King Kong vs Godzilla (1962)

Godzilla faces off against his greatest foe in KING KONG VS GODZILLA: Japanese consumerism! The Pacific Pharmaceutical company captures Kong to exploit the giant ape in a televised marketing campaign, while a nuclear submarine mistakenly unleashes Godzilla from his icy tomb. The world's two greatest monsters collide in an epic battle over Japan! Originally conceived as a new King Kong vehicle entitled KING KONG VS FRANKENSTEIN, Godzilla's third outing is one of the best in the series, but also the film that has suffered from the most ruthless and unnecessary re-editing in America. In its original context, it is a poignant and playful strike against the emerging post-war commercialism that consumed Japan in the early 1960's, filled with biting, cynical humor that likely would have escaped American audiences. Mr. Tako (Ichirô Arishima) and his crew provide plenty of hilarious comic relief as their new 'star' goes on a rampage through Tokyo, ending at the foot of the film's most impressive miniature: Atami Castle. Time and budgetary constraints would eliminate the possibility for stop-motion animation, and force special effects director Eiji Tsuburaya to shoot the monsters in frame using Toho's trademarked brand of suitimation instead (though a few shots can still be found that used the stop-motion process). The result is a rather shabby Kong costume with mangy fur and little facial articulation. On the other hand, the destruction caused by each of the giants is top-rate, as are their many battles, although we see the earliest beginnings of Godzilla's anthropomorphic future. KING KONG VS GODZILLA was the highest grossing film in the series, and also the first Godzilla picture to be shot both in color and in the widescreen TohoScope format. A favorite among fans, KING KONG VS GODZILLA has had an enduring legacy in Kaiju cinema.

Rating: 8/10.

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Psycho 2 (1983)

It has been twenty-two years, and Norman Bates has been deemed sane by the court authorities, much to the dismay of his victims' families. Norman returns home to the Bates Motel and takes up work at a local diner, where he befriends a young waitress and invites her to stay at the motel. Old habits die hard, however, as Norman begins to see and hear things that make him question his sanity... Despite obvious concerns to the contrary, PSYCHO 2 proves to be a smart and suspenseful followup to the 1960 classic that pays its due respects to Hitchcock's masterpiece. Richard Franklin works off of a sharp script from Tom Holland, which offers clever allusions to the original that toy with audience expectations, leaving many shocks and surprise twists along the way! This is achieved not only in the writing, but in bringing back many actors and actresses from the first, in addition to Franklin's visual cues that tip his hat to the Master of Suspense. Anthony Perkins returns as well with another wonderful performance as Norman, falling right back into his most famous role and playing on the audience's sympathies once more. Part 2 is as good as anyone could have ever hoped for in a sequel to PSYCHO.

Rating: 9/10.

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Corman's World: Exploits of a Hollywood Rebel (2011)

His name is legendary in the movie business. He has produced over four hundred films without ever losing a dime. He is responsible for discovering such talented actors and filmmakers as Robert De Niro, Jack Nicholson, Francis Ford Coppola, Martin Scorsese, and many others. And now, his story is finally being told in CORMAN'S WORLD: EXPLOITS OF A HOLLYWOOD REBEL from director Alex Stapleton. We are talking about the great Roger Corman, commonly discredited as being the 'King of the B's' for his contributions to the low-budget, 'Do It Yourself' brand of monster movie that he helped to create throughout the 50s and 60s. As CORMAN'S WORLD stands to prove, Roger Corman was much more than just a cheap schlock peddler, but a trendsetter, a shrewd businessman, and a studio outlaw. From his earliest beginnings with films like MONSTER FROM THE OCEAN FLOOR and THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS up through his most recent features like DINOSHARK, Stapleton looks to cover as much of Corman's expansive career as possible in the time allotted. While best known for his exploitation films, Stapleton also explores Corman's critical successes like THE INTRUDER, a progressive and provocative film about Southern racism that sadly proved to be his greatest commercial disaster. Corman explains first-hand how the failure of his finest film would shape his methods in the decades to follow, teaching him the importance of subtext in art.

The title, EXPLOITS OF A HOLLYWOOD REBEL, perfectly encapsulates Corman's guerrilla style of filmmaking. No permits, no supplies, no time, and no money -- these things were of no concern in the Corman School of learning. Great directors like Ron Howard, Peter Bogdanovich, and Joe Dante were taught to think on their feet -- quite literally, in some cases. Stories of recycled set pieces, run-ins with the cops, and biker brawls come out as Peter Fonda, Bruce Dern, and others recall their crazy experiences both on and off set. In the 50s, Corman fought the studios by delivering pure entertainment for audiences to enjoy, films that fought the establishment with their rebellious teen characters. By the late 60s and 70s, Corman broke new ground with THE WILD ANGELS and THE TRIP, embracing the counter-culture movement in an enlightening new way. CORMAN'S WORLD finally recognizes these bold and often dangerous undertakings, which paved the way for future classics like EASY RIDER.

Featuring archived interviews, classic clips, and tons of new footage taken with a wide range of entertaining personalities, CORMAN'S WORLD is an insightful and engaging documentary that film fans are sure to enjoy. The only place where Stapleton falls short is in humanizing his subject, and showing the man behind the movies. We only see brief glimpses into the real Roger Corman through interludes with the director and his wife. The film is otherwise a finely-edited and extensively-researched tribute to one of the greatest producers of all-time.

Rating: 8/10.

Movies like CORMAN'S WORLD:

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Zaat (1971)

What horrifying creature will be unleashed when Nazi scientist Dr. Kurt Leopold injects himself with his own sinister serum, ZAAT? Half man, half catfish, ALL TERROR! The mad mutant monster sets off into the Everglades to spread his pollution with the intent of taking over not just all of Southern Florida, but the entire universe!! What is ZAAT, exactly? A mind-blowingly absurd and absolutely horrendous creature-feature that throws back to the "Do It Yourself" Horror films of Roger Corman. After seeing ZAAT, one would welcome the CREATURE FROM THE HAUNTED SEA any day, as Dr. Leopold's mutant form look more like a cross-breed between a baboon and a mossy green turd than a catfish. The film is a failure on all fronts, and it would be completely unwatchable were it not for the fact that the audience becomes glued to the screen, wondering where the hell the plot could possibly go next? At one point, the monster attempts to take a mate (with deadly results), and later, the town sheriff punishes us by making us listen to a full fifteen-minutes of terrible folk singing before locking the group up for their own protection. Despite the film's recent rediscovery and remastering, ZAAT is sure to fall right back into obscurity where it belongs, far away from the young, impressionable minds that might mistake this for Horror.

Rating: 2/10.

Movies like ZAAT:

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Camel Spiders (2011)

They can run up to thirty miles per hour. They can grow as large as one foot long. And they can jump up to three feet high. If you believe any of these myths, then CAMEL SPIDERS is the film for you! Taken from the rumors of a giant monstrous arachnid that plagues marines in the Middle East, Roger Corman's latest monster mash follows the citizens of a small desert town who come under attack by a species of deadly spiders that have been brought back from Iraq. CAMEL SPIDERS never asks to be taken seriously, and follows Corman's usual formula that spreads out the action and gore in even intervals to maintain just enough interest for people to sit through the rest of the mindless plot. The acting is better than usual, with enjoyable leads played by THE HITCHER's C. Thomas Howell and Brian Krause of Charmed and SLEEPWALKERS. On the other hand, the computerization used to bring the spiders to life is entirely unconvincing, as the creatures hardly interact with the actors or environments. There is plenty of bloodshed to go around, however, ranking CAMEL SPIDERS just above DINOSHARK and SUPERGATOR.

Rating: 4/10.

Movies like CAMEL SPIDERS:

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Psycho (1960)

A woman steps into the shower. A dark figure approaches from behind. The shower curtain is pulled back, and the woman screams as she is stabbed repeatedly to the sound of shrieking violins. The killer flees as the woman falls to the floor, her freshly spilt blood still circling down the drain. No other scene is more recognizable in all of Horror. The film, of course, is PSYCHO. The director, Alfred Hitchcock. Hitchcock broke terrifying new ground that shook the very foundations of the genre with the now infamous thriller.

A desperate secretary steals $40,000 in cash from her employer with the hopes of marrying her penniless boyfriend. As she grows weary on the run from Phoenix, she stops at a remote inn far off the highway, the Bates Motel, where she stays for the night. The innkeeper is a shy young man who lives under the watchful eye of his invalid mother. After sharing a quick bite to eat with him, she retreats for the night, and is killed by a mysterious figure while taking a shower. Now, the woman's boyfriend, sister, and a keen private detective have set out to find the missing girl and the cash.

PSYCHO marks a radical shift in the focus of Horror, one where monsters are no longer relevant, because the real monster is right here at home... It is US! Prior to 1960, terror lived on the outside, in some creature that threatened to destroy humanity. Vampires, werewolves, and giant radioactive bugs had once ruled our nightmares, but at the end of the movie, our heroes prevailed, and we were safe. With PSYCHO, the terror now comes from within. Norman Bates could be any one of us; a friend, a neighbor, even a fragment of our own fractured psyche! Like the serial killer Ed Gein, upon whom Robert Bloch's original novel was based, this new breed of psychotic madmen became indistinguishable from the whole of mankind. This is the most frightening aspect of the film, and what has allowed it to remain just as powerful and poignant today as in the day of its release.

Sigmund Freud would have a field day with the psychosexual content that overrides every element in the plot. From the Oedipal relationship between Norman and his mother to the significance of the knife in the Horror film, PSYCHO begs the analytic discussion that ties sex and death together intrinsically. Romance only gives way to irony, as Hitchcock never allows his characters the satisfaction of fulfilling their dreams or lustful desires. He succeeds at not only breaking the mold in Horror, but in providing a progressive look into female sexuality as well. In the opening scene, we find two unwed lovers, Marion (Janet Leigh) and Sam (John Gavin), just following a hotel room tryst. Marion is shown topless in her brassiere, enticing audience just as she will later in the film as she prepares to take a shower. In no mixed terms, this liberated sexual freedom ends at the tip of a knife.

The only thing sharper than Norman's knife is the precision with which Hitchcock edits each shot. He has not been called the Master of Horror without good reason, and PSYCHO demonstrates much of the director's finest work. Many other talents contributed to the film's success, however. Credit first goes out to screenwriter Joseph Stefano, who turns out a brilliant script based on Hitchcock's suggestions over the novel. This is where the major changes occur in the narrative structure and character, expanding Marion's role in the opening act that leads up to the surprise moment where we must shift our investment of emotion from our supposed heroine to the sympathetic Norman Bates. One cannot speak of genius without mentioning the great Bernard Hermann, who provides one of the single greatest film scores the genre has ever known. The frantic energy of Hermann's kinetic score is just as important in driving the terror and suspense in PSYCHO.

The names Anthony Perkins and Norman Bates have become synonymous over the years thanks to Perkins' outstanding performance as the disturbed killer. We are never given any reason to suspect Norman; he is timid, friendly, and by all accounts, 'normal.' Perkins draws us in to the character, and portrays Norman as the film's ultimate victim. In this way, he is the most sympathetic of all, and even the unexpected twist in the end leads to pity over celebration. Janet Leigh is phenomenal as well, teeming with fear and paranoia as she makes her fateful journey across state lines. Half way in, we meet Martin Balsam, who charms audiences as the clever minded Detective Arbogast, while Vera Miles and John Gavin take over as our second-string heroes in another pair of excellent performances.

Alfred Hitchcock not only broke the long-running tradition of externalized horror, but in the process, launched a brand-new era of psycho killer movies that would later evolve into the Slasher film of the 1970's and 80's. In PSYCHO, we see one of the master's finest works, a piece of cinematic history that has served to define the Horror genre for generations.

Rating: 10/10.

Movies like PSYCHO:

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SDLFF Launches Horror and Sci-Fi Festival This March!

San Diego Latino Film Festival 2012 presents

Zombies, aliens, and witches, oh my!

SAN DIEGO, CA - February 26, 2012 - SDLFF goes extreme this year with a new sidebar dedicated to horror, sci-fi, and films that simply defy categories, labels, and conventions. Genre films -- like Rodney Dangerfield -- often get no respect. But they should. Pop culture can reveal a lot about ourselves and society, and do so with passion, invention, and audacious originality. Take this year’s extreme centerpiece from Cuba, Juan of the Dead. The zombies are simply designated as dissidents that have to be dealt with, while the locals must rely on their own ingenuity to survive challenging circumstances -- something they’ve been doing for decades.

Extreme films can be humorous or horrific, frenetic or hypnotic. As the name suggests, they come from the outermost fringes where there are no rules, no limitations, and where anything can happen. They can take us someplace dark or unexpected to reveal our deepest fears or secret desires. So join me in welcoming this thrilling new sidebar and prepare for an extreme cinematic adventure.
- Beth Accomando

Dir. Alejandro Brugués
(2011, 100 min., Cuba, Spanish w/ English subtitles)
SAT 3/17 / 8:00 / S2 & SAT 3/18 / 9:30 / S7
A massive zombie outbreak sends Havana, Cuba into chaos. Juan
and his motley crew of deadbeat friends are forced to engage in some revolutionary acts of capitalism in order to survive. Mixing classic horror and political commentary, Juan of the Dead plays like a potent Cuban cocktail made up of equal parts Night of the Living Dead and Shaun of the Dead.
Order Tickets Online at:

Dir. Jaime Osorio Marquez
(2011, 107 min., Colombia, Spanish w/ English subtitles)
SAT 3/10 / 12:00 / S6, WED 3/14 / 10:15 / S2 & FRI 3/16 / 7:00 / S7
A squad of Colombian soldiers are sent to reinforce a desolate military compound only to find it abandoned, the walls blood-stained, and a mysterious woman locked in chains. As night falls and thick fog rolls in, the platoon grows more panicked and desperate as a sense of terrifying
isolation overwhelms their every move.
Order Tickets Online at:

Dir. Nacho Vigalondo
(2011, 90 min., Spain, Spanish w/ English subtitles)
FRI 3/9 / 8:00 / S2, SUN 3/11 / 10:15 / S2
& SUN 3/18 / 12:30 / S2
UFOs fill the sky over Madrid and Julio (Julián Villagrán) has just spent the night with the girl of his dreams. Set inside one apartment during the invasion, Nacho Vigalondo’s film (Timecrimes) examines a love triangle that grows more bizarre with each passing hour. This is a mind-bending romantic comedy posing as an epic science fiction film.
Order tickets online at:

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Beware the Woods of 'Madison County' This May!

If you’re here…you’re already dead!


Beware of the Woods Starting May 8th on DVD and Digital Download

CHATSWORTH, CA – February 26, 2012 - Dating back to the fairy tales of Grimm, the woods have always been a place of immense beauty, but also of abject terror. Perhaps it’s the lack of civilization, or not knowing what lurks around the next tree, but sometimes what seems idyllic and bucolic only masks the path to death itself! On May 8th, Image Entertainment presents Madison County on DVD and digital download. Premiered at last year’s prestigious ScreamFest— the only film to sell out during the festival! -- and already abuzz with anticipation among genre fans, Madison County promises an excursion into rural terror that pays homage to the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The Town That Dreaded Sundown. SRP is $27.97 for the DVD, with pre-book on April 10th.

Directed, co-produced and written by Eric England, Madison County stars Ace Marrero (who also co-produced), Colley Bailey, Matt Mercer, Joanna Sotomura, Natalie Scheetz, Katie Stegeman, and Adrienne Harrell, with Laid To Rest’s Nick “ChromeSkull” Principe as the savage killer Damien Ewell. Special make-up and prosthetic effects are from the award-winning makeup effects wizards at Almost Human (Laid to Rest I & II, Quarantine, “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles”).

In the film – inspired by true events -- a group of college kids travel to a small, mountain town called Madison County to interview the author of a tell-all book on the accounts of several grisly murders that happened there. But when the kids get to Madison County, the author is nowhere to be found and the townspeople act like they haven't seen him in years, stating that the killer never existed and the murders never happened. However, when the kids start digging around to get their own answers, they find out that the stories may be more real than the townspeople are letting on.

For more information about the film, check out

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Catch 'Silent House' Today at Film Comment Selects

Film Comment Selects to Host a Special Screening of
Silent House
Saturday, February 25th

Directors Laura Lau and Chris Kentis in person for Q&A after February 25 screening!

NEW YORK, NY - February 25, 2012 - In Martha Marcy May Marlene, Elizabeth Olsen sought refuge from a cult inside her sister’s luxurious lake house. In this perfectly executed minimalist thriller from the directors of 2003’s vérité shark-attack quickie Open Water, Olsen meets up with a lakeside retreat of an older, darker variety, finding herself trapped inside the dilapidated cabin her family is readying for sale. With no contact to the outside world, and no way out, panic turns to terror as events become increasingly ominous in and around the house. Based on Uruguayan director Gustavo Hernández’s 2010 La casa muda, Silent House uses meticulous camera choreography to take the audience on a breathless, real-time journey, experienced in a single uninterrupted shot. Catch it before its March 9 theatrical release.

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Help Save a Life with 'The Immortals!'


Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment and America’s Blood Centers
Team Up to Support National Blood Drive

LOS ANGELES, CA - February 25, 2012 - To celebrate the Blu-ray 3D, Blu-ray and DVD release of the epic film IMMORTALS on March 6th, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment and America’s Blood Centers are organizing blood drives at 30 select universities across the country starting this week and continuing through March 9th. Students and participants will experience Director Tarsem Singh’s visually stunning film, pick up exclusive IMMORTALS premium items, while donating blood at their local college campus.

Inspired by the sacrifice that Theseus made of himself to save mankind, the IMMORTALS blood drive event will help support the work of America’s Blood Centers to fulfill their mission to help those who are in need as well as encourage others to give.

Written by Charles Parlapanides and Vlas Parlapanides and Directed by visionary filmmaker Tarsem Singh (The Cell, The Fall), the IMMORTALS Blu-ray is packed with must-see bonus features including an alternate beginning, two alternate endings, deleted scenes and an amazing graphic novel, creating the ultimate fan viewing experience.

Dates / Participating University & Colleges

· Feb. 21 – University of Delaware

· Feb. 21 - Feb. 22 – Mesa Community College

· Feb. 21 - Feb. 22 – University of San Diego

· Feb. 21 - Feb. 23 – Cal Poly SLO - Poly Canyon Village

· Feb. 21 - Feb. 24 – University of Central Florida

· Feb. 21, Mar. 2, Mar. 5 – University of Washington

· Feb. 21, Feb. 27, Mar. 7 – University at Buffalo

· Feb. 22 – Salisbury University

· Feb. 22 - Feb. 23 – University of Oregon

· Feb. 22 – Feb. 24 – Arizona State University

· Feb. 23 – Beloit College

· Feb. 27 - Feb. 28 – Billings & Rocky Mountain College

· Feb. 27 - Feb. 29 – Del Mar College

· Feb. 27 - Mar. 1 – University of Miami

· Feb. 28 – San Diego State University

· Feb. 28 – Mansfield University of Pennsylvania

· Feb. 28 - Feb. 29 – Louisiana State University

· Feb. 28 - Feb. 29 – University of Wyoming in Laramie

· Feb. 29 – Century College

· Mar. 1 – Case Western Reserve University

· Mar. 1 – University of Minnesota Bailey Hall

· Mar. 1 – University of the Pacific

· Mar. 5 – Montana State University

· Mar. 5 - Mar. 8 – Miami Dade College-Kendall Campus

· Mar. 6 - University of Florida

· Mar. 6 - Mar. 8 – Northwestern State University

· Mar. 7 – University of Minnesota Middlebrook Hall

For full details regarding these blood drives and participating center information, including images and campus drive updates, please visit the Fox Connect Facebook Page:

Additional drive photos, videos and other drive updates will be available on the Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment Twitter page: https://twitter.comfoxhomeent, and the hashtag #immortalsblood throughout the duration of the program.

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Beneath the Darkness (2011)

Four friends discover that the town's mortician has been doing some very strange things with the corpses, so they set out to expose him in BENEATH THE DARKNESS, starring Dennis Quaid. One part teen horror, one part necrophilic shocker... It would seem that BENEATH THE DARKNESS has much to offer the Horror audience, but this tame and tired thriller fails to spark even the least amount of interest. Dennis Quaid plays a rather weak villain. He is neither creepy nor intimidating, and often looks silly while attempting to be either. No one in the angst-ridden cast of annoying teen stereotypes even remotely comes forward as the film's hero, and they instead form a group of anti-heroes that break into the poor man's house without reason and get what they have coming to them. With no compelling characters, a questionable plot, minimal shocks, and only a handful of bloodless murders, BENEATH THE DARKNESS becomes a tedious viewing experience. It cribs nearly its entire structure from D.J. Caruso's DISTURBIA, but doesn't think to steal either its humor or suspense. Like Quaid's few hapless victims, this film is better left buried BENEATH THE DARKNESS.


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Purification (2011)

Bret Fitzpatrick is a self-absorbed businessman who is thrust into a nightmarish realm between dreams and reality, where the demons of his past return to haunt him. Director Joe Ciminera ushers in the JACOB'S LADDER of Independent cinema in PURIFICATION, a redemption tale that bends the edges of reality. PURIFICATION is a fresh step up in terms of originality as the director looks to find hope and meaning amongst the horror. Ciminera stands out against the rest of the cast with an strong performance in the lead. The same cannot be said for many of the side characters, unfortunately, who either overact or underplay their respective roles. While the overall theme becomes quite apparent from the very beginning, PURIFICATION lacks a steady sense of continuity between events to drive the narrative. It often feels disjointed and incidental as a result, although this can add to the dream logic of the plot. With some revision and reworking, PURIFICATION could stand to be a much more powerful viewing experience, but the underlying themes of crime and redemption are enough to carry the audience through to the film's climactic ending.

Rating: 6/10.


Short: The Patchwork Monkey (2003)

Tommy and Carol grow suspicious of the stuffed toy which was given to them by their elderly babysitter, especially when they are left alone with it on a dark and stormy night! Susan Bell recreates traditional childhood fears in her nostalgic short THE PATCHWORK MONKEY, a timeless and playful tale that recalls Stuart Gordon's DOLLS or a far-less violent CHILD'S PLAY. The dreamy cinematography and overriding atmosphere add a creepy layer of suspense. With more than a dash of dark humor, THE PATCHWORK MONKEY is sure to entertain!

Rating: 7/10. Read The Full Post HERE!

Day of the Dead (2008)

Unfortunately for Horror fans the world over, Taurus Entertainment retained the rights to George Romero's DAY OF THE DEAD, which allowed them to produce one abysmal sequel to the original 1985 film along with this remake, a blatant cash-in on the success of Zack Snyder's DAWN OF THE DEAD. DAY OF THE DEAD finds a struggling group of civilians, scientists, and military personnel facing off with a deadly disease that turns its victims into ravenous flesh-eating monsters! The pedestrian script is so deeply embedded in genre cliches that they need not be listed. It is poorly written and poorly acted, despite the re-casting of DAWN OF THE DEAD's Ving Rhames as Captain Rhodes in addition to other recognizable names like Mena Suvari, Nick Cannon, and television's AnnaLynne McCord. Taking the new breed of zombies a step further, Steve Miner's monsters can not only run, but can leap small buildings in a single bound and inexplicably climb the walls and ceilings. The silliness quickly grows out of hand, but this remake sure does pack in a ton of blood! As gory as it is genuinely idiotic, DAY OF THE DEAD somehow manages to retain interest, but only for the good old fashioned Splatter fans. It is best to just forget that this film was even made, and move on to the countless other zombie films that followed in DAWN OF THE DEAD's wake.

Rating: 5/10.

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Geek Out at 2012 Fan Expo Vancouver!

Pop Culture Icon Lineup Announced by
2012 Fan Expo Vancouver

Hosts 3rd Annual Canadian Videogame Awards

VANCOUVER, BC - February 21, 2012 – Fan Expo Vancouver announces their line-up of celebrity guests as Comicon Hollywood North finally arrives! Stars from the iconic, Star Trek: The Next Generation to one of today’s hottest fantasies, True Blood. Tickets are now on sale for the West Coast’s biggest gaming, horror, comic, sci-fi, and anime event at Vancouver Convention Centre April 21-22, 2012.

Also announced, Fan Expo Vancouver willhost the third annual Canadian Videogame Awards on April 21, 2012. The event will honour and celebrate the best and brightest in Canadian videogames, and will be broadcast across the country on G4 Canada and CityTV.

Fan Expo Vancouver Celebrity Guests Include:

§ Adam West (Batman)
§ Burt Ward (Robin)
§ Kevin Sorbo (Hercules)
§ Lou Ferrigno (The Hulk)
§ Kristen Bauer (Pam De Beaufort in True Blood)
§ Jeremy Bulloch (Boba Fett in Star Wars)
§ Alan Ruck (Cameron in Ferris Bueller; Star Trek: Generations)
§ Colleen Clinkenbeard (Star Voice - Fullmetal Alchemist)
§ Veronica Taylor (Star Voice - Pokemon)
§ Richard Cox (Voice Star - Inu Yasha)
§ Trevor Devall (Voice Star - Mobile Suit Gundam)
§ Mike McFarland (Voice Star - Dragonball Z)
§ Brian Froud (Voice Star - Bakugan & Jimmy Two Shoes)
§ Nicholas Brendon (Xander in Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
§ John DeLancie (Q in Star Trek: The Next Generation)
§ Michael Dorn (Worf in Star Trek: The Next Generation)

HIGHLIGHTS: Best way to geek out on the weekend and buy cool stuff

§ Celebrity Autographs, Photo Ops, and Q&A’s
§ The 501st Legion: Star Wars Photo Session
§ Sketching Duels…and Artist Alley
§ Costumes
§ Workshops & Seminars
§ Web Series for Grown Ups
§ Retailer & Exhibitor Area
§ Voice Acting 101
§ Ultimate Fan Expo Party
§ Horror Author Panels
§ Sci-Fi Fantasy Author Panels and Readings

“By offering unique experiences and opportunities to interact with icons, industry leaders, and other enthusiastic fans, Fan Expo Canada™ delivers a signature event in Canada that satisfies fans' cravings like no other,” says Aman Gupta, President of Hobby Star Marketing. “For the past 17 years Fan Expo Canada™ has been the only event to bring this level of fandom to Toronto and we are excited to now bring that to the West Coast.”

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Indie Horror Strikes Gold in 'The Prospector's Curse'

The Prospector’s Curse
Wraps Production in Ontario

Featuring Robert Nolan of Worm and Familiar!

PONTY POOL, ON - February 21, 2012 - A western-themed horror film entitled “The Prospector’s Curse” has wrapped production near the remote town of Ponty Pool, Ontario. Set during the Klondike Gold Rush of the 1890’s, the darkly comedic short is Written and Directed by Josh Heisie (‘Mail Order Bride’), Produced by Bruno Marino (‘Anything Goes’) and is currently in Post Production in Toronto, Canada.

The talent lineup for “The Prospector’s Curse” includes David Roberts (‘Curious and Unusual Deaths’), Johnny Quinn (‘Mind’s Eye: The Series’), Amanda Ives (‘I Hate Toronto: A Love Story’) and Robert Nolan (‘Worm’).

Rounding out the creative team are Director of Photography Michael Jari Davidson (‘SICK’), and Special Effects Makeup Artist Carlos Henriques (‘Red: Werewolf Hunter’) of The Butcher Shop.

There’s blood in them there hills!

The vengeful corpse of an old prospector haunts two gold thieves as they struggle
for salvation.

Theodore “Tubby” Ellsworth and Jack smith are two criminals on the run, lost in the untamed wilderness. When they stumble across a mutilated Prospector, dying on Indian ground, they promise to give him a Christian burial. The fugitives break their oath and steal the old man’s gold…but that night, the Prospector’s corpse returns to make them pay!

Related Web Pages
Facebook Fan Page
Josh Heisie
Bruno Marino
Michael Jari Davidson
Carlos Henriques
Dave Roberts
Johnny Quinn
Robert Nolan
Amanda Ives

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Tune in to 'Episode 50' April 17th from Image Entertainment!

To Air On DVD This April!

BEVERLY HILLS, CA - February 21, 2012 - Over the course of three years, a television crew of paranormal inspectors disproved 49 cases of supernatural contact. Soon they will be the ones refuted… On April 17th Image Entertainment invites you to join the hunt with Episode 50, a terrifying and manic thriller coming to DVD for an SRP of $27.97. Pre-book is March 20th.

Episode 50 follows two rival television crews of supernatural experts: one team of skeptics looking to discredit myths about the paranormal and another team of strong believers seeking to prove their existence. Teaming up for the first time for a special episode, the crews gets far more than they bargained for when they make contact with a spirit of tremendous power and must band together to stop it before it destroys them all.

Directed by Joe and Tess Smalley and starring a young, dynamic cast including Josh Folan (“All My Children”, Death on Demand), Natalie Wetta, Eleanor Wilson and Justin Brutico, Episode 50 will keep you at the edge of your seat until the credits roll! Read The Full Post HERE!

'The Dead Want Women' Poster Art Revealed!

...And Posters!

LOS ANGELES, CA - February 21, 2012 - TA-DA! It’s time to unveil the official poster art for Full Moon Horror’s latest flick: The Dead Want Women.

Directed by Charles Band, the film stars Eric Roberts, Ariana Madix(Killer Eye: Halloween Haunt), Jean-Louise O’Sullivan (Gingerdead Man 3), Circus Szalewski (Evil Bong 3-D) and Jessica Morris (Dangerous Worry Dolls). The story begins at an elegant mansion during the 1920′s; a socialite, flappers, and the men who love them come to their ultimate demise, but their ghosts continue to haunt the mansion throughout the decade. Now they’ve come back to haunt and chase after a fresh generation of beautiful girls.

Also, The Dead Want Women DVD will be available sometime during the summer of 2012.

And without further ado…

Check out more on The Dead Want Women at!!

- Charles Band
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Celebrate 'Mother's Day' This May!


Rebecca DeMornay, Shawn Ashmore and Jamie King Star
In The Highly Anticipated Remake of the Troma Cult Classic;
Coming Home on Blu-ray™+DVD Combo and DVD May 8

“One [movie] that we're totally looking forward to”

Beverly Hills, CA – February 21, 2012 – There’s nothing more comforting than the love of a Mother for her children. But beware any Mother when her children are threatened! And for a certain diabolical Mother and her vicious progeny, she’ll send anyone who threatens her brood straight to Hell itself!

Anchor Bay Films presents the ultimate “Mother” with the May 8th release of Mother’s Day on Blu-ray™+DVD Combo Pack and on DVD. With an all-star cast including Rebecca DeMornay (The Hand That Rocks The Cradle, Wedding Crashers), Jamie King (Red Tails, My Bloody Valentine, Sin City), Brianna Evigan (S. Darko, Step Up 2: The Streets), Patrick John Flueger (Footloose, Brothers), Deborah Ann Woll (HBO’s “True Blood”), Lyriq Bent (Saw II-IV, Skinwalkers), Frank Grillo (The Grey, Minority Report) and Shawn Ashmore (the X-Men films, Frozen), Mother’s Day is the chilling and gorier remake of the 1980 Troma classic by the same name. SRP is $26.98 for the DVD, and $29.99 for the Blu-ray™+DVD combo. Pre-book is April 11th, 2012. Mother’s Day will also have an exclusive theatrical engagement in New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago on May 4th in select theaters.

Directed by Darren Lynn Bousman (Saw II, III and IV) with screen story and screenplay by Scott Milam based on the original Mother’s Day written by Charles Kaufman and Warren Leight, Mother’s Day is a graphic remake of the Troma horror classic. After a bank robbery gone wrong, three brothers go home to hideout…only to discover that their Mother (Rebecca De Mornay) lost their house in a foreclosure. The new owners and their party guests become the depraved brothers’ unwitting hostages. Their sadistic Mother soon arrives and brilliantly takes control of the situation, ratcheting up the terror. As the hostages struggle desperately to survive the harrowing torture, they realize that there is nothing a Mother won’t do to protect her children.

Ain’t It Cool News called Mother’s Day "I Spit On Your Grave mixed with Texas Chainsaw Massacre with heavy portions of Friday The 13th thrown in,” while Dread Central declared, “Mama's boys have once again made their Mother very proud.”

The Mother’s Day Blu-ray™ and DVD feature an audio commentary with director Darren Lynn Bousman and actor Shawn Ashmore.

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Dawn of the Dead (2004)

Ana awakens to a world that has been overrun by the undead, narrowly escaping the ravenous hordes by teaming up with a small band of survivors who have taken refuge in the local shopping mall. Zack Snyder gives DAWN OF THE DEAD a terrifying new update in his 2004 remake, changing the game of zombie cinema forever.

In an effort to make his villains even more frightening, Snyder allows the creatures to take off at top-speeds after our heroes. Now, we not only have to worry about the overwhelming numbers of the undead, but outrunning them as well! While this has become the source of much controversy with fans, it isn't as illogical as many make it out to be. The infection is only a day old when our movie begins, so the bodies of the deceased have had no chance to degenerate. If fueled by an insatiable bloodlust, it would only seem reasonable that these killing machines would attack with a primitive rage.

Our new set of heroes quickly garner our support, with Ving Rhames playing the tough policeman Kenneth, Sarah Polley as the sharp and resourceful Ana, and Jake Weber trying to hold things together as Michael. Each of the side characters are just as enjoyable as well, and help to create a dichotomy in personal politics that drives the internal conflict. The human element is great, but where the new DAWN OF THE DEAD succeeds most is in the scares. Synder creates many unexpected and exhilarating moments of adrenaline-pumping excitement, pitting his characters against insurmountable odds in the fight to survive. The zombies are like rabid dogs, bursting through doors and ripping their victims to shreds. It is a very horrifying experience, but one that also delivers on suspense as well as gore.

Regardless of one's feelings when it comes to the proper speed of a zombie, DAWN OF THE DEAD proves to be one of the strongest remakes in Horror to come out of the 2000's. It draws from Romero's basic premise, but creates something unique entirely that fans are sure to appreciate, but moreover, it is as scary as it is purely entertaining.

Rating: 9/10.

Movies like DAWN OF THE DEAD:

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Evidence (2011)

Once again, a group of teens head out on a camping trip to make a documentary when they unwittingly uncover a monster lurking in the woods. Now, their film will be the only remaining evidence of the creature, if they can only make it out alive! Of the many "found footage" films that have flooded the market in recent years, EVIDENCE ranks amongst the worst. The characters range from annoying to mindless and idiotic, and they make some of the most absurd decisions ever put on film! When one of the guys goes missing after the first attack, the group goes deeper into the woods to find him rather than taking off for help. Each time the girls find any sort of safe defense, they open a door and go running back into the woods. The creatures are always just a few steps behind, yet when the girls trip and fall, they are never attacked. Despite the fact that the characters explicitly state that they are only half a mile off of a familiar mountain road, they run into a deadly monster and happen upon a huge military installation that no one has ever seen before. And for what? The documentary is literally about Brett's first time camping. How or why anyone would agree to do this has yet to be determined. Who does this documentary cater to? It sounds more like a stupid dorm room prank than a legitimate project.

A common complaint with the hand-held approach to filmmaking is that it has a dizzying effect on the audience. Well, this is taken to the furthest extremes in EVIDENCE. The camera is sickeningly tossed and turned, while the footage been chopped up and digitally mangled to give the appearance of damage. This makes the end product unwatchable. In the final third, things get even more insane and illogical, with new monsters and half-human hybrids popping out all over the place, only adding to the confusion. If the intent was to make EVIDENCE legitimately look like four untrained and untalented documentary filmmakers went into the woods and got killed for making poor decisions, then mission accomplished.

Rating: 5/10.

Movies like EVIDENCE:

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Book Review: Japan's Favorite Mon-Star (1998)

For Godzilla fans around the world, no single text could be more complete than Steve Ryfle's exhaustive study on the creature entitled Japan's Favorite Mon-Star: The Unauthorized Biography of "The Big G". Touted as being the first and only text on Godzilla's reign to be written in the United States (at the time), Ryfle's work certainly lives up to its promises. Not only does the author provide in-depth analysis on the 22 existing films leading up to 1998 (including the abysmal American remake), he also returns with enlightening interviews composed with the cast and crew, script reviews for failed sequels, side-by-side comparisons between the Japanese and American versions of the films, biographies, advertising campaigns, distributor's scandals, and much, much more! Going as far-reaching as Luigi Cozzi's colorized 'COZZILLA,' Hanna-Barbera's goofy cartoon series, the Marvel comics, and Steve Miner's failed remake, Ryfle truly has formed a definitive work on the monster. The author's knowledge and passion for Kaiju cinema is simply unmatched, providing hours of fascinating reading. Although Ryfle remains entirely subjective throughout his writing, he is never dry and every line is read with an inviting smile. Japan's Favorite Mon-Star is required reading for the Godzilla fanatic, a virtual encyclopedia on the world's most iconic monster!

Rating: 10/10.

Books like Japan's Favorite Mon-Star:
Godzilla On My Mind, Monsters Are Attacking Tokyo, Mushroom Clouds and Mushroom Men.

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Book Review: Psychos! Sickos! Sequels! (1998)

If one decade produced a wider array of genre offerings, it would have to be the 1980s, as author John Stell will attest to in Psychos! Sickos! Sequels!: Horror Films of the 1980s! Although Stell often interjects his own objective opinion in to many of his reviews, his in-depth knowledge and educated reactions to films like FRIDAY THE 13TH, A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET, LADY IN WHITE, MR. VAMPIRE, FRIGHT NIGHT, NEAR DARK, ALIENS, and a plethora of other 80s outings prove to be unmatched. Stell critically analyzes each film, adds a historical context (both past and present) to its creation, and even drops in his own sentimental attachment occassionally. Oddly, for an author so dedicated to the decade, the author shows a surprising amount of disdain for the Slasher movement that ran rampant at the time, throwing much harsh criticism towards FRIDAY THE 13TH and its respective filmmakers. On the other hand, he praises Wes Craven's ingenuity and originality in creating one of the genre's most frightening villains: Freddy Krueger. Stell expresses a deep love and admiration for many of these films, which clearly filters in through his reviews. As he states, if one person were to discover a single film through the reading of his text, his goal would be achieved. With coverage on lesser-known titles like MR. VAMPIRE, A CHINESE GHOST STORY, and LADY IN WHITE, he is certain to help even the most well-rounded Horror fans.

Rating: 8/10.

Books like Psychos! Sickos! Sequels!:
Going to Pieces, The Splatter Movie Guide, Nightmare Movies.

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Van Helsing (2004)

The unfortunate success of Stephen Sommers' disastrous THE MUMMY RETURNS awarded him an unrestricted creative license to meddle with the remaining Universal Monsters in VAN HELSING. The legendary monster hunter embarks on his greatest adventure yet, as he tries to stop Dracula from using the Frankenstein Monster's seed to create an army of fledgling vampires that will soon take over the world! How Frankenstein's monster dong ever got involved in this story, the world may never know. Sommers continues to show a complete disdain for logic, reason, and reality, preferring instead to create the most over-the-top and ridiculous action sequences imaginable. Normal is never good enough for Mr. Sommers; every scene must be taken to the extreme, no matter how unnecessary the shot may be. There can be no suspense when impossible feats are being performed by unextraordinary heroes. VAN HELSING is not only a trial in excess, but also in bad acting. As if Hugh Jackman and Kate Beckinsale were not bad enough with their preposterous accents and overblown theatrics, Sommers brings on character actor Richard Roxburgh in one of the most flamboyant portrayals of Dracula that audiences have ever seen! For all of the millions of dollars that Universal invested in state-of-the-art motion capture technology, greenscreening, computerization, and compositing, the film looks like shit. It is unconvincing and instantly dated at best, cartoony at worst. The updated monsters fare no better, and pale in comparison to their former selves. None of this even addresses the brainless script that haphazardly ties everything together. VAN HELSING is nothing but an over-budgeted effects show laid out over poorly drawn characters and a harebrained plot.

Rating: 6/10.

Movies like VAN HELSING:

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Short: Worm (2010)

Director Richard Powell takes us on an unsettling trip through the mouth of madness in the critically-acclaimed WORM. From the surface, Geoffrey Dodd appears to be a kind and unassuming educator, but inside, something dark is brooding... Each day, Dodd returns to teach a class of uncaring students, cursing their over-privileged existences and secretly wishing each of them ill. He hates his co-workers, and fails at every attempt to complete his own novel. His contempt for humanity slowly boils out of his head and into a briefcase filled with instruments of terror... Just as Dodd's insanity continues to grow, so does the suspense in WORM. Powell's cynical humor provides a grim release for the negative thoughts and emotions that many have felt in the past. It asks dangerous questions that none of us hope to find the answers to: Are there teachers out there thinking the same thoughts? How many friends and neighbors feel like Geoffrey Dodd? With the same effect that PSYCHO and NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD had on the 1960's, WORM internalizes the horror, and brings it to the forefront of our daily realities. The open ending leaves much to interpretation, and perhaps foreshadows Dodd's fate for having crippled so many students' lives. WORM presents another fine work of thought-provoking Horror that will help to usher in the next generation of filmmaking.

Rating: 9/10.

Movies like WORM:

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Meet 'The Walking Dead' at Calgary Expo!

Bring out your dead!
Get Bitten by 'The Walking Dead'
Bug as stars from smash-hit series make their way to the Calgary Expo!

CALGARY, AB - February 18, 2012 - Stars of The Walking Dead Laurie Holden and Jon Bernthal, along with The Walking Dead graphic novel artist Tony Moore, will be amongst the powerhouse lineup attending the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo April 27-29 at the BMO centre.

The Walking Dead guests, including Tony Moore, will be participating in a special Walking Dead panel over the course of the weekend. Laurie Holden, who plays Andrea on the series, is also known for her role as Marita Covarrubias in The X-Files. Jon Bernthal, also known as Shane, has worked on such projects as The Ghost Writer, Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian and World Trade Centre. Artist Tony Moore, apart from creating much of the art for The Walking Dead has also had his hand in Masters of the Universe and The Exterminators.

"There is no question that zombies have become vastly popular over the past few years," states Calgary Expo Event Director, Kandrix Foong. "The Walking Dead is a great example of art and pop culture blending together to form something both incredible and entertaining."

Laurie Holden will also be doing a special spotlight panel about the Somaly Mam Foundation. She is one of the founding board members for the charity, which is dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating victims of human trafficking.

Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo is a non-profit organization showcasing pop culture including comics, sci-fi, gaming, anime, and horror. Since 2006, the convention has grown to host over 30,000 attendees in 2011 and is Canada¹s second largest pop culture convention. Calgary Expo April 27 ­ 29, 2012 at BMO Centre, Stampede Park, in Calgary, AB, Canada. For more info & tickets, visit

2012 Calgary Expo guests include Stan Lee (Xmen, Spiderman), Robert Englund (Nightmare on Elm Street), Amanda Tapping (Stargate: SG-1, Sanctuary), Katee Sackhoff (Battlestar Galactica, 24), James Marsters (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Adam West (original Batman), Hayden Panettiere (Heroes), Adam Baldwin (Firefly), John Noble (Fringe), Dave Prowse (Star Wars), and the nine principal cast members from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

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Short: The Third Eye (2011) Puts Haunting Images in Storage in Your Memory

Visceral, challenging, extreme. Caroline du Potet gives us a mixture of shock cinema and Lynchian intrigue in her twisted short THE THIRD EYE. Bouncing between perspectives, THE THIRD EYE centralizes itself on the theme of voyeurism, with several unexpected spectators finding themselves caught up in horrifying events. Du Potet feels no obligation in explaining the wild imagery set before the viewer, and leaves her audience as bewildered and disturbed as her unfortunate characters. THE THIRD EYE will not be easy to digest in a single sitting, but you'll be finding your memory holding haunting images like they were locked in pod storage.

Rating: 8/10.

Movies like THE THIRD EYE:

The Monster Squad (1987)

When Dracula returns from the dead to assemble an evil army of monsters, it will be up to a group of courageous young kids to save the world in THE MONSTER SQUAD! Following his cult zombie hit NIGHT OF THE CREEPS, director Fred Dekker sets off to create one of the most beloved children's Horror films of all-time, combining all of his own childhood favorites into a single film: Dracula, The Wolfman, The Gill-man, The Mummy, Frankenstein's Monster, and other ghoulish creatures. With the help of Stan Winston and other talented makeup artists, THE MONSTER SQUAD features incredible redesigns for each of the classic monsters, making them scary without driving away his intended audience. Tom Noonan is playfully naive in his role as the Frankenstein Monster, while Duncan Regehr stands out amongst the monsters with his flamboyantly over-the-top but menacing performance as the sinister Count. The Squad, itself, is perfectly assembled as well, with a range of talented youngsters that remind us of Sean Astin and the gang from THE GOONIES. They bring to life much of the innocent humor, including memorable lines like "Wolfman's got nards!" THE MONSTER SQUAD is fun for all ages, a timeless cult-classic when it comes to monster movies.

Rating: 8/10.


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Short: BugBaby (2010)

Feeling unable to deal with the difficulties of parenting, the Gregory's enlist the help of a local adoption agency to find a loving home for their oddly misshapen half-human monster of a son, but Mrs. Tottifot the social worker will learn first-hand that little Sammy has very special needs... It's BUGBABY, coming to a theater near you! Rebecca Lorenne Doppelt pays her own campy homage to the monster cinema of the 1950's in this adaptation of Dan Spurgeon's hilarious screenplay. When it comes to thrills, BUGBABY plays off of the same social anxieties of mutated births resulting from radiation or unknown chemicals as seen in other films like IT'S ALIVE and THE UNBORN. Lara Fisher, Jared Martzell, and Mink Stole are all in on the punchline, hamming it up in the picturesque Leave It to Beaver setting of 50's culture. This filmmaking team knows enough to keep the monster hidden at all times, building the suspense and allowing for some unexpected laughs along the way. If you are a fan of films like THE FLY, it is time you caught BUGBABY!

Rating: 8/10.

Movies like BUGBABY:

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Short: Summer of the Zombies (2011)

It's a hard afterlife, as vegan-turned-zombie Summer soon learns after being attacked by the undead. What is her place in a world overrun by flesh-eaters? Eddie Beasley and Ashleigh Nichols earn big laughs with this brilliant turn on the undead, providing all the same great social commentary as a Romero film in only a fraction of the time! Casey Gates is delightfully funny as Summer, who faces rejection and loneliness as she scours the earth in search of fresh veggies. The only things these filmmakers take seriously are the special effects and makeup, which stack up easily against most major motion pictures. SUMMER OF THE ZOMBIES will play well with fans of SHAUN OF THE DEAD and FIDO!

Rating: 8/10.


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Assignment Terror (1970)

In an effort to conquer Earth, a none-too-wise race of alien invaders takes control of the planet's most terrifying monsters: Dracula, The Mummy, The Wolfman, and Farancksollen's Monster! Paul Naschy's second major Horror outing as the werewolf Waldemar Daninsky has all of the trappings of Z-Grade Horror, working off of an uninspired story that brainlessly combines aliens, monsters, and the mad scientists into one big, confused mess. As would be expected, the take-over of Earth only ever amounts to two or three people being kidnapped and killed before the alien's master plan is unraveled. The drama unfolds like a poorly-scripted soap opera, especially when the aliens become susceptible to human emotions... And desires! Outside of the clumsily-built Farancksollen's Monster, the costumes are passable, and include another great rendition of the Waldemar Daninsky werewolf. The end features a battle between the werewolf and the other monsters, the only scene worth noting in this otherwise cheap and tacky production.

Rating: 5/10.


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Horror Gives Dogs A Helping Hand This February!

Meet Your Favorite Celebs Feb 18th With
Star Paws Rescue

Up and coming Hollywood actress Tara Cardinal has teamed up with Dark Delicacies Bookstore* again for another red carpet charity fundraiser

FEB 18, 6:30-9:30PM 3512 West Magnolia Blvd, Burbank, CA 91505

Some of Hollywood's best loved celebs will be gathered together to raise money for Star Paws Rescue, an independent unfunded dog rescue organization spearheaded by Victoria Burrows. Star Paws rescues abandoned, injured and death row dogs from the streets and pounds of Los Angeles, with the end goal of finding and delivering these dogs to good homes.

And the best part - it's open to the public! Come get your dvds, 8X10s, posters, napkins or t-shirts signed by the celebs.

Take a red carpet photo with your favorite celebs too and help save some cute dogs at the same time!

In response to the overwhelming requests for an online fundraiser, interested parties can donate here:

Now you know why - but wait till you see WHO!

ADRIAN PAUL actor - (Highlander, Tracker, Eyeborgs)
BILLY BOYD actor (Lord of the Rings Trilogy as Pippin, Stone of Destiny, Master & Commander, Pimp)
UWE BOLL director (In the Name of the King 1 & 2, Bloodrayne 1-4, Rampage, Attack on Darfur, Auschwitz, Postal, Alone in the Dark)
HO-SUNG PAK actor/martial arts Hall of Famer (Drunken Master, WMAC Masters, Last Airbender)
SPENCER LOCKE actress (Resident Evil:Extinction & Afterlife, Cougar Town, Monster House)
CLINT HOWARD actor (The Dilemma, Frost/Nixon, Halloween, The Waterboy, Apollo 13, Cocoon, The Jungle Book)
CAROLINE WILLIAMS actress (Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, Halloween 2, Days of Thunder)
PALAK PATEL producer ( Snow White and the Huntsman, Alice in Wonderland)
STEVEN SEARS producer/creator (Xena Warrior Princess, Sheena, Swamp Thing)
GARY GRAHAM actor (Alien Nation, Star Trek Enterprise)
RILEAH VANDERBILT actress/producer (Frozen, The Guild, Team Unicorn)
CLEVE HALL fx genius (Monster Man)
ROBBIE LAUGHLIN host/actor (eye for the straight girl, Another Gay movie, $100 makeover)
MARC & ELAINE ZICREE writers/producers (Sliders, The Twilight Zone, Star Trek: New Voyages)
MICHAEL WALLACH talent manager /Author: How to get Arrested

*Dark Delicacies is owned and operated by the incredible Del and Sue Howison

In addition to the fundraiser, there will be a FOOD DRIVE to support the local food banks. The food drive is officially sponsored by GREEK GODS, a generous company that has already donated 120 tubs of gourmet Greek yogurt. Please bring non-perishable canned food to the event.

There will also be a raffle with many glamorous prizes. Here's a sneak peek at what's been donated so far:


PET HEAD DOG BASKET -shampoos & things [$50.00]
ACTIVE HEALTH BEVERLY HILLS, Consultation/Examination with and adjustment. [$600.]
WESTSIDE PET CLINIC - Free Exam & Vectra 3D flea prevention. [$75.]
VICTORIA BURROWS -Casting Director- general meeting 1 hr - [$priceless]
CANDACE CAMPBELL Hair Extensions [$900.]
CHRISTINE LAGUNA - Facial – 1 hour – Product: Eminence [$125.]
BACKSTAGE BAR & GRILL or MOMS BAR [$50.] Certificate,
DOGSWELL Doggie Goodie Basket [$75.]

The Red Carpet portion of the event is officially sponsored by: Horrible Imaginings Film Festival, San Diego's First Annual Horror Film Festival

RSVP on Facebook:
Of course you don't *need* to rsvp to attend.

++ For their own safety, there will be NO dogs allowed at the event.

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Anchor Bay Offers Up 'The Wicker Tree' This April!

The time is nigh for a new offering...


A New Vision of the Cult Classic Takes Root
April 24th on Blu-ray™ and DVD

BEVERLY HILLS, CA – February 15, 2012 - On April 24th, Anchor Bay Entertainment, the leading distributor in classic and contemporary horror films, releases Anchor Bay Films’ highly anticipated follow-up The Wicker Tree on Blu-ray™ and DVD. Set in the same universe as the 1973 cult classic The Wicker Man starring Christopher Lee and Edward Woodward, the film is written and directed by the original helmer, Robin Hardy, who also reunited with the original producer Peter Snell and venerable UK production company British Lion to bring a chilling new vision of this classic story to 21st century audiences, after a theatrical run. SRP is $29.99 for the Blu-ray™ and $26.98 for the DVD. Pre-book on March 28th.

Based on Hardy’s acclaimed 2006 novel “Cowboys for Christ,” The Wicker Tree tells the story of Texas-based singer Beth Boothby (newcomer Brittania Nicol) and her friend Steve Thomson (Henry Garrett, “The Bill,” “Skins”), two born-again Christians who come to Scotland to spread the gospel. When their initial efforts are met with disdain and disinterest, they find comfort in an invitation to sing in Tressock, the border fiefdom owned by Sir Lachlan Morrison (Graham McTavish, Rambo, the upcoming The Hobbit films).

However, Beth’s and Steve’s message of personal chastity quickly comes into direct conflict with Tressock’s sexual and religious practices, drawing upon ancient Celtic beliefs and rituals. Temptations begin to challenge Beth and Steve – with the stakes no less than their very lives and souls...

Lee, who played the mysterious Lord Summerisle in the original (in a career that includes Count Dracula and the Frankenstein monster in the classic Hammer films, Count Dooku in Star Wars Episodes II & III, and Saruman in the Lord of the Rings trilogy as well as the upcoming pair of films based on The Hobbit), returns again in a dramatic cameo. Rounding out the cast are Jacqueline Leonard (“Holby City,” “The Bill”) as Lady Delia Morrison, Clive Russell (Sherlock Holmes, The 13th Warrior) as Beame, James Mapes (Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, Conversations with God) as Reverend Moriarty and Honeysuckle Weeks (“Foyle’s War” and numerous other UK TV projects) as Lolly.

Bonus features on The Wicker Tree Blu-ray™ and DVD include a behind-the-scenes featurette, deleted scenes and the theatrical trailer.

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Arachnophobia (1990)

When it comes to killer spiders, one name stands above the rest... Frank Marshall's ARACHNOPHOBIA, from 1990! A deadly South American spider arrives in the small town of Canaima, California, where it mates with a local species to create a new breed of terror! Dr. Ross Jennings, the town's new physician and acute arachnophobe, is left to determine the cause of the sudden rise in deaths, which will put him face to face with thousands of the creatures that he fears the most. Suspense runs high in ARACHNOPHOBIA, with the spindly little spiders always running just inches away from their potential victims. With plenty of places to hide, every room in the house becomes a threat, and Marshall capitalizes on this by placing his miniature monsters behind the toilet, in shoes, and in the lamp shade... All of the places that we would normally check out of fear, ourselves. With the exception of the lead spider, the rest are very real, and very scary. For the average arachnophobe, this film would simply be too much to bear, but somehow, Jennings puts together enough courage to save the town. Oddly, the script paints Jennings character in an unsympathetic light, as he appears to be rude to potential patients and rather pessimistic overall. Jeff Daniels plays into each of these attitudes sufficiently, and John Goodman stops in for a few laughs as the kooky exterminator Delbert McClintock. Marshall weighs out an equal measure of humor to offset the tension and terror, making this an enjoyable ride for his viewers. Whether you are afraid of spiders or not, ARACHNOPHOBIA is sure to make your skin crawl!

Rating: 8/10.


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Giallo (2009)

Once considered the Master of Italian Horror, Dario Argento has since slipped into a long downward spiral of uninspired thrillers that lack the director's particular flare for the theatrical. GIALLO is no different, just another watered-down attempt to rekindle a failing career. Adrien Brody stars as Inspector Enzo Avolfi, an obsessed detective that has been charged with bringing in a sadistic serial killer who has recently kidnapped his latest victim. Each of the girls have been beautiful models and actresses, leading Avolfi to believe that his killer may have some form of physical deformity, but he will have to rely on the help of the victim's sister to find the man they call 'Yellow.' Were it simply up to the filming and acting, GIALLO may have passed as another routine (though underwhelming) thriller, however the poor plot construction is impossible to ignore. Avolfi may as well not have been in the film at all, when the real detective work is left to Emmanuelle Seigner as Linda. Brody and Seigner appear to be just as unimpressed with the script as the audience, with absolutely no range in emotion as they easily uncover the inept clues. Argento throws in a splash of blood but no sense of style whatsoever. It all leads up to the director's most anti-climactic ending ever, which is sure to enrage those viewers who sat by long enough to give the film a chance.

Rating: 6/10.

Movies like GIALLO:

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Drunken Zombie Film Festival 2012 Open For Submissions!

Drunken Zombie International Horror Film Festival
Now Accepting Submissions for 2012!

PEORIA, IL - February 12, 2012 - The fifth annual Drunken Zombie Film Festival is now open for submissions! We are celebrating our 5th year of showing independent horror films to a horror audience that is hungry to see something outside of the studio system that can tap into the horror life line and bring them a great experience they have been craving. We show all types of horror films and not just zombie films which some take our name to imply. So whatever type of horror film you have feel free to submit.

Our submission process is easy. Head over to the website,, fill out the online submission form, and mail it off with your movie. It's that easy. No entry fees. No complex rules. If you want your horror film seen by an audience that is craving the next great horror film then this is the festival for you. We are looking for feature films, short films, music videos, trailers, etc. Anything you got we'll take a look at. The deadline for submissions is August 31st, 2012.

Our film festival is taking place on November 2-3, 2012 at Landmark Cinemas in Peoria, IL. Have your film Slay In Peoria! This is our fifth year running our convention and have had a great time showing off some films that have gone on to great success. Some of the past films we have shown are Dead Hooker In A Trunk (DZFF2010), The Taint (DZFF2011), Zombie Apocalypse (DZFF 2008), Trippin' (DZFF 2010), and The Selling (DZFF2011). We present a well rounded list of films from straight up scary to horror comedies to the full on surreal.

For further info on submitting films and keeping up with news, sponsorships, and more visit or email

Praise For The Drunken Zombie Film Festival:

“The Drunken Zombie Film Festival is run by a group of diehard horror fans who's only desire is to help out indie filmmakers and that passion shines through in their treatment of your work, their interaction with you (the filmmaker), and their enthusiasm overall. I am very happy to support DZ as they have been more than supportive of my career over the years and are one of the reasons I have fans across the world.”

Tony Wash – Director of It's My Party And I'll Die If I Want To (DZFF2008) and A Chance In Hell (DZFF2011)

“We had the distinct pleasure of having our film, "The Feed", screened at the 2011 Drunken Zombie Film Festival. Though unable to attend due to a work conflict, I had a number of people write to us saying how much they enjoyed the festival and our movie. Not only that, but a podcast was released shortly thereafter where a whole group sat around discussing the fest - and our film - in great detail! It was fantastic to hear. We rely quite a bit on social networking to keep our fans up to speed on our film's progress, and the 2011 DZFF, as well as their devoted followers, allowed us to post many, many updates. We look forward to submitting our next work as well as attending!”

Steve Gibson – Director of The Feed (DZFF2011)

"DZFF makes a real effort to reach out to its filmmakers, in order to help them connect with each other and with industry. That's why I'll keep sending my films to DZFF. Also, their name is really cool."

Chris Walsh – Director Of Fitness Class Zombie (DZFF2011)

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Short: Movie Monster Insurance (2006)

Ever worry about losing a limb on the job thanks to some pesky zombie, or having to fork out your own hard-earned money to head down to the blood bank after a visit from a vampire? Well, look no further, friend! MOVIE MONSTER INSURANCE is here to help! Paula Haifley's directorial debut finally gives the public a product they can use in this camp throwback to 50's consumerism. With tongue placed firmly in cheek, each of the actors deliver playful performances that highlight the inherent silliness of the plot. Great humor and great costumes combine to make this another enjoyable short for monster movie fans!

*Disclaimer: Monster Movie Insurance is void in Virginia, Canada, and Transylvania. Not valid against Sasquatch, man-eating sharks, or giant lizards from Japan.

Rating: 7/10.

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Short: Beautiful As You Are (2009)

A hopeless romantic that is obsessed with sappy television commercials finds his new love floating down river face first, and brings her home to star in his own twisted version of televised romance. Doug Mallette weaves together themes of necrophilia and body horror in a sick little short that is filled with morbid humor. He toys with the notions of idealized romance and disillusionment that are brought on by the warming glow of television's false reality. The "perfect date" that is put on by our TV-addled lead is sad, funny, disgusting, and ultimately unnerving. Those tuning in to BEAUTIFUL AS YOU ARE cannot leave without having been affected in some way.

Rating: 7/10.


Short: Paper Rock, Scissors (2011)

Horror writer Heather Wixson gives us a slice of sheer genius in her own hilarious short PAPER ROCK, SCISSORS, featuring none other than Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson! Well, sort of... Clark is invited over for a dinner date with Isabel, when he is surprised by a life-size standee of "The Rock" hiding out in Isabel's coat closet. After a brief laugh, Isabel moves the item into the bedroom, where Clark swears he hears talking. He shrugs it off as the two enjoy their meal together, when suddenly he sees "The Rock" watching them from the hallway! Is Clark losing it, or has "The Rock" come to put an end to their dating... FOR GOOD! Wixson gives us a number of laugh-out-loud moments thanks to the pure absurdity of the plot, which is her own unexpected and highly original take on the Slasher short. Aaron Pruner and Corbett Tuck add to the camp with their slightly offbeat performances as well. Wixson is sure to entertain with her directorial debut!

Rating: 7/10.

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New Classic Horror Mag 'Mad House' Looking For Contributors!!


"Mad House Magazine features an excellent collection of talented writers
that have contributed a wide variety of different formats, each following in the
grand tradition of Classic Horror. This will be the mag to follow in 2012!"
-Carl Manes, I Like Horror Movies

PORT CHARLOTTE, FL - February 11, 2012 - Do you crave classic horror stories? Do you love the musty smell of a paperback anthology containing vintage horror? Stories about creepy old houses, aristocratic vampires, Lovecraftian creatures, and tales of psychological spooks?

We wanted to send a shout out to all interested parties who would want to submit pieces in this vein to MAD HOUSE, a new digital mag that’s eager to hear the terrifying tales that all you storytellers have to share. In addition to fiction, we're open for nonfiction, poetry, and artwork alike. If you pine after the Universal and Hammer horror films and worship authors like Poe, M.R. James, Ray Bradbury, Richard Matheson, and many others, than MAD HOUSE is the monster mag for you!

We’re looking for roughly three more fiction and/or poetry submissions and can use four to five nonfiction articles. Stories can reach up to a 7,000 word maximum. Maximum word count for articles is 5,000 words.

SPECIAL NOTICE: We are getting close to our quota for fiction and at this time are in need of NONFICTION PIECES. These can include but are not limited to: reviews, retrospectives, essays (both academic and formal), and opinion pieces.

The official deadline for any and all submissions for our premiere issue is MAY 5TH, 2012. We are planning on releasing the anthology in time for the Halloween season and need to have all materials at the ready by the above timeline. Don’t miss out on your chance!

At this time we cannot offer payment to our contributors. We're putting this rag together for the pure fun of it and out of our love for all that is classic horror. We hope to someday offer monetary compensation for the great work that we’re provided with. In the meantime it is our desire to simply put together a loving publication that we can all share with other terror-loving friends.

We prefer that your submission is in Word document format, 12 point Times New Roman, single-spaced. Attach it to your email and make sure you include the piece's title and your name in the subject line. We will request short bios upon acceptance of your piece(s).

Address all submissions to madhousemag [at] yahoo [dot] com.

Check out our blog for more information and how to contact us. Be careful as you traverse through MAD HOUSE and always keep your hand at the level of your eyes! You never know who you may run into.

Site URL:

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Short: Internal Thoughts (2011)

A troubled housewife struggles with her own jealousy and suspicions as her distanced husband leaves for work in INTERNAL THOUGHTS. While INTERNAL THOUGHTS speaks to the negative emotions that every man or woman experiences in life at one time or another, the handling of the material is extremely amateur and surface level, and the short ends on a down note that is neither witty nor ironic. The acting also leaves much to be desired, for an underwhelming overall effect.

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Short: Cthulhu Triptych (2009)

After being awoken centuries too soon, Cthulhu the Destroyer is left to toil at his unrewarding day job as a telemarketer, only to be spurned by the ladies as he returns home for the evening. The witty edge that Paula Haifley has helped bring to "Robot Chicken" returns in her own short entitled CTHULHU TRIPTYCH! Some of the humor may miss the target, but more of it is outright hilarious as we watch the great Cthulhu struggle at menial tasks while threatening eminent destruction against all who cross him. Nothing can bring Cthulhu down, not even when faced with rejection, loneliness, and endless caller hang-ups! The silly costume and clumsy acting add to the monster's pathetic charm, and make for a real treat for Lovecraft aficionados.

Rating: 6/10. Read The Full Post HERE!

Short: The Party's Over (2011)

Tomas awakens next to a beautiful girl after a night of drunken partying, only to come to the frightening realization that he has no idea who she is, or where his friends have taken off to... Gigi Romero avenges any woman who has ever been laughed at or looked down upon by doggish men after a one-night stand in THE PARTY'S OVER! Ramon Pujol plays the stereotypical male who calls his buddy to brag about getting laid, never noticing as actress Alicia Rubio wanders around his apartment looking for a suitable method of dispatchment. Clean-cut, tight-knit, and surprising, THE PARTY'S OVER is a fun piece of feminist Horror.

Rating: 7/10.

Movies like THE PARTY'S OVER:

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Short: Nursery Crimes (2010)

The nursery world is rocked by scandal when Little Bo Peep decides to slaughter her sheep, setting her sights on Little Miss Muffet, Jack, and Jill next! L. Whyte surprises with this devious little short from Scotland, filmed using the classic stop-motion animation techniques which were made famous by Rankin Bass. The tedious process pays off in a spectacular display of bloody mayhem that recalls both MAD MONSTER PARTY and THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS. Each of the nusery rhymes have been twisted to suit her own evil ploy, filling them with clever stabs and black humour. As dark as it is purely entertaining, NURSERY CRIMES is sure to please!

Rating: 8/10.


Nursery Crimes Trailer from L. Whyte on Vimeo.

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Grave Encounters (2011)

The group from "Grave Encounters" sets off to shoot the sixth episode of their ghost hunting reality show in the Collingwood Psychiatric Hospital, never expecting to run into the real spirits that haunt the abandoned asylum! GRAVE ENCOUNTERS playfully pokes fun at two recent trends in Horror, both the "found footage" films from the big screen and the endless number of paranormal investigations now showing on TV. Specifically targeting the unintentional humor and camp of Travel Channel's "Ghost Adventures," The Vicious Brothers play up the over-the-top nature of the show's hosts and the sensationalism of their so-called "evidence." These gimmicks pay off in the first third, where the stupid actions taken by the idiotic characters actually serve to disarm the viewer against the initial scares. Trouble comes later, when the subtleties of moving objects and slamming doors give way to a ridiculous special effects show. What little amount of believability the film had achieved up until this point is thrown out the window. GRAVE ENCOUNTERS still makes for some goofy fun as we sit and wait for the next unexpected scare to jump out at us from the darkened hallways.

Rating: 6/10.


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Night of the Living Dead (1990)

An unfortunate distribution error left the cast and crew of NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD penniless after the film entered the public domain in 1968, but the 90's brought about a big-budget remake that allowed George Romero and company to recoup some of their lost earnings. After spending much time over the past decade designing the makeup for such creatures, who would be better suited to direct the remake to NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD than the great Tom Savini? Savini does an excellent job in his first feature film, keeping mostly in line with the original with the exception of a few character alterations and the grisly special effects. NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD is best known to Horror fans for introducing Tony Todd into the genre in one of his finest performances as Ben. Todd brings a strength and seriousness to the role that legitimizes the remake. Tom Towles and Patricia Tallman are very good as well, in an all-around great casting job. Forsaking the stylized designs that he used in DAWN and DAY OF THE DEAD, Savini instead goes for grim realism in the look of the undead, complete with pasty skin and cataracts. Some of the events in the film have been rearranged to maximize impact, while also giving something fresh to the fans. This includes a powerful new ending that stacks up against the original. Although it rarely strays from Romero's earlier version, NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD 1990 is a worthy remake of the 1968 classic.

Rating: 8/10.

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Rubber (2010)

"And now for something completely different!" RUBBER follows Robert the tire as he takes off on a deadly rampage through the desert, crushing everything in his path and using his powers of pyrokinesis to destroy anything he cannot kill through conventional means. Meanwhile, a group of spectators watch from afar, occasionally commenting on the carnage. The point? To have no point. To be completely without reason. And RUBBER proves its point very well. In fact, it may even be the most pointless film ever made! The silly premise is much better suited for the short film format, where its punch line would go off without a hitch instead of dragging it on to feature length. It provides only momentary satisfaction when Robert inquisitively inspects his surroundings and blows the heads off of innocent desert creatures in a fit of gory rage. Quentin Dupieux opens the film with a pretentious monologue about the pointlessness of cinema that immediately establishes his sense of self-importance. In other words, he is telling the audience they are not intelligent enough to understand that this is satire, so he spells it out for them. That does not make RUBBER any less clever or entertaining in small doses, however. RUBBER is unique enough in concept to warrant a view.

Rating: 7/10.

Movies like RUBBER:

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Quarantine 2 (2011)

A deadly virus overtakes the passengers of a small aircraft, forcing the plane to the ground as the infected begin to lash out in violent rage. Once docked, the crew realize that the terminal has been sealed up to prevent the spread of the disease, and those left standing must struggle to find a way out! QUARANTINE 2 is a pathetic excuse for a film that manages to avoid every single quality that made [REC] and the first QUARANTINE so utterly terrifying. The preposterous characters and events make it impossible to take the film seriously at any point, which is made worse by the careless lapses in logic and poor film making techniques. All of the claustrophobic intensity of the cramped aircraft setting is released along with the passengers when they are allowed to exit the plane and go running around the empty terminal. There is absolutely no consistency in the rate at which the infected turn violent, which makes for a further lack of suspense as the characters rush around attempting to save those who have been bitten. In a moment of laugh-out-loud absurdity, the lead actress and her young ward fumble around blindly for a gun that they dropped in a plainly-lit set which was supposed to be pitch black. John Pogue gives us nothing more than a series of cheap shocks in a film that shows all of the skill and intelligence of a poorly-drawn made-for-TV movie. This is a prime example to demonstrate just how effective the Spanish [REC} truly was, and for what reasons. QUARANTINE 2 will have you yelling at the screen in frustration.

Rating: 5/10.

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