Art of the Devil (2004)

An evil curse is placed over an affluent family after their father discards his pregnant mistress in the Thai shocker, ART OF THE DEVIL. This seemingly straightforward revenge story quickly becomes entangled in twisted timelines and nondescript characters, which makes for a very disorienting viewing experience. On top of that, it is impossible to relate to anyone in the film, between the pitiless Boom, whose attempts to extort the family fail her, and the obnoxious teenagers that fall victim to her black magic. The weakening plot really only serves as a catalyst for the gory death scenes, which are really quite tame by Western standards. Only a single scene sticks out, in which one of the sons vomits up a stomach full of bloodied razorblades. The rest of the film is easily disposable, but was popular enough in Thailand to prompt a sequel the following year.

Rating: 4/10.

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