Long Weekend (1978)

A warring couple with no respect for the environment heads off to a remote beach along the Australian coastline for a weekend getaway, but the trip turns into a deadly struggle for survival when Mother Nature exacts her revenge! Where most killer animal movies of the 1970's and 80's belonged to a class of lower-budgeted B-movies (save for JAWS and select others), Colin Eggleston's thrilling LONG WEEKEND is of a far more serious and frightening nature. Peter and Marcia's callous disregard for their surroundings and contempt for each other makes them easy targets as they set out on their destructive path through the outback. They are the true villains here. For everything that the couple lacks in likeability, they more than make up for in believability. Their marital strife and personal anguish are sympathized where their actions are not. Vincent Monton's incredible cinematography paints a picturesque landscape out of the lush Australian scenery, while Eggleston uses the camera as an ominous presence that finds danger lurking at every turn. With a pair of excellent performance from both John Hargreaves and Briony Behets, LONG WEEKEND stands out as one of the greatest examples within the "nature fights back" genre.

Rating: 9/10.

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The Defiled (2010)

With so many zombie stinkers released year after year, it is often difficult to find those diamonds in the rough. THE DEFILED is one such film, a unique Indie entry into the long worn genre that just goes to show that originality still exists some forty years since Romero's flesh-eating ghouls first walked the screen. Julian Grant turns the genre on its head by creating the ultimate 'zombie survival guide,' where the dead that are brought back to life are the unfortunate ones who are hunted down and despised by humanity. Yar continues to exist without purpose, only to wander the earth and feast on human flesh. When his wife dies giving birth to their zombie child, he has only the will to defend it while they struggle to find their place within the post-apocalyptic world around them. Filmed entirely in black and white, THE DEFILED has a vintage look and feel that builds more on the characters' perilous plight than on gore. Yar is even made up to remind us of Bill Hinzman's 'Cemetery Zombie' from NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD. The largest credit towards the film's success goes to Brian Shaw's sympathetic performance as the troubled Yar, whose expressive gesturing drives his character's emotion despite the complete lack of dialog. He is left to defend himself against both humans and zombies alike, neither of whom accept his attempt to live a peaceful existence. The great Robert Kurtzman lends his talents for the special effects as well.

Rating: 7/10.

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Slime City Massacre (2010)

Greg Lamberson's 1988 cult-classic, SLIME CITY, has oozed its way in to the hearts of Horror fan with its over-the-top humor and outrageous gore, so the announcement of a sequel some twenty years later came as a shocking surprise. The film itself, unfortunately, isn't quite as welcome. New York City has been devastated by a dirty bomb, leaving only a few mangled survivors to struggle on in the wasted remains of "Slime City." Cory and Alexa decide take refuge here while avoiding the draft, but in their search for food, they come across a secret stash of unexpirable yogurt and elixir that were left behind by a death cult decades earlier. After sharing the food with another pair of squatters, the four are transformed into gooey superheroes of sorts, who hit the streets to clean up crime in Slime City! SLIME CITY MASSACRE is an absolute mess, and a bore to watch. The frequent flashbacks only detract from the film, and add no greater depth to the series, whatsoever. Although it hardly seems possible, the awful make-up work and bargain-basement effects are even worse than before, with a surprising lack of splatter until the final reel. Cory and Alexa are hardly compelling characters, and any attempts at social commentary fall flat. It begs the question "Why?" What was so important about this story that the filmmakers felt they had to make a sequel? Lloyd Kaufman's "Special Disappearance" at the start of the film should clue you in to the target audience, but most will find SLIME CITY MASSACRE to be a disappointing waste of time.

Rating: 2/10.

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Bad Kids Go to Hell (2012)

Matt is stuck in detention with five other troublesome teens on a rainy Saturday afternoon, but rather than swapping sappy to bring them closer together, the students are forced to face off against an evil spirit that is out for revenge! Matthew Spradlin adapts the hit comic book series BAD KIDS GO TO HELL for the small screen in a bloody new supernatural thriller, but these kids sure ain't part of THE BREAKFAST CLUB (in more ways than one). There isn't a likable character among them, but you have your pick as to who you'd rather see die first between the pretentious bitch, the asshole jock, the prissy nerd, or one of the other poorly constructed teen stereotypes. Any attempt to endure their obnoxious behavior and snotty attitudes will only be met with further disappointment, as the death scenes are hardly any payoff for all of the preceding torment. BAD KIDS GO TO HELL never moves in a firm direction, and flip-flops between its set-ups as a teen slasher and a supernatural revenge film. Neither option is particularly appealing, as both plotlines fall back on tired old genre cliches. The script isn't nearly as clever and witty as the writers would like you to believe, either. A fitting title, at least, for this self-important teen shocker.

Rating: 6/10.

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Pre-Order 'The Crucifixion Experiments' April 30

Dark Regions Press Conducts


A New Novella by Gord Rollo

Available for Pre-Order April 30th

ASHLAND, OR - April 27, 2013 - The new mystery/thriller novella from author Gord Rollo (The Jigsaw Man, Strange Magic, Valley of the Scarecrow, Crowley's Window) is coming this Tuesday, April 30th to DarkRegions.com. Fast-paced and entertaining hardboiled fiction from one of the rising stars in the industry. To initially be available in a signed deluxe hardcover edition limited to twenty-six signed and numbered copies worldwide then as a Dark Regions Double trade paperback with The Blue Heron by Gene O'Neill.

Jake Mercer’s life is spiraling out of control. As a criminal profiler and one of the senior homicide investigators in the Oakland Police Department, he’s spent the last twenty-five years getting into the heads of killers trying to understand the way they think. He’s the best at what he does but constantly playing in the minds of madmen carries a heavy price, leaving Jake an out of shape, alcoholic loner suspended from active duty.

The murders have started.

Another serial killer is prowling the streets now, a lunatic who’s making a game of nailing retired Catholic priests to trees and bridges and hydro poles around the city. Torture and murder isn’t enough, they’re experimenting with the bodies to further whatever diabolical plan only they seem to know.

The experiments have begun.

Broken down or not, Lieutenant Mercer might be the only man who can catch this killer before the city starts to panic. Back on duty and trying his best to stay out of the bottle, Jake finds himself teamed up with two rookie detectives in what will be his most difficult case ever, and possibly his last...
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Julia Stiles Comes 'Out of the Dark'



The Participant Presentation, in Association with Image Nation, 
is produced by Dynamo and Apaches, and is Filming in Colombia

LOS ANGELES, CA – April 27, 2013 – Julia Stiles (Silver Linings Playbook, The Bourne Ultimatum), Scott Speedman (The Strangers, The Vow) and Stephen Rea (V for Vendetta, The Crying Game) star in Out of the Dark, a supernatural thriller presented by Participant Media in association with Image Nation and produced by Colombia’s Dynamo and Spain’s Apaches Entertainment. Participant’s Jeff Skoll and Jonathan King and Nick Spicer of XYZ Films serve as executive producers on the film, which began filming in Bogota, Colombia this week.

Spanish filmmaker Lluis Quilez is directing the screenplay by Alex & David Pastor and Javier Gullón about an American couple, Sarah and Paul Harriman, who move to Colombia with their young daughter, Hannah, to take over the manufacturing business owned by Sarah’s father, and soon realize that the house they’ve moved into is haunted.

Said King, “Given Participant’s mission to illuminate important issues, this is not your average ghost story. You can be sure that there’s a bigger reason why this takes place at this particular house in the Colombian jungle and to this particular family.”

“We are delighted to once again join Participant Media in bringing this smart story to the screen,” observed Mohamed Al Mubarak, Image Nation’s Chairman.

Dynamo’s Cristian Conti, added, “We are excited to be working with Participant to deliver this kind of quality storytelling to Colombia and to take advantage of the spectacular locations and local talent in a way that is authentically international.”

Apaches Partner Belen Atienza said, “Out of the Dark showcases the talent of Lluis Quilez to give life to frightening stories that go beyond the genre to explore deeper emotions.”
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Anchor Bay Has Undead Adventures Instore May 22!

“… the attention to detail and love of the material is clear…
The pacing of the film is great and the soundtrack rocking!”
- HorrorMovieNews.net

Anchor Bay Entertainment Releases

The Amazing Adventures of the Living Corpse

On Blu-ray™ and DVD May 22nd

LOS ANGELES, CA - April 24, 2013 - Heroes can come in all shapes and sizes. But at least one aspect common to most of them is that they have a pulse. Or does a hero even need that? On June 18th, Anchor Bay Entertainment releases The Amazing Adventures of the Living Corpse on Blu-ray™ and DVD. SRP for the Blu-ray™ is $24.99 and $19.98 for the DVD. Pre-book date is May 22nd.

An instant fan favorite when it premiered at last year’s Comic-Con in San Diego, The Amazing Adventures of the Living Corpse is a hip horror fantasy done in CG animation and brings new life to the zombie genre. Unlike any living dead story before, this wildly entertaining film is based on the cult underground Dynamite comic series, “The Living Corpse Exhumed” by Ken Haeser and Buz Hasson. The DVD features a DVD-ROM of “The Living Corpse: Haunted” comic.

A creature of the underworld, lurking in catacombs and tunnels, the Living Corpse wears his heart on his molding sleeve. He is not a typical hero – he is a zombie. He is not a typical zombie - he has a soul. His mission is to protect the earth from other flesh-eaters – to keep them in their graves and to keep the powers of wickedness from corrupting our world.

Watch this unlikely champion as he conquers his enemies from across the globe…as he battles the dominions of evil…follow The Amazing Adventures of the Living Corpse!
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Article: "Italian Zombie Movies – Guilty Pleasure"

I Like Horror Movies is happy to welcome a guest author this evening, Ms. Dana Fredsti! Dana Fredsti is a US-based author of Murder for Hire: The Peruvian Pigeon and co-author of What Women Really Want in Bed. She blogs frequently and has made podcast and radio appearances. She has also appeared in various zombie/horror movies projects, and worked on Sam Raimi’s Army of Darkness as an armourer's assistant, sword-fighting captain, and sword-fighting Deadite. Plague Nation, Dana's thrilling follow-up to the zombie thriller Plague Town, is available in stores now!

"Italian Zombie Movies - Guilty Pleasure"

Okay, I lied.  I don’t feel the least bit guilty over my love of bad cinema. In fact, I wallow in it. And when I share my beloved bad movies with friends (translation: (force them to watch the glorious badness with me), it makes me feel like I’m doing my part to expand their horizons.  Or rot their brains. Either one works for me.

I have a special place in my heart for the Italian zombie movies of the ‘70s and ‘80s, starting with Zombie (also known as Zombie 2 and Zombie Flesh Eaters) directed by Lucio Fulci. Zombie is one of those movies that made me laugh when I first saw it, but I’ve also grown to appreciate for some of the genuinely creepy and atmospheric elements mingling in there with some really stupid characters (can you say “What’s a self-preservation instinct?”), my vote for Most Insipid Heroine in zombie cinema history; inadvertently funny camera work where the camera is zoomed in really tightly on the actors’ faces (I don’t want to be that intimate with the inside of anyone’s nostrils, thank you)  as they talk, always a few seconds behind before switching POVs in these swooping camera moves to the next character speaking. And, of course …
If you’re a zombie fan, you’ll be familiar with this now iconic scene in which a mostly naked female scuba diver is attacked by a zombie lurking in the coral reef where she’s hiding from an equally aggressive shark. The woman escapes the zombie’s grasp by swishing a piece of coral in its face and swims off, leaving zombie and shark to face off, rotting mano a fin-o.  Truly hilarious as the zombie actually backs away from the shark in what almost looks like a dance movie from Westside Story. Zombie bites shark, shark bites zombie, shark wins as scuba-babe swims back to the boat and informs the rest of the heroes that “There was a man down there! Good times.

Another fan favorite scene is the one in which a woman has her hair grabbed by a zombie, which then pulls her relentlessly towards a shattered door, one of her eyes on a direct trajectory with the business end of a splinter of wood. Yes, fan boys; I know it’s nice and gross, but seriously.  We’re talking a slow drag here, not a quick yank. She had plenty of time to get a hand up there and either smack that bad boy splinter out of the way or, last resort, block it with her hand (yes, ouch, but better a pierced palm than a ruptured eyeball, y’know), but no. She just screams, keeping those eyes wide right up to the moment when the splinter goes in. WTF?
All the women in this movie annoy me. When faced with an approaching zombie, each and every one of them throws their head back and screams, almost as if deliberately giving the zombies easy access to their necks and shoulders.  How about running? We’re talking really slow shamblers here. Or what about picking up a weapon and, oh, maybe trying to fight? Not in this movie.
See? Cowering.
The men aren’t much better. They think it’s a good idea to take a break in a cemetery while running from zombies. One of them thinks it would be a smooth move to make out with the heroine in the same cemetery. Another decides leaving his wife alone in an isolated house is perfectly safe because the zombies were only seen on the other side of the island. Dudes, really?
That all being said, Fulci got the creep factor of the slow, inexorable zombies completely stripped of humanity. These are walking corpses and they’re icky. There’s one memorable shot of an empty village, wind and dust swirling through it as the camera tracks a lone zombie staggering slowly through the street. Awesome atmosphere in that scene.  The ever-present voodoo drums in the background is another nice touch, and casting dignified Brit actor Richard Johnson (horror fans will also recognize him as Dr. Markway in the original The Haunting) as the doctor trying to find a reason and a cure for the zombie plague was genius.
“There goes my reputation!” “You signed the contract, sucker…”

Most of my friends, however, can’t get past the zombie versus shark scene. Wimps.

-Dana Fredsti

This article was posted as part of the Plague Nation blog tour, celebrating the release of Dana Fredsti’s new novel. For the opportunity to win a copy of the book, simply tweet:

“I would like a copy of Plague Nation @TitanBooks @danafredsti #plaguenation”.

Find out more about the book and the tour at: www.titanbooks.com/plaguenation
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'They're Here:' A Poltergeist Retrospective

Small town America comes under attack by evil spirits in the 1982 classic Poltergeist, a Horror film with a Spielberg twist that would dazzle audiences with an incredible array of special effects care of George Lucas' Industrial Light and Magic. The ghosts would return to torment the Freeling family and poor Carol Anne in two sequels, followed by an unrelated but critically-acclaimed television series, Poltergeist: The Legacy. Tonight, we take a look back at the spooky film series in 'They're Here:' A Poltergeist Retrospective.

Poltergeist (1982)

"They're here!" Steve Freeling and his family move in to a beautiful new neighborhood, only to find that their home is infested with evil spirits in the 1980's Horror classic POLTERGEIST! POLTERGEIST presents an image of the ideal American family turned upside down by the supernatural forces at work within their home, but one who manages to find strength in one another in order to overcome all obstacles. The film is perfectly cast as such, with JoBeth Williams and Craig T. Nelson playing the loving, down-to-earth parents who live in a quiet California suburb with their three kids (and Golden Retriever, of course). We instantly relate to them because they are heartfelt and real, but also because they are imperfect just like the rest of us. These small town vibes can largely be attributed to the involvement of writer/producer Steven Spielberg, who has long been rumored to have taken over the director's chair while filming with TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE creator Tobe Hooper. Using state-of-the-art technology from Industrial Light and Magic, the spirits in POLTERGEIST were brought to life on screen unlike anything audiences had ever experienced in the past. The scares are softened by the film's light-hearted mood and Jerry Goldsmith's gentle score, making it enjoyable for all ages despite a few startling moments. Although her life was tragically cut short, POLTERGEIST will forever hold the legacy of Heather O'Rourke intact thanks to her endearing performance as Carol Anne Freeling, the family's youngest daughter. Carol Anne has since become one of the most recognizable characters within the genre, while POLTERGEIST is commonly cited as being one of the greatest Horror movies of all-time.

Rating: 10/10.

Poltergeist 2: The Other Side (1986)

"They're back!" The Freeling Family is far from safe after escaping from their haunted home in Cuesta Verde, California... The dark entity that controls the other spirits has come looking for Carol Anne, who he believes is their gateway back to Earth. With the aid of an Indian spirit guide, the Freelings must band together once more to defeat the forces of evil and win back their family! If POLTERGEIST painted the picture of the perfect American family, POLTERGEIST 2: THE OTHER SIDE shows us what happens when that family is torn apart. With their hopes and dreams diminished, the Freelings are forced to move in to Grandma's house, and Steve must return to selling vacuum cleaners to make ends meet. The psychological damage and financial stresses from their ghostly encounter has left the family in ruin, which is just where evil has the advantage to strike when they are at their weakest. Despite their hardships, we find that the bonds of love cannot be broken, and the Freelings are able to overcome their greatest trials yet. POLTERGEIST 2 dives into the history of the Cuesta Verde estate, revealing that the ghosts that haunt the area were the followers of a religious fanatic that drove his congregation to a horrible death. Julian Beck makes his series debut as the Reverand Kane, a terrifying personage of evil incarnate. Craig T. Nelson and JoBeth Williams return along with Zelda Rubinstein, Oliver Robins, and Heather O'Rourke as well, and while their is a bit more overacting than before, it is great to see these familiar characters continue their battle, together. Nelson's first confrontation with Reverand Kane as Steve Freeling provides one of the most powerful moments in the entire series. The sequel is also much darker and more menacing in tone than its predecessor, with far more shocks and frights abound. As sequels go, THE OTHER SIDE does a great job building upon the original, while carefully monitoring the personal struggles of each of its characters to maximize the emotional impact of the film.

Rating: 8/10.

Poltergeist 3 (1988)

Carol Anne Freeling has been sent to live with her aunt and uncle in their upscale high-rise apartment, but the ghosts of the past refuse to release their grasp of her in the third and final installment of the POLTERGEIST series. Unlike the two previous films, which relied heavily on digital effects, POLTERGEIST 3 keeps everything in camera as Gary Sherman employs a number of effective optical illusions to shape his scares. The mirror motif that is used to create the two parallel dimensions is just as creepy as intended, and allows the evil doppelgangers the element of surprise. Tom Skerritt, Nancy Allen, and Lara Flynn Boyle join the cast as Carol Anne's adopted family, presenting a new dynamic to the family structure that is key in each of these films. There is a division and a disconnect between family members, which weakens their resolve when faced with their evil adversaries. Although no one will say it, Carol Anne is a burden, and there is almost a sense of relief when she disappears once more. It is the psychology behind the scares that strikes the hardest, a theme which reflects the dissolve of the nuclear family in America at the time. As for the plot, itself, we quickly fall back into a repetitive cycle, only many of the events seem odd or out of place since the spirits have no clearly-defined powers. Sadly, Heather O'Rourke died of a misdiagnosed disease months prior to release, which further complicated the marketing and editing of the final project. The film has been dedicated in her honor.

Rating: 7/10.
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Do You Like Horror Movies #2

Do YOU like Horror movies? Richard does! E-mail us at ilikehorrormovies@yahoo.com
for information on how to submit your video!
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The Holy Sound (2013)

A group of disillusioned teens are drawn to a mysterious artifact hidden deep beneath their town that produces an addictive, drug-like effect, but its powers begin to take a nightmarish tole on their fractured psyches in THE HOLY SOUND. Nicholas Wagner makes a surprise entrance into the genre with very limited resources in his feature film debut. As a director, his inexperience behind the camera shows a clear lack of refinement that results in a number of issues with the cinematography, editing, and sound. As a writer, however, he has accomplished something that few others have achieved in recent years. He has created a work that is intelligent, original, and engaging from start to finish. THE HOLY SOUND is quite unlike anything else in the genre, and its characters are given unique personalities that draw from true, heart-felt performances from the amateur cast. Ian Carmona and Elyse Dufour stand out in particular as the two reckless lovers who succumb to The Sound, feeding off of Wagner's script with raw emotion. Bart Debicki also delivers a number of powerful scenes as their jaded teacher, Art, who has been beaten and broken by unfulfilled dreams and past regrets. Christian Adams is left to carry the philosophical weight of the film as Sam, the last faithful Christian follower of the group whose beliefs are shaken by the ever-maddening world around him. THE HOLY SOUND is an instantly captivating film that demands reproach. Nicholas Wagner will be a name to follow in the years to come.

Rating: 7/10.

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'Foresight: Killer Instinct' Now Available Online!



Now Streaming Online!

IPSWICH, QLD - April 23, 2013 - Ipswich auteur collective “Cunningham Clan Entertainment” are excited to announce their debut feature film “Foresight: Killer Instinct”. This low budget all Australian action thriller is helmed by debut director Duncan Cunningham and promises the audience one wild and crazy ride.

Set in an alternate Ipswich, QLD, where rampant crime has left the police force under staffed and a community besieged; we follow the story of a young psychic as he locks horns with a corrupt detective.

Genre fans will be delighted by the film's abundant offerings of blood, guns, drugs, explosions and all round unrelenting violence. See what happens when a haywire psychic uses his powers to hunt down and terminate the wicked, see what happens when a corrupt cop pulls out all the stops in a vain attempt at self protection and see what happens when Australian cinema is produced outside the government funding system.

Needless to say the film makers have undergone an epic journey to see Duncan's vision grace the silver screen. Cast members Michael Edward Williams, Martin Cunningham, Trevor Dent and Duncan Cunningham himself all work hard to push exploitation writer Aaron Cassidy's colloquial dialogue and action packed screenplay to its devastating climax.

Watch the Full Movie:

Official Website: http://cce13.com/fkintinct.html

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2254790/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ForesightKillerInstinct
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XLrator Brings 'Warhouse' to the US




LOS ANGELES, CA - April 23, 2013 - XLrator Media has acquired all U.S. rights to the psychological thriller WARHOUSE for release later this year. Written and directed by Luke Massey, the film stars Joseph Morgan (The Immortals), who plays “Klaus” on the CW’s “The Vampire Diaries” and its new spin-off series “The Originals” which premieres April 25th. The film co-stars Matt Ryan and William Troughton. WARHOUSE was co-written and produced by Benjamin Read.

“We are thrilled to be working with the incredibly talented team of Luke Massey and Joseph Morgan. Those who only know Joseph from ‘The Vampire Diaries’ will be blown away by his mesmerizing performance in WARHOUSE. He’s one of the brightest young actors working today,” said XLrator Media CEO Barry Gordon.

The story follows Royal Marine A.J. Budd (Joseph Morgan) who awakens in a mysterious house. Trapped alone in an unchanging prison of unbreakable routines and fighting for his life against grotesque inhuman opponents, he must kill every day or die himself. As days stretch into years, the isolation and unceasing violence threaten his very soul. The only note of hope lies in the journals of a former prisoner, WWI officer Lieutenant Edward Sterling (Matt Ryan), which he discovers behind a secret wall. Sterling's diaries help the young Marine stay alive in the forsaken prison. But what dark fate befell their author? The stories of the two men from different eras interweave as their desperation to escape the “Warhouse” and its endless killing leads them both to take terrible measures.

The deal was negotiated by Gordon and Lea Flome of XLrator Media and Jason Moring of Double Dutch International (www.doubledutchmedia.ca), who is handling global sales for the film.
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Nightmare Sisters (1988)

The original 1980's "Scream Queens" rejoin for the zany Horror Comedy, NIGHTMARE SISTERS! When three nerdy sorority sisters become possessed by a magic crystal, their dates are left to fend for themselves against the sex-starved seductresses! Here, Linnea Quigley, Brinke Stevens, and Michelle Bauer are given the chance to prove themselves more than ever. Not only are they asked to play out of type as the nerdy college girls, but they are set before the camera for exceedingly long bits of dialog, which they pull off splendidly. They are more enjoyable than ever in these goofy roles, hamming it up in the extreme. After getting zapped by the evil spirits within the crystal ball, however, they turn up the heat during a lengthy bathing scene while doing as little as possible to locate their missing articles of clothing throughout the rest of the film. David DeCoteau is well at home directing half-naked men running around in their underwear, and gives the film a signature quality that could only have come out of the 80s. NIGHTMARE SISTERS is a camp classic, and a must-see for fans of 80s cheese.

Rating: 4/10.


Own it Today:

Watch the Trailer:
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Cannibal (2006)

Warning: This film is not for the faint of heart. Based on the horrifying real-life account of Armin Meiwes, CANNIBAL tells the story of a vicious Internet predator who preys on homosexual men online. He is secretly searching for a partner that will share in his ultimate sexual fantasy: to eat a man alive. What follows is a disgusting, disturbing, and utterly shocking descent into the darkest recesses of the human mind that is fully unrestrained. Marian Dora takes a daring approach in directing this as an art house picture and not a straight horror film, which gives it a gritty sense of realism with a voyeuristic style. With virtually no dialog, Dora is left to rely solely on the physical performances of her male leads to carry the film. Carsten Frank and Victor Brandl fully commit to the lurid sex scenes and revolting acts of gross bodily harm, going far beyond the call of duty while performing the unspeakable deeds in sickening detail. It is not the sight of male homosexuality that so alarming, but rather the pornographic intensity of the sex and violence that is enough to initiate the gag reflex in even the most hardened veterans of shock cinema. Unfortunately, Dora makes a fatal error by crossing over into the exploitation genre in the final act, where she allows her shots to linger on the gratuitous gore for sheer reaction. CANNIBAL will NOT appeal to all audiences based on the graphic content, but horror extremists that are looking for the next big thrill after NEKROMANTIK will find it here.

Rating: 8/10.

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New Clip Unveals 'The Machine'

Caradog James Unleashes a Deadly New Weapon in


World Premiere Saturday, April 20th in the
Midnight Section of the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival

LONDON, GB - April 20, 2013 - With an impoverished world plunged into a Cold War with a new enemy, Britain’s Ministry of Defense is on the brink of developing a game-changing weapon. Lead scientist Vincent McCarthy (Toby Stephens) provides the answer with his creation, ‘The Machine’- an android with unrivalled physical and processing skills. When a programming glitch causes an early prototype to destroy his lab, McCarthy enlists artificial intelligence expert Ava (Caity Lotz) to help him harness the full potential of a truly conscious fighting machine:

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Gravitas Ventures Wants You To Visit 'Apartment 1303'

Gravitas Ventures Acquires Theatrical and Digital Rights to
MonteCristo International’s Supernatural Thriller


Acclaimed film directed by Michael Taverna and starring Mischa Barton and Rebecca De Mornay
will be the first indie title to play in 3D in theatres and on Video on Demand simultaneously

Los Angeles, CA - April 18, 2013 - Gravitas Ventures announced today that they have acquired theatrical and digital rights to APARTMENT 1303 3D from MonteCristo International. The tense supernatural thriller, written and directed by Michael Taverna, is based on a novel by Kei Ôishi and is a remake of a Japanese horror title of the same name.

APARTMENT 1303 3D, starring Mischa Barton (“The O.C.”), Rebecca De Mornay (“The Hand That Rocks the Cradle”), and Julianne Michelle (“Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps”), will debut on VOD on June 17th. On July 25th APARTMENT 1303 3D will be released theatrically in 20 markets including many 3D midnight shows.

Having grown up under the controlling grip of her fame-hungry mother (Rebecca De Mornay), Janet Slate (Julianne Michelle) jumps at the opportunity to move into what looks to be a great high-rise apartment in downtown Detroit. Yet some deals are too good to be true as one night her boyfriend Mark (Corey Sevier) finds her in the middle of the street - having fallen from the balcony thirteen stories above. When her sister Lara (Mischa Barton) tries to investigate the mystery of what happened, she moves into the same apartment and encounters the odd neighbors in the building, including an eerie nine-year old girl who seems to somehow know the real reason for Janet’s fall. Lara soon realizes that her sister’s death might spell the same fate for her unless she can overcome the strange events that are terrorizing the inhabitants in Apartment 1303. Using innovative 3D shooting techniques, director Michael Taverna creates a tense supernatural thriller that is adapted from a novel by Kei Ôishi.

The deal for APARTMENT 1303 3D was negotiated by Gravitas Ventures’ Nolan Gallagher and Monte Cristo International’s Cindy Nelson-Mullen.

“APARTMENT 1303 3D is a taut white knuckle supernatural thriller that will frighten apartment dwellers and home owners alike,” remarked Nolan Gallagher, founder and CEO of Gravitas Ventures. “The 3D presentation and performances of Mischa Barton, Rebecca De Mornay and Julianne Michelle will take hold of moviegoers and home viewers looking for a summer scare.”

“APARTMENT 1303 3D is being released theatrically around the world and is holding its ground at the box office against higher budget 3D titles like ‘OZ’ or ‘Giant Slayer.’ This speaks to the quality of the film and of the full stereoscopic 3D as well as the demand for 3D content worldwide,” said Cindy Nelson-Mullen, CEO of MonteCristo International.

APARTMENT 1303 3D was produced by Michael Taverna and Cindy Nelson-Mullen, and executive produced by David Shoshan and Scott Rosenfelt.

Official Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Apartment-1303-3D-Official/299736573388077.

Additionally, Nolan Gallagher from Gravitas Ventures will be speaking tomorrow, Friday April 18th, on a panel at the 2013 Independent Film & Television Alliance (IFTA) 14th Annual Production Conference – “Embracing the Small Screen: How Independents Are Defining Their Future in Television and Digital Media” – in Los Angeles. His “Buyers” panel will focus on content acquisition and what networks are looking for along with trends in the industry.
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Image Entertainment Will Be Dripping 'Blood'



LOS ANGELES, CA - April 20, 2013 - Image Entertainment, Inc., a subsidiary of RLJ Entertainment (NASDAQ: RLJE), has acquired all U.S. and Canadian rights to Nick Murphy’s thriller Blood from IM Global genre division Octane. The film stars Paul Bettany (A Beautiful Mind, Master and Commander), Mark Strong (Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Sherlock Holmes), Brian Cox (The Bourne Supremacy, The Bourne Identity) and Stephan Graham (Gangs of New York, “Boardwalk Empire”). The film was produced by Pippa Harris (Revolutionary Road, The Kite Runner, Jarhead), the BBC, and executive produced by Academy Award® winner Sam Mendes. Bill Bromiley, Chief Acquisitions Officer for Image Entertainment made today’s announcement.

“Blood had a great buzz among critics during its world premiere at the London Film Festival and it is a must-have for Image,” commented Bromiley. “It’s a film with good theatrical potential. We’re pleased to have Blood on our slate.”

Blood is a thriller which charts the moral collapse of a close police family. Two brothers, both cops, are smothered by the shadow of their former police chief father. Unspoken secrets and unvoiced suspicions drive the ominous suspense as the brothers spiral into an obsessive confrontation between crimes of the present and crimes of the past.

The deal was negotiated by Bill Bromiley, Mark Ward and Michael Bayer on behalf of Image Entertainment and IM Global’s President of International Sales Jonathan Deckter and VP of Business and Legal Affairs Lauren Wilson on behalf of IM Global.
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'Science Team' is Here to Save the Day!

Join Science Team Today!

We are Science Team. We need your help. We have lasers:

Science Team is a national organization whose main purpose is to maintain interstellar peace and protect America from the many alien threats that seek to destroy us.

Science Team must eliminate this evil extraterrestrial threat at all costs. We must proceed with extreme caution. People will die horrible and disgusting deaths. Inner and extraterrestrial demons will be engaged. Cool-looking technology will be used. People's minds will be blown out of their heads.

Remember to bring your mind protectors.

Spread The Word:

Science Team doesn't know the meaning of "classified". Like our Facebook and Twitter. Share it with your friends, family, foes, arch enemies and acquaintances. Prop building, alien creation and costume construction begins in May. Shooting of the film begins in Richmond, VA in June! All are welcome to help out, be promoted and audition. Email us at scienceteammovie@gmail.com. Share, share, share!

From Drew Bolduc and the makers of 'The Taint' comes Science Team!
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New Documentary Focuses on 'Chuck Norris vs Communism'

Discover the Untold Importance of VHS in


LONDON, GB - April 20, 2013 - In the 1980's, Romania's communist regime reached its most drastic stage. TV was reduced to two hours of broadcast, focused mostly on praising the dictator. Hidden from the scrutinising eyes of the Secret Police, Irina Nistor dubbed over 5,000 American blockbusters that entered the country illegally and were distributed on the black market. Her husky and high-pitched voice became a symbol of freedom and Chuck Norris, Van Damme and Bruce Lee became national heroes. Chuck Norris vs Communism is a film about a VHS phenomenon that took hold of an entire country. It is a film about a Mafia-like operation. It is also a film about the love of film and ultimately, a film about oppressive regimes, censorship, freedom and creativity:

Find out more about this intriguing new documentary through the film's homepage and social media sites below:

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/chucknorrisvscommunism
Twitter: @ChuckvCommunism, @MaraVernonFilms
Website: www.chucknorrisvscommunism.co.uk
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Image Entertainment Raises Hell on 'Mischief Night'!




LOS ANGELES, CA – April 20, 2013 – North American rights to Ruthless Pictures’ MISCHIEF NIGHT, a home invasion thriller based on a pitch by Jesse Baget (Breathless, Cellmates) and Eric D. Wilkinson (The Man From Earth, Paranormal Movie), has been picked up by Image Entertainment, a subsidiary of RLJ Entertainment (NASDAQ: RLJE). The film, which just entered into production, is being directed by Richard Schenkman (Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies, The Man From Earth), from a screenplay by Baget and Schenkman.

From Producers Eric D. Wilkinson, Richard Schenkman and Jesse Baget, MISCHIEF NIGHT tells the story of a terrifying home invasion on the eve of Halloween. Young Emily Walton (Noell Coet), who has suffered from psychosomatic blindness ever since a car accident that took her mother’s life, must summon every instinct at her disposal to protect herself and her loved ones from a mysterious intruder.

A talented ensemble cast, that includes veteran actor Daniel Hugh Kelly (Cujo, Someone To Watch Over Me, The Good Son), Ally Walker (“Sons of Anarchy,” While You Were Sleeping, Universal Soldier), Noell Coet (Cowgirls n’ Angels, 5 Time Champion), Charlie O’Connell (Dude, Where’s My Car, Cruel Intentions, “Sliders”), Erica Leerhsen (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Anything Else), Richard Riehle (Bridesmaids, A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas), Stephanie Erb (The Ring, Starship Troopers) and Ian Bamberg (Second Time Around, Warrior Road) bring the story to life.

Richard Schenkman insists that MISCHIEF NIGHT is not your typical genre movie. “This is not a horror film,” he said. “While I enjoy pictures like Scream, I think this movie has more in common with high-tension, claustrophobic thrillers like The Strangers, the French movie Them, and even the classic Wait Until Dark. While there is violence in the film, my plan is to minimize the gore and keep the effects realistic, as opposed to the stylized mayhem we see in other pictures.”

Wilkinson agrees. “I think people forget that movies like John Carpenter’s Halloween have very little blood or gore in the film. Eventually, that franchise embraced the blood and guts, but the original was all about the suspense, and I applaud Richard’s ‘less is more’ approach.”

The deal for MISCHIEF NIGHT was negotiated by producers Jesse Baget and Eric D. Wilkinson for Ruthless Pictures, and Mark Ward, Vice President of Acquisitions, for Image Entertainment.


From Ruthless Pictures and Mischief Night, LLC ©2013
Directed by: Richard Schenkman
Story By Jesse Baget and Eric D. Wilkinson
Written By: Jesse Baget and Richard Schenkman
Produced by: Jesse Baget, Richard Schenkman and Eric D. Wilkinson


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Do You Like Horror Movies #1

Do YOU like Horror movies? E-mail us at ilikehorrormovies@yahoo.com 
for information on how to submit your video!
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A Haunted House (2013)

After two years, Malcolm finally decides to move his girlfriend in with him, thinking it would be fun to document the experience along with way. Little does he know that Kisha has brought along a little extra baggage in the form of a pesky paranormal entity that terrorizes the couple in their new home! A HAUNTED HOUSE is the latest in a long slew of PARANORMAL ACTIVITY spoofs, this time putting SCARY MOVIE's Marlon Wayans in front of the camera as the terrified tenant, Malcolm. While the film contains the same stupid gags and raunchy humor as the other idiotic attempts like SUPERNATURAL ACTIVITY and 30 NIGHTS OF PARANORMAL ACTIVITY WITH THE DEVIL INSIDE THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO, we experience the difference between hiring trained comics and amateur actors first-hand. Wayans is as hilarious as ever playing Malcolm, and draws a laugh even out of the most childish and profane moments in the script. He is joined by several brilliant comics and bit players in equally funny roles, with appearances by David Koechner as Dan the Security Man, Nick Swardson as Chip the Psychic, and Cedric the Entertainer as the recently-released Father Williams. Individually, these characters are given many of the most memorable moments, but there is a clash of personalities as they all join together for the final act. A HAUNTED HOUSE may be debased and utterly depraved, but it is just as enjoyable for fans of the "found footage" genre.

Rating: 8/10.

Movies like A HAUNTED HOUSE:

Own it Today:

Watch the Trailer:
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Enter 'The New Twilight Zone' April 29th in the UK!

“The production values and acting are top notch… 
The ghost of the late Rod Serling would be proud.”


On DVD in the UK Monday, April 29th 2013

LONDON, GB - April 17, 2013 - Featuring an unbelievably stellar line-up of creative talent right across the board – from the stars to the writers and directors involved – the highly-acclaimed 1980s incarnation of “The Twilight Zone” comes to DVD as a digitally remastered 13-disc collection featuring all three seasons of the series that redefined the fantasy/anthology genre and raised the bar for quality television in general.

Two decades after the demise of Rod Serling’s original, groundbreaking and multi-Emmy award-winning television series, audiences were once again transported into the fifth dimension, this time with an unprecedented roster of talent that significantly included some of the greatest sci-fi and fantasy writers of all time. Broadcast from 1985 to 1989, this new series not only captured the spirit and continued the legacy of the original it also took television drama to a whole new level, particularly with unforgettable episodes such as the shocking William Friedkin-directed “Nightcrawlers”, Wes Craven’s tear-jerker “Her Pilgrim Soul” and Joe Dante’s terrifying “The Shadow Man”, to name a few. A welcome revival for committed Zone aficionados, the series also attracted a whole new audience to what has become regarded as essential viewing for fans of sci-fi, fantasy and quality television drama.

At a time when television was an arid wasteland of cheesy, identikit soap operas and repetitious, uninspired action series, “The Twilight Zone” came along and, for many, represented an oasis of creativity and originality unlike anything else around, firmly establishing itself as an unmissable viewing fixture in the latter part of the 1980s. Even by today’s standards, the list of creative talent involved is simply breathtaking.

The jam-packed lineup includes:

Stars Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren, Morgan Freeman, Janet Leigh, Melinda Dillon, Peter Coyote, Jenny Agutter, Shelley Duvall, Fred Savage, Lucas Haas, Jeffrey Jones, Elliot Gould, Ralph Bellamy, Charles Martin Smith, Meg Foster, Eric Bogosian, Season Hubley, Scott Grimes, Dee Wallace, Adrienne Barbeau, Danny Kaye, Piper Laurie and Pam Dawber.

Writers Stephen King (The Shining), George R.R. Martin (Game Of Thrones), J. Michael Straczynski (Babylon 5), Harlan Ellison (A Boy And His Dog), Richard Matheson (I Am Legend), Rod Serling (Twilight Zone creator), Robert R. McCammon (They Thirst), Ray Bradbury (Fahrenheit 451), Arthur C. Clarke (2001: A Space Odyssey), Theodore Sturgeon (More Than Human), Robert Silverberg (A Time Of Changes), Roger Zelazny (The Chronicles Of Amber) and Ron Cobb (Night Skies).

Directors Joe Dante (Gremlins), John Milius (Big Wednesday), Wes Craven (A Nightmare On Elm Street), Tommy Lee Wallace (Halloween III: Season Of The Witch), William Friedkin (The Exorcist), Peter Medak (The Changeling), Allan Arkush (Rock ’n’ Roll High School), Jeanot Szwarc (Jaws 2), Jim McBride (The Big Easy), Atom Egoyan (Where The Truth Lies) and Bill Duke (Deep Cover).
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Seraphim Ward Introduces 'Angel One Eye'



Angel One Eye... who can escape the All Seeing? In a town that's lost its Wings, one rises from the ashes turning a corrupt town back into the safe streets it was once known for before ...

LOS ANGELES, CA - April 17, 2013 - Seraphim Ward has cultivated a niche cinematic following amongst fans for her original screenplays. Often called the "Female Rob Zombie" for her iconic stature in horror movies and industrial rock, Seraphim brings a mystic and vivid flare to fans of of the horror and occult genres of film. Eileen Koch and Company INC is pleased to announce our newest client, rock vixen and independent filmmaker, Seraphim Ward (www.seraphimward.com). Known throughout Hollywood for her poetic lyrics, hard-rock edge and colorful style, Seraphim's latest single, "What's the Color of Love?" (featured in the upcoming film Beautiful Creatures) spills all the raw intensity and passion she has emanated throughout her artistic career. Currently, Ward is completing post-production work on her first original feature film, Angel One Eye, for which she served as writer, cinematographer and director.

Born of Creole heritage and raised in the southern states of Mississippi, Louisiana and Indiana, Seraphim Ward struggled as a child to overcome a stutter that, for a time, caused her to completely withdraw from social interaction. She found an outlet for her rich imagination in words and books, delving into literature at a young age, and composing her own material through lyrics and music in her early teens.

Ward's love for art, performance and music crescendoed to a peak until, at age 15, she made the move to Hollywood. Straight away, Seraphim's uniqueness caught the eye of a manager who helped start her career; she booked modeling campaigns for Kraft, Foot Locker, Macy's and J.Crew, work that led her to the catwalk as a model for high-end designers and boutiques in Beverly Hills. While studying film, she began exploring the Los Angeles music scene and was encouraged to record her own material. Seraphim's creative dreams were fully realized with the release of her first album, Time Heals All Wounds.

Following the success of her premiere album, Seraphim delivered again with Mute Malevolance, her second collection of original works, and this summer, she stars as "Rachel" in the feature film Speed Dragon, alongside award-winning actress Bai Ling.

In addition to film work, Seraphim Ward continues to produce new songs and music videos through Sin Icon Production Music and Film Company. Seraphim's stamp of individuality has already inked its design on Hollywood and we look forward to seeing the art of this one-of-a-kind trailblazer for many years to come.
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Learn 'The ABCs of Death' May 21!


Magnolia Home Entertainment


Co-Produced by Ant Timpson and Tim League
Directed by Over Two Dozen of the World's Leading Talents in Contemporary Genre Filmmaking

Available on DVD and Blu-ray May 21, 2013.

LOS ANGELES, CA - April 17, 2013 - Twenty-six directors. Twenty-six ways to die. AN ALPHABETICAL ARSENAL OF DESTRUCTION. This explosive film is comprised of 26 individual “chapters” on the topic of death, each helmed by a different director assigned to a specific letter of the alphabet. Provocative, funny and shocking, this anthology is the definitive vision of modern horror diversity. Get ready to learn your ABCs!

Bonus Features

--11(DVD)/14 (BR) Behind the Scenes, Making-ofs and Deleted Scenes
-- Filmmaker Commentary (Over 30 Filmmakers)
-- BD-Live Feature Exclusive to Blu-ray – Additional Short Film Contest Submissions

Blu-ray Disc

Blu-ray Price: $29.98 SRP
Street Date: May 21, 2013
Running Time: 130 minutes
Catalog #: 10550
MPAA Rating: Not Rated


DVD Price: $26.98 SRP
Street Date: May 21, 2013
Running Time: 130 minutes
Catalog #: 10549
MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Blu-ray Disc + DVD Combo

DVD Price: $32.98 SRP
Street Date: May 21, 2013
Running Time: 130 minutes
Catalog #: 10569
MPAA Rating: Not Rated
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'Mama' Comes Home May 7th!






UNIVERSAL CITY, CA - April 17, 2013 - From Academy Award® nominated actress Jessica Chastain (Zero Dark Thirty, The Help) comes the pulse-pounding tale of one mother’s twisted love in MAMA. Brought to life by Academy Award® nominee Guillermo del Toro (Pan’s Labyrinth) and also starring Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (“Game of Thrones”), MAMA will be available on Blu-ray™ Combo Pack, DVD and On Demand on May 7, 2013 from Universal Studios Home Entertainment. Also available on Digital Download on April 23, 2013.

MAMA is the haunting tale of two little girls who vanish without a trace from their suburban neighborhood the day that their parents were killed. But when the young sisters are found alive years later in a decrepit cabin, their uncle (Coster-Waldau) and his girlfriend, Annabel (Chastain), take them in. As they try to introduce the children to a normal life, Annabel begins to wonder if the traumatized girls are the only guests they have welcomed into their home or if someone or something still wants to come tuck them in at night.

The Blu-ray™ Combo Pack allows fans to watch MAMA anytime, anywhere on the device of their choice. It includes a Blu-ray™ disc, a DVD, a Digital Copy and UltraViolet™ for the ultimate, complete viewing experience.

· Blu-ray™ disc unleashes the power of your HDTV and is the best way to watch movies at home, featuring perfect hi-def picture and perfect hi-def sound.

· Digital Copy provides fans with a choice of digital options to watch on devices such as iPhone®, iPad®, Android™, computers and more.

· DVD offers the flexibility and convenience of playing the movie in more places, both at home and while away.

· UltraViolet™ is a revolutionary new way for fans to collect their moves and TV shows in the cloud. UltraViolet™ lets consumers instantly stream and download to tablets, smartphones, computers and TVs. Now available in both the United States and Canada.


-MATRIARCAL SECRETS BD EXCLUSIVE: An in-depth exploration of the digital and practical effects employed to shape the film’s phantom presence.
-DELETED SCENES with Commentary by Director/Co-Writer Andy Muschietti and Producer/Co-Writer Barbara Muschietti ORIGINAL SHORT WITH INTRODUCTION BY GUILLERMO DEL TORO with Commentary by Director/Co-Writer Andy Muschietti and Producer/Co-Writer Barbara Muschietti
-THE BIRTH OF MAMA: MAMA began as a chilling short that announced a new voice in the horror genre. Exclusive interviews with Executive Producer Guillermo del Toro and the filmmakers track the bloodline of the feature and explore changes needed to make the transition to a film.
-FEATURE COMMENTARY with Director/Co-Writer Andy Muschietti and Producer/Co-Writer Barbara Muschietti


Cast: Jessica Chastain, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Megan Charpentier, Isabelle Nélisse and Daniel Kash
Directed by: Andy Muschietti
Written by: Andy Muschietti and Barbara Muschietti
Screenplay by: Neil Cross, Andy Muschietti and Barbara Muschietti
Executive Producers: Guillermo del Toro
Producers: J. Miles Dale and Barbara Muschietti
Associate Producer: Cristina Lera Gracia
Director of Photography: Antonio Riestra AMC
Production Designer: Anastasia Masaro
Editor: Michele Conroy
Costume Designer: Luis Sequeira
Music by: Fernando Velázquez

Street Date: May 7, 2013
Copyright: 2013 Universal Studios. All Rights Reserved.
Selection Number: 61124645
Running time: 1 Hour, 40 Minutes
Layers: BD-50
Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1 Widescreen
Rating: Rated PG-13 – For violence and terror, some disturbing images and theatrical elements
Languages/Subtitles: English SDH, Spanish, French
Sound: DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1

Street Date: May 7, 2013
Copyright: 2013 Universal Studios. All Rights Reserved.
Selection Number: 61124640
Running time: 1 Hour, 40 Minutes
Layers: Dual Layer
Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1 Anamorphic Widescreen
Rating: Rated PG-13 – For violence and terror, some disturbing images and theatrical elements
Languages/Subtitles: English SDH, Spanish, French
Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1

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Sweets to the Sweet: A 'Candyman' Retrospective

"I am the writing on the wall, the whisper in the classroom! Without these things, I am nothing. So now, I must shed innocent blood."

The Candyman has claimed countless victims of sheer terror as he continues to leap out of the mirror and in to our nightmares. The first film is considered by many to be a classic of the genre, a Modern Gothic masterpiece as adapted from the works of the great Clive Barker. It would be followed by a strong sequel in Farewell to the Flesh, and then by the abysmal direct-to-video release of Day of the Dead. Take a look back at the Candyman series with us in our latest retrospective!

Candyman (1992)

Helen is completing work on her senior thesis, which looks to disprove the local legend of The Candyman, but as she soon finds out, some legends are born in blood, and they will stop at nothing to keep the fear in them alive! Thus begins one of the greatest Gothic Horror films of the Modern Age: CANDYMAN! Bernard Rose, the visionary director behind 1988's PAPERHOUSE, paints a masterful ghost story from the writings of Clive Barker. With CANDYMAN, a new legend is born in Tony Todd. Todd first came into the genre spotlight playing the classic character of Ben in Tom Savini's NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD remake. A trained theatre actor, Todd commands the screen with his towering stature and resonating voice. He captivates us with his seductive charm, but he is also deeply terrifying. Sexy, sassy, and smart, Virginia Madsen plays a wonderful leading lady as well. She loses herself in the character of Helen, and truly falls under the Candyman's spell. The scene where Helen first encounters the Candyman in the parking garage seems out of place in the Horror genre, since it is so skillfully shot and filled with surreal beauty. Artful moments like this separate CANDYMAN from its Slasher brethren. Philip Glass lends an additional air of sophistication with his elegant score. CANDYMAN is undoubtedly one of the best Horror films to come out of the 1990's, and a classic within the genre.

Rating: 9/10.

Candyman 2: Farewell to the Flesh (1995)

After the death of her father and her brother's arrest, Annie is left to uncover her family's hidden past, which will bring her face to face with the supernatural killer Candyman! CANDYMAN 2 is, in every way, an admirable sequel. It not only expands upon the legend of Daniel Robitaille, the Candyman, but it does so with a continued style and sophistication that typically goes unseen in a film of its kind. The colorful Cajun setting gives Candyman a wonderful new world to haunt. New Orleans always has a mysterious aura about it, and a history that reaches out from the streets and buildings. Director Bill Condon taps in to this to produce a number of highly atmospheric moments, from the Candyman's pursuit of Annie through the chaotic streets of Mardi Gras to the retelling of his origin story and the significance of the mirror. Annie is played gracefully by Kelly Rowan, who creates a character that is quite unlike Helen from the original. Rowan is sweet and soft-spoken, afraid to find out the horrifying truth, but like Helen, she is driven by an undying need to know and a bloody fate that draws her to the Candyman. CANDYMAN 2 does inevitably give in to its Slasher roots, with more blood and a higher body count than before. The major distraction, however, is the glaring sound design that cheapens the mood with obnoxious jump scares. Despite a few underlying discrepancies, CANDYMAN 2 proves to be a worthwhile sequel that holds up well against the original.

Rating: 7/10.

Candyman 3: Day of the Dead (1999)

Caroline mistakenly resurrects the spirit of her murderous ancestor, the Candyman, during the opening of an art exhibit that is being held in his honor, unleashing another wave of terror throughout the streets of Los Angeles during the Day of the Dead celebration. CANDYMAN 3 is filled with ridiculous racial stereotypes, dreadful dialog, and pitiful performances. Playboy Playmate Donna D'Errico only has two things going for her, and they aren't her sharp wit or keen acting prowess. She is simply atrocious in the lead, and would have been better off sticking with Baywatch. Turi Meyer doesn't do much better as director, creating very little suspense or atmosphere as he turns away from the Gothic ghost story and embraces the Slasher genre. His attempt to recreate the stylish and moody Mardi Gras sequence from the second film falls flat. Worst off is poor Tony Todd, who desperately tries to carry the weight of the film himself, but whose performance ultimately suffers from the sophomoric script. This sequel is best left forgotten.

Rating: 4/10.
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Crush (2013)

Scott had it all until a sports injury crippled him during senior year. Now, he has to balance rehabilitation with friends, schoolwork, and a mysterious new crush, whose obsession with him threatens to destroy everything! From the very beginning, CRUSH plays into the same tired old cliches that frequent the thriller genre, first by introducing us to a group of well-groomed but utterly predictable teen stereotypes who make few attempts to gain our support. Lucas Till takes on the role of the pretty boy athlete against Crystal Reed's oddball loner, whose strange behavior leaves no room for ambiguity in the first and second acts. Right when it seems that everything has been figured out, however, writer Sonny Mallhi and director Malik Bader throw us for an unexpected loop that few will see coming. Some may say that the twist ending is a cheap cop out with insufficient clues, but at least it makes for a nice surprise. Although it is lacking in many regards, CRUSH travels at a brisk pace and offers a decent enough cast to carry the audience through to completion.

Rating: 7/10.

Movies like CRUSH:

Own it Today:

Watch the Trailer:
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Psykik Junky Commits a 'Hate Crime' on VOD

Award-Winning Film

Hits VOD and finds Distribution

LOS ANGELES, CA - April 15, 2013 - HATE CRIME is now available WORLDWIDE on VOD exclusively on http://www.psykikjunkypictures.com . And when we say WORLD WIDE we mean WORLD WIDE! That's right ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE EVERYWHERE can watch the film now! Many have been patiently waiting to see the film Hate Crime for months now. Well the wait is OFFICIALLY OVER!!!! IT IS AVAILBLE NOW ON VOD WORLD WIDE at this link: http://psykikjunkypictures.com/ for $6.66 but you better hurry because it will only be available for 1 month before it gets taken down off of VOD for its DVD/BLU release in AUGUST through UNEARTHED! TIME TO UNLEASH THE BEAST!

"A jewish family, just arrived in a new neighborhood, are recording their youngest son's birthday celebrations on video when their home is suddenly invaded by a bunch of crystal-meth-crazed neo-nazi lunatics…"

This is the second feature film by 21 year old James Cullen Bressack, his first being the amazon horror best seller MY PURE JOY which was released last year. Despite its name, Hate Crime is a labor of love from a dedicated group of people looking to make something different. Hate Crime is a violent, realistic portrayal of one of our worst nightmares, being attacked in our home. The movie has been extremely well received by over 80+ reviewers, including some of the biggest reviewers in the horror film community. It has already won best picture and best director at multiple film festivals around the world and made may horror sites top 10 lists of 2012.

This film has fought alot of controversy due to it's extreme content, almost being banned in the UK, being pulled off the screens at festivals before even showing due to content and theatre management not willing to show the movie the festival booked, and had faced some trouble finding distribution since the shooting in CT due to its content.

Rent the Film: http://psykikjunkypictures.com/

Official Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hfaLI358JwM&feature=plcp

IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2257436/

Official Facebook Fan page: https://www.facebook.com/HATECRIME2012

Buy the T-Shirt: http://www.fastcustomshirts.com/servlet/Detail?no=1393
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Set Your Phasers to Fun for the Sci-Fi-London Film Festival


Announces a Frenzy of Fun,
Silly and Free Events!

LONDON, GB - April 15, 2013 - With the 12th annual SCI-FI-LONDON film festival approaching (April 30 – MAY 6 2013), we are excited to announce a series of celebration events to unleash your inner geek. As well as the international round up of the best new sci-fi and fantasy features, short and documentaries, this year’s events include tons of fun events! Read on for the complete line-up...

• The annual SCI-FI-LONDON COSTUME PARADE (Sun 28 April)
Kicking off from the festival’s new home in Stratford, dress up as your favourite film, comic, TV or literary character, and proudly celebrate science fiction through the streets, shoulder to shoulder with Daleks, Stormtroopers, and fellow fans.

• Our first ever Dog show, SUPERDOGS! (Sun 5 May, 12 noon)
Bring along your adventurous pooch as a famous film or TV character, and have them photographed by East London’s DOGSTAR photo agency. A framed professional photo and packed goody bag for the best dressed canine! Animal welfare first – no distressed pets will be allowed to participate.

• Documentary: DEAD MEAT WALKING (Sat 4 May)
For those whose celebratory tastes err on the more gruesome side, this zombie walk documentary includes interviews with make-up artist and director Tom Savini (Grindhouse, Django), and screenwriter John A. Russo (House of Frankenstein). It takes an affectionate look at the living dead event that expanded from a mere six ghoulish participants to an international, living dead phenomenon.

• DOCTOR WHO 50th Anniversary celebrations - FREE EVENT - (Sun 5 May)
We are running two panels exploring the Doctor’s adventures in print. Guests include writers Paul Cornell and Terrance Dicks, and artist Mark Buckingham. Round off the celebration with the classic ‘60’s movie DOCTOR WHO AND THE DALEKS, starring Peter Cushing as the Doctor himself.

• Kids’ Club FREE MOVIE: INNERSPACE (Sun 6 May)
Part of our range of free events for fans of all ages, this screening introduces the new generation of intrepid sci-fi fans to Joe Dante’s classic goofball comedy. No unaccompanied adults! Grown-ups can be dropped off at the FREE PUB QUIZ, which follows at the Stratford Picturehouse.

Other free events include a 24 hour flash fiction challenge, sci-fi sculpture on show, our notorious pub quiz, and much more, ensuring that this year’s festival will be the celebration of a lifetime... well in this dimension!

Film Highlights Include:
Neil Jordan's BYZANTIUM - opening night (30 Apr), Lithuanian erotic sci-fi, multi-award winning, VANISHINGWAVES (Sat 4 May), crazy steampunk martial arts from China, TAI CHI ZERO (Sat 4 May) and many more... full details to follow.
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'Oldboy' Teases Us with a New Poster


LOS ANGELES, CA - April 15, 2013 - OLDBOY is a provocative, visceral thriller that follows the story of an advertising executive (Josh Brolin) who is abruptly kidnapped and held hostage for 20 years in solitary confinement. When he is inexplicably released, he embarks on an obsessive mission to discover who orchestrated his bizarre and torturous punishment only to find he is still trapped in a web of conspiracy and torment.

Co-starring Elizabeth Olsen and Sharlto Copley, OLDBOY was directed by Spike Lee, from a script by Mark Protosevich (I Am Legend, The Cell, Thor). The film was produced by Roy Lee, Doug Davison and Nathan Kahane. Read The Full Post HERE!

XLrator Media Screams for 'The Banshee Chapter'


From the Producers of Margin Call

Zachary Quinto’s Before The Door Pictures Produced in Conjunction with Producer Christian Arnold-Beutel and Sunchaser Entertainment

LOS ANGELES, CA - April 15, 2013 - XLrator Media has acquired all U.S. rights to writer/director Blair Erickson’s 3D horror-thriller THE BANSHEE CHAPTER starring Ted Levine (The Silence of the Lambs), Katia Winter (“Dexter”) and Michael McMillian (“True Blood”). XLrator Media CEO Barry Gordon announced the deal today.

The film was produced by Sunchaser Entertainment’s Stephanie Riggs, Before the Door’s Corey Moosa and Sean Akers, and Christian Arnold-Beutel. Zachary Quinto and Neal Dodson of Before the Door executive produced with Ben Samuels, Marcus Schoefer and Gudrun Giddings. The deal was negotiated by Gordon and Mike Radiloff for XLrator Media and CAA on behalf of the filmmakers.

THE BANSHEE CHAPTER centers on a female journalist (Winter) who follows the mysterious trail of a missing friend (McMillian) who had been experimenting with mind-altering chemicals developed in secret government drug tests. A fast-paced blend of fact and fiction, the story is based on real documents, actual test subject testimony, and uncovered secrets about covert programs run by the CIA.

"In keeping with our commitment to foster first-time feature directors, Before the Door is proud of our collaboration with THE BANSHEE CHAPTER writer/director Blair Erickson. He has created a movie that is as scary as it is intelligent and rooted in a fascinating and factual historical context. We’re excited about partnering with XLrator Media to bring this unique vision to audiences this Fall," said Zachary Quinto.

“We’re thrilled to work with the producers of MARGIN CALL on the release of their first genre film,” said Gordon. “Shot in 3D, the film’s seamless blend of fact and fiction, archival footage and historically accurate recreations, creates a nightmarish experience of stunning realism and intensity.”

Before The Door's first feature, J.C. Chandor's MARGIN CALL, premiered at Sundance in 2011, received an Academy Award nomination for Best Original Screenplay and won the Best First Feature award at the 2012 Independent Spirit Awards. The company has also produced Chandor’s next film ALL IS LOST starring Robert Redford and the Victor Quinaz-directed comedy BREAK UP AT A WEDDING, both of which will be released later this year.

Sunchaser Entertainment produced the Tony Honor-nominated documentary THE STANDBYS about Broadway understudies and standbys which will be released in theaters later this year.

Christian Arnold-Beutel is the Germany-based executive producer of THE LEDGE, FLYPAPER and IRONCLAD among other films.
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Jigoku (1960)

Shiro is overcome with guilt after committing a hit-and-run accident, but he finds no solace at his parent's country estate, where he is tracked and killed by his victim's family. As punishment for his sins, Shiro is cast into a fiery abyss and forced to suffer the torments of hell for all eternity! Nobuo Nakagawa breaks exciting new ground once more in 1960's JIGOKU, an experimental and Expressionist realization of the "Handscrolls of Buddhist Hell" that helped to usher in a new age of Japanese Horror. Unlike other products of the era which focused on psychological terror and the inherent horrors of the human condition, JIGOKU outwardly portrays scenes of intense gore in a shockingly perverse manner that announces the arrival of Ero-Guro-Nansensu in Japanese filmmaking. The sins of those around him begin to unravel after Shiro's arrival at the "Heavenly Garden" retirement community, and the entire town of corrupted souls are left to suffer alongside him when a night of drunken debauchery leads to their demise. The first and second acts are devoted to the exploration of sin in each of its many forms, but once the gates of hell have been opened, the linear narrative is discarded for unexplained visions of horror. Giant Oni (Japense demons) rip the flesh off of their victims, while others are beaten, forced to wander blindly through the void, or left to agonize in a boiling pit of pus and human waste. Images of Shiro's unborn baby floating down a river of blood and fields of flailing limbs are jarring to the senses, and still strike a chord with modern audiences. JIGOKU holds a certain significance within the annals of Japanese filmmaking, with an influence that stretches far beyond the Pinku Eiga films in the decades to follow.

Rating: 9/10.

Movies like JIGOKU:

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The Pit and the Pendulum (1991)

Maria is declared a witch and cast into the dungeons of the Spanish Inquisition after making an open objection to their cruel torture devices. Once there, her untamed beauty captures the affections of the Grand Inquisitor Torquemada, who sentences her to an early death for casting an evil spell over him. Maria's husband Antonio is left to face the perils of the Inquisition in order to save his wife, but for his troubles, he will have to answer to THE PIT AND THE PENDULUM! Stuart Gordon does for Poe what he has so often done for H.P. Lovecraft in the 1991 adaptation of THE PIT AND THE PENDULUM from Full Moon Entertainment. Screenwriter Dennis Paoli injects the same twisted sense of humor into the mix as he had in RE-ANIMATOR and FROM BEYOND, lending a lighter edge to the dark Gothic motifs. THE PIT is filled with quirky characters played out by the talented cast, including off-beat performances by genre favorites Jeffrey Combs and Oliver Reed, as well as Tom Towles, Mark Margolis, and Stephen Lee. It is Lance Henriksen's fiery lead as the maniacal Torquemada that truly sets the film apart with his bloodthirsty sense of absolution and atonement. The grand designs reach the height of Full Moon's production quality in the 90's, ranking THE PIT AND THE PENDULUM alongside CASTLE FREAK as two of their finest films.

Rating: 8/10.


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Shocking New Trailer Released for 'Rebound'

Psychological Horrors are Unleashed in

A New Thriller from Look At Me Films and Director Megan Freels

LOS ANGELES, CA - April 14, 2013 - Look At Me Films has announced the completion of the psychological horror film REBOUND. Reminiscent of the “slow burn” horror films of 70s, REBOUND uses foreboding mood and misdirection to build relentless suspense, culminating in terrifying scenes and shocking twists. Check out the shocking new trailer below:

Emotionally tormented after finding her boyfriend in bed with another woman, Claire abandons her life in Los Angeles to move home to Chicago and escape her reality. Shortly after beginning the long journey across country, she discovers another reality that is far worse.

REBOUND marks longtime producer Megan Freels’s first feature as writer/director. Freels previously produced SPARKS, the directorial debut of Joseph Gordon-Levitt, which premiered at Sundance. Freels is the Co-Executive Producer of The Untitled Heuton/Falacci pilot, produced by Hypnotic and Universal Cable Productions for the USA Network, which stars Bryan Greenberg and Stephanie Sigman. Freels also is in development on various projects, and has developed films based on the works of Elmore Leonard, Freels’ grandfather.

REBOUND was co-produced by Debra Trevino, whose credits include EVERLASTING and ROCK SLIDE, and veteran editor Eric Potter (UNDERWORLD: RISE OF THE LYCANS and MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN) serves as Executive Producer and has also edited the film.

Claire, the troubled heroine of REBOUND, is portrayed by Ashley James, whose credits include roles in the indies LIFE INSIDE OUT, MADE IN CHINA and STORMY AND THE RIVER. The talented cast is rounded out by Mark Sheibmeir, Kevin Bulla, Julia Stern, Brett Johnston and newcomer Wes O’Lee.
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Enter 'The Facility' May 6th in the UK!

“Tense and thrilling.”
- EyeForFilm.com


Arrives on DVD and Digital Download May 6 in the UK!

LONDON, GB - April 14, 2013 - Seven volunteers – students Carmen, Arif and Adam, office temp Joni, journalist Katie, estate agent Jerome and unemployed Derek – arrive at the remote Limebrook Medical Clinic to take part in a clinical trial run by ProSyntrex Pharmaceuticals. In exchange for a fee of £2,000 these human “guinea pigs” have agreed to spend two weeks in isolation testing an experimental new drug known only as Pro9. After settling into the facility, each participant is given a first injection and, following a group dinner, sent to bed. But shortly after dark, the group is woken by the harrowing screams of one of their number. Soon, each volunteer begins to succumb to the terrifying and previously unknown effects of Pro9 during a never-ending night fraught with horror, madness, violence and death.

The Facility watches as Cronenbergian body-horror runs rampant in the feature debut for director Ian Clark. The film has been described as a taut, anxiety-inducing British indie shocker. Momentum Pictures is set to release on DVD and Digital Download May 6th, 2013.

The Facility features key talent like Award winning short film director Ian Clark (Jenny And The Worm) and stars Alex Reid (Misfits; The Descent 1 and 2), Aneurin Barnard (Elfie Hopkins; Citadel), Steve Evets (Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides; Five Days; Looking For Eric), Oliver Coleman (Casualty; The Other Boleyn Girl) and Skye Lourie (The Pillars Of The Earth).

Special Features:

The Making of The Facility
Teaser Trailer
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George A. Romero's 'Dead' Series: A Retrospective

The impact of George A. Romero's Horror classic, Night of the Living Dead, has not lessened in the 40 years since its initial release. By combining stinging social and political commentary with many of the most horrific images that have ever been captured on film, Romero has struck an everlasting nerve in audiences across the generations. Here, we take a look back at the terrifying series that first brought zombies in to the mainstream back in 1968.

Night of the Living Dead (1968)

NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD. The film that started it all. Before NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, zombies were nothing more than mindless slaves that toiled at their master's command. No, these creatures were much, much different...

Johnny and Barbara head out into the country to lay a memorial on their father's grave. Barbara is fearful of the cemetery, and Johnny taunts: "They're coming to get you, Barbara!" Just then, a disheveled corpse reaches out and attacks Barbara, killing Johnny in the process. Barbara escapes to a remote farmhouse, where she discovers a small group of people holed up for safety. They work to board up the doors as more of the flesh-eating ghouls begin to surround the house, but who will survive the NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD?

Why has NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD endured all these years? What makes it the Horror classic that it is today? For one, it is still terribly frightening. There is some primal fear about being eaten alive that strikes a chord in each of us. It is also extremely violent and grotesque for the time, depicting the ghouls as they rip the flesh off of the bones of their victims before receiving damaging blows to the head. The danger is all around us. The monsters are ourselves. There is no Transylvanian count nor man-made monstrosity out to get us. It is your neighbor, your son, or your daughter. The ghouls banging at the door are only half of the problem, as fear and paranoia drive men against each other in the struggle for survival.

Although it was never originally intended as such, NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD is a powerful social commentary that addresses issues ranging from the inadequacy of government officials during times of crisis to more apparent themes like the racial strife of the 1950's and 60's. At the time, it was practically unheard of for an African-American to star in the lead role of a motion picture, but here we have a smart, resourceful, and courageous anti-hero of sorts in Ben. Ben is willing to help the others, but only so long as it improves his chances to survive. Beyond that, Ben shouts demands at his white co-stars, slaps a white woman, and shoots a white man -- progressive motions that put NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD years ahead of its time. It also begs the question as to whether or not Cooper would have acted with the same hostility if Ben had been a white man? The horrifying images of bodies being dragged with meat hooks and burned in funeral pyres instantly recall the historical references to Southern racism, a very somber and depressing end to an already nihilistic film.

NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD would go on to become one of the highest-grossing Independent films ever made, and widely-considered to be amongst the finest cinematic achievements in America. It is an undisputed classic in the Horror genre, and acts as both a horrifying monster movie and a terrifying microcosm of the social and political turmoil of the Vietnam War era.

Rating: 10/10.

Dawn of the Dead (1978)

While NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD is credited as being the grandfather of all zombie films, DAWN OF THE DEAD is truly more responsible for initiating the insurgence of zombie gore films that proliferated in the late 70's and early 80's. The enormous scale of the production and incredible special effects make this a genre classic that earns its place besides the original.

The world is in a state of panic now that the dead have begun to walk the earth. Four lucky survivors make their escape to the local mall, where they have all of the supplies they need to start over and defend themselves from the encroaching threat. All goes well, until a group of marauders decide to crash the party, unleashing the ghouls into their shopper's paradise!

What better setting could personify the increased capitalism of 1970's society than the Monroeville Mall? The flesh eating ghouls return to the mall out of "Some kind of instinct. Memory, of what they used to do. This was an important place in their lives." Here, Romero takes a playful stab at American consumerism. Just as the ghouls have an insatiable hunger for human flesh, so do we for wanton goods and clothing. Once Peter and the gang rid the mall of its zombie presence, they go back to living lives of excess, proving that it is never too late to be fashionable -- even at the end of the world! Romero carries over many of the same themes from NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD as well, in terms of ineffectual government response in times of crisis and the overt racism that is portrayed in the police raid of a downtown housing project.

The cast is made up of unforgettable characters played by Ken Foree, David Emge, Scott H. Reiniger, and Gaylen Ross, who give us a range of emotions from childlike excitement to sheer terror and utter disbelief. Foree and Reiniger become the Heroes of Horror as the two headstrong gunmen, cunning and daring, if not a little impulsive. Although the Walkers in his films may be slow, Romero builds a tremendous amount of tension in their overwhelming numbers and by having his characters' erratic actions lead to stupid mistakes and suspenseful moments of near-death.

With DAWN OF THE DEAD, Tom Savini earns the title of "Special Effects Master" by creating some of the most terrifying, realistic, and memorable moments the genre has ever known. The methods of dispatch he puts on display here are amongst his most creative, if not the most bloody. Examples include the zombie whose head is lopped off at the top by the helicopter blade and a quick screwdriver to the ear for another. The pallid, blue-skinned zombies have a distinctive post-mortem appearance that is quite unlike any of the creatures to follow in the coming years.

This is Romero's true masterpiece, the zombie epic by which all others are measured.

Rating: 10/10.

Day of the Dead (1985)

We have survived through the NIGHT and DAWN, but what new horrors will be unleashed on the DAY OF THE DEAD? A small group of scientists and soldiers have managed to survive the zombie apocalypse by boarding themselves up in a secret underground bunker, far beneath the earth's surface. Here, they search for answers as to what drives the dead to return, and what can be done to stop them. As a power struggle emerges between two rival factions within the group, the real monster is revealed to be man.

Romero's philosophical quandaries are more thought-provoking than ever, digging towards the meaning of life, the concept of civilization, and the true definition of "human" through the guise of a zombie shocker. Although it is often argued that his thematic approach comes before the actual horror, this simply is not the case. There is plenty of gore to go around, and the implication of mankind being reduced to a handful of snarling military men and a few scared scientists is terrifying enough. What is left to live for when all of mankind has been destroyed? What does it mean to be the last woman on Earth? Is man defined by his actions or intellect? These questions (and more) are raised throughout the script. The last is personified through the character of Bub the zombie, and undead specimen that Dr. Logan has conditioned to respond to items from his previous existence. If zombies are given back the ability to think and reason, does that make them human?

Any talk of Romero's supposed aversion towards his female characters can be dismissed with Sarah, played by Lori Cardille. Sarah is an intelligent, strong-willed woman, and an excellent lead. Richard Liberty is splendidly over-the-top as Dr. "Frankenstein" Logan, a man that has become so obsessed with his work that he identifies more with the dead than the living. The military men, led by the disreputable Captain Rhodes, are inhumanly cruel and controlling, quickly discerning themselves as the film's true villains. Joe Pilato creates one of the genre's most hated and despised characters in his intense performance as Rhodes, a character who is fully deserving of the fate that befalls him. Sherman Howard's Bub instantly becomes the most recognizable zombie in all of Horror through another winning performance.

Tom Savini goes well beyond expectation, and even surpasses his work in DAWN OF THE DEAD as the director of special makeup effects. Each zombie is given its own unique appearance, with a wide range of putrid skin tones and debilitating battle wounds. A few bite marks aren't enough in DAY OF THE DEAD; Savini has his zombies tear bodies apart with guts and grue spewing out all over the floor. The first zombie that we see has had its lower jaw ripped out, leaving its disgusting tongue to writhe through its throat. Another scene has Frankenstein remove all but the cerebral cortex of a corpse's brain, which is still attached to its body! DAY OF THE DEAD is the goriest of the three original DEAD movies, and displays some of Savini's finest work.

Contrary to many opposed beliefs, DAY OF THE DEAD overcomes its lessening pace through an intelligent character drama that serves as the forefront to the payoff in the end. Increased action and killing mean nothing when the audience is unable to relate to the characters, but Romero draws an immediate response in each and every death. Although it still falls behind the two preceding films in the series, DAY OF THE DEAD is highly underrated, and an excellent bookend to the Holy Trilogy of zombie movies.

Rating: 9/10.

Night of the Living Dead (1990)

An unfortunate distribution error left the cast and crew of NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD penniless after the film entered the public domain in 1968, but the 90's brought about a big-budget remake that allowed George Romero and company to recoup some of their lost earnings. After spending much time over the past decade designing the makeup for such creatures, who would be better suited to direct the remake to NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD than the great Tom Savini? Savini does an excellent job in his first feature film, keeping mostly in line with the original with the exception of a few character alterations and the grisly special effects. NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD is best known to Horror fans for introducing Tony Todd into the genre in one of his finest performances as Ben. Todd brings a strength and seriousness to the role that legitimizes the remake. Tom Towles and Patricia Tallman are very good as well, in an all-around great casting job. Forsaking the stylized designs that he used in DAWN and DAY OF THE DEAD, Savini instead goes for grim realism in the look of the undead, complete with pasty skin and cataracts. Some of the events in the film have been rearranged to maximize impact, while also giving something fresh to the fans. This includes a powerful new ending that stacks up against the original. Although it rarely strays from Romero's earlier version, NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD 1990 is a worthy remake of the 1968 classic.

Rating: 8/10.

Land of the Dead (2005)

In an ever-vigilante attempt to stay socially-relevant, George Romero creates a class struggle between the rich and the poor which is also personified in the battle between the living and the dead in LAND OF THE DEAD. Both human and zombie are only looking for the basic rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, which have been stripped away from them by a tyrannical overlord that has seized control from his ivory tower, Fiddler's Green (perhaps in reference to SOYLENT GREEN, which seems to have heavily influenced the plot).

Romero makes many poor decisions in LAND OF THE DEAD that fans are sure to disagree with, the first being the further humanization of the zombies. We saw in DAY OF THE DEAD that Romero's zombies had regained their basic motor skills. Here, they begin communicating, using tools, and strategizing, which is a huge stretch for creatures that are supposedly "dead,' and very difficult for audience members to accept. What is worse, Romero, whose films served as the pinnacle of special effects makeup throughout the 70's and 80's, has begun the downward slide into computerized imagery, particularly for the gore sequences. While it is less apparent in LAND OF THE DEAD, his subsequent films would be ruled by these cost-saving (but visually abhorrent) techniques. Only the practical makeup effects handled brilliantly by Greg Nicotero and Howard Berger call back to the greatness of the past three films.

LAND OF THE DEAD presents us with no compelling characters to carry the story, just a group of mismatched rogues for whom we care nothing. The closest that we have to a hero is Simon Baker playing Riley Denbo, but all of his whining and sniveling gets him nowhere. Instead, it seems that we are meant to align ourselves with the zombies, who are the only characters that are portrayed in a sympathetic light, but this group only serves to annoy as well. The lead zombie, aptly named "Big Daddy," looks and acts nothing like the zombies we have come to expect in a Horror film, and even without the benefit of conditioning (as with Bub in DAY), he has rebuilt his intellect to near-human levels. This breaks continuity within the series, and would have worked better if overwhelming hordes of mindless zombies were left to overthrow Fiddler's Green.

There seems to be an utter loss of direction in LAND OF THE DEAD that severely detracts from the film. The dead are left forgotten in the background as the living front their feeble uprising. Romero injects enough of his trademarked social commentary to credit the script with some intelligence, though LAND OF THE DEAD falls far behind NIGHT, DAWN, and DAY.

Rating: 7/10.

Diary of the Dead (2007)

If George Romero had made this three or four years sooner, it may have still been relevant, but DIARY OF THE DEAD comes in way too late in the long line of "found footage" films that became popular in the 2000's. DIARY follows a group of college students as they document their first-hand account of the zombie apocalypse using a hand-held video camera. Unfortunately, Romero gets the format entirely wrong in every conceivable way. Instead of producing an ultra-realistic nightmare as we had seen in [REC] from the same year, he gives us a poorly-staged and utterly contrived zombie bore lead by unbelievable characters and lackluster special effects.

In the first of many offenses, Romero allows his characters to edit their footage, which entails adding slow-motion effects, scene transitions, and even narration. The editor has even chosen to emphasize the scares using blaring sound effects! Romero's characters are given painfully unnatural dialog, which makes them come off as being bad actors rather than genuine people. The zombies are killed in a variety of glamorized ways that simply would not happen in a real-world survivor setting. Worst of all, the cartoon gore is comprised almost entirely by computerized effects! How does this, in any way, reflect reality? Why choose this format only to then go back and fictionalize the events? The only answer seems to lie in the editor's commentary, itself. Debra repeatedly stresses how it was impossible to discern fact from fiction with 400,000 spins on the truth available for download online. Perhaps this, too, is some elaborate prank being played by the filmmakers, calling back to the Wellesian War of the Worlds radio drama that Romero references as well? Even in that remote possibility, DIARY OF THE DEAD never displays enough intelligence to credit it as being a satire.

DIARY OF THE DEAD shows an extreme disconnect between concept and execution. Romero may have entered this project with good intentions, but the result is truly horrifying.

Rating: 6/10.

Survival of the Dead (2009)

A band of rogue militants that are attempting to escape a world overrun by the undead find themselves caught in the middle of a feud between two families when they land on a remote island in the latest entry of George Romero's epic zombie series. Here, Romero quarrels with the idea of whether or not the living dead can be domesticated and eventually cured, or whether they must be eradicated to avoid any future outbreaks. This debate fuels the ongoing struggle between the O'Flynns and the Muldoons, a battle which takes center stage over any of the zombie mayhem in the film. While it cannot be argued that Romero has not attempted any new and interesting ideas in LAND, DIARY, and now SURVIVAL, the execution of each of the films always falls short. The sixth installment never manages to generate any forward momentum, and the social commentary that is worked in to the plot is never fully developed or used to effectively impact the viewer. To put it bluntly, the film is completely uninteresting. There is no one left for the audience to relate to or sympathize with between the thieving soldiers and the two warring families. The man once known for discovering Horror's greatest make-up artist has settled for cheaply-made computerized effects once again, effects which are entirely unconvincing and immediately take the viewer out of the action. Still, what the gore lacks in quality, it makes up for in quantity, with numerous attack sequences filled with head explosions and multiple maulings by the rampaging ghouls. As hard as Romero fans may try to dispute it, SURVIVAL OF THE DEAD continues the downward trend of declining interest and bland filmmaking that has plagued the director's most recent efforts.

Rating: 6/10.
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