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A New Novella by Gord Rollo

Available for Pre-Order April 30th

ASHLAND, OR - April 27, 2013 - The new mystery/thriller novella from author Gord Rollo (The Jigsaw Man, Strange Magic, Valley of the Scarecrow, Crowley's Window) is coming this Tuesday, April 30th to Fast-paced and entertaining hardboiled fiction from one of the rising stars in the industry. To initially be available in a signed deluxe hardcover edition limited to twenty-six signed and numbered copies worldwide then as a Dark Regions Double trade paperback with The Blue Heron by Gene O'Neill.

Jake Mercer’s life is spiraling out of control. As a criminal profiler and one of the senior homicide investigators in the Oakland Police Department, he’s spent the last twenty-five years getting into the heads of killers trying to understand the way they think. He’s the best at what he does but constantly playing in the minds of madmen carries a heavy price, leaving Jake an out of shape, alcoholic loner suspended from active duty.

The murders have started.

Another serial killer is prowling the streets now, a lunatic who’s making a game of nailing retired Catholic priests to trees and bridges and hydro poles around the city. Torture and murder isn’t enough, they’re experimenting with the bodies to further whatever diabolical plan only they seem to know.

The experiments have begun.

Broken down or not, Lieutenant Mercer might be the only man who can catch this killer before the city starts to panic. Back on duty and trying his best to stay out of the bottle, Jake finds himself teamed up with two rookie detectives in what will be his most difficult case ever, and possibly his last...

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