Podcast Playlist: HMPOD.com #107

Mark and Jerry return to the HMPod with Episode #107, featuring Iron Man 3, Star Trek Into Darkness, Alpha Girls and Wes Craven Part 1!

Wes Craven retrospective begins now

A gracious good day to our lovely listeners. This is episode 107 of the mighty Horror Movie Show, hosted as ever by Jerry and Mark. While there are undoubted gems of wisdom contained in this episode, be warned that there are also spoilers — particularly about the new Star Trek Into Darkness movie. Thou hast been warn├ęd.

Two of the summer movie season’s biggest blockbusters are now but fading memories. In an unprecedented move, Mark and Jerry compare the metal-suited superhero in Iron Man 3 an the second outing for J.J. Abrams‘ reboot of Star Trek. Is it even possible to put these behemoths up against each, phaser & photon torpedos versus whatever the hell it is that shoots out of Iron Man’s palms? Of course it is. Don’t be silly. They’re just movies.

Next up is the low-budget, devil-worshiping sorority sister story of Alpha Girls. Written and directed by Johnny Zito and Tony Trov, this little flick features a bevy of scream queens and the hirsute, doughy lothario Ron Jeremy. Let the paddling begin!

This episode also devotes a sizeable chunk of time to the early movies directed by horror favourite Wes Craven. (The director’s middle and later years will be featured in the next two episodes.) The Last House on the Left, the original version of The Hills Have Eyes and the veggie-man feature Swamp Thing are all examined. Now hold your nose, dive into the foetid dampness that is The Horror Movie Show & be sure to eat your greens.

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