planning his most extravagant performance yet for the Theatre of the Macabre, an off-off-Broadway spectacle that specializes in maiming and torturing its players, but first he must kidnap and hypnotize renown ballet dancer Natasha D'Natalie if he hopes for the show to be a success! In the twisted tradition of such gore classics as THE WIZARD OF GORE and THE FLESH AND BLOOD SHOW comes Joel M. Reed's BLOODSUCKING FREAKS, a ghoulish gross-out from start to finish. Reed serves up a delicious platter of cannibalized remains, with side dishes of indignity and poor taste. One victim has her brains sucked out through a straw, while another is disemboweled by naked cat-women who dance around with his penis in hand. The absurdity doesn't stop there, as Sardu sends his miniature assistant out to kidnap more women to sell in their white-slavery ring. Seamus O'Brien plays up the black comedy in an outrageously over-the-top performance as Master Sardu. A cult film, to be sure, BLOODSUCKING FREAKS will play well with gore crowds that revel in cheap sexploitation.

Rating: 5/10.
Entertainment: 7/10.
Gore: 7/10.


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Haunting at the Beacon (2009)

After the traumatic death of their son, Bryn and Paul move into a new apartment complex in the city to start piecing their lives back together. What they don't know is that the building is home to the spirit of another young boy who was killed there years earlier, as well as his father who will do anything to keep the reason behind his son's death a secret! HAUNTING AT THE BEACON takes slow and deliberate steps in setting itself up as a classic ghost tale in the grand tradition of films like THE INNOCENTS, BURNT OFFERINGS, or THE SENTINEL, but director Michael Stokes destroys everything that he has worked so hard to achieve in the final act, which takes the film way over the top and creates a number of logical inconsistencies that are impossible to ignore. Teri Polo offers an emphatic performance as the troubled lead, who is never quite sure if what she is witnessing is just another sign of her grief or a chance at redemption. The plot, however, is so expectantly bland, predictable, and full of cliches that it becomes average and forgettable. With a bit more subtlety in the end, HAUNTING AT THE BEACON could have at least maintained a sense of dignity without falling into cheap gross-out and scare tactics.

Rating: 7/10.


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Vlog (2008)

After launching a brilliant viral marketing campaign, the social networking Slasher VLOG finally hits DVD this October! Webcam sensation Brooke Marks broadcasts her life to millions of people online through her video journal 'Brooke Marks the Spot,' but her newfound celebrity attracts a murderous fan with a vlog of their own: 'How to Erase People From the Face of the Earth.' Brooke Marks is great to look at as she prances in front of the camera in various stages of undress, but listening to her prattle on about relationships and trivial nonsense is murder in itself. Perhaps Perez Hilton fans will find this entertaining, but the average Horror fan will grow tired of it quickly. Patience finally pays off, however, as director Joshua Butler tosses in a few crazy murders as well as a killer with a wicked sense of humor that are well worth waiting for. Butler uses the same simple editing techniques found in most amateur video clips to give the film heightened sense of reality. VLOG is not the 'groundbreaking extreme-horror' that it claims to be, but it does splatter the screen with enough partial nudity and gore to satisfy most Slasher fans.

Rating: 6/10.

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The Perfect House (2010)

A young married couple is just dying to get into the home of their dreams, but what the real estate agent hasn't told them is that the only way they're leaving is in a hearse! THE PERFECT HOUSE tells a trilogy of terrifying tales surrounding a mysterious murder house that has claimed the lives of countless victims. As the oversexed real estate agent walks the pair through each room, a new story is unfolded as part of an inventive bookend to this omnibus effort. Kris Hulbert and Randy Kent bring together a cast filled with many of their favorite stars from the 80's and 90's, including Felissa Rose and Jonathan Tiersten from SLEEPAWAY CAMP as well as RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD's John Philbin and more! Gore and Slasher fans will be right at home, since each of the stories have a bloody payoff in the end. Sibling rivalry turns deadly in the first act, a psycho maniac plays cat and mouse with his latest victim in the second, and a wild family of ingrates learns the importance of being a good neighbor in the third. The acting is hit or miss considering the cast was likely chosen for their face value, but each of the tales are fast, funny, and brutally violent. If you're in the market for a gory new place to call home, be sure to check out THE PERFECT HOUSE!

Rating: 6/10.


Never Feed the Troll (2010)

The wife of a preacher is forced to face her personal demons after getting into an online altercation with an internet troll who aims to expose her dark past. Jet Eller shoots for big suspense on a small scale with NEVER FEED THE TROLL, which serves as a fine warning for inexperienced internet users. Like in REAR WINDOW, the camera rarely strays from the small computer room, with Libby Seymour's sole performance left to carry the film as the terrified Linda Brantley. Seymour does a fine job at selling her vulnerability and fear as paranoia begins to set in. She is an utterly believable character, naive to new technology and not unlike the relatives that many viewers are likely to have. Because she is left face-to-face with a computer for the majority of the movie, however, much of the time is spent listening to her read aloud, and her conversations with the troll become very repetitive. The tension mounts as Eller approaches the shocking finale, which is sure to surprise even seasoned suspense fans. Only the weaker supporting roles and stale editing keep the film from gaining further success.

Rating: 6/10.


The Howling Reborn (2011)

For anyone wondering what the 1980's classic THE HOWLING would look like if it were made for the TWILIGHT generation, you now have your answer. Tweens everywhere will have a new werewolf film to add to their collection in THE HOWLING REBORN, the eighth entry into the series and the newest sequel following the disastrous NEW MOON RISING from 1995. Life is difficult enough for Will Kidman between finishing his math homework and fending off high school bullies, but things become even hairier when he learns that he is the last in the bloodline of a powerful pack of werewolves. Now, he must choose to fight his killer instinct to protect the girl he loves or embrace his inner beast to run with the pack! While it is far from perfect, THE HOWLING REBORN is sure to become a guilty pleasure amongst werewolf fans after it ramps up the teen drama with a surprising amount of violence and sexuality. Joe Nimziki's script is riddled with plot holes and goofy dialog, but he maintains a steady stream of action that includes some of the best creature effects since the original. This teen-edgy reboot is surprisingly one of the better films in the series, and it will likely spawn several sequels of its own.

Rating: 6/10.

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