Hunger (2009)

Jordan awakens beside four strangers who have been trapped beneath the surface by some unseen foe. They are promised their freedom if they can last just over 30 days without food, but as hunger sets in, the captives find much more to fear in each other than in simple starvation! This nifty little premise allows director Steven Hentges to cram a great deal of suspense into his claustrophobic set, but HUNGER will leave most audiences wanting more. It is far too reflective of the SAW series with the sadistic overseer attempting to push his victims to inhuman lengths in order for them to discover their survivor's instinct. Even that would be forgivable were it not for the mundane cast. With the exception of Lori Heuring, we are left with a handful of whiny, depressing characters that do nothing to draw from our sympathies. Joe Egender is quickly pinned down as the villain, a role which suits him nicely. Lea Kohl and Julian Rojas, on the other hand, are just awful, and make for some unintentional humor with their ridiculous overacting. This takes away from the seriousness of their situation, as the final act unravels into a bloody mess. HUNGER can only be recommended if you are starved for Horror.

Rating: 6/10.

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