Tintorera (1977)

Like in JAWS and so many other international knock-offs, TINTORERA finds another summer hotspot terrorized by a giant man-eating shark, this time off of the coast of Mexico. Two experienced shark hunters are left to give up their vacationing plans in order to stop the beast before it can make a mess out of more of the locals. René Cardona Jr. directs this questionable Horror film, which is remembered more for its frequent sexcapades and abusive scenes of animal cruelty against live sharks than anything else. The lovely Susan George pairs up with Hugo Stiglitz and Andrés García as shark hunters Steve and Miguel, whose passionate love triangle consumes most of the film. A 5-foot tiger shark is filmed in forced-perspective to give the illusion of our 7-foot killer, ripping the organs out of some convincing-looking dummies in several blood-soaked scenes. The beautiful cinematography both above and below the water adds to the cool island aesthetic. Cardona would head back in to deadly waters in the 1978 shocker CYCLONE, though CYCLONE would suffer from the same slow pace before reaching its gory climax.

Rating: 6/10.

Movies like TINTORERA:

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1313: Cougar Cult (2012)

Three college hunks accept a job offer as the personal assistants to three voluptuous older ladies, unaware that they have just signed on with a coven of witches who plan to sacrifice them to earn their own immortality! Notorious B-movie director David DeCoteau reunites the original Scream Queens of Horror for the first time in years as Brinke Stevens, Linnea Quigley and Michelle Bauer return to the small screen in 1313: COUGAR CULT, which is by all rights a mockery of filmmaking. DeCoteau spends over half the run time filming the boys in various stages of undress as they either shower incessantly or toss and turn in bed (in the middle of the day). The shots would be repetitive at best, but the tiring scenes lose all sense of eroticism as they reach the point of absurdity. The ladies have lost none of their particular talents, and we use that in the loosest meaning of the phrase possible. One can expect all of the same silliness and gross overacting that made their careers in the 1980's, minus any middle-aged nudity. We did find momentary satisfaction in the film's awful special effects, however, where the stationary image of a cougar is superimposed over each of the witches' faces in one of the most ridiculous transformations ever caught on film. While the allusions to the Horror classic CAT PEOPLE is appreciated, DeCoteau falls just short of Jacques Tourneur. And when David DeCoteau's worst isn't good enough, it's time to just film half naked men and forgo any attempts at plotting or character development. Rated: "S" for sexless softcore porn.

Rating: 2/10.

Movies like COUGAR CULT:

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The Prophecy 3: The Ascent (2000)

THE PROPHECY trilogy reaches its thrilling climax in THE PROPHECY 3: THE ASCENT! Danyael, the half-human son of an angel, has been chosen as mankind's only hope against the coming of the Second God, Pyriel, the Angel of Genocide. With his powers revoked, the arch-angel Gabriel is left to sit idly by and watch as the world dies... That is, unless he is able to help Danyael fulfill his destiny and stop the approaching apocalypse! THE PROPHECY 3 draws the characters and events from the first two films together for a fitting conclusion as Patrick Lussier ups the ante with more exciting action and gripping suspense. The grand scope of the picture is achieved on a much smaller scale, delivering all of the same terrifying imagery and dread at a fraction of the cost. Dave Buzzotta gives a strong performance as the lost prophet Danyael, who is struggling to find purpose after learning of his own immortality. Vincent Spano's overblown theatrics can be forgiven considering his role as the angelic assassin, Zophael, while Christopher Walken is far more reserved now that his wings have literally been clipped. The crowning moments are rightfully achieved in Danyael's final confrontation with the sinister Pyriel, as well as in the notable cameos made by the previous players in the series (Gabriel's stop at an all-too-familiar diner is particularly entertaining).

Rating: 7/10.

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Dracula: Prince of Darkness (1966)

Despite the phenomenal success of Hammer's DRACULA, it would take the famed Horror House nearly a decade to convince its star player to return to his most distinguished role. According to Lee, his decision to play the dreaded Count Dracula without any dialog was made based on the film's poor scripting. This works to the film's advantage in many ways, however, adding another eerie layer of fright to the nefarious vampire. The Count returns to life after the blood of an unsuspecting traveler is spilt upon his ashes, thereby restoring his flesh so that he may feed upon the man's unfortunate companions. Unlike Terence Fisher's previous entries in the series, DRACULA: PRINCE OF DARKNESS often suffers from its own sluggish pace, while Peter Cushing's presence is also sorely missed as the vampire hunter Van Helsing. Philip Latham keeps things interesting as Dracula's seedy assistant, Klove, along with an admirable performance by Andrew Keir as the determined Father Sandor. DRACULA: PRINCE OF DARKNESS is most notable for its horrific violence and gore, particularly in Dracula's blood-drenched resurrection scene. It falls behind Fisher's better works in most other ways.

Rating: 7/10.

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'The Baytown Outlaws' Take the UK This December

“A riot of slick and sick Tarantino-style escapism.”
-Alan Jones, Film4 Frightfest


Now Available On DVD and Blu-Ray in the UK

LONDON, GB - December 27, 2012 - More potent than a shot of Alabama moonshine, Eva Longoria (Desperate Housewives) and Billy Bob Thornton (Eagle Eye; Bad Santa), star in THE BAYTOWN OUTLAWS, a super-charged, foul-mouthed and very bloody, Tarantino-esque action-comedy, directed and co-written by Barry Battles and co-starring Paul Wesley (The Vampire Diaries), Daniel Cudmore (The Twilight Saga), Thomas Brodie-Sangster (Game Of Thrones), Travis Fimmel (The Beast), Clayne Crawford (24), Michael Rapaport (Prison Break) and Zoe Bell (Whip It; Bitch Slap; Death Proof).

Writer-director Barry Battles (along with co-writer Griffin Hood) wears his love of cinema on his sleeve with this violent and breathtakingly-paced road-romp through the Deep South, dishing out references to the likes of Rambo, The Warriors, The Devil’s Rejects, The Terminator and even E.T. as the bullets fly and the body count mounts. Throw in Eva Longoria looking amazing in a vest-top and a pair of Daisy Dukes and a rocking soundtrack that includes the likes of Clutch, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, amongst others, and you have one hugely entertaining ride that is destined for cult status.

Meet the Oodies, a trio of redneck hillbilly brothers whose main source of fun – and only source of employment – is illegally enforcing several unwritten laws on behalf of the local corrupt sheriff. When their latest job goes disastrously wrong and ends in a massacre at the wrong address, the brothers are approached by Celeste, a witness to the mayhem, with a proposal. She’s willing to pay them $25,000 for the safe return of her godson, who has been kidnapped by her ex-husband. What she fails to tell them is that the man in question is a ruthless mobster who believes Celeste is dead, having previously arranged for one of his goons to pump her full of lead.

Unsurprisingly, what should be a simple rescue mission soon turns into a southern fried battle royale of epic proportions as the brothers fall foul of a seemingly endless parade of psychopaths and miscreants who want them dead, ranging from a gang of crazy-ass biker chicks and a pack of ruthless road warriors to Federal agents, crooked cops and some very angry Native Americans.
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Count Dracula's Great Love (1973)

An unfortunate carriage accident leaves four vulnerable young women stranded in the woods, but luckily for them, they are not but a stone's throw away from an old abandoned sanitarium that now serves as the home of Dr. Wendell Marlow, who continues to conduct his experiments within its walls. As night falls, however, the ladies each fall prey to the vampire who also stalks its grounds, but which of them will become COUNT DRACULA'S GREAT LOVE? In keeping with the Spanish traditions of the time, COUNT DRACULA'S GREAT LOVE is a sexy graveyard romp that is overflowing with misty corridors, moody slow-motion shots, and bursting bodices. Paul Naschy stars as the lovelorn Count who must sink his teeth in to virgin flesh in order to free himself of his ancient curse, but virgins can be so hard to come by... COUNT DRACULA'S GREAT LOVE is more enjoyable for its dark Gothic aesthetic and dreary sets than for its uninspired storytelling, but there are little bits that make this worth watching. As Dracula's brides beset the neighboring village, we are privy to more than a mouthful of blood and spirited feasting as they prey upon the locals. The blood rites of Dracula's daughter also set the mood nicely. Naschy is slightly subdued in his performance of Dracula, which is a considerable change of pace from the snarling beast he has often portrayed as "El Hombre Lobo." Other than that, this is standard Gothic fare from the 1970's Spanish cycle.

Rating: 6/10.


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Crawlspace (2012)

Deep beneath the Australian Outback lies Area 52, a secret research facility that the government doesn't want you to know about. Here, experiments in human biomechanics have unleashed the ultimate weapon... And one that Australia's top special forces agents will be unprepared to face as they enter the facility on a seek and destroy mission! CRAWLSPACE attempts to combine CUBE's suffocating mood with the psychological terror of PATRICK or THE SENDER, although it falls short in either department. Writer/Director Justin Dix relies far too heavily on a twist ending which has been blatantly broadcast from very early on. This makes for very little suspense and minimal guesswork as the audience wades through an all-too-familiar plot and predictable characters. CRAWLSPACE does come through with a few commendable moments of supreme tension as the characters face their darkest fears within the close confines of the tunnels, but these are short-lived. The added gore, claustrophobic sets, and winning make-up designs do work to the film's advantage as well, however. With a stronger character base and a greater exploration of the villain's near-limitless powers, CRAWLSPACE may have had more room to succeed, but it becomes easily trapped by its own narrow aspirations.

Rating: 5/10.

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Image Entertainment Unearths the 'Ghoul'



Coming to DVD and Digital Download on January 8th

CHATSWORTH, CA - December 26, 2012 - Image Entertainment presents Ghoul on DVD and digital download. Directed by Gregory Wilson (The Girl Next Door), Ghoul stars Nolan Gould (“Modern Family,” Friends with Benefits), Andrea Frankle (21 Jump Street), Mattie Liptak (The Odd Life of Timothy Green), Glen Warner (Django Unchained), Zach Rand (The Woman), Brett Lapeyrouse (21 Jump Street) and Barry Corbin (No Country for Old Men, "The Closer"). SRP is $27.97.

Something ghastly haunts Golgotha Cemetery – an entity of unspeakable evil…and insatiable hunger. It is the summer of 1984, a time that should be full of lazy, carefree days for 12-year-old Timmy (Gould) and his two best friends, Doug and Barry. But when a teenaged couple goes missing among the gravestones of the local cemetery, the bloodcurdling legend of a horrific ghoul begins to seem more like reality than myth. As the body count rises, Timmy and his friends are forced to confront their worst fears when they unearth long-buried secrets and unleash not only their personal demons…but also the one lurking underground!

Ghoul is based on the eponymous novel from the multi-award winning, best-selling horror writer Brian Keene, the man who helped re-introduce the Zombie sub-genre into literature with his groundbreaking book The Rising.
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New 'Aftershock' Trailer Shakes the Web


The only this more terrifying than mother nature…
is human nature.

From Eli Roth

LOS ANGELES, CA - December 26, 2012 - What happens to a group of travelers who are in an underground nightclub in Chile when a massive earthquake hits? Find out in the brand new trailer for Nicolás López's upcoming Aftershock, presented by Eli Roth. In theaters 2013:

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Rare Exports (2010)

A group of archaeologists have uncovered the world's best kept secret hidden deep within the Korvatunturi mountains, a being of such ancient and terrifying evil that it had to be locked away for centuries in an icy tomb beneath the earth. But now, Santa has been released, and it is up three of the town's trappers and their brave young boy to stop the creature before it can wreak its bloody vengeance on all of the Earth's children! RARE EXPORTS met with immediate success upon its initial release in 2010, gathering the support of cineasts world-wide as "an instant Christmas classic." Ancient lore mixes with modern humor as director Jalmari Helander explores the darker side of the Christmas tradition. Helander tells this whimsical fairytale with a wink, allowing the twisted humor to flow naturally from his characters as they approach the feral Santa Claus with utter apprehension. Onni Tommila gives a heartfelt and endearing performance as Pietari, who passes easily through the rites of manhood as he conquers his childhood fears in order to save his friends. The only misstep falls on the rushed and gimmicky finale, which breaks away from the slow and deliberate pacing while dispelling much of the film's magic for a few cheap laughs. RARE EXPORTS is a complete departure from any other holiday-themed horror film that will surely be revisited for many years to come.

Rating: 9/10.

Movies like RARE EXPORTS:

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Decadent Evil 2 (2007)

Sugar and Dex have survived Morella's wrath, but now it is up to them to stop another foul vampire lord from collecting the last remaining souls he needs in order to grant himself immortality, using a sleazy strip club as his front for luring in new victims. Like the previous film, DECADENT EVIL 2 is utter garbage, and barely passable even as a cheesy B-movie. Some may say that the insufferable characters, unimaginative plot, and artless direction should all be expected from a Full Moon film of the time, but Charles Band generally brings some fun form of exploitation to even the worst of his features. The sex doesn't sell here, and neither does the horror.

Rating: 3/10.

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Nature Fights Back in 'The Last Buck Hunt'

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the woods...

Indiestructible Films is Celebrating the Upcoming Release of
With a Killer New Give-A-Way!

LOS ANGELES, CA - December 22, 2012 - With post-production quickly drawing to a close on their campy cult-comedy, The Last Buck Hunt, Indiestructible Films is kicking their promotions into high-gear as they prepare for a Spring release in 2013!

Led by a wanna-be hunting prodigy, the hapless crew of an outdoors show hunt a legendary buck that's terrorized residents of the Northwest for years. The show's unassuming cameraman tries to hold the crew together as their outdoors adventure turns deadly.

Read on for more details and for your chance to win a $50 Amazon Giftcard care of Indiestructile Films!

Filmed in the wilds of the Pacific Northwest, The Last Buck Hunt is an independent feature film starring Zack Gold (Stockholm, Fear Lives Here), Cathan Bordyn (In the First Few Days), Scott C. Brown (The Gamers, JourneyQuest), and introducing Briana Chicha. When the cast becomes an endangered species in this horror-comedy, you'll have to decide whether to laugh or scream.

"A couple afternoons of daydreaming and lively conversations over dinner produced the concept of The Last Buck Hunt. We had recently returned to the Seattle area after 5 years in Southern California and we were desperate to get started on a second feature film. Not only did we want to apply all the lessons we had learned from our first feature, Break, but we also wanted to take advantage of the beautiful Pacific Northwest surroundings in a fun, energetic movie that also happened to be budget-friendly." - Becky Sayers

Filmmakers' Bios:

Becky Sayers, Writer and Director
Upon the lap of her guffawing father, Becky Sayers was raised on the genre film. Armed with a clunky VHS camcorder, she fell in love with filmmaking at the age of thirteen in her rural hometown of Maple Valley, Washington. Countless short films and bottles of fake blood later, she went on to earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film Production from Chapman University in Southern California. After graduation, she married Nick Sayers, the man she met over a friendly game of Counter-Strike. Together, they have produced many short films, as well as their debut no-budget feature Break.

Nick Sayers, Director
Nick grew up watching movies every weekend in dingy small-town theaters. A less than exciting farm life kept Nick and his dad captivated by every genre in cinema. He has always been a movie lover, not a critic. Nick draws on his love of filmmaking to challenge the status quo of how films should be made. He believes great movies can be made on the cheap with passion, crowd-sourcing, a great story, and hard work. This drives Nick to keep budgets low and collaborative learning high on all of his films.

Facebook Holiday Promotion Details:
Share the holiday spirit for a chance to win a $50 gift card! Just follow these easy steps:
Step 1) Like The Last Buck Hunt page on Facebook
Step 2) Share this post on your wall and tell us what's on your wish list
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You have until midnight PST on December 25th, so start sharing the holiday spirit! The winner will be randomly selected from those who have liked the page and shared the post. Happy Holidays!

$50 Gift Card Promotion: http://on.fb.me/TtguwP
Facebook Fan Page: http://www.facebook.com/TheLastBuckHunt
Twitter: https://twitter.com/LastBuckHunt
Official Site: http://www.thelastbuckhunt.com
Nick Sayers' IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3470323/
Becky Sayers' IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2743801/
Zack Gold's IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2728917/
Cathan Bordyn's IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm4954823/
Scott C. Brown's IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2723853/
Indiestructible Films: http://www.indiestructiblefilms.com
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First Clip from 'The Whispering Dead' Hits the Web

Busted Knuckle Productions releases the second trailer
and first movie clip for the paranormal shocker


Her Scream is the Last Thing You Will Hear!

LOS ANGELES, CA - December 22, 2012 - Busted Knuckle Productions is continuing to develop their haunted title The Whispering Dead. After principal photography was completed in 2011, this film has undergone a transformation in the editing room. Over 19 special effects shots have been added to this production and a final “killer cut” has been completed. Negotiations have begun with distributors.The Whispering Dead is expected to reach horror fans in Q2 or Q3 of 2013.

“In 2008, a cast and crew set out to shoot a pilot for a paranormal reality show. During the first night, vague apparitions became violent hauntings. One by one they lost their lives. The Whispering Dead is a diary of the final tortured moments of nine real people in an unthinkable situation” (Busted Knuckle Productions).

The latest clips for The Whispering Dead show some of the film’s enhancements. The second trailer for the film reveals the mysterious “Ghost Girl” in three of four additional shots. She can be seen rising from a bed in a darkened hall to torment the crew of a paranormal reality show. As well, Busted Knuckle Productions has released an exclusive clip, which shows “Ghost Girl” greeting the audience. Try to look away; she dares you!

Directors: Hunter G. Williams.
Writers: Hunter G. Williams and Scott Michael Campbell.
Cast: Chris Hayes, Jeff Stearns and Becka Adams.

Visit the Busted Knuckle Productions website for additional information:
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New Poster Debut for Park Chan-wook's 'Stoker'

Check out the official US poster for

Starring Mia Wasikowska, Matthew Goode, Dermot Mulroney, Jacki Weaver and Nicole Kidman

STOKER opens in theaters March 1, 2013.

LOS ANGELES, CA - December 22, 2012 - After India's (Wasikowska's) father dies in an auto accident, her Uncle Charlie (Goode), who she never knew existed, comes to live with her and her emotionally unstable mother Evelyn (Kidman). Soon after his arrival, she comes to suspect this mysterious, charming man has ulterior motives, but instead of feeling outrage or horror, this friendless girl becomes increasingly infatuated with him.

Release: March 1, 2013
Directed by: Park Chan-wook
Written by: Wentworth Miller
Produced by: Ridley Scott, Tony Scott, Michael Costigan
Cast: Mia Wasikowska, Matthew Goode, Dermot Mulroney, Jacki Weaver, Nicole Kidman Read The Full Post HERE!

Enter the 'Crawlspace' January 4



A film by Justin Dix

Starring Amber Clayton, Ditch Davey, Eddie Baroo, Peta Sergeant, 
Fletcher Humphrys and Nicholas Bell

LOS ANGELES, CA - December 20, 2012 - Deep in the heart of the unforgiving Australian desert lies Pine Gap, a top-secret government facility operated by the United States military. When the base comes under attack from unknown forces, an elite team is sent in to extract the military scientists. They encounter a beautiful young woman with no memory of how she came to be in the base, and find it overrun by disturbed patients from the base’s medical sector.

But as the squad delves deeper it becomes clear that there is something far more sinister – and far more dangerous – going on at Pine Gap. A taut thriller that recalls the best classic sci-fi action films, Crawlspace is the feature debut of Justin Dix – an award winning special effects supervisor who has worked with George Lucas and Roger Donaldson

CRAWLSPACE will be available in select theaters, on IFC Midnight Cable VOD and Digital Outlets (SundanceNOW, iTunes, Amazon Streaming, XBOX Zune, Playstation Unlimited) on Friday, January 4, 2013.

For more info, visit:
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Dead Snow (2009)

Martin and his friends head out to the mountains for some hijinks in the snow, but their weekend trip turns in to a bloody battle for survival when they take from a cache of Nazi gold that holds a terrible curse. Now, they bare the wrath of the undead as the Nazi foot soldiers come back from beneath the mountain to reclaim their stolen treasure! Tommy Wirkola's cult-sensation, DEAD SNOW, immediately sets the tone with its frequent genre references and familiar settings. Sam Raimi's unmistakable influence and signature form of splatstic humor is clearly felt in every moment. Unlike the many other homages to THE EVIL DEAD, however, DEAD SNOW stays fresh, fast-paced, and exciting, while scoring big points in the make-up department with several winning zombie designs and a slew of ridiculously gory gags that shock as much as they entertain. Whatever shortcomings exist in the plot or characters are more than made up for in mindless carnage, making DEAD SNOW a real treat for gore fans.

Rating: 7/10.

Movies like DEAD SNOW:

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Brides of Dracula (1960)

A beautiful young schoolteacher is seduced by the charming Baron Meinster, never knowing that he is one of Dracula's many servants. Luckily for her, Doctor Van Helsing has set out to Castle Meinster to stop the vampire lord before he can spread his evil throughout the land. Hammer's first sequel in the DRACULA series lacks the Count altogether, but for a few brief references throughout the film. Christopher Lee's reluctance to reprise the role does not prevent director Terence Fisher from turning out another successful vampire picture, with much due (of course) to Peter Cushing's ongoing performance as Doctor Van Helsing. The film features many inspired moments, including a suspenseful scene where one of the vampire's intended victims stares tremblingly into her empty bedside mirror as the camera slowly creeps back to reveal the fanged Baron. Featuring a rousing score by Malcolm Williamson, more lavish set designs by Bernard Robinson, and another outstanding cast, BRIDES OF DRACULA serves as another excellent entry in the Hammer vault.

Rating: 8/10.

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'Dead Clown Barbeque' Serves Up Frightening Funnies

From the Author of 'Pressure' and 'Dweller' Comes

“No author working today comes close to Jeff Strand’s perfect mixture
of comedy and terror.” - Cemetery Dance

ASHLAND, OR - December 19, 2012 - From the author of Pressure, Dweller and A Bad Day for Voodoo comes a new short story collection featuring seven never-before-printed tales and original cover artwork by Alex McVey. The stories within this collection range from hilarious to downright disturbing, proving that Jeff Strand is still a master at what he's known for: a delicious blend of the humorous and the horrific. Strand fans will take delight in the seven new stories first printed in Dead Clown Barbecue, including "Pett Semmuteary" "Dummy" "True Hero" "Fangboy and the Troll" "Stop Stabbing Me" "Pregnancy Test" and "Push the Button."

A man who finds a severed nose on a plate on his dining room table. A bell that can summon Satan (maybe). Casual Fridays at work that get out of control. A cheery outlook on the post-apocalyptic landscape. The final thoughts of a doomed skydiver. A girl punished by having to share a bed with her grandmother’s corpse. Revenge via baking a tarantula into a cake. A shocking look at where those awful computer-generated book covers come from. And the lost tale of Fangboy.

These are only a few of the demented stories in DEAD CLOWN BARBECUE, a collection of thirty gleefully macabre tales, seven of which were written just for this collection. There’s even a brand new one about a ventriloquist dummy. Those things creep you out, right? You’ll laugh. You’ll scream. Okay...you probably won’t actually scream, unless you already had issues before you started reading, but you might cringe and get a little spooked.

Live Chat Event

On Monday, December 17th 2012 at 8:00 PM PST Dark Regions Press is hosting a life chat event with Jeff Strand, author of Pressure, Dweller, Wolf Hunt and the new book Dead Clown Barbecue. Free to attend, and all who attend will receive three stories from the collection, while three lucky question-askers will win signed copies of Dead Clown Barbecue!

To attend the event, simply visit DarkRegions.com/events on Monday, December 17th at 8:00 PM PST.

Publication date: 12/18/2012
Author: Jeff Strand
Artist: Alex McVey
ISBN-13: 9781937128456
ISBN-10: 1937128458
Story count: 30
Original story count: 7
Editions available: Deluxe Lettered Hardcover, 150 Signed and Numbered Hardcover
Product page URL: http://www.darkregions.com/books/dead-clown-barbecue-by-jeff-strand
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Watch Out for 'My Ex 2: Haunted Lover' This February

Do unto others...

My Ex 2: Haunted Lover
From the director of ‘Necromancer.’

On DVD in the UK February 4th 2013

LONDON, GB - December 19, 2012 - From MVM Entertainment comes the dark and disturbing sequel, My Ex II: Haunted Lover. A delicious mix of gore and the supernatural, horror fans will love this next chapter of the My Ex franchise as it revisits the themes of treachery, vengeance and murder.

A sexy young actress clinches a lead role in a major movie, but her career and life are jeopardized when her reprobate boyfriend causes the suicide of his mistress…

Parting from the clutches of her now ex, the young starlet escapes to an exotic island with her friends and sister for what she thinks will be a break from his incessant harassment.

But something far worse is now pursuing and lurking on her tail. A wrathful spirit is relentlessly determined for vengeance and resolute on destroying her life for good.

The second installment of the franchise hits all the right notes, combining the paranormal with a story of wrath, betrayal and murder, layered with twisted revelations and awesome blood and gore. This film proves that revenge is not only sweet, but blood-spattered too.
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Special Screening of 'V/H/S' January 16th

Momentum Pictures and "Cellar Rentals" Present

One-night only at the Blackhall Studios in London

LONDON, GB - December 19, 2012 - The anticipation around the upcoming 18th January cinema release of the horror anthology V/H/S is at fever pitch with Dread Central describing it as “A phenomenal piece of work. 5 out of 5.” and Fangoria urging “Horror fans need to see this movie at their earliest possible opportunity, because it’s a contender for best of the year.”

In the movie a small group of misfit friends and petty crooks are hired by a mysterious man to break into a derelict suburban house with the sole purpose of finding and stealing a rare VHS videotape. As they search through the tapes, playing them in turn, they are treated to a succession of graphic and apparently genuine video recordings, each one more shocking and bizarre than the last.

Momentum Pictures are proud to present a one-off early screening of V/H/S where for one night only you can go back in time to the glory days of VHS! Come join us on Wednesday 16th January at 6.30 at the one night only that ‘Cellar Rentals’ will exist at the Blackhall Studios in London for a pre-drink followed by an exclusive screening of the film at 7pm complete with popcorn. Should you survive this portion you'll then be able to join us in our loving tribute to the days of VHS as we're building an old-skool rental store for one night only. Look through the covers, enjoy complimentary drinks and other fun items in this rare chance to go back to the heady days of choosing tapes. The best bit of all - you'll get to leave with a rental big box VHS tape of V/H/S! Only 300 exist and they're numbered and this will be the ONLY SURE WAY to get hold of one of these rare collectors items.

Don't miss out - this will never happen again…

V/H/S is released in UK cinemas on 18th January 2013 and on DVD and Blu-ray on 28th January 2013 by Momentum Pictures.

To book tickets visit: www.agmp.co.uk

The official V/H/S fanhub website is at: www.totalfanhub.com/vhs

The official forum discussion takes place at: http://www.cult-labs.com/forums/v-h-s/10161-v-h-s-back-video-store-event.html#post303398
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Horror of Dracula (1958)

Following the overwhelming success of their first Gothic Horror revival, THE CURSE OF FRANKENSTEIN, Hammer Films quickly moved on to their own bloody retelling of the Bram Stoker classic, Dracula, known internationally as the HORROR OF DRACULA. In this version, Doctor Van Helsing is left to defend the Holmwood family from the virulent Count Dracula after his associate, Jonathan Harker, falls victim to the vampire's wrath. While the characters and events differ greatly from the original novel, Hammer has placed their own unmistakable stamp on the horror legend. Having only appeared briefly in THE CURSE OF FRANKENSTEIN as the abominable, Christopher Lee received his breakthrough role in HORROR OF DRACULA as the titular Count. Lee embodies Dracula's more eloquent and aristocratic mannerisms in the film's opening before transforming into the ferocious beast of a man that would dominate the remaining sequels. Peter Cushing, on the other hand, had already solidified his standing in the genre with his phenomenal portrayal of the twisted Doctor Frankenstein the previous year, but here, he also establishes himself as the definitive Doctor Van Helsing in another impeccable performance. In true Hammer style, HORROR OF DRACULA displays a heightened sense of sexuality that goes hand in hand with the increased gore, shocking audiences with a generous dose of crimson blood along with the film's horrifying finale. Terence Fisher roams every inch of Bernard Robinson's lavish sets, instilling a constant sense of dread as he traipses through the misty graveyards and imposing castle walls. HORROR OF DRACULA is as equally responsible for establishing the dark Gothic resurgence of the late 1950's as THE CURSE OF FRANKENSTEIN, and serves as a vital piece of cinematic history within the annals of Horror.

Rating: 9/10.


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The Creeping Flesh (1973)

A tremendous scientific discovery ends in ghastly horror when Doctor Emmanuel Hildern returns home from New Guinea with the skeletal remains of an unidentified life-form. Hildern's tests reveal a concentration of pure evil within the creature's blood when it begins to reconstitute itself after being exposed to water, leading the desperate doctor to try and immunize his daughter from the deadly disease before she suffers the same unfortunate fate as her mother. Instead, she is overwhelmed with unconscionable evil, and Dr. Hildern will be left to stop her before she falls into the hands of his sadistic brother. Horror greats Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee star in THE CREEPING FLESH, a dreary Gothic horror film that is filled with shock and suspense. No stranger to the genre, himself, director Freddie Francis instills the same sinister mood and eerie atmosphere that has poured out of his previous efforts with Hammer and Amicus Productions. Cushing and Lee are at their usual best, with Lee taking on the role of the heavy as usual. THE CREEPING FLESH succeeds most in its slowly unfurling plot and key character development rather than relying on make-up and special effects, as evidenced by the rather shoddy reveal of the creature in the film's terrifying finale. A minor classic in the footnotes of British Horror.

Rating: 7/10.


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Killer Tomatoes Eat France (1992)

Professor Gangreen and his gang of killer tomatoes take off to Europe to fulfill an ancient prophecy that would make his idiotic assistant, Igor, the new king of France, leaving it up to Michael and everyone's favorite Fuzzy Tomato to stop their evil plan! Get ready for more Grade-A cheese in KILLER TOMATOES EAT FRANCE, the fourth and final film in the KILLER TOMATOES franchise. John De Bello and friends put their own silly spin on The Man in the Iron Mask, with series favorite Steve Lundquist playing out the duel roles as both Igor and the future king, Louis the XXVII. The tomatoes have retained their animated features from the third film for more goofy fun as they take to the stage in a rocking music number before heading out to the battlefields to squash more humans. The groan-worthy gags and outlandish humor still make for more guilty entertainment, while you can expect every possible French cliché to be properly exploited.

Rating: 4/10.

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C.H.U.D. 2 (1989)

The government intends to create a new breed of super-soldiers by infusing the dead with the same radioactive compound that created the C.H.U.D.s beneath New York City, but there's only one problem... Their first test subject has been stolen from the Center for Disease Control by a couple of high school Biology students, and now the mutant menace is infecting half the town and turning them into mixed up zombies! Sound stupid? Well, it is. In the land of irrelevant sequels, C.H.U.D. 2 is king. Despite cover art and promotional materials to the contrary, the creatures in C.H.U.D. 2 do not resemble the ones found in the original in either form or function, with the slight exception being that these new pale-faced zombies also happen to eat people. C.H.U.D. 2 is a painful attempt at the teeage horror comedy that fails miserably in both genres. Weak casting aside, it is poorly scripted and hardly passes for even mild entertainment. The single enjoyable moment from the film involves and attack on the postman by a cannibalistic poodle. Viewer beware.

Rating: 4/10.

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Return of the Killer Tomatoes! (1988)

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the produce aisle... The killer tomatoes are back, and this time they have been transformed into vicious tomato-men in another vile attempt at world domination! It is up to a new group of heroes to stop Professor Gangreen before the streets run red. John De Bello and company return with their first goofy follow-up to the campy cult-classic, bringing back more of the same inane humor and kooky characters from the original along with some silly new gags. John Astin and Steve Lundquist join the cast as the crazed professor and his hunky assistant Igor in a pair of hilariously off-beat performances that account for much of the film's success. While the bad puns and ridiculous visuals often encase the film in B-movie cheese, RETURN OF THE KILLER TOMATOES shows flashes of brilliance in the tomato-smuggling scenes and the conspicuous product placement that is used to keep the film afloat. De Bello even pokes fun at the movies, themselves, as he breaks the fourth wall to reveal the cheapness of the production on several occasions. RETURN OF THE KILLER TOMATOES sets the tone for the two remaining sequels, and ranks highly amongst B-movie fans for its unashamed attempts at absurdity.

Rating: 6/10.

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'Predatory Moon' Releases First Bloody Promo

To celebrate the first milestone in their independent funding campaign, the crew of PREDATORY MOON has gotten together and filmed a series of videos for the official "Blood Drive". Every time PREDATORY MOON reaches its next milestone in the online indiegogo campaign, the crew will post a new video of them "killing off" a different type of movie monster, such as a zombie, vampire, clown, etc...

The first promotional video can be found below. Like what you see? Be sure to support the film in their ongoing efforts online:

Official Website: http://predatorymoon.com/ Read The Full Post HERE!

International Trailer Revealed for 'American Mary'

International Trailer Debuts Online

In selected UK cinemas January 11 2013
Available on DVD, Blu-ray and Digital January 21 2013 in the UK

LONDON, GB - December 15, 2012 - One of the year's most horrific highlights, American Mary tells the story of broke student Mary Mason (Katharine Isabelle) who grows disenchanted with medical school and the doctors she once idolised. The allure of easy money sends a desperate Mary through the gruesome world of underground surgeries but soon finds they leave more marks on her than the so-called freakish clientele...

Smart, sexy, funny and utterly gorgeous to look at, American Mary features a standout lead performance from horror icon Katharine (Ginger Snaps) Isabelle, and puts the Soska Sisters, aka the Twisted Twins, squarely at the forefront of modern horror filmmaking. Unmissable.

"Unforgettable" -- Fangoria
"The most startling and original horror film of the year" -- Chris Tilly, IGN
"Brilliant, stand out horror" -- Entertainment Focus
"Excellent" -- Cinetalk
"A triumph" -- Grolschfilmworks
"Shocking, darkly comical and incredibly impressive" -- Shocktilyoudrop
"A stunning performance from Katharine Isabelle... One of the year's best films" -- Blogomatic
"Stylish, artful and darkly funny" -- BrutalAsHell
***** -- Horror-Movies.ca
***** -- Boxofficebuz
***** -- Screenjabber
**** -- Bloody-Disgusting
**** -- DreadCentral Read The Full Post HERE!

'John Dies at the End' This December




On VOD December 27, 2012
Opening at the Landmark Sunshine in NY on February 1, 2013

NEW YORK, NY - December 15, 2012 - In JOHN DIES AT THE END, it’s all about the Soy Sauce, a drug that promises an out-of-body experience with each hit. Users drift across time and dimensions. But some who come back are no longer human. Suddenly a silent otherworldly invasion is underway, and mankind needs a hero. What it gets instead is John (Rob Mayes) and David (Chase Williamson), a pair of college dropouts who can barely hold down jobs. Can these two stop the oncoming horror in time to save humanity? No. No, they can't.

Adapted from David Wong’s audacious novel, JOHN DIES AT THE END is written and directed by Don Coscarelli (BUBBA HO-TEP) and also stars Clancy Brown, Glynn Turman and Paul Giamatti.

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'Willow' Makes the Journey Home to Blu-ray




Blu-ray + DVD Combo-pack Features All-new Digital Transfer Overseen by Lucasfilm and Never-Before-Seen Bonus Material

LOS ANGELES, CA - December 15, 2012 - Journey to the far corners of your imagination with Willow, for the first time ever on stunning Blu-ray! Written and produced by George Lucas and directed by Ron Howard, the film tells a timeless fantasy tale in which heroes come in all sizes...and adventure is the greatest magic of all. In celebration of its 25th anniversary, the unforgettable classic has been fully digitally restored and debuts on Blu-ray and DVD Combo Pack March 12, 2013 from Lucasfilm Ltd. and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.

When young Willow Ufgood (Warwick Davis; Harry Potter franchise) finds an abandoned baby girl, he learns she is destined to end the reign of the wicked Queen Bavmorda (Jean Marsh; “Upstairs, Downstairs”). In order to protect the child, Willow must team up with a rogue swordsman (Val Kilmer; Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang) and overcome the forces of darkness in the ultimate battle of good versus evil!

The Willow Blu-ray and DVD include a dazzling array of extras with never-before-seen exclusive content such as deleted scenes with remarks from Ron Howard, a personal video diary of Warwick Davis, matte paintings and much more. In addition, look out for Ron Howard’s new introduction for the original 1988 featurette “The Making of an Adventure,” as well as special effect legend Dennis Muren’s new intro to his piece, “From Morf to Morphing: The Dawn of Digital Filmmaking.”


WILLOW is presented in widescreen with 5.1 DTS HD Master Audio (Lossless). Special features include:

● NEW Willow: Deleted Scenes with Ron Howard
● NEW Willow: An Unlikely Hero Personal Video Diary of Warwick Davis
● The Making of an Adventure with an all new introduction from Ron Howard
● From Morf to Morphing with an all new introduction from Dennis Muren
● Matte Paintings
● Easter Egg
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Catch a Sneak Peak at 'Ditch'

Drops First Stills

“This Ditch party might be your last!”

LOS ANGELES, CA - December 15, 2012 - Fresh from post-production, here come the first screen captures from Ditch, a feature length horror film starring Katy Foley and Bill Oberst Jr. In the film, Katy plays Jenny, a girl with a dark and disturbing past. As well, actor Bill Oberst Jr. plays a man from Katy’s past who has a score to settle - with an axe!

Ditch's lead cast includes Bill Oberst Jr., Katy Foley and Zach Silverman, with a special appearance from horror cult icon Lynn Lowry (Cat People, The Crazies). Oberst says the film will be "something different in horror; it is a brutal film with plenty of sizzle and blood, but it also has a surprising amount of heart and real characters that you will care about. I am proud of what we did and I am honored to have been a part of it." This actor says a highlight for him was working for the first time with Lynn Lowry, with whom he says his character has "a bit of a sensual post-mortem moment" with.

Ditch is directed by Joe Hendrick, who is also considering helming Oberst's 2014 demon project Lord Bateman, with a screenplay by horror author Daniel P. Coughlin(Farm House, Lake Dead) and Ryan Coughlin. The producer for Ditch is Megan Waters, with gore effects handled by Josh Russell (Dance of the Dead, Yellow Brick Road). The film is in post-production and it is aiming for a 2013 release date.

The Ditch official synopsis:

"Jenny Bilson, a high school senior, is the perfect student, a wonderful daughter to a veteran police detective and an all American Dream. But the one mistake she made, which she doesn't even know that she made, is about to haunt her in a very violent way. Throwing a high school 'ditch party' will end up being one HELL of a mistake! Her past returns to exact revenge on Jenny and anyone else who might get in the way."

The film’s official website is here: http://thefilmditch.com
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'Nobody Gets Out Alive' This February

"4 out of 4 Stars"
-Horror Bid


On DVD and Digital Download February 26th

CHATSWORTH, CA – December 15, 2012 - Image Entertainment announces the release of the bone-chilling revenge thriller Nobody Gets Out Alive. Written and directed by Jason Christopher and starring Shaun Paul Costello, Chelsey Garner, Brian Gallagher and veteran character actor Clint Howard (Austin Powers, How The Grinch Stole Christmas, Apollo 13), Nobody Gets Out Alive takes viewers into the dark heart of myths …where history turns into homicide! SRP is $27.97, with pre-book on January 29th.

The film charts the tragic path of Hunter Isth (Gallagher), whose life is turned upside down when his young daughter is killed by a drunk driver. In mourning, depressed and angry, Hunter disappears and is rumored to have moved away from Braiden Woods. As years go by, Hunter and his devastating story evolve into a local legend, a myth that many consider to be just that, until a group of partying teenagers accidentally find themselves trapped in a brutal fight for survival… with a legend bent on vengeance!

Hailed as “an homage to some of the great slasher films of the 70s and 80s” by DreadCentral, Nobody Gets Out Alive has terrified audiences at film festivals around the country including Shock Fest, Horror Quest and the World Horror Film Festival, earning such accolades as Best Feature, Best Director and Best Actor. The DVD will also feature audio commentary, a “making of” retrospect, outtakes and a Hello Cleveland music video for “Lost Here Forever.”
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'Killer Joe' Strikes Trailer Park Terror This December

“Matthew McConaughey is on fire in KILLER JOE, fierce and ferociously funny.”
Peter Travers, Rolling Stone

“Expertly directed, flawlessly cast and written with merciless black humor.”
Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun Times



Matthew McConaughey Stars In Critically Acclaimed Black Comedy Thriller Arriving On Blu-ray Disc, DVD, Video On Demand and Pay-Per-View December 21 
From Lionsgate Home Entertainment

Early Digital Download Window Begins Today

LOS ANGELES, CA - December 15, 2012 - Academy Award®-winning director William Friedkin (The French Connection, 1971) and Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Tracy Letts (August: Osage County) take a trip into a Texas trailer park underworld in Killer Joe, arriving on Blu-ray Disc, DVD, Video On Demand and Pay-Per-View on Friday, December 21 from Lionsgate Home Entertainment. Killer Joe will also be available on EST December 14, one week prior to the Blu-ray, DVD and Video On Demand release. This twisted and darkly humorous story of Detective “Killer” Joe Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) has electrified audiences with its audacious spirit for deep-fried noir.

Featuring a critically acclaimed performance from McConaughey, Killer Joe’s all-star cast also includes Emile Hirsch (Into The Wild), Juno Temple (The Dark Knight Rises), Gina Gershon (The Insider) and Thomas Haden Church (Sideways). An official selection of the Venice International Film Festival, Toronto International Film Festival and Edinburgh International Film Festival, Killer Joe was also a Time Out New York critic’s pick. The film was released theatrically through LD Entertainment.

The Unrated Director’s Cut of the film will be available on Blu-ray Disc and DVD. There will also be an R-rated DVD version. The Blu-ray and DVD bonus materials will include a behind-the-scenes featurette plus the Director intro and Cast Q&A from SXSW. The Unrated Director’s Cut will also feature an audio commentary with Director William Friedkin. The Killer Joe Blu-ray Disc and DVD will be available for the suggested retail price of $24.99 and $19.98, respectively.

Killer Joe Cooper (McConaughey) is a Dallas detective who doubles as a hit man with the charm of a southern gentleman. Chris (Hirsch) hires Joe to kill his mother in order to collect her life insurance and pay off his debts. Unable to pay for the service upfront Joe takes Chris’ sister Dottie (Temple) as a retainer until he can be paid.




· “Southern Fried Hospitality: From Stage to Screen” featurette
· SXSW Q&A with Cast
· SXSW Intro by William Friedkin
· Red Band Theatrical Trailer
· Audio Commentary with Director William Friedkin (Unrated Version Only)
*Subject to change
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'Cherry Tree Lane' Invades Your Home January 29th!

Horror has a new home...


Breaking In January 29th on DVD & Digital Download

CHATSWORTH, CA - December 13, 202 - On January 29th, witness horror coming home with Image Entertainment’s DVD release of Cherry Tree Lane. Written and directed by acclaimed horror director Paul Andrew Williams (London to Brighton, The Cottage), Cherry Tree Lane has already been embraced by the genre community the world over. The DVD SRP is $27.97 with a pre-book date of January 1, 2013. The film is also available via digital download and will be available On Demand beginning January 17, 2013.
Mike, Christine and their son Sebastian have always felt safe in their peaceful suburban neighborhood, but a savage home invasion by three youths changes everything, pushing the family into a nightmare fight for survival. Bound, taunted and threatened, each moment is filled with the fear that it might be their last. As their personal hell unfolds, they will learn the shocking cruelty that modern strangers can inflict…and what they’re capable of in order to survive.

Horror fans around the world have been heaping praise on Cherry Tree Lane. Bloody-Disgusting.com called it “a damn fine suspense flick,” while View London declared it “well-made, superbly acted…suspenseful and horrifying.” "Gripping, chilling and scary…a grueling suspenser" said Total Film, and EyeForFilm.com heralded it as "Frightening…extraordinary, masterful filmmaking."
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The Spirits Return in 'A Haunting in Connecticut 2'




A young family is tormented by the horrors of the past in a chilling new film based on a true story from Lionsgate and Gold Circle Films.

Chad Michael Murray
Abigail Spencer
Emily Alyn Lind
Katee Sackhoff

Directed by
Tom Elkins

Building on the terror of A Haunting in Connecticut, this horrifying tale traces a young family’s nightmarish descent into a centuries-old Southern hell. When Andy Wyrick (Chad Michael Murray, House of Wax) moves his wife Lisa (Abigail Spencer, TV’s “Mad Men”) and daughter Heidi to an historic home in Georgia, they quickly discover they are not the house’s only inhabitants. Joined by Lisa’s free-spirited sister, Joyce (Katee Sackhoff, TV’s “Battlestar Galactica”), the family soon comes face-to-face with a bone-chilling mystery born of a deranged desire…a haunting secret rising from underground and threatening to bring down anyone in its path.

Rated: R

View the Trailer:
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C.H.U.D. (1984)

A sinister subterranean terror has overtaken New York City as mutant monsters escape the sewers in search of food! Photojournalist George Cooper and a crackpot soup chef uncover the horrifying secret that is transforming the city's homeless into Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers, but the government will stop at nothing to keep the conspiracy hidden! John Heard and Daniel Stern headline the 1984 cult-classic C.H.U.D., one of several horror films that attempted to tackle the growing environmental concerns of the time. Although it has all of the trappings of a bad monster movie, C.H.U.D. rises above the average schlock thanks to its entertaining performances and terrifying creature designs. The razor-toothed, glowing-eyed mutants provide plenty of shocks on screen, but the real villains are the political figureheads calling the shots behind the scenes. George Martin plays the perfect government goon as he stands up against Daniel Stern's scathing accusations. Director Douglas Cheek takes full advantage of the film's subterranean setting, creating an ominous mood throughout the cramped, dimly lit tunnels as he sets the scene for many unexpected scares. C.H.U.D. is not without its cheesy moments, but that doesn't make it any less enjoyable as a creepy late night monster movie!

Rating: 7/10.

Movies like C.H.U.D.:


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Biozombie (1998)

Two deadbeat slackers are left to defend the mall after a virulent outbreak transforms the locals in to flesh-eating ghouls in Hong Kong's cult horror comedy, BIOZOMBIE! BIOZOMBIE is immediately impacted by the popular survival horror video games of the mid-90's, frequently breaking the fourth wall as it warning the characters to "Reload" or "Find a Key" with visual cues on screen, while also including character stats as they enter the fray. Unlike in the disastrous HOUSE OF THE DEAD adaptation, this is presented in loving homage and not through distracting breakaways. The influence of George Romero's DAWN OF THE DEAD and American pop culture is clearly present as well, given the mall setting and the tendency towards wry, irreverent humor. Director Wilson Yip feels no need to rush in to the zombie outbreak, and allows plenty of time for comedic actors Jordan Chan and Sam Lee to win the audience over with their playful misbehaving. Once the virus overtakes the mall, however, there is a steady stream of bloody action and slapstick as our small band of heroes hack and slash their way to safety. Japan would capitalize on this same trend in WILD ZERO, VERSUS, and JUNK before America saw its own major zombie resurgence in the early 2000's beginning with RESIDENT EVIL, 28 DAYS LATER, and the DAWN OF THE DEAD remake.

Rating: 7/10.

Movies like BIOZOMBIE:


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Ghoulies 3 (1991)

Glazier College will never be the same after The Ghoulies take over the campus! The creatures are unwittingly summoned by one of the professors during fraternity Prank Week, where they get in to more mischief as they terrorize the students. John Carl Buechler assumes the director's chair for the first time in the series after having designed the puppets since the original. GHOULIES 3 combines the college sex romp comedy with the zany cartoon antics of the Looney Tunes characters, going so far as to give the awful little creatures speech (not to mention their cheesy one-liners). Buechler has further improved upon their design as well for increased mobility and facial articulation. While the film strives to become the next ANIMAL HOUSE or REVENGE OF THE NERDS, the repetitive plot, forgettable characters, and endless amounts of toilet humor cause it to fall desperately short. GHOULIES 3 is just stupid and silly enough to be enjoyable, falling somewhere between the first and second film in terms of overall entertainment value.

Rating: 5/10.

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Whoever Slew Auntie Roo? (1971)

The children of a local orphanage are invited to spend Christmas dinner with Auntie Roo, an aged entertainer who once lost a child of her own. Auntie Roo takes a particular liking to young Katy, who reminds her of her own missing Katharine, but her loneliness and despair will lead to kidnapping and worse in this twisted take on Hansel and Gretel! WHOEVER SLEW AUNTIE ROO closes out the Psycho-biddy sub-genre that was made popular by the seminal classic WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO BABY JANE?, this time placing the crazed old crone in the context of a modern fairy tale. The overblown theatrics of Shelley Winters' Auntie Roo often border on camp, although they are fitting enough for her character's delirious state. Director Curtis Harrington instills a playful sense of mystery and suspense that is heightened by Kenneth V. Jones' mischievous score. The subtle scares and overriding feelings of child-like fantasy are served up with a healthy side of ham by Ms. Winters.

Rating: 7/10.


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American Grindhouse (2010)

As long as film has existed, filmmakers have found a way to exploit it, as Elijah Drenner shows us in this shocking look at the cinematic underground, AMERICAN GRINDHOUSE. Drenner presents a complete and fully informed history of the Exploitation genre, from its early beginnings in films like Thomas Edison's TRAFFIC IN SOULS to the more recent trend in so-called "Torture-Porn" pictures like HOSTEL. Few realize just how outrageous and scandalous the films of the pre-Code era truly were, with a proliferation of sex and violence that Drenner brings back to the surface for a startling effect. The evolution of Exploitation is then documented in great detail, traveling through the stages of the early sex films, educational pictures, horror and the grand guignol, Film Noir, burlesque, teenage delinquency, Sexploitation, and gore (and that's just in the first half!). However debatable the content of these films may be, the cultural impact that filmmakers like Russ Meyer, Samuel Arkoff, and Herschell Gordon Lewis had on cinema is unmistakable. Robert Forster's dry narration often seems out of place given the sensational subject matter, but the colorful commentary of the Exploitation genre's most knowledgeable historians and filmmakers help to liven things up. An excellent ensemble of classic film trailers and vintage posters also accompany this informative look into filth, with key editing attributed to Andy Goldenberg, Dan Greene, and Drenner, himself.

Rating: 8/10.


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The Prophecy 2 (1998)

The war for Heaven is far from over, as Gabriel returns to Earth to seek out the woman who holds the fate of humanity within her womb. THE PROPHECY 2 gets off to an electrifying start with Gabriel's rebirth out of the fiery pits of Hell, but the dark imagery does not stop there. From the shadowy reveal of Danyael's angelic wings to the industrial wasteland that is the Garden of Eden, Greg Spence has built upon Gregory Widen's apocalyptic vision in a sequel that even surpasses the original in its dreary mood and atmosphere. Christopher Walken is far more menacing as well, allowing the wicked humor of Spence's script to bleed through his sinister performance with all of the same wild eccentricities as before. THE PROPHECY 2 isn't burdened by an overcomplicated plot, allowing the actors and imagery to take over and drive the picture to its sacrificial end.

Rating: 7/10.

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'Phantasm II' & 'From Beyond' Arrive on Blu-ray This March!


Pre-Order These Definitive Home Entertainment Collections Today!

LOS ANGELES, CA - December 6, 2012 - This Spring 2013, SCREAM FACTORY™ further invites horror enthusiasts and movie collectors to feast their eyes on more gory goodness and spark their senses when Don Coscarelli’s PHANTASM II Collector’s Edition unleashes on Blu-ray™ and DVD on March 5, 2013; and H.P. Lovecraft’s FRO M B EYOND Collector’s Edition – Unrated Director’s Cut Blu-ray™ + DVD combo pack hits home entertainment shelves everywhere on March 26, 2013.

Both movies debut for the first time on Blu-ray. Each collector’s edition feature anamorphic widescreen presentation, exciting bonus content, newly rendered retro-style artwork, a reversible wrap with theatrical key art and more! FRO M B EYOND Collector’s Edition – Unrated Director’s Cut Blu-ray + DVD combo pack is priced to own at $29.93; PHANTASM II Collector’s Edition Blu-ray has a suggested retail price of $29.93 and $19.93 for the DVD.

***Avid horror movie fans and collectors take note: those who order PHANTASM II and/ or FROM BEYOND from ScreamFactory.com will receive the respective exclusive 18”x24” poster featuring the newly commissioned artwork! Only 500 PHANTASM II posters will be printed, 300 posters for FRO M B EYOND, so these are only available while supplies last.***

Fans and collectors can preorder these exciting SCREAM FACTORY collections now at ShoutFactory.com or Amazon.com

Pre-order Links
From Beyond (BD/DVD)

Phantasm II (BD)

Phantasm II (DVD)

Shout! Factory is currently shaping the final form of insightful bonus content for these two collector’s editions. As excitement builds, Shout! Factory will announce in-depth final bonus features in forthcoming months.

FROM BEYOND Collector’s Edition – Unrated Director’s Cut
Humans are such easy prey.

H.P. Lovecraft's classic tale of suspense became "a grisly amalgam of sex, shock and satire" (Newsweek) in the hands of the creators of Re-Animator. And now, armed with shocking never-before-seen footage and special features and on Bluray for the first time, this "bloody good entertainment" (Time) has evolved into one of the most gruesomely riveting film experiences of all time!

The Resonator, a powerful machine that can control the sixth sense, has killed its creator and sent his associate into an insane asylum. But when a beautiful psychiatrist becomes determined to continue the experiment, she unwittingly opens the door to a hostile parallel universe... and to the deviant behavior within the human psyche. With its victims becoming creatures who feed on - and become aroused by - human brains, the Resonator is the ultimate man-made monster. And now something's gone horribly wrong and no one can turn it off!

A BRIAN YUZNA Production
Music Composed by RICHARD BAND
Director of Photography MAC AHLBERG
Executive in Charge of Production ALBERT BAND
Screenplay by DENNIS PAOLI
Executive Producer CHARLES BAND
Produced by BRIAN YUZNA

Anamorphic Widescreen (1.78:1)/DTS-HD Master Audio Stereo (BD)/Dolby Digital Stereo (DVD)/1986/Color/86 minutes/Unrated/Subtitles: English

FROM BEYOND Collector’s Edition – Unrated Director’s Cut bonus content: Fans are encouraged to visit Scream Factory facebook in the coming months for final details.

PHANTASM II Collector’s Edition
The Tall Man is back with a vengeance in Phantasm II, the second chapter in the cult classic Phantasm series!

Released after seven years in a mental hospital, Mike convinces his old pal Reggie to join forces with him to hunt down and destroy The Tall Man once and for all. Mike's visions lead the two to a quiet little town where a horde of flying killer balls aim to slice and dice their gruesome way through everyone.

Exploding with special effects, unparalleled thrills, horror and suspense, Phantasm II climaxes with a blood-curdling conclusion that you have to see to believe.

Director of Photography DARYN OKADA Special Make-Up by MARK SHOSTROM Executive Producer DAC COSCARELLI
© 1988 Spacegate Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

Widescreen (1.78:1)/DTS Master Audio 2.0, 5.1/1988/Color/95 minutes

FROM BEYOND Collector’s Edition – Unrated Director’s Cut bonus content Fans are encouraged to visit Scream Factory facebook in the coming months for final details.

Further underscoring its position as a leading curator and home entertainment provider of many memorable cult movie classics, Shout! Factory launched SCREAM FACTORY™, a new home entertainment series created to celebrate some of the most enthralling horror and sci-fi films with massive cult followings in cinematic history. Shout! Factory will continue to present the on-going SCREAM FACTORY™ home entertainment series in 2013 with specific release dates, extras and key art for the rest of the title lineup. Meanwhile, fans will are encouraged to follow us and click the “Like” tab on the official SCREAM FACTORY FACEBOOK page (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Scream-Factory/103961936407493) for up-to-the-minute updates or visit ScreamFactoryDVD.com .
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Shout! Factory and EuropaCorp Announce Multi-Film Pact




LOS ANGELES, CA - December 6, 2012 - Shout! Factory, a leading multi-platform entertainment company, has acquired from EuropaCorp the U.S. distribution rights to Bibo Bergeron’s CG-animated feature A MONSTER IN PARIS and Luc Besson’s epic adventure THE EXTRAORDINARY ADVENTURES OF ADELE BLANC-SEC. Both features are produced by EuropaCorp. The announcement was made by Shout! Factory’s founders Richard Foos, Bob Emmer and Garson Foos , and Cécile Fouché, International Sales Manager of EuropaCorp.

In this deal, Shout! Factory has secured U.S. rights to A MONSTER IN PARIS and THE EXTRAORDINARY ADVENTURES OF ADELE BLANC-SEC, including home entertainment, digital distribution and broadcast for cross-platform releases. Shout! Factory plans a strategic rollout of these films on all packaged media, electronic-sell-through (EST), video-on-demand (VOD), subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) and television. A MONSTER IN PARIS is set to hit the U.S home entertainment marketplace and a variety of digital entertainment platforms in early 2013.

“We are incredibly excited about this new relationship with EuropaCorp, an internationally renowned studio recognized for its fantastic film productions. We look forward to presenting these films that deliver captivating cinematic experiences for families of all ages,” state Shout! Factory’s founders. “We hope that this is just the start of a mutually beneficial relationship.”


Directed by Bibo Bergeron (Shark Tale) and based on an original story by Bergeron, A MONSTER IN PARIS boasts an impressive international voice cast of Vanessa Paradis (Café de Flore), singer/ songwriter Sean Lennon, Adam Goldberg (A Beautiful Mind), Danny Huston (Hitchcock), Bob Balaban (For Your Consideration) Catherine O’Hara (Penelope) and Jay Harrington (Private Practice). This animated family adventure also features enchanting vocals by Vanessa Paradis and Sean Lennon, with music score by popular French singer/songwriter Matthieu Chedid (aka M) and Patrice Renson.

A wacky inventor, his camera-crazy best friend and a madcap monkey make a massive mistake when let loose in a mad scientist’s laboratory. With lotions and potions spilling everywhere, the troublesome trio accidentally creates Franc, the product of a reaction between a common flea and one of the scientist’s mystery concoctions. What they fail to realize, however, is that this ‘monster’ is actually a soft-centered soul with a spooky talent for music.

With the help of an enchanting nightclub singer, Franc becomes the talk of the town, just as stories of Paris ’s newest monster attract the attention of the egotistical police commissioner, hell bent on securing a big prize to help his battle to become mayor. The unwitting scientists and the singer must team up to protect Franc, a monster with more than a musical career to protect!

A MONSTER IN PARIS is a production of EuropaCorp, Bibo Films, France 3 Cinema and Walking The Dog.

The film had its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival.


An adaptation of a popular French-Belgian comic book series by graphic novelist Jacques Tardi, THE EXTRAORDINARY ADVENTURES OF ADELE BLANC-SEC is directed and produced by Luc Besson (The Fifth Element). This thrilling live-action adventure stars Louise Bourgoin (Anne Fontaine’s The Girl From Monaco), Mathieu Amalric (The Diving Bell and the Butterfly), Gilles Lellouche (Love Me If You Dare), Jean-Paul Rouve (La Vie En Rose), Jacky Nercessian (Le Grand Voyage), and Laure de Clermont-Tonnerre (The Diving Bell and the Butterfly).

The year is 1913. Adele Blanc-Sec, an intrepid young reporter, will go to any lengths to achieve her aims, including sailing to Egypt to tackle mummies of all shapes and sizes. Meanwhile in Paris , a 136 million-year old pterodactyl egg on display in the natural history museum has mysteriously hatched, and the creature subjects the city to a reign of terror from the skies. But nothing fazes Adele Blanc-Sec, whose adventures include many more extraordinary surprises…
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