Dylan Dog: Dead of Night (2010)

A lone hero stands between the forces of evil and the rest of mankind. His name is Dylan Dog, the world's finest paranormal investigator! When a wealthy collector is slain by a mysterious creature of the night, Dylan is hired to track down his killer and locate a stolen artifact with the power to bring about the end of the world! Kevin Munroe makes an ambitious attempt to bring the classic comic character to life in the self-titled film, and while the film falls short on many levels, Munroe does manage to deliver a fun, action-packed hour-and-a-half that remains true to the spirit of the character. The script retains much of the same great humor from the comics, with plenty of quick quips and wicked puns to entertain the masses. The body shop--where zombies go to buy replacement parts--is one of many hilarious additions. Dylan is played by SUPERMAN RETURNS star Brandon Routh, who feels slightly displaced in the role. He misses out on many great opportunities because of his dry, listless performance, but there are several moments where he finally clicks with the character. Routh is joined by DETROIT ROCK CITY's Sam Huntington as Dylan's silly sidekick Marcus, who is just learning to live with his deathly disposition. Unlike Routh, Huntington takes the role way too far over the top. The creatures and costumes are all very good, with everything from vampires, to werewolves, to mounds of the undead that are all waiting to keep Dylan occupied. Dylan also appears in his trademark red shirt and black jacket to battle evil the old-fashioned way. DYLAN DOG: DEAD OF NIGHT is an inspired blend of film noir, action, comedy, and horror that Buffy fans are sure to enjoy!

Rating: 7/10.

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Candyman (1992)

Helen is completing work on her senior thesis, which looks to disprove the local legend of The Candyman, but as she soon finds out, some legends are born in blood, and they will stop at nothing to keep the fear in them alive! Thus begins one of the greatest Gothic Horror films of the Modern Age: CANDYMAN! Bernard Rose, the visionary director behind 1988's PAPERHOUSE, paints a masterful ghost story from the writings of Clive Barker. With CANDYMAN, a new legend is born in Tony Todd. Todd first came into the genre spotlight playing the classic character of Ben in Tom Savini's NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD remake. A trained theatre actor, Todd commands the screen with his towering stature and resonating voice. He captivates us with his seductive charm, but he is also deeply terrifying. Sexy, sassy, and smart, Virginia Madsen plays a wonderful leading lady as well. She loses herself in the character of Helen, and truly falls under the Candyman's spell. The scene where Helen first encounters the Candyman in the parking garage seems out of place in the Horror genre, since it is so skillfully shot and filled with surreal beauty. Artful moments like this separate CANDYMAN from its Slasher brethren. Philip Glass lends an additional air of sophistication with his elegant score. CANDYMAN is undoubtedly one of the best Horror films to come out of the 1990's, and a classic within the genre.

Rating: 9/10.

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Catch 'Rabies' This February!

“A solid work of psycho cinema."
- Fangoria

Image Entertainment Presents
Israel's First Horror Film

Catching On DVD February 28th

CHATSWORTH, CA – November 30, 2011 - Horror cinema has finally found its new source! On February 28, Image Entertainment introduces Israel’s slasher film debut, Rabies. A festival favorite, garnering rave reviews at the Tribeca 2011 Film Festival and the Fantasia 2011 Film Fest, Rabies features a cast that devotees of Israeli cinema will surely recognize, including Lior Ashenazi (winner, Award of the Israeli Film Academy – Footnote), Ania Bukstein (nominee, Award of the Israeli Film Academy – The Secrets) and Ran Danker (nominee, Award of the Israeli Film Academy – Eyes Wide Open). Rabies will be available on DVD for an MSRP of $27.97. Pre-book is January 31.

Rabies surprises and shocks with its unexpected combination of horror and humor, of paranoia and panic. When a psychotic serial killer is on the loose, his path of rampage crosses paths with Ofer and Tali, a brother and sister combo who have run away from home. But when Tali becomes ensnared in the killer’s trap, it is up to Ofer to find help. Left alone, Tali soon becomes mixed up with an unlikely group of characters, ranging from a set of tennis players to a squad of policemen. All the while, they continue to be stalked by the murderer – and when this assassin’s identity is finally revealed, it turns out to be the biggest shock of all!

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House (1986)

'Ding Dong, You're Dead!' HOUSE is a wacky special effects show that stars CARRIE's William Katt as Horror novelist Roger Cobb, who has moved into his aunt's creepy old house to finish work on his latest novel. While there, he discovers that the house is actually a gateway to another dimension, a dimension filled with ghouls and ghosts! HOUSE teams several unsung heroes of Horror together to create a campy cult-comedy, including writer Fred Dekker (NIGHT OF THE CREEPS), director Steve Miner (FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 2), and producer Sean S. Cunningham (FRIDAY THE 13TH). William Katt is great in the lead, and brings out the silliness of the script perfectly without going too far over-the-top. He faces off with the towering Richard Moll as Cobb's zombified army buddy Ben, who apparently wasn't too happy about being left behind in the jungles of Vietnam. The excellent costume work that brings Ben back from the dead is what most fans will remember from the film, while most of the other rubbery monster designs are rather far-fetched and goofy looking. The old Victorian house also offers tons of personality, and makes for a great interdimensional portal. With tons of frights and laughs, HOUSE is sure to entertain fans of 80's Horror!

Rating: 7/10.

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Image Entertainment Pleads: 'Don't Let Him In'!


Crossing onto DVD January 3, 2012

CHATSWORTH, CA – November 28, 2011 - A quiet weekend getaway in the country becomes a nightmarish race for survival! On January 3, 2012, Image Entertainment releases Don’t Let Him In on DVD. Premiering at this year’s BAFTAs®, Don’t Let Him In is already creating a buzz amongst the horror community on this side of the Atlantic. SRP is $27.97, and pre-book is December 6.

Paige (Sophie Linfield, Mrs. Palfrey at The Claremont) and Calvin (Rhys Meredith, “Henry VIII,” “State of Play”) have decided to leave the city for the weekend to enjoy the calming English countryside. Their rural retreat is interrupted when Calvin’s brazen sister brings along Tristan (Gordon Alexander, Sucker Punch), a city trader she picked up a one-night stand. Relations turn from uncomfortable to unnerving when the group learns a serial killer -- “The Tree Surgeon”—has been terrorizing the area. When the facts start to fall into place, and the blood begins to flow, they will have to face the true nature of their uninvited guest.

Also starring Sam Hazeldine (“Midsomer Murders,” the upcoming The Raven) Don’t Let Him In “delivers on the body count, has an awesome serial killer, and there’s a nice twist at the end.” (QuietEarth.us) It is a cautionary tale full of foreboding and fear, ending with a warning that resonates throughout the English woods: Don’t Let Him In!

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Exorcist: The Beginning (2004)

Leslie Nielson entertained audiences with the comical REPOSSESSED in 1990, but if ever there was a spoof on THE EXORCIST, it is in Renny Harlin's prequel THE BEGINNING. After Morgan Creek decided to pull the plug on Paul Schrader's version for putting matter before splatter, they brought on a director who was sure to deliver more action and scares. To that extend, it succeeds, but at what cost?

In THE BEGINNING, Lancaster Merrin, a former priest, is hired to recover an ancient artifact that is believed to be resting in a newly-discovered church buried beneath the sands of East Africa. As the seal to the temple is broken, an evil falls upon the land, and a young boy begins to experience symptoms of demonic possession. With his faith in God restored, Merrin will come face to face with the devil in a final conflict!

THE BEGINNING encompasses everything that is wrong with Hollywood, and demonstrates just how little studio executives know about their audiences. Harlin's version has all of the trademarks of a major studio flopbuster: jump scares, forced sentimentality, over-the-top make-up and effects, and most notorious of all, the twist ending. While it is certainly more fast-paced and unexpected than DOMINION, it fails on almost every other level. Stellan Skarsgård has become tired of his role as Father Merrin, having already acted out the entire script in the earlier version. The pathetic use of sound design to force audience reactions proves how unscary the film really is. Rather than try anything new, Harlin attempts to recreate the bedroom scene from the original EXORCIST within the confines of the church, only this time, he uses a ridiculous villain that brings only laughs instead of chills. This origin story was better left untold, but in the end, Morgan Creek got exactly what they wanted: a bland, bloody shocker that they could market to the masses.

Rating: 6/10.

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Breeders (1986)

For an awful journey into the strange and unexplained, look no further than Tim Kincaid's BREEDERS from 1986. BREEDERS is consistently terrible from start to finish. The police have a serial rapist on their hands, but the female victims are unable to recall any of the details surrounding the horrible events. They soon discover that the acid burns and viscous black fluid found on the victims bodies have been left behind by an alien life-form that must breed with human women! BREEDERS follows four basic steps: woman talks about her virginity, woman gets raped, police are baffled, repeat. The mindless dialog is only made worse by the stifled performances from each of the talentless cast members. We haven't seen this much bad rubber monster rape since HUMANOIDS FROM THE DEEP! Any film that can turn excessive nudity and gore into a borefest deserves to sit on the shelf.

Rating: 3/10.

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Dominion: Prequel to the Exorcist (2005)

Set in the years following the Second World War, DOMINION tells the tale of Father Merrin, a wayward priest who has turned to archaeology after his faith is shaken by the war. When Merrin uncovers an ancient church buried beneath the sands of East Africa, he will share his first encounter with the devil, who has possessed the body of a poor crippled boy. Despite being shelved immediately after production, Paul Schrader's prequel to THE EXORCIST was simply too good to be released to the general public. Instead of spinning heads and spewing soup, DOMINION takes a much more cerebral approach to evil. Interestingly, Schrader creates a complete reversal from the original film: the demon possesses the body of a sickly boy, it strengthens and repairs him rather than destroying him, and it uses its wicked tongue to rattle the nerve rather than shock the senses. Pazuzu taunts Merrin and attempts to destroy him both mentally and spiritually. Like the fallen angel Lucifer, it appears as the perfect being, an intellectual tempter with a sculpted body and androgynous beauty unlike the foul monster that Merrin would encounter years late. Pazuzu's evil spreads like a plague in the small African village, and turns man against man while the fallen priest works to regain his robes. The corruptive power of evil is felt in full force here, although Schrader takes slow but decisive steps to reach his final goal.

While DOMINION has often been criticized for its unfinished effects, it is rarely hailed for its superior setting. The ancient Byzantine tomb is finely decorated, and serves as an ominous stage for the spiritual warfare. Given the studio's complete lack of faith and resources, the garish computerization must be overlooked in place of the stronger story elements. Stellan Skarsgård is very good as the younger counterpart to Max von Sydow's character, with an introspective approach to the character that is reserved without being underplayed. He gives us cracks in his otherwise stern performance that humanize him and allow us to empathize with his internal struggle. Like Skarsgård, Schrader pulls back as well, refusing to rely on simple shocks in this psychological thriller. His unwillingness to compromise in creating a "studio" picture may have hurt the returns, but in the end, he delivers a much stronger film.

Renny Harlin would be brought on to re-write and re-shoot the entire picture after Morgan Creek decided to pull the project for its lack of marketability, but between the two versions, DOMINION is the preferrable prequel to THE EXORCIST.

Rating: 8/10.

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Exorcist 3 (1990)

Detective Kinderman is faced with the ghosts of the past when he encounters a man who claims to be the Gemini Killer, but who has taken the appearance of the slain Father Karras. Despite being locked away in the bowels of the local hospital, the Gemini continues to kill, and it is up to Detective Kinderman to stop his supernatural murder spree! EXORCIST 3 comes as an unexpected surprise after the first disappointing sequel, combining the gripping suspense of a tightly-wrought thriller with the otherworldly terror of the original. William Peter Blatty directs this time around from his own screenplay and novel, and while his style lacks refinement, it is never-the-less effective in setting a frightening mood and delivering a strong, character-driven story. The main faults lie in his artificial language and jarring edits, but these are mostly overcome by the enjoyable performances that come as a result. George C. Scott takes a commanding lead as the boisterous Detective Kinderman, and Jason Miller excels in the role of the villain as the Gemini's earthly vessel. The real treat, however, comes from genre vet Brad Dourif in an electrifying performance as the Gemini, himself. Dourif explores a range of terrifying emotions, from calculated cruelty to raging hatred. He is at his best here. Although the majority of the film plays out like a murder mystery, EXORCIST 3 packs a fiery finale that delivers on the series' name. It has also gained a cult following for creating one of the scariest moments in all of Horror, but for that, you will just have to wait and see!

Rating: 8/10.

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Conan the Barbarian (2011)

The ill-conceived CONAN THE BARBARIAN remake is an absolute mess of a film that places bloody violence and over-budgeted effects over character and story. While it attempts to remain closer to the works of Robert E. Howard, it lacks the heart and epic qualities of Howard's writing. The casting is like a bad joke. Jason Momoa may look the part, but his over-confidence and exaggerated expressions come off as being silly instead of stern and powerful. There is no consistency whatsoever in the accents or dialects of the various groups of people that Conan encounters in his travels. The world of Hyboria is dramatically reduced as a result, especially considering how quickly Conan is able to travel from land to land in search of his betrayers. Most of the story and background are related by an unseen narrator, who quickly tries to piece things together for the audience in between the overblown action sequences. Zym is a bland and forgettable villain that would cower before James Earl Jones' Thulsa Doom. What is worse, the grand scheme that has taken him over 20 years of battling and searching to complete is spoiled in one brief and unsatisfying final conflict. This consists mostly of unbelievable feats and unnecessary computerization. The only entertainment comes from the absurd amount of bloodshed and heavy reliance on nude wenches. For mindless sword-fighting and mayhem, CONAN is a serviceable action flick, but in all other ways, it is utterly underwhelming.

Rating: 6/10.


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Full Moon Featured on 'The Future of Fear'

Happy Thanksgiving! And this Friday, while you are recovering...
Check out the new horror documentary "The Future of Fear"
It airs for the first time November 25th at 8pm EST on Chiller!

Featuring interviews and commentary from Charles Band, Wes Craven, Tony Todd, John Carpenter, Wes Craven, George Romero, Anne Rice, Alan Ball, John Landis, and more.

"THE FUTURE OF FEAR will take a look back at where horror has taken us, its place in mainstream American culture and what's on the horizon for one of the most enduring and popular genres of all time." Click here for more:


The Dead Want Women goes into production next week here in LA! Stay tuned for more updates and news, cast (including some familiar & sexy faces), and more from the set.


SO much more is at http://www.fullmoonhorror.com!

New updates everyday like:

Stuart Gordon's Lab Report
Ted Nicolaou's Subspecies Journals
Sexy Stars with Amy Paffrath
CRAZY stuff in the Far Out Videos section
and more!

-Charles Band
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Will You Survive 'The Year After Infection'?

If The World Ended Tomorrow Would You Still Want To Survive

ST. LOUIS, MO - November 24, 2011 - The St. Louis based Independent Film Co. Vertice Films LLC. Has completed it’s first full length feature film.

Written and directed by film maker Antonio E. Greco.

Four stories, represented by each season, with diverse groups of people and the challenges they face after a zombie apocalypse. Trying to create a new life under the most dire of circumstances and dealing with letting go of their former lives, while coping with the constant danger of the infected.

Will they survive? Will they want to?

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The Exorcist (1973)

In 1968, a young Frenchman changed the face of Horror by taking the devil out of the Gothic landscape of Medieval Europe and placing him in a small apartment building in New York City. ROSEMARY'S BABY was born, bringing supernatural terror into a real-world setting. Five year's later, another talented director by the name of William Friedkin would shock audiences the world over with THE EXORCIST, which many consider to be the scariest movie of all time! Adapted from William Peter Blatty's best-selling novel, THE EXORCIST follows 12-year-old Regan McNeil, who becomes possessed by an ancient demon, leaving it up to a pair of Catholic priests to rid the girl of the unclean spirit in order to save her everlasting soul. Regardless of one's religious affiliations, the shocking images and daring implications that THE EXORCIST represents are enough to shake one's belief (or disbelief) in God and the devil. Thanks to an incredibly talented special effects crew, Friedkin has created something so horrible, so truly terrifying, that it would stand to prove the existence of demons on screen. The sweet and sincere Linda Blair is slowly transformed into a foul monster that curses and defiles all that is holy. There is perhaps nothing more profane than watching a young girl stab into herself with a crucifix while shouting "Let Jesus fuck you!" Add to that the spinning heads, levitation, reverse crab-walk, and vomit-spewing, and the film becomes unbearably scary! Even the sound design is enough to make the skin crawl, most notably in the scenes where Regan begs for help by imprinting the words on her flesh and in the tape recorded sessions that Father Karras reviews at the monastery.

While the possessed Regan remains at the center of the action, the story is rather one of faith and redemption; it is the story of Father Karras. We learn very early on that Karras has lost his faith in a godless world, but that faith is restored in his personal encounter with the devil. It is almost as if the demon is used as a means of restoring him to the church, rather than he being the tool used to drive it out. Karras is brilliantly played by the late Jason Miller, who is dark, beaten, and completely unbelieving until the very end. Despite all of the alarming visuals, it is Father Karras' journey that we find the most captivating. The demon taunts him and tempts him, and at times, is able to defeat the wayward priest. If it were not for his reinstalled faith in God, the demon surely would have consumed Regan.

THE EXORCIST is often criticized as being an effects-driven spook show, but this is not the case. As mentioned previously, the performances of Linda Blair and Jason Miller, alone, lend legitimacy to the terrifying theme. In addition, they are met with equally powerful performances by Ellen Burstyn as the struggling mother Chris McNeil and the legendary Max von Sydow as the aged Father Merrin. Burstyn portrays a loving mother, but one that is having difficulty balancing her career and home life, while also dealing with the frustration of her daughter's uncaring father. She presents a character with whom the audience can relate, and she is very good in the role. THE EXORCIST is shot as if the camera is simply a fly on the wall as each of the frightening events take place. We feel intrusive, unwelcome. The camera takes us to places that we dare not go, and once there, it is unflinching as it barrages us with unspeakable horrors. Blatty's script can be often dry, however it is brought to life by the talented cast. The sinister special effects only work to elevate the already-chilling mood and captivating story. This is best demonstrated, again, in the monastery, where we jump out of surprise when the phone rings as Karras is listening to Regan's tapes. There is nothing frightening on screen. We are absorbed in the characters' plight, and we are scared.

THE EXORCIST is, in every way, a Horror classic. It is frightfully shocking, terrifying, and revolting; everything that the genre looks to be. But, it is also built on an excellent story, mood, and characters for whom we care deeply. For that, it must be considered amongst the best that the genre has to offer.

Rating: 10/10.

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Cat's Eye (1985)

Stephen King returns to tell three more fiendish tales of terror in CAT'S EYE! A mischievous pussy cat gets wrapped up in a few evil schemes while trying to save a young girl from eminent doom. First, a life-long smoker gets more than he bargained for when he joins Quitters, a company that uses rather persuasive methods of torture to help their victi-- "customers" stop smoking. Next, the frisky feline is taken home by a jealous crime boss, who will only spare the life of his wife's lover if he can successfully navigate himself around the ledge of their rooftop penthouse. Finally, the cat runs off to find a new home with a loving little girl. Her mother makes her keep the cat outside, not knowing that an evil little troll is attempting to steal her daughter's soul. Luckily, our hero cat arrives just in time to save the day! Fans will remember director Lewis Teague from his earlier King outing in CUJO, and also from the outstanding 80's creature feature ALLIGATOR. Teague is in fine form once again as he attempts to recapture the success of 1982's CREEPSHOW. The three stories are fun, engaging, and well-balanced, with sharp humor and entertaining performances by James Woods, Alan King, and DUNE's Kenneth McMillan. King fans will also enjoy seeing brief cameos from several of his other novels, including the killer St. Bernard, Cujo, a copy of Pet Semetary, and the red roadster Christine.

Rating: 7/10.

Movies like CAT'S EYE:

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Trailer Park of Terror (2008)

A deal with the devil places a curse over the local trailer park, turning its tenants into a pack of redneck zombies from hell that are left to clean up any of the roadkill that wanders in off of the highway. Unluckily for a bus full of miscreant teens, this means them. Straight out of the pages of the Imperium comics comes TRAILER PARK OF TERROR, a zom com that is as trashy as its name implies. What opens up as a unique new horror anthology quickly falls back into your typical hack 'n slash. The writers apparently care as little about their characters as the audience does, seeing as how the troubled teens do nothing to garner our support besides getting naked and dying. What we do have here are some awesome special effects by the Drac Studios team, who introduces us to some wicked make-up designs that bring the undead hillbillies back to life. It is only unfortunate that the story and humor weren't any stronger, because there is a ton of wasted potential that will hopefully be reintroduced in a sequel.

Rating: 7/10.


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Fighting Owl Films Makes 'Jersey Devil Expeditions'

Independent Production Company Fighting Owl Films
to Tackle Jersey Devil Legend in

UNION CITY, NJ - November 22. 2011 - Independent filmmaking group Fighting Owl Films plans to explore the legend of the Jersey Devil in a new film tentatively titled Jersey Devil Expeditions. Filled with humor, scares and romance, the creature feature explores what happens when the employees of a ragtag roadside attraction known as Jersey Devil Expeditions -- popular for its camping trips in which guests search for and eventually “encounter” the mythical creature -- learn that the legend has come to life. Stalked in the forest, the guests and their guides must fend off the terrifying beast and find a way to put an end to the bloody legend.

The screenplay is complete and the filmmakers are currently seeking financing for the project. A promotional trailer has been created for the film to serve as a prototype to give potential investors a feel for the project. While pitching to potential producers, Fighting Owl Films has setup an online shop featuring Jersey Devil merchandise to assist with fundraising efforts. Visit the Fighting Owl Shop!

Jersey Devil Expeditions will be the second feature from Fighting Owl Films. The group’s first film, The Night Shift, was released to DVD by R Squared Films on October 25. The film was critically well-received and named Best Fantasy Feature at the 2011 Shockerfest International Film Festival. The DVD is available at Amazon.com, Walmart.com, Best Buy and just about anywhere online where DVDs are sold. For more information about Jersey Devil Expeditions or Fighting Owl Films, visit the website. For the latest news and announcements, follow Fighting Owl Films on Twitter and Facebook.

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Prepare for 'The Dead' This February!

“Not just another zombie movie. The best zombie movie of the year”
Mark L. Miller, AICN HORROR

“A beautifully shot horror film...with epic quality.”
Screen International


Coming for you February 14th!

BEVERLY HILLS, CA - November 22, 2011 - Unlike anything audiences have been exposed to before, The Dead grabs you by the throat and takes you on a visceral journey across the harsh but stunning landscapes of Africa where the sole survivor of the doomed final evacuation flight out of the continent, has more than just the unforgiving terrain to deal with. Written and directed by Howard J. Ford and Jon Ford, The Dead has also stunned audiences at such prestigious film festivals such as Fantastic Fest, FrightFest and the Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival. Garnering hundreds of rave reviews during its theatrical release, The Dead truly has become an instant cult classic.

The first horror film entirely filmed in Africa, The Dead takes the zombie legend back to its original roots and has justly been hailed as “superbly crafted...it’s a knockout” by the Village Voice, “one of the finest zombie films I’ve ever seen” by the Horror Channel, Bloody-Disgusting declared it “one of the most buzzed-about films of the year.” Anchor Bay Entertainment proudly announces the February 14th Blu-ray™ and DVD release of The Dead, the critically acclaimed horror film that wowed both audiences and critics worldwide. SRP is $26.98 for the DVD, and $29.99 for the Blu-ray™. Pre-book is January 18th.

When the last flight out of war-torn Africa crashes off the coast, Lt. Brian Murphy (Rob Freeman) is the sole survivor in a land where the dead are returning to life and attacking the living. On the run in a hostile and inhospitable parched landscape, Murphy has to use his wits and ingenuity if he is to get home alive to his family. When he crosses paths with local solider Daniel Dembele (Prince David Osei), a man frantically searching for his son, they join forces. Two desperate men from two very different cultures fight side-by-side to survive across the incredible vistas of Africa as the world around them succumbs to the deadliest of viruses.

Bonus features on The Dead Blu-ray™ and DVD will include audio commentary by writer/producer/director Howard J. Ford and writer/director of photography/co-director Jon Ford, “Unearthing The Dead: Behind the Scenes” featurette and a deleted scene.

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Come Meet the Cast of 'Chillerama' Nov 29th!

Celebrate the Ultimate Midnight Movie on Blu-ray™ and DVD
with the cast and filmmakers of

at Dark Delicacies bookstore on November 29th!

WHAT: Join CHILLERAMA directors Adam Green (Hatchet, Frozen), Joe Lynch (Wrong Turn 2, Knights of Badassdom), horror film legend Kane Hodder (Friday the 13th Parts VII – X, Hatchet 1 & 2), stars Ray Wise* (X-Men First Class, “Reaper”), Lin Shaye (Insidious, 2001 Maniacs), Kristina “Eva Braun” Klebe, “Werebear” Anton Troy and composer Bear McCreary as they sign CHILLERAMA Blu-rays and DVDs on Tuesday, November 29th at Burbank’s legendary Dark Delicacies bookstore.

WHEN: Tuesday, November 29th, 7:00pm

WHERE: Dark Delicacies Bookstore
3512 W. Magnolia Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91505
(818) 556-6660

WHO: Directors Adam Green and Joe Lynch; Stars Kane Hodder, Lin Shaye, Ray Wise, Kristina Klebe & Anton Troy;

Composer Bear McCreary (Bear will also be signing the “Zom-B” CD)

DETAILS: Fans must purchase CHILLERAMA Blu-rays, CDs and DVDs at Dark Delicacies for signing. One additional item will be signed at celebrities’ discretion. A small quantity of Blu-ray and DVD covers pre-signed by CHILLERAMA director Adam Rifkin will also be available, as well as free posters!

Produced by ArieScope Pictures and in the spirit of classic “omnibus” films like Dead of Night, Tales From the Crypt, Creepshow and Twilight Zone: The Movie, with four vignettes that not only celebrate the golden age of B horror schlock but also nearly the entire history of horror cinema itself, CHILLERAMA offers something for every bad taste. With titles like “Wadzilla,” “I Was A Teenage Werebear,” The Diary of Anne Frankenstein,” and “Zom-B-Movie,” CHILLERAMA features appearances by Joel David Moore (Avatar, Hatchet), Lin Shaye (Insidious), Ray Wise (X-Men: First Class), Kane Hodder (Hatchet and Hatchet II), Eric Roberts (The Dark Knight, Sharktopus) and more cameos than one can (body)count.

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Tales from the Hood (1995)

Crooked cops, domestic abuse, bigotry, and gang violence... Life ain't easy growing up in the hood, as three gang bangers are about to find out after they enter the funeral home of the sadistic Mr. Simms looking for their stolen loot. While there, Simms tells them the four horrifying tales surrounding the deaths of his most recent 'customers.' The first involves a political activist who returns from the grave to exact his revenge against the corrupt policemen that killed him. Up next, a young boy is left to defend himself against the monster living in his house when his parents and teachers don't believe his stories. When a racist politician moves into an old plantation, the ghosts of the past strike back using the bodies of the small slave dolls that were buried beneath the house. Finally, a hardcore gangster is given the chance to reform in prison, where he is faced with the ghosts of his victims during the extreme treatments.

TALES FROM THE HOOD gives an urban edge to the horror anthology. The film weds the harsh realities of A Spike Lee Joint with the classic stylings of the EC comics. Although the moralistic overtone can be heavy-handed at times, the lessons learned are quite effective and extremely relevant to the times in which they were made. The stance against black-on-black crime that appears in the fourth installment bears far more weight that the other three, but each of the tales prove to be fun and exciting. Director Rusty Cundieff does a wonderful job bringing his script to the screen, and handles the anthology format with all the skill and precision of an Amicus picture. David Alan Grier joins the cast in a splendidly atypical performance as Carl "The Monster," and Clarence Williams is a ghoulish delight as the crazy-eyed caretaker. The special effects are top-rate for a film of its size, with major props going to the tiny terrors in the third short that can't help but recall miniature versions of the Zuni fetish doll from TRILOGY OF TERROR. Overall, TALES FROM THE HOOD is one of the best anthology features to come out of the 90's, and a real treat for Horror fans!

Rating: 8/10.


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Altered (2006)

After being abducted 15 years earlier, four men set out to catch one of their alien captors. When they finally manage to trap one in the woods and return it to their workshop, they open up a whole new nightmare as more of the razor-clawed creatures begin assaulting them from all sides! Brutal, bloody, and violent, ALTERED comes as a big surprise from BLAIR WITCH PROJECT co-writer Eduardo Sanchez! ALTERED borrows the same basic premise from NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, then cranks up the gore and paranoia as we saw in John Carpenter's THE THING. These are not your friendly neighborhood aliens like in E.T., these suckers hunt in packs and rip everything they see to shreds! If that weren't bad enough, they also have the ability to invade your mind, making it impossible to tell just who your friends are... The fast past and gripping suspense will keep you guessing until the very end! Light on story but heavy on mood, Sanchez' alien terror is sure to leave you ALTERED.

Rating: 7/10.

Movies like ALTERED:

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Beetlejuice (1988)

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, BEETLEJUICE!! 'The Ghost with the Most' is brought back from the afterlife thanks to Tim Burton's twisted imagination and the wacky writings of Michael McDowell and Warren Skaaren. In order to rid themselves of a pesky new family, a recently deceased couple hires the obnoxious ghoul Beetlejuice to perform a "bio-exorcism" and earn back their house! BEETLEJUICE is filled with oddball characters and eccentric performances from the entire cast. HOME ALONE's Catherine O'Hara is wickedly funny as the family's New Age hipster wife, who is married to Jeffrey Jones in another of his quirky character roles. A young Winona Ryder plays their morbid daughter Lydia, the one person who is able to communicate with the dead. And then, of course, there is Michael Keaton in the most unusual and unexpected performances of his career. Beetlejuice is crass, vulgar, and disgusting... And we love him! He is the undead equivalent to the classic Acme characters pushed to their fiendish extremes. The make-up and special effects are superb and highly original, combining traditional stop-motion animation with modern prosthetics to bring each of the otherworldly creatures back to life. Like GREMLINS and GHOSTBUSTERS before it, BEETLEJUICE is another classic comedy that 80's horror fans are sure to love!

Rating: 9/10.

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The House that Dripped Blood (1971)

Tonight's terrifying tales center around a house, an evil house... THE HOUSE THAT DRIPPED BLOOD! Amicus returns with another of their signature omnibus pictures featuring an all-too-familiar cast and four short stories written by Psycho scribe Robert Bloch. In the first, a Horror writer is driven mad when one of his creations escapes from his imagination... to kill! Peter Cushing stars as the next unfortunate tenant, who finds a statue with an incredible likeness to his past love in the local Museum of Horrors, but he'll lose his head when he finds out just how she got there! When a domineering father moves in with his daughter, the tutor he hires fears that the girl has been a victim of his abuse, until she finds the girl's collection of voodoo dolls! Finally, an eccentric film star attempts to get into character using a mysterious old cape, which he believes transforms him into a vampire by night. Jon Pertwee is wildly entertaining as the jaded film star, but despite its glamorous casting, the young Chloe Franks upstages everyone as the underage sorceress in "Sweets to the Sweet." Her innocent naivete transforms into a devilish grin as she performs her wicked acts against her father. As is usually the case in these types of films, the stories in THE HOUSE THAT DRIPPED BLOOD are a bit uneven, with the first and second falling far behind the remaining two, but they are all enjoyable nonetheless and feature each of the actors and actresses in fine form.

Rating: 8/10.


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28 Days Later (2002)

The Rage virus has wiped out nearly all of England, turning its infected into murderous killers driven only by their need to feed. Now, a handful of unlucky survivors are left to find an escape from the nationwide pandemic. In 2002, Danny Boyle shook the Horror genre with a refreshing new thriller that redefined the zombie movie and terrified audiences around the world. 28 DAYS LATER offers a nihilistic world view in which humanity is the ultimate villain. Man's attempt to dissect and control nature is what caused the deadly virus, and while the infected mindlessly attack out of the primal need to feed, it is the living characters that kill out of fear, paranoia, and selfish desire. As best portrayed by the corrupted band of soldiers in the end of the film, it is darkest human emotions that drive home the suspense in 28 DAYS LATER, with the added horror of infected flesh-eaters running in the streets. The infected are unlike any of the undead that we have ever seen before. They are fast and ferocious, bursting through windows and tearing into their victims with a shocking speed. This would become a popular trend in the zombie films to follow, the most notable example being Zack Synder's frightening update to the Horror classic DAWN OF THE DEAD. Boyle's decision to shoot 28 DAYS LATER on a digital camera delivers a grim sense of reality, which is darkened even further by the dreary score. He also creates one of the defining moments in recent Horror as Jim walks aimlessly through the deserted streets of London. 28 DAYS LATER has a devastating effect on the viewer, and has proven to be one of the best films from the 2000's.

Rating: 9/10.

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Fear No Evil (1981)

Lucifer is reborn in modern times as Andrew Williams, a lonely teen who is rejected by his peers. Andrew lashes out against his tormentors with his newfound powers of darkness, and it is up to three warrior angels to stop his unholy reign of terror! An ambitious horror fantasy to be sure, FEAR NO EVIL unfortunately suffers from an uneven story structure and subpar acting, but that does not stop it from becoming one of the more atmospheric and evil films of the decade. At a time when the teen slasher was in the height of its popularity, FEAR NO EVIL comes as quite the surprise, combining elements of CARRIE and ROSEMARY'S BABY in equal measure. It opens and closes in a misty castle setting, where Lucifer looks to open the gates of hell using human sacrifices. Here, Laloggia drapes the sets in dangling bodies and desecrated statues for a frightening overall effect. In the thrilling climax, a live re-enactment of The Passion ends in a bloody crucifixion and the mass-murder of several audience members before legions of the undead set in on the town. The major problem with the picture is that the audience is left with no one to side with at any point. The archangel Gabrielle is introduced too late in the story to have an impact, and while Andrew is portrayed in a sympathetic light, we are not given enough time to truly bond with his character. Interestingly enough, the homoerotic undertones also lend to an alternate interpretation of the film. Andrew's budding homosexuality can be seen as a reflection of evil in the eyes of his repressive Catholic community. The scenes where he is found giving in to his dark desires can be seen as his "self-discovery," and a rejection of society's morals. For a first-time director working on an independent budget, Frank Laloggia displays a great amount of promise that would be fully realized in his next picture, LADY IN WHITE. FEAR NO EVIL, on the other hand, is a severely flawed film, but one that provides plenty of haunting imagery to drive home its supernatural terror.

Rating: 6/10.

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Boy Wonder: An Interview with Director Michael Morrissey

Pimps and drug dealers, beware! A dark new hero has hit the streets of Brooklyn, brought to life by director Michael Morrissey in his debut feature film BOY WONDER. Michael dropped in to discuss the film in an interview with I Like Horror Movies this evening:


ILHM: BOY WONDER introduces the world to a dangerous new 'hero.' Is this a hero for kids to look up to?

MICHAEL MORRISSEY: No way. Sean is not someone anyone should aspire to be. To become someone like Sean Donovan would mean living through a great deal of pain and tragedy. I would not want to be Sean.

ILHM: The film shares as much in common with Grindhouse revenge films like DEATH WISH as it does with dark graphic novels. Where did you draw the most influence?

MM: I was definitely influenced by comic books. I grew up with them and I still read them today. It was not intentional but after seeing the film completed I can see certain scenes that have that look of a graphic novel.

ILHM: Did any of your own childhood fantasies work their way into the screenplay?

MM: Absolutely. I wanted to be a superhero when I was young. I took martial arts from when I was twelve. I had every ninja weapon you could buy. I eventually grew up and realized that I was out of my mind and that is where my idea for Sean comes from. What if I never lost that idea, what if I kept going on that path?

ILHM: The shadowy settings and sepia tones paint a grim Film Noir. What were you shooting for in the look of the film?

MM: I am a big fan of film noir and I wanted to create two distinct worlds for Sean. One is he regular life that he is living everyday, grim, devoid of life, slow paced and the other is this super hero character that he is developing and that is filled with exaggerated characters and colors. It’s almost like he is on drugs when he becomes “boy wonder” (he is on steroids!). I was really happy on how the look of the film came out. I had a great DP, Chris Lavessuer, and an amazing Productions Designer, Mary Fredrickson to thank for that.

ILHM: BOY WONDER blends many genres. How would you define the film?

MM: I battle over this all the time. It is a vigilante flick but that does not really tell the whole story does it? For me it is a super-hero movie. People will boo and hiss and tell me I’m full of shit but then those are the same people who liked Green Lantern, all 12 of them. The best comic books are the ones about the characters, the fights and the costumes are just by-products of great stories. This is my version of a super-hero flick but people can define it they way they like.

ILHM: Where did you first discover the film's star, Caleb Steinmeyer?

MM: I found Caleb on a casting call out in LA. This was after we searched high and low in NYC. He walked in and I totally blew him off because he looked like a waif. He was 130lbs-soaking wet but when he ripped into the scene I knew he was Sean immediately.

ILHM: Caleb truly becomes the character, bringing out his strength as much as his vulnerability. Did he require much direction in the role?

MM: Yes and no. Caleb is the most non-violent person you will ever meet and living in Brooklyn might have well been Mars for him. He has never been to high-school (home schooled) and he has never been in a fight so that part of Sean, the anger, the rage, he needed to develop. On the other hand Caleb is very much like Sean. He is incredibly smart, very sensitive and a very old soul. In that regard he was Sean.

ILHM: BOY WONDER effectively blurs the line between right and wrong. When does a 'hero' become a 'villain?'

MM: That’s the question isn’t it? I don’t know really. I think you don’t get to pick and choose. I don’t think you can cheer for batman when he beats up The Joker but then when he kills like ten people while driving the Bat Mobile at 110 mph on a city street chasing him you can’t say “well the guys a hero give him a break”, not that batman ever does that but if he drove like that in the real world bodies would be flying…. Same with Sean, yeah he beats up a drug dealer and that’s cool but when he beats a mentally ill man half to death all of a sudden you’re not on his team anymore?? I think it is all about perception. To some a hero is a villain and vice-versa.

ILHM: Fans may have been expecting a bigger showdown in the film's finale. Why the subtle ending?

I never thought it was subtle, ouch.. I wish I had a better answer for this one. It was the only ending I ever thought of for the film.

ILHM: The ending also seems to condone vigilante justice?

MM: Again perception. I want people to have a reaction, an opinion at the end of the film. I think audiences are really smart and they will form their own opinions. I want people to argue about the end of the movie, have something to talk about a few hours later.

ILHM: Will we ever see a continuation of Sean's story in the form of a second film or a graphic novel?

MM: I am open to it and I have thoughts for the next chapter in Sean’s life. He is an interesting character and I would love to see what kind of an adult he turns in to.

ILHM: As your directorial debut, what has it been like experiencing the film in front of a live audience at the local festivals?

MM: I felt completely out of place most of the time. Like everyone else was a filmmaker and I was a sham. Even when I won I still felt like an outsider and that was only in my head the people at the fests could not have been nicer.. It was great to have that experience though; I mean to see people enjoy something that you created is an amazing rush.

ILHM: What do you have in store for us next, and where can fans find out more about the film?http://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gif

MM: I have two projects that I am working on. One is a horror/thriller called Mother, very sick twisted tale about a woman who kidnaps little girls and the other is about Magic. People can find out more about Boy Wonder at www.boywonderthemovie.com or at www.facebook.com/boywonderthemovie.

BOY WONDER is now available on DVD through Amazon and other retailers, and we strongly urge readers to check out this Indie gem! Thanks again to Michael Morrissey for stopping by this evening, and be sure to read our review of the film HERE!

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The Blob (1988)

An amorphous organism comes crashing down to Earth, where it begins absorbing the locals as it grows and grows into THE BLOB! THE BLOB is reborn using state-of-the-art special effects in the 1988 remake, one of the better Science Fiction films to be remade in the 80's following John Carpenter's THE THING. Chuck Russell molds the updated screenplay around germ warfare and Reagan Era politics at the close of the Cold War. The drama unfolds like a bad episode of 90210 for the predominantly teen cast, but that really isn't what the film is about here. It is about melting as many people as possible into slimy goo, and no film does it better than THE BLOB! Several of the most graphic and shockingly unexpected death scenes from the 1980's come out of THE BLOB, and no one is safe when the creature consumes men, women, AND children! We watch as people are liquified on screen, with their arms and faces dripping off from the creature's acidic jelly. The Blob was brought to life by a young Tony Gardner using an array of inventive practical and visual effects that hold up considerably well even decades after its release. THE BLOB is a good old-fashioned monster movie that has been bloodied up for modern audiences, and it sure is fun to watch!

Rating: 8/10.

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Martyrs (2008)

With the help of her friend Anna, Lucie seeks out the group that held her captive as a child in order to earn her revenge, but what they will find in the family's terrible house of horrors will be worse than anything they could have ever imagined. Somewhere beyond the darkest depths of Hell lies MARTYRS, a film of such unspeakable horror that it becomes unbearable to watch. It is not that the film is shocking, graphic, or repulsive, but that it is all of these things taken in the extreme. MARTYRS rapes the senses and apologizes for nothing. It begs the questions: Why? Is this art? Who could have conceived this? What is there to gain in the making of this film? You continue watching as things go from bad to worse to worse to worse, until finally you realize that this film was not meant to entertain. In fact, it probably wasn't meant for human consumption. It only exists because it had to. What makes MARTYRS that much more unacceptable is how well the film is made. MARTYRS is well cast, well shot, and very well acted. The visceral screen violence is ultra-realistic, and nauseating at that. Pascal Laugier reduces his characters to a level far below humanity. The man is a genius, but he is also wildly insane. Once you have seen MARTYRS, you cannot unsee it, so prepare yourself. Things will get ugly.

Rating: 9/10.

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Come Experience 'Little Deaths' This November!

“Given the rich history the UK currently enjoys and the long line of horror anthology predecessors, the latest addition to the movement,
Little Deaths, is certainly the sickest of the bunch.”
-- Fearnet.com


Enter the Forbidden December 13th

CHATSWORTH, CA – November 14, 2011 - What would you do for the ultimate sexual rush? Welcome to a world where illicit sexual desire propels seemingly ordinary people to act out fantasies that can separate monotony from ecstasy…but also transform life into agonizing death! On December 13th, Image Entertainment releases the critically acclaimed psychological thriller Little Deaths on unrated DVD. The opening night film at this year’s SXSW Film Festival, Little Deaths presents three titillating and terrifying tales of sex, power – and retribution – and what happens when these primal forces are violated. SRP is $27.97, and pre-book is November 15th.

In the vein of such classic horror anthologies as “Dead of Night,” “Tales from the Crypt” and “Tales from the Darkside,” Little Deaths takes the hunger for sex beyond pain and pleasure into the realm of a living nightmare. Have at it...if you dare!

In “House & Home,” written and directed by Sean Hogan, the ultimate revenge fantasy gets a kinky upgrade. Affluent couple Richard and Victoria (Luke DeLacey and Suibhan Harrison) have a particularly debasing sexual foible. They pose as religious good Samaritans and lure less fortunate women to their luxurious home, only to abduct and assault them as part of their “entitlement” to the good life. But their latest capture, a homeless woman named “Sorrow” (Holly Lucas), just might show that they’ve bit off more than they can chew...

In Andrew Parkinson’s “Mutant Tool,” Jennifer (Jodie Jamieson) is a former prostitute and drug addict trying to get her life back on track, but living with her former pimp/drug dealing boyfriend Frank (Daniel Brocklebank) isn’t helping matters. Jen’s seeing a psychiatrist, who suddenly has Jen taking a new medication. While warned of potential side effects, Jen starts experiencing psychic connections and shocking visions of someone behind plastic curtains – bound, helmeted, dangling in the air and in a painful state of perpetual sexual arousal. As these hallucinations intensify, Jen comes to realize that she’s part (with Frank’s collaboration) of a terrifying experiment in manufacturing – and bottling – the ultimate sexual high.

Written and directed by Simon Rumley – the indie sensation behind Red, White and Blue -- “Bitch” details the sado-masochistic relationship between receptionist Claire (Kate Braithwaite) and her docile and obedient boyfriend Pete (Tom Sawyer). Ironically, while Claire literally treats Pete like a dog – going so far as occasionally leashing him and having him sleep in a doghouse – Claire also suffers from a pathological fear of canines. But when Claire’s sexual games become more than he can bear, Pete puts in motion a series of events that will not only give Claire a taste of her own medicine, but add new meaning to “going to the dogs...”
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Short: Night of the Vampire (2011)

In September of 2010, two friends set out on an overnight camping trip in the mountains of Vermont. Unfortunately for them, they were not alone. The footage of that horrible night has finally been released, footage which may prove once and for all that vampires exist. NIGHT OF THE VAMPIRE is THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT with bite, a tightly-edited short with a terrifying payoff in the end! The sound design and framing set up for a tense ride in this otherwise routine POV adventure, which rarely strays from the blueprints of the genre. Owen Mulligan carefully disguises his villain in darkness while showing off just enough of his frightening monster effects to please the fans. Sink your teeth into this 9-minute short below!

Rating: 7/10.


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The Hills Have Eyes 2 (2007)

It should have seemed clear to Wes Craven that THE HILLS HAVE EYES was a film best left unto itself after the abysmal follow up he aborted on to the screen back in '85, but for some god awful reason, Fox decided it would be a great idea to allow Wes and his son Jonathan to write another sequel. The second attempt on THE HILLS HAVE EYES 2 is perhaps even worse than the first, save for the gory effects. It follows a group of the most untrained, annoying, and childish 'soldiers' the world has ever known as they investigate an abandoned research facility out in the deserts of New Mexico. As they soon find out, the lab was set up to find evidence of the rumored cannibal clan that was supposed to haunt the location, and more murder and mayhem ensues. THE HILLS HAVE EYES 2 is drowned in poorly drawn characters and dreadful dialog that has the audience cheering for each death. Anyone unfortunate enough to sit through the entire thing will at least be privileged to some excellent brain-splattering and gut-munching goodness, but the pain and suffering endured throughout the rest of the plot hardly seems worth it. It is better to forget that this sequel was ever made in order to spare yourself the unnecessary waste of time.

Rating: 4/10.
Gore: 7/10.

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Joy Ride (2001)

A childish prank puts the lives of three travelers in jeopardy when the truck driver they tricked decides to play a deadly game of his own in JOY RIDE! John Dahl takes us on a fun, fast-paced ride of his own thanks to the sharp scripting of big-name producer J.J. Abrams. Paul Walker and Steve Zahn make a great pair of traveling companions as brothers Lewis and Fuller, who couldn't be more different. The one thing they share is the same sense of off-beat humor, which they bring out naturally through their characters rather than simply reading lines. If one man could strike a sense of terror and menace on the road using only his disembodied voice, it is the great Ted Levine, playing homicidal truck driver Rusty Nail. Combined with his devilish black semi and a sadistic humor of his own, Rusty Nail becomes a great new villain to add to the mad motorists in DUEL and THE HITCHER. With several intense moments of gripping suspense, JOY RIDE surprises as an entertaining and tight-knit thriller for fans to enjoy!

Rating: 7/10.

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The Hills Have Eyes (2006)

Nearly thirty years after Wes Craven's shocking original, THE HILLS still HAVE EYES thanks to the 2006 remake from HIGH TENSION director Alexandre Aja. For modern audiences that have been raised on blood and gore, THE HILLS HAVE EYES is a worthy update that adds a whole new dimension of radioactive terror to the classic tale. The Carters are making their way out to California on the back roads of New Mexico, when a freak blowout leaves them stranded in the desert. While they are unable to find anyone in their search for help, someone sure finds them, and they enter a deadly struggle for survival with a wild pack of mutant cannibals! Aja knows what works, taking the most terrifying moments from the original and exploiting them with even more shocking sexuality and explosive violence. In a time when the MPAA controls had caused most other artists to self-censor their work, Aja stands strong and pushes the limits of acceptability on screen. The Moroccan locations that double for New Mexico are devastatingly beautiful and foreboding at the same time, making The Hills one of the most frightening characters in the movie. Although Michael Bailey Smith and Robert Joy are both very good as the two lead villains, they are unlikely to be remembered as much as Michael Berryman and Lance Gordon in their iconic roles. The Carters are excellently cast as well. Ted Levine takes over as Big Bob, the grumbling head of the family, and Dan Byrd puts in a great performance as young Bobby Carter. The anti-nuclear sentiment, on the other hand, is a bit irrelevant at this point, but it does not distract from the plot. With more killer make-up and bloody effects by the KNB group, THE HILLS HAVE EYES serves as a strong remake to the 1977 cult classic.

Rating: 8/10.
Gore: 8/10.

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Exorcist 2 (1977)

Coming off of 'The Scariest Movie of All Time,' it would seem that a sequel to THE EXORCIST would be rather straightforward -- a new demon, a new child, another exorcism -- but somewhere, somehow, things went horribly, horribly wrong. Screenwriter William Goodhart and director John Boorman instead decide take us on their own confusing journey of faith, discovery, and sacrifice.

Regan MacNeil has grown up to become a normal teenager, with no recollection of the terrible possession that befell her just four years earlier. Her psychologist is convinced that Regan is repressing the memories of the events, and that she could easily fall under the influence of the demon once again. Meanwhile, the Roman Catholic Church has sent a priest out to investigate the death of Father Merrin, which leads him to Regan. Using a hypnotic "synchronizer" that links his mind with hers, Father Lamont comes in contact with the demon Pazuzu, who takes him on a trip through time and space to meet another boy he had once possessed. Lamont seeks out Kokumo in Africa and learns that he, too, had rejected the demon, only to become the savior of his people. Now armed with the knowledge needed to save Regan's soul, Father Lamont returns to Georgetown for a final showdown with Pazuzu!

EXORCIST II really is a test of faith, but one taken by the audience. Disbelief must be suspended from the highest peak in order for anyone to accept the preposterous plot, which blends pseudo-science with religious mumbo jumbo. Richard Burton, a seven-time Oscar-nominee, is made to look like a fool as the deranged Father Lamont, who quickly becomes fascinated by the demon he looks to destroy. He often rambles like a psychotic, and makes for a terrible lead when he cannot be trusted by the audience. It is impossible to take Linda Blair seriously, either, when she is forced to go cross-eyed and act brain-dead during the ridiculous "synchronization" experiments. Thankfully, the special effects, cinematography, and incredible locations far outweigh the strength of the script, but EXORCIST II is still widely criticized as being one of the worst sequels in the genre.

Rating: 5/10.

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Black Eye Entertainment Gets 'Inhumane' in 2012!


Introducing a new conception of true crime macabre with horrifying inspiration from true events, INHUMANE is a short film that will portray the discovery of an exterminator named Corbin Hobbs and his deliberate role in the murders of more than seventeen call girls and prostitutes over a time period of ten years. Starring Marv Blauvelt, Heather Dorff and Kelsey Zukowski with special appearances from Jared Degado and Edward Moore.

Filmed and produced on an independent scale in honor of "splatter-film" cinema fueling inspiration for the short story, Inhumane will be the first film of 2012 to be produced by director K.M. Jamison & practical special effects artist Jim Bett Jr.'s company Black Eye Entertainment. For more information on the status of this short film please feel free to visit the official facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/Inhumanemovie Read The Full Post HERE!

Anchor Bay Acquires 'Mother's Day'


“This is one of the good ones of this genre and shouldn’t be missed.”
-- Ain’t It Cool News

BEVERLY HILLS, CA – November 11, 2011 - Anchor Bay Films has announced today it has acquired the horror film Mother’s Day, directed by Saw veteran Darren Lynn Bousman and starring Rebecca DeMornay, Jamie King, Deborah Ann Woll and Shawn Ashmore. The film is a loose remake of the original Troma film of the same name directed by Charles Kaufman. The announcement, which includes rights North American rights, was made by Bill Clark, President of Anchor Bay Entertainment.

“With Saw’s Darren Lynn Bousman at the helm, and a cast featuring DeMornay, Ashmore and Woll, Mother’s Day has an unbeatable horror pedigree,” noted Kevin Kasha, Executive Vice President, Acquisitions and Co-Productions. “We’re thrilled to add this chiller to the Anchor Bay Films roster of terror classics.”

After a bank robbery gone wrong, three brothers head for home…only to discover that their mother lost the house in a foreclosure. The new owners and their guests, gathered for an ill-timed birthday party, become the brothers’ unwitting hostages. Their mother and sister arrive, and it soon becomes obvious that Mother will do absolutely anything to protect her children. In one terrifying evening, Mother brilliantly takes control of the situation and masterminds her sons’ escape. Sides will be taken, secrets revealed, and sins punished as the hostages struggle to make it through the night.

Mother’s Day is directed by Darren Lynn Bousman (Saw II – IV), produced by Brett Ratner and Richard Saperstein with Jay Stern, Brian Witten, Jessie Rusu, Curtis Leopardo and Shara Kay. It stars Rebecca DeMornay (The Hand That Rocks The Cradle, The Wedding Crashers), Jamie King (Sin City, The Spirit), Deborah Ann Woll (“True Blood”), Patrick John Flueger (“Footloose”) and Shawn Ashmore (X-Men 2, Frozen). Mother’s Day is presented by LightTower Entertainment in association with Widget Films, The Genre Company and Rat Entertainment.

Mother’s Day is "a relentless feat that forced me to reconsider what American horror is capable of…" said Ain’t it Cool News. Dread Central added, “Mama's boys have once again made their mother very proud.”

The deal was negotiated by Josh Thomashow and Kevin Kasha for Anchor Bay Films and Ben Weiss from Paradigm for the film.

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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning (2006)

TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE takes a step back in time to reveal the origins of the infamous Hewitt family in TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE: THE BEGINNING. A deformed child is rescued and raised by a penniless family out in the sticks of Texas, a family that is forced into cannibalism when the local slaughterhouse is put out of business. Unfortunately for a group of travelers who are on their way to Austin to enlist for Vietnam, this means that they are the next item on the menu! For the most part, THE BEGINNING keeps up with the remake that preceded it, but as a prequel it falls into many unavoidable traps. The filmmakers feel obliged to as many questions as possible in only a limited amount of time, which leads to a number of plot contrivances. Here, we learn where Thomas Hewitt got his saw, why Hoyt became the sheriff, how Uncle Monty lost his legs, and where Leatherface got his nickname... All in the same night! For a family whose killing spree lasted over four years, this just seems forced. The political weight of Vietnam is also heavier load than the film can bear, and comes off as being ignorant and ungenuine. THE BEGINNING is the bloodiest of any of the CHAINSAW films, however, with many graphic and gory murder scenes. A decent follow up, and still one of the better sequels.

Rating: 7/10.
Gore: 7/10.

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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003)

In August, 1973, five teens set across the Texas highway on their way to a concert, when a chance encounter with a suicidal hitchhiker forces them to stop for help. As they wait for the town's hick sheriff to collect the body, two of the teens run off to a nearby house to use the phone, where they come face to face with a murderous clan of cannibals and their chainsaw-wielding son, Leatherface! THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE is reborn in Platinum Dunes' 2003 remake, but where so many other attempts to revitalize the 1970's and 80's Slasher craze have failed, THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE succeeds in shocking and terrifying a whole new generation of moviegoers. It is just what a remake should be, honoring the original with the same basic plot outline and characters, while creating its own unique identity and mood. Marcus Nispel's washed out color palette is drowned in putrid greens and blues, which give the misty forest and dilapidated hallways of the Hewitt household a sickening overall effect. While this version does feature more gore, it is not built on simply disgusting the audience, but takes just as much time developing a deep-seated terror and suspense. This creates moments of intense anticipation that pay off in jolting shocks! Although Nispel has chosen to fill the cast with familiar teen favorites, Scott Kosar's script makes them likeable characters with whom the audience can relate. The best choice obviously comes in the decision to hire R. Lee Ermy, whose crass behavior and vulgar humor make him perfect in the role of Sheriff Hoyt. Ermy dominates the film, and becomes even more sadistic and frightening than Leatherface, himself! Andrew Bryniarski's fast and forceful approach to the character makes him very imposing as well, even if he falls slightly behind Gunnar Hansen as the iconic killer. TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE may not leave the same lasting impression as its predecessor, but its horrifying, edge-of-your seat excitement easily makes it the best remake to come out of the 2000's.

Rating: 9/10.

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Freestyle Digital Media Acquires 'Deadheads'

Freestyle Digital Media Acquires
Domestic Rights for Award Winning Film

LOS ANGELES, CA - November 7, 2011 – Freestyle Digital Media has acquired the domestic rights to DEADHEADS, Best Horror Film Winner at the Traverse City Film Festival 2011 and Outstanding Achievement in Filmmaking Winner at the Newport Beach Film Festival 2011. The film is slated for a domestic release in 1st quarter 2012.

DEADHEADS’, starring Michael McKiddy and Ross Kidder, is a return to the great comedy/adventure films of the 80′s. The story follows two zombie slackers, Mike and Brent, who find themselves surprisinglyreborn from the dead amid a disastrous zombie outbreak. After discovering an engagement ring in his coat pocket, Mike enlists his new found zombie pal, Brent, to embark on a quest in search of his lost love.

The deal was negotiated by FDM’s CEO Susan Jackson, Producer Andy Drummond and Director Brett Pierce. “Deadheads has generated great press and a huge fan base from its remarkable worldwide horror festival run and we believe the film has the makings of a cult classic in the comedy horror market.” Jackson said.

Freestyle Digital Media has launched with a full slate that includes: ‘THE NUTCRACKER IN 3D’, the $90M budget family adventure film based on the beloved Christmas story starring Elle Fanning, Nathan Lane and John Turturro (Nov. 1);‘NATIVITY!’, the critically acclaimed family Christmas film from the UK starringThe Hobbit’s Martin Freeman and Ugly Betty’s Ashley Jensen, (Nov. 1, 2012); ‘IN MY SLEEP’ (Nov. 8, 2011) a suspense thriller starring Philip Winchester of Cinemax’sStrike Back and Lacey Chabert; ‘SARAH PALIN: YOU BETCHA!’ from award-winning documentarian, Nick Broomfield, who gives us the unauthorized story behind Sarah Palin (Nov. 8th).

International is being handled by Cinema Management Group (CMG).

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Filmgore (1983)

In his early days before the advent of Full Moon Features, Charles Band was responsible for distributing countless cult-classics to the home audience through video cassette. With the help of the legendary Forrest J. Ackerman and Horror host Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, Band now presents all of the most gruesome scenes from THE TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE, THE DRILLER KILLER, THE ASTRO-ZOMBIES, BLOOD FEAST, 2000 MANIACS, CARNIVAL OF BLOOD, SNUFF, DRIVE IN MASSACRE, DR. JECKYLL'S DUNGEON OF DEATH, and FIEND back-to-back in a killer compilation of blood-soaked cinema. Gore fans, rejoice, as FILMGORE features two straight hours of hacked-off limbs, disembowelment, drilling, killing, and much, much more! Anyone who may be looking to this as a historical reference with critical insight into the genre that H.G. Lewis helped to spawn will be sorely disappointed, however. This is just a lazily edited clip show taken from poor transfers to showcase Wizard's entertainment library. Elvira only pops in occasionally to drop a few bad puns with her signature brand of humor. One would be hard-pressed to find more gore in a single sitting however, and if nothing else, FILMGORE trims all of the fat from films like BLOOD FEAST to deliver non-stop murder and mayhem!

Rating: 5/10.

Movies like FILMGORE:

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The Curse of Frankenstein (1957)

Frankenstein's Monster returns to life in astonishing COLOR! THE CURSE OF FRANKENSTEIN is a monumental landmark in the annals of Horror cinema. As Hammer Film Production's first color picture, it shocked the world with a putrid display of blood, gore, and erotic fantasy. It would be despised by critics as such, however the impact this would have on the genre is unmistakeable. CURSE not only launched the career of television actor Peter Cushing into super-stardom, but also introduced the world to Christoper Lee as the horrifying Monster. This would be the first of many villains that Lee would play for the studio, including his versions of Dracula and The Mummy that soon would follow. In the coming years, the names Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing would rival even the great Vincent Price as two of the genre's most recognizable faces. Here, it is Peter Cushing who steals every scene as the headstrong Baron Victor Frankenstein, a man blinded by ambition and his thirst for knowledge. Cushing is simply thrilling as the Baron, becoming the true villain of the picture through the ghoulish dedication to his work and the dastardly lengths that he is willing to go 'in the name of science.' Terence Fisher's handling of the material is superb as always, blending the dark Gothic atmosphere and mood with signature amounts of sex and bloody violence. THE CURSE OF FRANKENSTEIN would usher in a new era of Gothic filmmaking throughout the late 1950's and 1960's, and is perhaps the studio's finest film.

Rating: 10/10.


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The Killer Eye: Halloween Haunt (2011)

For those unfortunate enough to have seen the first KILLER EYE, a followup would seem to spell 'disaster,' but KILLER EYE: HALLOWEEN HAUNT ranks alongside KILLJOY 3 and DEMONIC TOYS 2 as one of Full Moon's surprise sequels! Jenna invites her three hottest friends over to decorate for Halloween, when one of the props is zapped to life by her mother's crystal ball! One by one, the girls succumb to the eye's evil wishes, leaving Jenna to fend for herself as it attempts to impregnate her with its seed. KILLER EYE 2 is just pure campy fun that never gets bogged down by unnecessary story or character. Where else can you find a group of sexy, half-naked babes running away from an over-sexed killer eyeball in a creepy haunted house? With the help of prop maker Adam Johnston and the gruesome art designs of Sean P. Rodgers, Charles Band creates one of the company's best-dressed sets in years. The lifeless underacting from each of the girls only plays into the cheesiness of the plot, and can be forgiven in exchange for plenty of mindless nudity and gratuitous gore. Full Moon fans are sure to love this latest creation from the makers of EVIL BONG and THE GINGERDEAD MAN!

Rating: 5/10.
Entertainment: 7/10.

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A Chinese Ghost Story 2 (1990)

After freeing the spirit of his ghostly love Hsiao-Tsing, Ning returns home to find his village in ruin, where he is falsely imprisoned in a case of mistaken identity. It is here that he meets an elder scholar, who helps him to escape and lends him a powerful amulet to ward away evil. Back on the road, Ning encounters a wandering monk, and the two must join forces to defeat a forest demon that infiltrates their camp. Fate intervenes once again, as the two are apprehended by a roving band of rebels led by Windy, a beautiful warrior that resembles his lost love. This time, Ning is confused for the Elder Chu, owner of the amulet, and asked to lead the group against an evil priest who has sentenced Windy's father to death and put a spell over the entire empire!

Tsui Hark and Ching Siu-Tung return with the next exciting chapter of A CHINESE GHOST STORY! Hark makes every attempt to outdo the incredible special effects from the first film, and succeeds! A CHINESE GHOST STORY 2 puts on a dazzling display of monsters, magic, and martial arts once again. While the plot isn't quite as compelling as the last, it features many favorite characters and more of the same great humor that originally brought them to life. Leslie Cheung and Joey Wang easily resume their chemistry on screen, but newcomer Jacky Cheung quickly steals the spotlight as the Taoist mage Autumn with his lively performance. A CHINESE GHOST STORY 2 is another excellent entry in the fantasy horror saga.

Rating: 9/10.

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Tribeca Films Acquires US Rights to 'Sleepless Night'

Pulse-Pounding French Thriller To Enthrall Audiences In 2012
“One of the best and tightest written action thrillers I’ve seen in the past few years … like Die Hard meets 24 by way of Taken, but never falling into many of the genre clichés set-up by those films.”
– /Film

“The appeal of Sleepless Night (is) its constant ability to surprise with frantic physicality that defies any possible expectations.”
– IndieWIRE

NEW YORK, NY – November 4, 2011 – Tribeca Film announced today that it has acquired all US rights to Sleepless Night, a gripping action thriller which had its World Premiere in the Midnight Madness section of the 2011 Toronto International Film Festival. The film, directed by Frédéric Jardin, will be released in 2012 on VOD and theatrically by Tribeca Film, which is supported by Founding Partner American Express and brings films to consumers across a range of platforms, including nationwide VOD, theatrical, DVD, pay-TV and digital. Warner Bros. recently announced it has acquired English-language remake rights.

Sleepless Night tells the story of Vincent, a respected and dedicated police officer, or so it seems. After stealing a massive bag of cocaine from drug dealers that work for Marciano, a powerful mob boss/nightclub owner, Vincent quickly finds himself trapped in a situation that no parent would envy- his son has been kidnapped with the promise of being executed if he doesn’t immediately deliver the bag back to its rightful owner. As Vincent heads to the nightclub in the outskirts of Paris to trade the drugs for his son, he soon gets caught in an intense, claustrophobic cat-and-mouse game that quickly spirals into madness as the tables are constantly turned multiple times throughout the evening. The night to come might not only be the longest but also the last one of his life... and his young son’s as well.

Tomer Sisley (The Burma Conspiracy, Toi et Moi) stars as Vincent. The cast also includes Joey Starr (Polisse, Authentiques), Julien Boisselier (Gardiens de l’ordre , Hendri 4), Serge Riaboukine (Anglel A, Look at Me), Laurent Stocker (Cyprien, Hunting and Gathering) and Birol Ünel (Soul Kitchen, Head-On). Sleepless Night is written by Frédéric Jardin, Nicolas Saada, and Olivier Douyère, and produced by Marco Cherqui and Lauranne Bourrachot, who also produced the Academy Award®-nominated A Prophet (Un prophète).

“I am thrilled and honored to work with Tribeca for the North American release of Sleepless Night,” Jardin said. “It’s a superb opportunity for my film.”

“Sleepless Night is a thriller that is executed with such style and panache that it transcends the limits of the genre. The pace is exhilarating and the action is nonstop in this ingeniously plotted and thoroughly entertaining adventure,” said Geoffrey Gilmore, Chief Creative Officer of Tribeca Enterprises. “We’re delighted to be collaborating with the filmmakers to bring this film to wider audiences.”

The North American distribution deal was negotiated by Nick Savva for Tribeca Film, and Gilles Sousa and Mathieu Robinet on behalf of Bac Films, which is handling international sales. Bac Films will release the film in France. It has already closed deals for major territories, including UK (Icon), Germany (Tiberius), Canada (E1), Russia (Luxor), Brazil (California), China (Domo Media) and Benelux (U-Media). Further sales will be announced during the ongoing American Film Market.

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Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation (1994)

In 1994, a little piece of horror died. While it wouldn't be released in theaters for another three years due to the mindful hesitation from the film's distributor, TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE: THE NEXT GENERATION was born. Touted to be a remake of the original by TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE co-writer Kim Henkel, THE NEXT GENERATION follows all of the same action beats, but misses the point entirely. It isn't that people just don't 'get' TEXAS CHAINSAW 4, which is typically the case with the second film. It just really is as bad as everyone says. The so-called dark humor is completely lost on the audience. If there is anything worse than the unintelligible script, it is the atrocious acting. No one in the entire cast gives a shit about what they are doing. It often feels as if they were drugged and forced to act against their will, although the teens' ambivalence towards the horror that is unfolding around them earns the only guilty laugh. The hope would be that Henkel would make up for his artless production by splattering the screen with some gratuitous gore, but THE NEXT GENERATION is even more bloodless than the third film. TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 4 is universally considered to be the worst in the series, and rightfully so.

Rating: 3/10.

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It (1990)

The small town of Derry is terrorized by a nameless evil that has taken shape as a murderous clown. When the town's children begin to disappear, it is up to a group of school friends known as "The Loser Club" to gather their courage and end It's reign of terror. Thirty years later, the evil returns, and the group is called back as adults to defeat the demon once and for all. IT is one of the single most horrifying viewing experiences in anyone's life. How many childhoods have been ruined by IT, and how many more must suffer at the hands of Pennywise the Clown? While this two-part television event is only a mild retelling of Stephen King's best-selling novel, it manages to produce some of the most disturbing images known to man. If you weren't already scared of clowns going into the film, you sure as hell will be going out. It is impossible to sleep at night knowing that the photo album, the sink, or even a friendly balloon are likely to sneak up on you and drench you in blood like they do in the film. IT perfectly captures childhood fears in a way that is still terrifying to adults. There are no words to describe just how frightening Tim Curry's performance is as the killer clown. He hides more menace in a smile than a snarl, and the nightmarish ways in which he lures children to their deaths can never be forgotten. The plot still plays well even after the the paring down of Stephen King's over-indulgent characters, though many of the performances often falter. Really, Tommy Lee Wallace has done the best he can given the incredible length of the novel and the constraints of televised horror, but despite its flaws, IT will always remain one of the scariest films ever made.

Rating: 8/10.

Movies like IT:

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