Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama (1988)

Three college losers stumble into a sorority initiation and get stuck stealing a trophy from the local bowling alley along with two bodacious babes, but they are in for a shock when they unleash an evil imp from within its brassy tomb. The wicked little wish granter begins turning each of their wildest dreams into terrifying nightmares! If you don't already know what you are getting into based on the name alone, then this is not the movie for you. Only the 80's could produce Grade-A garbage like SORORITY BABES IN THE SLIMEBALL BOWL-O-RAMA, but amazingly, it lives up to its trashy potential! Scream Queens Brinke Stevens, Michelle Bauer, and Linnea Quigley star as the sexy sorority sisters in all of their awful glory, reading off their ridiculous lines as if they were still in history class. Bit player Buck Flower also sneaks in a hilarious cameo as the sage janitor who helps stop the miniature menace. The fiendish little imp sends out zombies and ghouls to terrorize the girls, and heads will roll once they get their hands on the guys! Next to PUPPET MASTER 3, this perhaps David DeCoteau's greatest film, as he strikes up a perfect balance between the silly sex romp comedy and cheesy B-movie horror. If you like naked chicks, bad jokes, worse acting, and bowling, look no further than SORORITY BABES IN THE SLIMEBALL BOWL-O-RAMA!

Rating: 5/10.
Entertainment: 7/10.


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Little Shop of Horrors (1986)

A poor plant keeper finds love and success after nursing a rare carnivorous plant back to health, but the plant soon begins demanding more than just blood to survive... LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS is back in business thanks to Frank Oz' brightly-lit remake as adapted from Ashman and Menken's Broadway musical. Seymour returns, this time played by the sheepish Rick Moranis who is in love with his shrill co-worker Audrey (Ellen Greene). Only Audrey's abusive boyfriend and a giant man-eating plant stand between true love, which leaves Seymour with quite the quandary... Moranis and Greene are inseparable on screen, each delivering playful performances along with the over-the-top cameos by Steve Martin and Bill Murray. Legendary filmmaker Frank Oz has unleashed some of his finest work in the Audrey II plant, which is brilliantly brought to life using only the most imaginative special effects that puppetry will allow. When coupled with the memorable music numbers, sharp wit, and satire of the script, LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS becomes a true classic that even supersedes the dark humor of the original.

Rating: 9/10.


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Arcarde (1993)

Alex and her friends are invited to test out a brand-new video game, Arcade, which promises that "Reality will never be the same." Unfortunately for them, it's true! Arcade sucks in its players in to the gaming world to compete in a battle of life or death against the sinister force that controls it! While the special effects are severely dated by today's standards, ARCADE creates an incredible virtual world that can easily compete with the level of design found in THE LAWNMOWER MAN or HACKERS from the same era. John de Lancie, Megan Ward, A.J. Langer, and Seth Green all populate the young cast from their pre-television days, working off of a script by BATMAN BEGINS' David Goyer. The third-rate performances and unconvincing plot do not take away from the overall enjoyment of the picture, although it does rely heavily on the audience's willingness to suspend disbelief. ARCADE amounts to nothing more than a light horror version of TRON that is safe enough for an after school special, but if you are a fan of THE LAWNMOWER MAN or the "Bishop of Battle" segment from 1983's NIGHTMARES, be sure to check this one out!

Rating: 5/10.

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The Rape of the Vampire (1968)

A trio of psychoanalysts set off to disprove the legend of the four vampire sisters, only to find that they were gravely mistaken when they encounter the girls living in a dilapidated mansion. None survive when the villagers return to kill them all, but each of the slain characters are revived in the second-half when the Queen of the Vampires returns to experiment on the four girls. Thus begins the career of France's most notorious Horror director, Jean Rollin. Rollin's first feature film dives right in to the surreal and unexplained world of dreamy mysticism for which the director has always been known. Unbound by linear structure, THE RAPE OF THE VAMPIRE blends Rollin's existentialist cinematic approach with High Gothic imagery, sexual fetishism, and the Avante Guard. For all the oppressive atmosphere and skilled cinematography, however, THE RAPE OF THE VAMPIRE simply lacks character and plot cohesion, leaving the audience guessing as to who or what is going on at all times. The stark editing techniques and rather poor acting can be explained away as being chic and independent, but as a result, the film is only likely to appeal to the eccentric Horror viewer.

Rating: 6/10.


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Scooby Doo 2 (2004)

SCOOBY DOO 2 shows a considerable amount of improvement over the first film, but still misses the mark. After the Museum of Criminology is robbed of several costumes that were taken from the Coolsville's most notorious villains, the city's leading crime-solvers are defamed for their inability to stop the newest masked menace. Now, Scooby and the gang must set off to recover the lost artifacts if they hope to rebuild their reputations! Raja Gosnell returns to direct from another of James Gunn's scripts, this time featuring several of the most memorable villains from the original series including The Black Knight Ghost, Miner Forty-Niner, The 10,000 Volt Ghost, The Tar Monster, and The Zombie. There is a surprising shift in the acting this second round, with Freddie Prinze Jr. and Sarah Michelle Gellar reeling back their performances to form more likable characters as Fred and Daphne, while Linda Cardellini and Matthew Lillard fall farther from their cartoon counterparts. Apparently, technology had taken an incredible leap forward in just two short years, as the computerized villains look far better than before. Still, the messy plot and uneven humor keeps SCOOBY DOO 2 from reaching its comic potential.

Rating: 7/10.

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The Grudge (2004)

Following the huge box-office success of THE RING, an American remake of the Japanese hit JU-ON was inevitable as producers scrambled to cash-in on the hot new trend in Asian Horror. Thankfully, Sam Raimi had enough sense to bring back series creator Takashi Shimizu to direct, resulting in a film that is just as frightening as the original. Karen is assigned to a new caregiving position in a house that bears a terrible curse, which unleashes a pair of restless spirits upon anyone who enters. THE GRUDGE is nearly identical to JU-ON in nearly every, so why remake it at all? The answer is simple: most Americans are lazy and uncaring when it comes to foreign films, and this was the only way to expose this terrifying curse to a larger world audience. Faulting it on this, alone, would be an unfair assessment entirely, escpecially when it gets so much right. Shimizu brings back the same sense of dread and horrifying images from before, and manages to to create old-fashioned scares built on heart-pounding suspense. He overcomes the PG-13 rating without resorting to blood or gore, using the subtly subdued score and unnerving appearances of his pale-faced ghosts to drive home the terror. The American casting works fine, and launched Sarah Michelle Gellar from a television actress into movie stardom. But really, the strength of the film lies in the performance by returning actress Takako Fuji as the malevolent spirit Kayako. Her twisted movements and gut-wrenching stares chill to the bone. Young Yuya Ozeki is equally frightening as Kayako's son, Toshio. Of the many films brought over from Japan, THE GRUDGE rightfully remains as one of the best-made and most-terrifying remakes!

Rating: 8/10.

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Scooby Doo (2002)

Scooby and the gang of Mystery, Inc. are invited to Spooky Island to try and solve a case where some sinister madman is transforming wild teenagers into mild-mannered college students using ancient voodoo rituals! The classic cartoon capers of Mystery, Inc. have finally reached the silver screen in SCOOBY DOO, but this isn't the film that fans have been waiting for. James Gunn's script pokes fun at the cartoon series, which is fine since the show is rife for parody, but the characters he creates and the overall mood of the entire picture lack the spirit of the original television show. For all of the extravagant sets and big name actors, one would hope that director Raja Gosnell could have invested a little more time and money into the ugly computerization that was used for Scooby and the monsters. Even if the creatures were made to look cartoony to avoid frightening the children in the audience, it does not excuse the tacky special effects. Sadly, the film doesn't even include so much as a cameo by any of the classic monsters, and instead adopts a whole new set of villains that kids are unlikely to remember. In trying to be hip to modern, SCOOBY DOO loses much of its magic, and makes Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze look like a couple of buffoons on screen. Only Matthew Lillard and Linda Cardellini truly capture the essense of the original characters. Had the makers gone with the initial plans to make this a campy throwback to the 70's like in THE BRADY BUNCH MOVIE, the film may have worked, but unfortunately SCOOBY DOO is a wasted opportunity that is unlikely to please generations new or old.

Rating: 6/10.

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Dune (1984)

Enter the world of Dune, a far-off desert planet that has been the center of an intergalactic struggle for a rare spice used in space travel. A young warrior must rise up to become the prophet of legend who will free the planet and end the tyrannical reign of the corrupt Emperor. David Lynch's quasi-masterpiece may be plagued with countless inconsistencies and unfinished effects, but considering the hulking scale of the production, it remains a Science Fiction classic of epic proportions! Kyle MacLachlan plays the hero of legend, the noble son of a rebellious leader who must awaken the mystical powers within him to become the Muad'Dib, or messiah. Though rushed, Lynch's film adequately demonstrates author Frank Herbert's original intentions to use DUNE as a futuristic allegory of the 'superhero complex,' where society is all too willing to give up their control to one whose powers and persuasion far outweigh their own. He pulls from the novel's rich universe to create a galaxy that is filled with different races, languages, creatures, and technologies. In light of other early 80's blockbusters like Ridley Scott's BLADE RUNNER, many of the special effects in DUNE appear to be about a decade behind the times, although the same can't be said for the film's breathtaking set designs. Two distinct cuts exist at the present time, neither of which the director has been satisfied with. Despite containing over an hour of additional footage, even the extended edition is considered to be critically flawed, but DUNE still has the power to transport us to a world beyond our imagination.

Rating: 8/10.

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Don't Let Him In (2011)

A trip to the English countryside ends terribly for four travelers after they mistakingly take in a hurt stranger, who may turn out to be the notorious serial killer of local legend! Kelly Smith's slow-boiling thriller throws back to classic genre entries like WHEN A STRANGER CALLS, but there is something severely lacking from the very start. We are immediately introduced to four terribly unlikeable characters: a cold and uncaring couple, the lead's lackadaisical sister, and her irate one-night stand, who only goes on the trip to escape the authorities for some unknown crime. The audience is so thoroughly annoyed by the time the four reach the cabin that we pray for some dark hero to come and kill them all, saving us from any further suffering. He does arrive, and they 'let him in' of course, so that things can finally get underway. What follows is a tedious back-and-forth between two potential killers as the women try to decide who to trust, but when Smith plainly tells the audience who the real villain is by depicting the first murder instead of alluding to it off-screen, there can be no mystery or suspense. It is best to heed the film's warning and DON'T LET HIM IN!

Rating: 5/10.

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Gremlins 2 (1990)

Those mischievous little monsters are back in GREMLINS 2, and in a BIG way! Billy Peltzer has set off to New York City along with girlfriend Kate to become a designer for building mogul Daniel Clamp in his new state-of-the-art high-rise Clamp Towers, when he discovers his lovable pet Gizmo being experimented upon by local geneticists. Billy manages a quick rescue, but before he has the chance to get him home, Gizmo is hit by water and spawns another batch of evil offspring that transform into the gremlins and take over the tower! Joe Dante returns to direct this full-blown horror comedy after the smashing success of the first film, bringing even more slapstick and zany cartoon violence with him. GREMLINS 2 is bigger and badder than the original in many ways, although the timeless, small town vibe of the original is greatly missed. Instead, Dante lampoons big city industrialists like Donald Trump and pokes fun at the genetic revolution of the early 90's. Rick Baker takes over in the special effects department with an incredible improvement in the articulation and design of the new creatures. Gizmo and the gremlins have never looked better, and are given a wide range of new movement and abilities that make them even more realistic than ever thanks to the strict reliance on practical effects. Clamp Towers serves as the perfect setting for the mischievous imps to get their claws dirty, giving them plenty of room to tamper with the elevators, phones, and even their own genetics as they mutate into a variety of strange new creatures! Like in the first, GREMLINS 2 also offers a ton of hilarious cameos, including John Astin and the legendary Christopher Lee in small but brilliant roles. While many of the gags are downright goofy, they are never stupid and always funny. This is a sequel done right, expanding on the original story without repeating it, and introducing tons of great new characters alongside many fan favorites.

Rating: 8/10.

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The Gingerdead Man (2005)

When the soul of serial killer Millard Findlemeyer gets baked into a tasty holiday treat, he sets off for revenge against the girl that turned him in! Scream Queen Robin Sydney faces off against the mean little cookie with the BIG mouth in THE GINGERDEAD MAN, the latest Slasher series from Full Moon Entertainment. While THE GINGERDEAD MAN has all of the ingredients for a good B-Movie, it is taken far too seriously for a horror comedy, but is way too stupid to qualify as true horror, so it lies somewhere in between in killer cookie limbo. For the short run-time, the film sure is padded out with a lot of filler, and not of the gooey, gore-filled variety. The miniature cookie version of Gary Busey is armed to the teeth with bad puns and silly one-liners as he takes off after the kids, who never think to leave the bakery once the bodies start piling up. John Carl Buechler handles the make-up and special effects amiably, with his best efforts going into the design of the pissed-off cookie monster. Full Moon fans will know what to expect going into this mindless Slasher, which still gets away with a few cheap laughs and some campy cookie fun!

Rating: 4/10.


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Frankenstein Created Woman (1967)

Using his brave new techniques, the Baron Frankenstein manages to migrate the souls of two young lovers into the same body, transforming the disfigured Christina into a beautiful woman. The two use Christina's voracious good looks as an instrument for revenge against the men that crossed them! Terence Fisher returns to direct the fourth in Hammer's FRANKENSTEIN series after Freddie Francis's slight misstep in the last. FRANKENSTEIN CREATED WOMAN is built on a tragic love story that unfolds around Hans and Christina, with Peter Cushing taking a step back behind his fellow cast members. Fisher takes long, artful strides as always in the development of his moving characters. The timely build leads up to the pair's perfectly-executed plot for revenge, which draws greatly from classic fairy tales and traditional storytelling techniques. The philosophical implications involving the existence of the soul and one's ability to transcend death also weigh heavier than in Frankenstein's other outings. Along with the fantastic performances by Thorley Walters, Robert Morris, and the ravishing Susan Denberg, FRANKENSTEIN CREATED WOMAN not only becomes one of the series' strongest sequels, but also one of Hammer's finest films!

Rating: 9/10.

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Silent Night Deadly Night 5 (1991)

Mickey Rooney plays a demented toymaker, Joe Petto, whose hand-made toys are to die for! SILENT NIGHT DEADLY NIGHT 5 may not be a great film. It may not even be a good film for that matter. But it is at least better than the previous sequels by comparison. It actually centers around the holiday for starters, but it is also very mean-spirited and unique. The problem, as always with these films, is that the interesting premise is quickly destroyed by the drab acting and storyline. Who are we to side with here? The neglectful mother and her mute child? The obsessive Santa stalker? The crazed toymaker? Or maybe the guy who can't seem to keep the boom mic out of the shot? Thankfully, the film packs enough mild gore and Mickey Rooney 'splotation to keep things moving, if only at a crawl. The creative effects that come out of the final scene are worth the wait, so sit back and enjoy as the killer toys take over Christmas!

Rating: 5/10. Read The Full Post HERE!

The Evil of Frankenstein (1964)

On the run, as always, Baron Frankenstein returns to his chateau in Karlstaad with his trusty assistant Hans to gather funds by selling his previous belongings, only to discover that the Burgomaster has taken them for himself! Frankenstein is run out of town once again when he confronts the corrupt official, where he finds his monstrous creation frozen but intact within a mountain cave. With the help of a local gypsy, Frankenstein revives the creature, but with disastrous results! After stealthfully avoiding copyright infringement by modifying the look of The Monster in previous films, Hammer was finally able to shape the creature after the original Jack Pierce designs with Universal International signed on as distributor, but the mangled results are far from stellar. The lavish set designs, on the other hand, never fail to impress in this third outing. Cushing, as Frankenstein, surprisingly assumes the role of the victim, a man of science who is surrounded by simpletons that only look to destroy his life's work. Director Freddie Francis distances his film from Fisher's earlier entries, making this a stand-alone sequel with no continuity to either of the ones that came before it. If anything, it is more likely to resemble many of the lower-budget sequels from the Universal FRANKENSTEIN films. THE EVIL OF FRANKENSTEIN is competently acted and directed, but one of the more forgettable entries in the series.

Rating: 7/10.

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Silent Night Deadly Night 4 (1990)

An investigative reporter is attempting to solve a recent suicide that seems to be linked to a mysterious feminist cult in SILENT NIGHT DEADLY NIGHT 4. This film couldn't have anything less to do with the rest of the series, and clearly had the name tacked on at the last minute for publicity. No Santa Claus. No Christmas killing spree. No Fun. Instead, it plays closer to THE WICKER MAN or THE LAIR OF THE WHITE WORM. Only badly. The confused plot even has the lead fantasize about giant bugs before transforming into one herself? And for no better reason than to show off more of Screaming Mad George's gruesome creature effects. Clint Howard takes over for Eric Freeman and Bill Moseley in a throwaway role as "Ricky Caldwell," if you can even call him that. Another terrible sequel.

Rating: 4/10. Read The Full Post HERE!

Escape with 'Martha Marcy May Marlene' This January

Featuring the Award Winning Short Film “Mary Last Seen”

Only On Blu-ray and DVD February 21

LOS ANGELES, CA - December 21, 2011 - From 2011 Sundance Film Festival “Best Director” winner Sean Durkin, in his feature film debut, and featuring breakout star Elizabeth Olsen in her “Best Female Lead” Film Independent Spirit Award nominated role, MARTHA MARCY MAY MARLENE arrives on Blu-ray and DVD February 21 from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.

After escaping from a dangerous cult and the watchful eye of its charismatic leader, a young woman named Martha (Olsen) tries to reclaim a normal life with her family. But the haunting memories from Martha’s past trigger a chilling paranoia — and nowhere seems safe as the fragile line between her reality and delusions begin to blur.

Supported by unforgettable powerhouse performances from Academy Award® nominee John Hawkes (Winter’s Bone, American Gangster) and Sarah Paulson (Down With Love, What Women Want), the MARTHA MARCY MARY MARLENE Blu-ray and DVD is rich with feature special features, including “Mary Last Seen,” the chilling short film by writer/director Durkin that started it all.

Pre-book date is January 25.

● Mary Last Seen
● Spotlight on Elizabeth Olsen
● The Story
● The Making of Martha Marcy May Marlene
● A Conversation with Filmmakers
● The Psyche of a Cult
● "Marcy's Song" Music Video by John Hawkes
● Theatrical Trailer

● Mary Last Seen

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Hellraiser 9 (2011)

HELLRAISER has always had a bad reputation when it comes to sequels, which typically tend to be more experimental than many other series. Well, HELLRAISER: REVELATIONS certainly doesn't look to change that. It follows two overprivileged teens that set off to Mexico for a week of debauchery, only to discover a mysterious puzzle box that is supposed to grant the furthest reaches of human ecstasy. At home, their parents try to forget the loss of their sons, when one returns to tell them about his escape from hell. As much as Horror fans like to deny it, their villainous heroes are past their prime, and are now distant memories. Who wants to see a sagging Pinhead in his late 50's still tormenting souls? Though few embrace the recent rash of remakes, this is the time to replace starring villains, not in pathetic sequels that make mockeries of the characters. It is not that Stephan Smith Collins is terrible in the role (although highly forgettable), but more the case that the film, itself, is abhorring to the senses. REVELATIONS comes desperately close to TROLL 2 in terms of unnatural dialog and wooden performances, which is a fate worse than death for any serious horror film. Though packed with gore, it is impossible to get past the idiotic characters and mind-numbing script. It comes as no surprise that the film was a rushed attempt for the Weinstein company to withhold the rights to the series, but what good is a title when you have destroyed its name? Worst in the series, by far.

Rating: 3/10.

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The Revenge of Frankenstein (1958)

Victor von Frankenstein narrowly escapes the guillotine, only to resume practice again in the village of Carlsbruck under a false name. By volunteering his time to the poor during the day, he is able to continue his seedy experiments by night, using bits and pieces of his other patients to give his invalid assistant a new body! Peter Cushing returns in THE REVENGE OF FRANKENSTEIN, Terence Fisher's worthy follow-up to the electrifying CURSE OF FRANKENSTEIN. Frankenstein casts off the diabolical persona found throughout the series, and takes on a rather noble and selfless role here... Or so it would seem... His newest experiment appears to be a complete success, until Karl's body begins rejecting its new components as his brain slips into a primitive state, making him unfit for Frankenstein to put on display. Michael Gwynn is fantastic as Frankenstein's pitiful experiment, having to play both the amiable victim of the evil plot, and a crazed monster. Cushing is far more reserved than before, but takes every opportunity to excel, especially when confronted by the medical counsel and his misguided patients in the end. A top-rate sequel, to be sure!

Rating: 8/10.

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A Conversation with Frank LaLoggia

1980's film fans will remember him from his two supernatural thrillers FEAR NO EVIL and LADY IN WHITE, and tonight, I Like Horror Movies is happy to sit down with director Frank LaLoggia in our first ever podcast! Frank will be making his triumphant return to the big screen with a new musical, MIRO/MIRANDA!, which is currently being planned as an Italian/American co-production. Select photos have been provided by Mr. LaLoggia from the premiere of LADY IN WHITE at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences theater that took place in summer of 1987. With no further adieu, please enjoy A Conversation with Frank LaLoggia:

A very special thanks goes out to director Frank LaLoggia once again for taking the time to speak with us, and for providing the many wonderful photos from his personal collection! Read The Full Post HERE!

Silent Night Deadly Night 3 (1989)

A blind teen is undergoing an experiment in which she subconsciously taps into the mind of serial killer Ricky Caldwell telepathically to try to awaken him from his comatose state. After another failed attempt, she heads off on vacation over the Christmas holiday, but she inadvertently sends Ricky images of his most hated holiday that awaken him from his mental prison with only one thing on his mind: Revenge? Fearing that there was far too much good celluloid left in the world, Monte Hellman, acclaimed director of nothing, set out to waste as much as possible with another awful sequel to SILENT NIGHT DEADLY NIGHT. Although it is no worse than the last film (no film ever could be), it is certainly less enjoyable. The hilarious overtures of "actor" Eric Freeman are sorely missed here, as Bill Moseley takes over for him in the role. Moseley is only given a couple of lines and forced to wear a ridiculous fishbowl over his exposed brain throughout the entirety of the film, sans Santa suit. The Z-movie plotting immediately falls back into a tedious stalk-and-slash routine with few deaths and very little gore. Avoid.

Rating: 4/10. Read The Full Post HERE!

Gremlins (1984)

The sleepy town of Kingston Falls is in for a world of trouble when Billy receives a cute little pet Mogwai for Christmas. Billy is given three easy rules to follow to keep his pet safe, but when he breaks two of them by mistake, the creature spawns a horde of mischievous little monsters that are bent on murder and mayhem! It is a Christmas we will never forget in GREMLINS, the classic creature-feature from 1984 that has left a permanent impression on pop-culture. Joe Dante works from various childhood influences like Looney Tunes and Merry Meoldies to create a wacky world of cartoon chaos, using the incredibly artistry and animatronics of Chris Walas to bring these tiny terrors to life. The creature designs are so nasty and finely articulated that they become indistinguishable from real life. Steven Spielberg's influence is always apparent in the picturesque setting of Kingston Falls. That is, until the Gremlins take over! What starts with cruel jokes and minor tampering turns into full blown madness as the monsters tear up the town and terrorize the neighbors. Dante always keeps the mood lighthearted and fun for all ages despite some of the darker tones and frightening monsters. Add to that the unforgettable characters created by Zach Galligan, Phoebe Cates, Hoyt Axton, and the legendary Dick Miller, and you have a timeless classic to carry on the holiday horror tradition for years to come.

Rating: 9/10.

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Trick 'R Treat (2007)

Michael Dougherty makes an incredible directorial debut with TRICK 'R TREAT, a stylish and mean-spirited Halloween anthology that is sure to become a yearly tradition for Horror fans! It is a dark Halloween Night, and the streets are alive with ghouls and ghosts! The school's principal teaches his kids the real meaning of Halloween, and why it is always important to check your candy... A beautiful young co-ed sets off to find a date for her sorority party, but both of them are in for a terrible surprise... Four kids decide to play a mean trick on one of the neighbors at a haunted rock quarry, but the ghosts that reside there don't find it to be very funny... A crotchety old man is the one who gets tricked when he decides not to offer treats to the wrong child... Dougherty doesn't just use the holiday as a cheap backdrop, but immerses the film in the modern traditions and ancient pagan lore that define it. TRICK 'R TREAT is one of the most beautifully shot Horror films to come out of the past decade, illuminating the screen with rich Autumn hues in deep oranges, reds, blues, and browns that bring out the spirit of the holiday. Creeping mists, candlelight, and creaking floorboards drip with spooky atmosphere, and create a world where vengeful spirits surely exist. Dougherty cleverly intertwines each of the sordid tales into his own twisted timeline which comes together perfectly in the end! Look for Dylan Baker, Anna Paquin, and Brian Cox in just a few of the devious roles.

Rating: 9/10.

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Silent Night Deadly Night 2 (1987)

After SILENT NIGHT DEADLY NIGHT had been cut short early during its initial release, a sequel seemed like the perfect opportunity to re-market and re-release footage from the original film to reduce costs. Nothing could have prepared audiences for the horrifying results: A virtual clip show containing over forty full minutes of the first film framed around some of the worst acting and inconceivable plotting known to man. Ricky, Billy's younger brother, relays the events of his brother's screwed up childhood and ensuing rampage to a police psychologist, but oddly enough, he does so from his brother's perspective since he wasn't present for the majority of the events. After, he describes his own disjointed and incomprehensible murder spree. There is no way to adequately describe how terrible Eric Freeman's performance is in the film, it literally has to be seen to believe:

SILENT NIGHT DEADLY NIGHT 2 is only remarkable for being one of the worst films ever made. The typical Slasher series doesn't resort to reusing stock footage for at least six or seven sequels, but the flashbacks here almost outlast the running time of the new footage! It is only a little more acceptable in this case due to the fact that many viewers missed out on seeing the original in theaters, but that does not excuse the rest of the pathetic production. It always seems like there is some joke going on behind the scenes that director Lee Harry didn't share with the cast, as if the entire film was some sadistic episode of Candid Camera. Nothing else could explain how performances like this could have made it in:

It goes without saying that the only thing worth watching for is the atrocious acting and dialog, but this is one of those rare occasions where the film is so incredibly bad that it has become a cult favorite amongst Horror fans.

Rating: 2/10.
Entertainment: 8/10.

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Silent Night Deadly Night (1984)

What could be better than watching a deranged Santa Claus enforce his misguided morals upon naughty girls and boys on Christmas Eve? As we learned in 1984, nothing.

SILENT NIGHT DEADLY NIGHT opens on Christmas Eve, when Billy and Ricky witness their parents being killed by a thief in a Santa suit. They are quickly shuttled off to the local orphanage, where Billy runs into trouble with Mother Superior for drawing pictures of dead Santas and sneaking a peak at two young lovers. After lashing him with the belt and tying him to the bed, Mother Superior teaches Billy that punishment is good. Punishment is absolute. We are always punished for our sins. Years later, Billy takes a job at the local toy shop, where he is forced to play Santa Claus for all the town's children after a co-worker calls out sick. With the memories of mom and dad still fresh in mind, Billy snaps, and decides to spread a little bloody Christmas cheer of his own the only way he knows how... PUNISH!

It should come as no surprise that a poster depicting Santa coming down the chimney with a fire axe might stir up a few parents, and after much complaining, SILENT NIGHT DEADLY NIGHT was effectively cut or banned from countless theaters across the country during its initial release. But why? SILENT NIGHT DEADLY NIGHT is no more harmful than any of the other holiday Horror films to come out in the early 80s. DON'T OPEN TILL CHRISTMAS had someone slinking around London killing anyone dressed as Santa? MY BLOODY VALENTINE showed the sadistic Miner ripping out people's hearts on Valentine's Day? It is clear from the start that this isn't the real Santa anyways, though that wouldn't have convinced any of the parents who boycotted the film without even seeing it. Could it have been the loose plotting about trauma, punishment, and revenge, or maybe the sub-par acting? No, it could only have been the fact that a psycho Santa is running around killing people with a freakin' fire axe!

There really is nothing more to SILENT NIGHT DEADLY NIGHT than a ton of awesome gore, but who's complaining? Well... Besides the parents. First off, we get the world's worst grandpa, who warns Billy that "If you see Santa Claus tonight you better run boy, you better run for ya life!" Thanks, grandpa. Next, it isn't enough for the armed gunman in the Santa suit to steal the family car... No, he has to shoot dad and then rape mom before slicing her neck open. Classy! Does poor Billy get any sympathy after witnessing these traumatic events? Hell no, Mother Superior adds to the fire and tries to beat the fear out of him. It works, for a little. But once Billy gets a hold of that Santa costume, it's all over. Billy strangles a naughty co-worker with Christmas lights, stabs another, brains his boss with a hammer, shoots the Mrs. with an arrow... And that's all before leaving the store! Linnea Quigley makes a great wall mount as she is thrust through a pair of deer antlers, topless. Her boyfriend doesn't get much better treatment. Thankfully, her little sister has been a good little girl, and is handed a bloodied box opener instead of being killed. Two bullies steal a pair of sleds, and it is off with their heads! The film rightfully ends at the footsteps of the orphanage, where Santa makes one final stop on his deadly rampage. In its uncut form, SILENT NIGHT DEADLY NIGHT paints the winter snow red with blood. And if the brutal deaths weren't entertaining enough, Robert Brian Wilson's absurd performance as Billy takes the cake. He is completely emotionless as he coldly shouts 'PUNISH' before planting his axe into each victim.

For everything that this tasteless and trashy film lacks, it more than makes up for in bloody violence that Slasher fans are sure to enjoy year after year!

Rating: 6/10.
Gore: 8/10.


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Jack Frost 2 (2000)

Jack's back, and this time, he's brought along his mini-mutant snowball offspring to wreak havoc on the tropical island paradise where Sheriff Tiler has decided to hold his second honeymoon! Michael Cooney trades in what little seriousness the original had left for a tongue-in-cheek schlocker in JACK FROST 2: REVENGE OF THE MUTANT KILLER SNOWMAN. The title should say it all, but JACK does not disappoint when it comes to absurd humor and outrageous gore! Jack's terrible one-liners have come back with a vengeance, but with them comes an increased special effects budget that allows him to kill off the islanders in all sorts of wacky ways. From turning into a giant snow anvil and smooshing people to launching deadly icicles or exploding people's heads, his new range of weaponry quickly racks up the body count. Though the plot and characters are absolutely ridiculous, they are clearly meant to be. Cooney only aims to entertain, and as terrible as the film truly is, it is sure to please fans of other awful Slasher like... well... JACK FROST!

Rating: 4/10.

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Repossessed (1990)

Linda Blair stars as the happy-go-lucky housewife Nancy Aglet who falls back under the devil's spell and becomes REPOSSESSED! Now, Father Mayii must come back out of retirement if he hopes to save her soul for good. If you thought Elvira's puns were bad, you ain't seen nothing yet! REPOSSESSED hits the bottom of the barrel when it comes to horror comedies. It is an agonizingly unfunny spoof of THE EXORCIST that reaches for the same style of inane humor found in the AIRPLANE or THE NAKED GUN films, but comes up desperately short. Leslie Nielsen returns as another naive and nitwitted character, garnering very few laughs as he stumbles through one ill-conceived set-up after another. Director Bob Logan attempts to poke fun at everything from televangelists to fitness clubs(?), and can never seem to pick a solid direction for the film to follow. With nowhere left to go, we end on a televised exorcism which includes a musical number where Nielsen impersonates everyone from Michael Jackson to Elton John, badly. At least Linda Blair can take a joke as she playfully parodies herself as Nancy. All of the expected pea-spitting and head-spinning jokes remain faithfully intact, and as idiotic as it truly is, EXORCIST fans are sure to find some guilty pleasure in watching.

Rating: 4/10.

Movies like REPOSSESSED:

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Black Christmas (1974)

The girls of the Pi Kappa Sigma sorority are receiving threatening phone calls on Christmas Eve, but little do they know that they are coming from a killer that is hiding inside the house! Unappreciated in its time and still surprisingly unseen by many, BLACK CHRISTMAS nevertheless remains one of the most influential films in the pre-Slasher cycle, and an unsung classic of modern Horror. Calls coming from within the house, a faceless, motiveless killer, an auspicious holiday setting, a house filled with terrified co-eds, the chilling first-person perspective of the killer. Many of these defining characteristics first appeared in BLACK CHRISTMAS, a full four years before John Carpenter would release HALLOWEEN.

BLACK CHRISTMAS introduces us to an excellent cast of characters who, though conventional, show a great deal of personal identity. We have Margot Kidder who plays an all-too-convincing drunken bitch, a bumbling and smart-mouthed house mother Mrs. Mack, the beautiful Olivia Hussey in the lead, and film legend John Saxon as the cunning police chief who is out to stop the killer. The actors help to balance the even blend of dark humor and horror that Bob Clark has written in to each of their lines. No character is ever 'offed' in any simple manner; each of their deaths are as violent as they are unique and memorable. Clare's asphyxiation atop the rocking chair holds the same impact and horror as Argento's opening strangulation in SUSPIRIA.

Bob Clark instills a constant sense of dread despite the cheerful holiday setting. The old, dark house provides an ominous setting for his characters to roam, as the camera effortlessly floats through its hallways with all of the style and grace of the great Mario Bava. The suspense never ends in BLACK CHRISTMAS, and neither does the mystery. The audience is left guessing as to the identity of the killer all the way to the very end. There is no safety or solace to be found in the closing scene; in fact, the night has just begun for poor Jess! Though many are killed throughout the film, very little is actually shown. Instead, Clark tastefully alludes to the extreme acts of violence off-camera. This would be reversed in the 2006 remake. Utterly.

Before his tragic death in 2007, Bob Clark revealed that an ambitious film student once asked him what he would do if he were to ever make a sequel to BLACK CHRISTMAS. Clark stated that he would set it one year later in the same house. The killer was caught, but has escaped from the mental institute to resume killing. He would call it HALLOWEEN. Who else would ask but a young John Carpenter, the known opportunist who would go on to make the similarly titled (and themed) Horror classic. Whether Carpenter truly stole his ideas from here or not is largely irrelevant at this point, but BLACK CHRISTMAS deserves rightful recognition for establishing many key elements of the Slasher genre that are commonly ascribed to HALLOWEEN. It is a wonderfully dark and brooding film that should be at the top of every Horror fan's list!

Rating: 9/10.


Read on for an extra Christmas treat as we explore the two possible killers in BLACK CHRISTMAS from our original 2009 review:


What may be the greatest element of BLACK CHRISTMAS is the ambiguous and open ending, which never gives the viewer closure on the identity of the killer nor does it allow the viewer the satisfaction or safety of knowing that the killer has been stopped. The entire film is based around the mystery behind the insane Billy, and there is a clear debate over whether or not Jess' boyfriend Peter was actually the one responsible for the murders. Clark leaves clear visual and audio clues throughout the entire film that back both claims:

The attentive viewer will find numerous details that prove Peter is actually Billy. Peter lives in the conservatory for the musicians on campus, and he is a concert pianist. During the time of the first murder, his only alibi as he explains to Jess is that he has been locked away practicing for days. Later, we are privy to his final exam before the committee, where he offers a less-than-stellar performance. This implies that he may not have been studying as he claims to have been. Also, during the recital, we are shown that he plays in a very modern and expressionist form, with no harmony or melody but rather a rash string of harsh notes. This mirrors the piano notes that Clark cues during the killings, which could easily foreshadow the fact that Peter is involved. The exchanges between Billy and Agnes during the phone calls also seems to insinuate some sort of childhood trauma between the two. These strong ties to childhood events combined with the prospect of Jess' pregnancy could have served as the catalyst that sets Peter off if he were, in fact, Billy. There are several visual notes that also tip Peter off as the potential killer. During Barb's murder, Billy is seen to share a striking resemblance in body composition and hairstyle to Peter. There are also a few seconds where Billy's clothing give off a green tint, similar to the green sweater that Peter wears the majority of the film. As Jess escapes in the final chase sequence, Billy also grabs at her through the stairs with a green-clothed arm. It could also be argued that Peter is yet another persona of Billy's fractured psyche, since he already appears to have three distinct personalities during the phone calls to the house.

With this much evidence pointing towards Peter as the killer, it would seem that he is the clear and obvious choice, but Clark cleverly drives several other points across that make the film even more ambiguous. After Clare is killed, we catch a glimpse of Billy in what looks like a Navy blue shirt and jeans, which is entirely unlike any of Peter's wardrobe. None of the three voices that come through on the phone resemble Peter's tonality or vocal range. It is also important to note that Kier Dullea, who played Peter, was not one of the three actors used to voice the recordings for Billy's phone calls, which also distances him from the character. There is a complete lack of motive for Peter to begin killing prior to finding out that Jess is pregnant. Clare is killed before he is made aware of the pregnancy or of Jess' plans for it, so there is no reason for him to have suddenly cracked previous to this. It is also presumed that Peter is at his piano recital at the same time that Mrs. Mack is killed, giving him another sound alibi. If we are to believe that he has been telling Jess the truth, other musicians at the conservatory would have been able to vouch for his whereabouts as he studied for his exam while Clare was being strangled to death. In the final chase scene, there is a close-up of Billy's eye behind the door. In this shot, Billy's eye color is established as being a light green, but there is a prominent brown crescent or cataract around his iris. As Jess lies in the basement with Peter's lifeless body draped over her, it is clear to the viewer that Peter does, in fact, have bright green eyes, but he does not have the brown distinction around his iris. It is also presumed that his body was removed from the house by the police at the end of the film, which would clearly prove he is not the killer since Billy returns to the attic in the closing scene. This, however, also lends to the argument that there may have been two killers, and that Agnes is the person climbing into the attic in that final shot.

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Candyman 3 (1999)

Caroline mistakenly resurrects the spirit of her murderous ancestor, the Candyman, during the opening of an art exhibit that is being held in his honor, unleashing another wave of terror throughout the streets of Los Angeles during the Day of the Dead celebration. CANDYMAN 3 is filled with ridiculous racial stereotypes, dreadful dialog, and pitiful performances. Playboy Playmate Donna D'Errico only has two things going for her, and they aren't her sharp wit or keen acting prowess. She is simply atrocious in the lead, and would have been better off sticking with Baywatch. Turi Meyer doesn't do much better as director, creating very little suspense or atmosphere as he turns away from the Gothic ghost story and embraces the Slasher genre. His attempt to recreate the stylish and moody Mardi Gras sequence from the second film falls flat. Worst off is poor Tony Todd, who desperately tries to carry the weight of the film himself, but whose performance ultimately suffers from the sophomoric script. This sequel is best left forgotten.

Rating: 4/10.

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Apollo 18 (2011)

In 1972, the Department of Defense launches Apollo 18 on a secret mission to the moon. Objective: Unknown. Its crew would never return. Nearly 30 years later, their footage has been found. If you aren't already a fan of the "found-footage" genre, APOLLO 18 is unlikely to change that fact, but for anyone who enjoys watching in horror through the shaky first-person perspective of the camera will find this to be another fresh new take on the format. Director Gonzalo López-Gallego has taken great care in making every scene feel authentic by properly aging the footage and dressing down the technology to fit the early 1970's. The cramped space station and craterous moon setting add the the believability, and allow for a suspension of disbelief as we travel alongside the cosmonauts in zero-gravity. While this particular style does lend credibility to the plot, it is also cause for a lot of expected slow-downs in the pace, with the action being spread thin throughout the entire run-time. Fear and paranoia do set in much like in THE THING once the men discover that there is life on other worlds. An interesting use of the format to be sure, APOLLO 18 nevertheless reaches the limit of its own high concept quickly as the audience eagerly awaits any signs of life from the film.

Rating: 7/10.

Movies like APOLLO 18:

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Little Deaths (2011)

Not since the days of Clive Barker and Shin'ya Tsukamoto has a film produced such horribly twisted sexuality, blurring the lines of pleasure and pain in a series of LITTLE DEATHS. The anthology feature begins with an affluent couple who share a particular taste for homeless women, but they get more than they bargained for when they invite Sorrow into their home. Next, a former prostitute creates a psychic link with an undead Nazi drone after taking an experimental drug made from its hallucinogenic seed. Lastly, a couple's role-playing adventures are pushed too far, forcing one of them to lash out in bloody revenge! Shocking, perverse, yet oddly alluring, LITTLE DEATHS is impossible to look away from. There is no telling what direction any of the stories will take as they dive into the deepest and darkest regions of human desire. The extreme nature of the shorts might make the film inaccessible to most audiences, but for all of the disturbing imagery displayed on screen, we are met with sharp cinematography and wicked performances from the entire cast. Experience the ultimate sexual shocker for yourself in LITTLE DEATHS!

Rating: 8/10.

Movies like LITTLE DEATHS:

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Black Christmas (2006)

The 2006 remake of BLACK CHRISTMAS was doomed to fail from the very beginning, and yet it is surprisingly one of the most entertaining entries the Slasher genre has seen in years! Glen Morgan never attempts to recreate the suspense and mystery of the original, and instead delivers an absurdly hilarious and over-the-top gorefest to bring some holiday cheer to Horror fans. Once again, the Delta Alpha Kappa house is receiving intimidating phone calls on Christmas Eve, the same night when a deranged psychopath killed his family at that very house years earlier. What they don't know is that Billy has escaped from the mental institute and returned home for the holidays! From the very beginning, we are introduced to both villains, which destroys the ambiguity of the original story. In doing so, however, we get to see the makings of these two insane killers in a series of twisted flashbacks. It is no wonder Billy turned into such a model citizen given his pathetic childhood and abusive mother. Back on the loose, he and his inbred daughter wreak terror on the dopey sorority sisters in an eye-popping extravaganza of bloody mayhem! Literally, eye-popping, eye-eating, eye-stabbing... Morgan has found more ways to gouge out people's eyes than anyone ever thought possible! All the while, the onslaught of violence is set to the ironic "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy" as one idiot character is mercilessly killed after another. Robert Mann's infuriated performance as Billy earns some great laughs as he sets up the character's building rage, but thankfully the mindless sorority girls are quickly dispatched. A guilty pleasure to be sure, BLACK CHRISTMAS is too much fun to be tossed away with the other garbage Slasher remakes like SORORITY ROW or APRIL FOOL'S DAY.

Rating: 6/10.
Gore: 8/10.

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Bring Home 'My Pure Joy' This Valentine's Day!

Get Your Gore on with
Arriving on DVD this February!

LOS ANGELES, CA - December 11, 2011 - The indie horror film MY PURE JOY, Written and Directed by James Cullen Bressack, has been scooped up for distribution by MEDIA BLASTERS under their FRESH MEAT label. After numerous great reviews, the film that was Written and Directed at the time by an 18 year old, is joining the ranks of movies by genre veterans such as Frank Hennenlotter, Takashi Miike, and Herschell Gordon Lewis, to name a few.

It has been given a very interesting release date, Valentine's Day. (Feb 14th 2012). The DVD is currently available for pre-order on Amazon:

The Film Stars: Alexei Ryan, Cory Jacob, Jd Fairman, Christopher Chandler, and Lisa Frantz

Synopsis: "On the outside Adam appears to be a normal teenager, but underneath...his mind has been so rotted by trauma from his past and the gory films he watches, that he has blurred the lines between reality and pretend! This prompts Adam to start killing people in similar ways to films he watches, making sure to put his own little spin on it."

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Open the 'Treasure Chest of Horrors' in 2012!

World Wide Multi Media Acquires
New Horror Anthology
For Release in 2012!

LOS ANGELES, CA - December 11, 2011 - From Executive Producer's James Cullen Bressack and Jarret Cohen at Psykik Junky Pictures and directors Doug Waugh and Shawn C. Phillips comes this NO BUDGET HORROR ANTHOLOGY starring Cult film legend Lloyd Kaufman (Toxic Avenger) and Shawn C. Phillips (Don & Murph).

Join us on this wild horror anthology filled with zombies, vampires, serial killers, killer mannequins and pirates!

The Film was Just Picked up for WORLD WIDE distribution by the company WORLD WIDE MULTI MEDIA and comes out on DVD in 2012.

Check out the trailer below:

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Sink Your Teeth into 'Shark Night' This January!

Take a bite out of the New Year with
on Blu-ray and DVD January 3rd

LOS ANGELES, CA - December 11, 2011 - Your deepest fears are about to surface with this frightening tale of seven vacationers whose fun weekend at a lake house turns into a nightmare when they become victims of a series of hellish shark attacks. From David R. Ellis, the director of The Final Destination, SHARK NIGHT features a sexy ensemble cast who bring a whole new dimension of terror to the screen. Jam packed with exciting extras including “Shark Night Survival Guide” – everything you need to know to avoid becoming human chum – the Blu-ray and DVD comes up for air on January 3rd from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.

The moment Sara (Sara Paxton) and her friends arrive at her parent's Louisiana lake house, the party is in full gear. Everyone is having a blast until Malik (Sinqua Walls) loses his arm in what initially appears to be a tragic wake-boarding mishap. Determined to get him to the nearest hospital as quickly as possible, it isn't until they're far from shore that they realize the lake is teeming with hungry sharks, and a tiny speedboat isn't about to stop them from getting their next meal. As the feeding frenzy begins, Sara and her pals realize that their only hope for survival is to swim for their lives!

SHARK NIGHT features performances from Sara Paxton (Superhero Movie), Dustin Milligan (Slither), Chris Carmack (“The O.C.”), Katharine McPhee (“American Idol,” House Bunny), Chris Zylka (My Super Psycho Sweet 16, The Secret Circle), Alyssa Diaz (“As the World Turns”), Joel David Moore (Avatar) and Sinqua Walls (The Second Half).

SHARK NIGHT is available on Blu-ray and DVD on January 3rd. Incentive Film Entertainment and Sierra/Affinity’s SHARK NIGHT was theatrically-released by Relativity Media on September 2, 2011.


·Shark Attack! Kill Machine! – Use this feature to jump to your favorite kills quickly

·Ellis’ Island – A cast appreciation of what Shark Night director David Ellis brought to the film

SHARK NIGHT Blu-ray Disc Features:

All of the DVD features, plus…

·Shark Night’s Survival Guide – Everything you need to know about the sharks in the movie to avoid becoming human chum!

·Fake Sharks Real Scares – This behind the scenes featurette focuses on the use of both animatronic and CGI sharks in Shark Night

·Digital Copy

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Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011)

Go back to where it all began in RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES! A brilliant researcher has developed a new serum that has the potential to cure Alzheimer's, but when his test subjects are killed following after a failed experiment, he is left with only one chimp. Will raises Caesar as his own, as his intelligence begins to grow at an alarming rate. After a freak attack against one of the neighbors, Caesar is forced into a wildlife rescue, where he and each of the other animals are abused and tormented by their jailers, forcing Caesar to rally the other apes in a revolt against humanity!

RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES provides a fitting beginning to the fall of mankind, although a sequel certainly seems eminent. Rupert Wyatt brings the film to life using astounding special effects and heart-pounding action that are sure to keep you on the edge of your seat! Although James Franco and John Lithgow attempt to inject some forced sentimentality into the earlier scenes, the main focus always remains on our anti-hero chimp, Caesar. Through cutting-edge motion capture technology, Andy Serkis is able to give this fully-computerized character true life, with personality, heart, and soul that read through his eyes and expressions. Caesar gains sympathy and support in his struggles against mankind, as he suffers time and time again at the hands of his captors. Watching RISE is a bit of an Easter egg hunt as well, with clever cameos and allusions to the other films embedded playfully throughout the script. The only real misstep is that the long running time only provides the beginning to the beginning of the story, and never amounts to the full-scale planetary take-over by the super-intelligent apes. The strengths and successes will surely allow for a continuation in the next chapter, however.

Rating: 8/10.

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Black Dynamite (2009)

He's super bad. He's outta sight. He's... BLACK DYNAMITE! Michael Jai White stars in this hilarious parody of classic Soul Cinema. Black Dynamite hits the streets to find the man responsible for his brother's murder, but he uncovers a much more sinister plot that involves crooked cops, drug-dealing pimps, and a trail of evidence that leads all the way back to the White House! The creative team behind BLACK DYNAMITE has struck comic gold with their new cult-sensation. With the help of talented wardrobe and location scouts, Scott Sanders has truly allowed this film to walk out of the 70's. Every suit, every store, and every line of dialog feels authentic to the era of Blaxploitation films, while the script brilliantly highlights all of the unintentional humor and absurdity found therein. Visible boom mics and out-of-place edits are only a few of the entertaining visual references, but the clever dialog and straight-faced performances are what make this a classic. Sanders even uses the Super 16 color reversal process to give BLACK DYNAMITE a vintage look that succeeds even over major throwback pictures like Quentin Tarantino's GRINDHOUSE double-bill. While featuring a number of hysterical cameos by top comedians like Arsenio Hall, Tommy Davidson, and screenwriter Bryon Minns, no one can top Michael Jai White as Black Dynamite. He is a bad ass motha' and the ultimate ladies' man, rightfully earning his place beside cult heroes like Shaft and Dolemite. On top of that, White is insanely funny, and plays into the ironic nature of the script perfectly. Although BLACK DYNAMITE does require a basic underlying knowledge of the Blaxploitation genre in order to fully appreciate the humor, it is still a twisted treat for any fan to pick up and enjoy!

Rating: 8/10.


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28 Weeks Later (2007)

In 28 days, Britain was destroyed by a deadly virus. It has been six months. The plague is dead, and those that escaped are slowly being reinstated back into their homes by the US Armed Forces. When a lone survivor is found hiding amongst the wreckage, military officials believe that they may hold the key to finding a cure, but unfortunately for them, she is also a carrier for the horrible disease! The Rage virus returns in 28 WEEKS LATER, and in a big way. We see how quickly the virus is able to spread again from the very beginning, as it consumes everyone in its path and takes over the streets of London once more. Collateral damage is the name of the game; when the virus strikes, the real terror isn't in being eaten... It is in dodging bullets. 28 WEEKS LATER continues the theme where man is shown to be the bigger monster, and the complete disregard for human life proves to be the most frightening. This tool is used most effectively when Robert Carlyle selfishly abandons his wife for fear of being eaten in the opening scene.

Director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo steps up the action and violence in 28 WEEKS LATER, but the story leaves much to be desired. One must fully surrender to the implausibility of the plot and the giant leaps in logic in order to enjoy the film. At the very least, it seems highly unlikely that a country ravished by a deadly virus would begin repopulating itself a mere six months after the devastation. The fact that anyone could survive long enough during this period without the military spotting them in a highly secured zone is a bit much, but then to leave this person completely unguarded only to have the plague begin again requires some real incompetence. This may play into the anti-American sentiment that is embedded throughout the film, however, as the US is portrayed as being a gun-toting police state governing world affairs with semi-automatics and napalm. London turns out to be nothing more than an experiment, and when it fails, it is wiped clean.

Many of these issues could easily be overlooked had we been given compelling characters to move us through the plot, but no one steps in to win the audiences' affection. The two children are as one-dimensional as the military officials looking to save them, and even the deaths of several major characters lack emotional impact. Instead, we have an hour-and-a-half of bland characters beating extraordinary odds in order to survive. Still, there are enough stylish moments of tension and suspense to keep us watching.

Rating: 7/10.

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Jack Frost (1996)

Frosty's coming to town... To KILL! A fateful accident turns the homicidal maniac Jack Frost into a giant mutant killer snowman. Now, Jack has returned to terrorize the small mountain town of Snowmonton while seeking revenge against the sheriff that locked him away. JACK FROST has all the makings of a great B-movie: a ridiculous villain, awful humor, and a wintery holiday setting. Wise crackin' Jack is given only the worst one-liners as he spreads his bloody holiday cheer around town. The actors add to the absurdity by playing everything perfectly straight, despite being chased by a killer snowman made out of fluffy white Christmas flock. Director Michael Cooney does earn a few cheap laughs along the way, although most will be laughing at the movie, and not with it. As far as murders go, the film packs in quite a number of ridiculous deaths, including a decapitation by sled, an icicle impalement, and an axe to the face (not what you would expect). Look for Shannon Elizabeth in an early starring role.

Rating: 5/10.
Entertainment: 7/10.

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Charles Band Vidcast on the Set of 'The Dead Want Women'

Charles Band weighs in from the set of The Dead Want Women, featuring Eric Roberts, Ariana Madix, Jean-Louise O'Sullivan, and Jessica Morris! Check out this little tour of the set. The ghosts of the 1920's are restless!

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Chillerama (2011)

The twisted minds of Adam Rifkin, Tim Sullivan, Joe Lynch, and Adam Green come together to bring you the greatest midnight movie of all time! ...Well, not exactly. Not at all, actually... CHILLERAMA is in contention with CREEPSHOW 3 and SNOOP DOGG'S HOOD OF HORROR for the title of worst omnibus film ever made. It is vulgar and childish, but worst of all, it is dreadfully boring.

America's last drive-in is shutting its doors forever, but not before putting on one final show: It's Chillerama, featuring four ghoulish tales of terror! Up first, a giant mutant sperm cell goes on a rampage through New York City in WADZILLA! Then, a young teen fights his confusing new urges in I WAS A TEENAGE WEREBEAR. Next, Hitler develops the ultimate killing machine using THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANKENSTEIN. Finally, some tainted popcorn turns an entire theater audience into a pack of oversexed zombies in ZOM-B-MOVIE.

It is impossible to pick a favorite here. Literally impossible, because they are all so terrible. Instead of producing a campy satire of the drive-in fodder that was produced over the past forty years, we are given a cheesy spoof, and an idiotic one at that. Each of the stories begin with a silly enough premise, which quickly outlives the humor of the shorts, themselves. Any of the talent that these directors have displayed in the past is lost on CHILLERAMA, and instead traded in for stupid dick and fart jokes. The special effects are meant to imitate the films from these eras, and if looking awful was the goal, they certainly achieved it. While each of the entries drag on indefinitely, Tim Sullivan's gay werewolf musical simply becomes unbearable. He even makes the mistake of hiring his own Scream Queens winner Gabby West, proving once and for all that the show was a sham given her ridiculous performance. Only Joel David Moore succeeds with his hilarious play on Hitler.

CHILLERAMA is a wasted opportunity that will be hard-pressed to find an audience even with the Troma crowds.

Rating: 5/10.

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Xombies 3D (2010)

I normally do not break format to write a subjective review, but in 30 years, I have never seen anything like Johnny Markussen's XOMBIES. I am actually baffled over the film and how it was created. At first glance, it appears as if Markussen has used the rotoscoping process to create animated images of the characters. There are other times when it seems like the characters or vehicles have been shot using still photography, and that their cookie-cutter images have been layered over an inanimate background, then manipulated frame by frame using the dioramic 3D process. It is impossible to explain this awkward and unnatural shooting style accurately, and since there are no other films to compare it to, I have included several images below. If one thing is certain, it is that Johnny Markussen has huge aspirations that far exceed his budget. XOMBIES 3D has an enormous scope, and because of this peculiar shooting style, Markussen is able to take his characters through war-torn city streets and diabolical laboratories that presumably never existed as physical sets. There are some ambitious moments that show a real talent for comic-book framing and large-scale direction, so given an appropriate budget, the director has certain potential. But then.. there is the acting, writing, and special effects.. All of which fail miserably.

XOMBIES only works in the theoretical sense, because the execution itself is terrible. When the xombies aren't walking around in ridiculous paper mache costumes, they have had ugly computerized wounds splattered across their bodies. After they are struck, animated blood and body parts are strewn across the screen. Markussen even uses dolls in place of zombie children. The shooting style constantly distracts from the action on screen, because the viewer spends more time wondering what the hell they are seeing than concentrating on the film. The characters are broken into two basic groups: the poor saps that seem to be taking the film seriously, and the crazy bastards that realize what an awful mess they have gotten themselves into. This means their performances are either intentionally bad, or just plain bad. Markussen is in on the joke the entire time, however, and just has a blast experimenting with different visual styles while blowing the crap out of a ton of xombies. After bombing in Cannes, XOMBIES 3D has been making its rounds in the indie scene, where it is sure to be picked up by someone like Brain Damage Films, who can appreciate a bad movie when they see one.

Rating: 3/10.

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House 2 (1987)

Jesse discovers the gateway to another dimension when he moves into his family's old estate, but the crystal skull that opens the portal unleashes monsters and madmen that want the ancient relic for themselves! The adventure takes off in HOUSE 2, the sequel to Steve Miner's surprise hit from 1986. The second story is much different than the first, but with many returning artists (including cinematographer Mac Ahlberg and producer Sean S. Cunningham), it provides an entertaining continuation with the same style and light comic mood of the series. Although it downplays the horror here in the sequel, HOUSE 2 opens its doors to a thrilling world of fantasy, one that takes us from the land before time to the temples of ancient Mexico, and on to the Wild West! It is here that Jesse and his friend Charlie must battle everything from pterodactyls to undead gunmen in a struggle to rescue the skull and use its magic powers to keep the corpse of his great great grandfather alive! Royal Dano appears as the lovable "Gramps," and Cheers' John Ratzenberger stops in with a hilarious cameo as Bill, "Electrician and Adventurer." Fans of the first film are sure to enjoy the next quirky chapter in the HOUSE series!

Rating: 7/10.

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Joy Ride 2 (2008)

Four friends are left stranded on the road to Vegas after their car breaks down, but luckily they find an abandoned house with a running automobile that they decide to use to get to safety. Unfortunately for them, they have just borrowed the car of a crazed killer that stalks them in his giant semi as they head back out onto the highway. It's another twisted game of cat-and-mouse in JOY RIDE 2, only this time, the stakes are stupider than ever! What a misleading title. Rusty Nail returns to torture a new batch of twenty-somethings using childish pranks to match the absurd plotting, but thankfully, there is enough bloodshed along the way to keep us mildly entertained. Watch in horror as one of the characters strips to her panties! Reel in terror as another of the guys has to dress like a prostitute at a local truck stop! Puke in madness at the tired Horror tropes and dated pop culture references! Between the irritating characters and their mindless chatter, it is often difficult to stay awake, but for the precious little nuggets of gore that occasionally make their way to the screen. JOY RIDE 2 should be one of your last stops on the highway of horror.

Rating: 6/10.

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