Seraphim Ward Introduces 'Angel One Eye'



Angel One Eye... who can escape the All Seeing? In a town that's lost its Wings, one rises from the ashes turning a corrupt town back into the safe streets it was once known for before ...

LOS ANGELES, CA - April 17, 2013 - Seraphim Ward has cultivated a niche cinematic following amongst fans for her original screenplays. Often called the "Female Rob Zombie" for her iconic stature in horror movies and industrial rock, Seraphim brings a mystic and vivid flare to fans of of the horror and occult genres of film. Eileen Koch and Company INC is pleased to announce our newest client, rock vixen and independent filmmaker, Seraphim Ward ( Known throughout Hollywood for her poetic lyrics, hard-rock edge and colorful style, Seraphim's latest single, "What's the Color of Love?" (featured in the upcoming film Beautiful Creatures) spills all the raw intensity and passion she has emanated throughout her artistic career. Currently, Ward is completing post-production work on her first original feature film, Angel One Eye, for which she served as writer, cinematographer and director.

Born of Creole heritage and raised in the southern states of Mississippi, Louisiana and Indiana, Seraphim Ward struggled as a child to overcome a stutter that, for a time, caused her to completely withdraw from social interaction. She found an outlet for her rich imagination in words and books, delving into literature at a young age, and composing her own material through lyrics and music in her early teens.

Ward's love for art, performance and music crescendoed to a peak until, at age 15, she made the move to Hollywood. Straight away, Seraphim's uniqueness caught the eye of a manager who helped start her career; she booked modeling campaigns for Kraft, Foot Locker, Macy's and J.Crew, work that led her to the catwalk as a model for high-end designers and boutiques in Beverly Hills. While studying film, she began exploring the Los Angeles music scene and was encouraged to record her own material. Seraphim's creative dreams were fully realized with the release of her first album, Time Heals All Wounds.

Following the success of her premiere album, Seraphim delivered again with Mute Malevolance, her second collection of original works, and this summer, she stars as "Rachel" in the feature film Speed Dragon, alongside award-winning actress Bai Ling.

In addition to film work, Seraphim Ward continues to produce new songs and music videos through Sin Icon Production Music and Film Company. Seraphim's stamp of individuality has already inked its design on Hollywood and we look forward to seeing the art of this one-of-a-kind trailblazer for many years to come.

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  1. "Seraphim Ward has cultivated a niche cinematic following amongst fans for her original screenplays."

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