Dead Calm (1989)

John and Rae Ingram set off on the high seas to escape the death of their child, but they quickly enter troubled waters after rescuing a stranger from a sinking vessel in the 1989 suspense-thriller, DEAD CALM! Phillip Noyce directs based on the novel by Charles Williams, which keeps the tension high as a fearful Rae is left to defend herself using any means necessary against the madman who has left her husband to die out in the open water. Sam Neill and Nicole Kidman star as the quick-witted and resourceful couple in a pair of winning performances. They are trumped by a crazed Billy Zane, who's wild-eyed insanity teeters between his loving infatuation for Rae and his mindless rage. Noyce brings his audience to the edge of their seats in a number of sickeningly tight shots that strike an immediate sense of fear and anxiety. The same can certainly be said for the claustrophobic scene in which Sam Neill is left to siphon air through a pipe as he attempts to escape from a sinking ship. The only major detractors are the lack of motive behind Zane's madness, and an over-the-top ending that falls way beyond belief. DEAD CALM is an otherwise exciting and intense excursion in to psychological suspense!

Rating: 7/10.

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