Podcast Playlist: HMPod.com Episode 106

I Like Horror Movies is happy to introduce Mark and Jerry of HMPod.com fame to our loyal readers as part of our new Podcast Playlist, featuring the latest episodes from each of our favorite podcasts! Mark and Jerry produce a wonderful show that pools decades of Horror trivia together with their dry wit and playful banter. With no further adieu, we proudly present:

HMPOD.com Episode 106:
Texas Chainsaw 3D, Audition, Room 237, Hotel Transylvania

Rev up that noisy slicer and dicer! We’re back!

Greetings, faithful listeners. After a couple of weeks of not doing podcasts, Mark and Jerry have returned with a fresh new episode that includes horror, comedy, freaky theories and Japanese dating tips. Welcome to The Horror Movie Show‘s 106th edition.

The guys begin this riotous hour with a discussion of the latest retread: Texas Chainsaw 3D. Though our old pal Leatherface is busy as a beaver, cutting through numerous young, healthy bodies with his trusty, rusty saw of chains, the question is whether this new version of an oft-told story is up to screech — sorry, scratch. Needless to say, Jerry and Mark have opinions they needs must share.

Following that is a muttered, mumbled mention of the Japanese-Korean horror flick, Audition. Dating is often fraught with hazards. Will he or she like my clothes, my hair, my sense of humour, the flesh that covers my delicious soup-bone legs? Audition attempts to answer such questions in a unique way. At least, we hope it’s unique.

Animated horror-comedy Hotel Transylvania is examined closely for signs of either horror or comedy. You can check in to this Adam Sandler-driven cartoon, but will you want to stay?

Room 237 is a fascinating survey of theories about what Stanley Kubrick‘s horror masterwork The Shining is really all about. Is it a thinly veiled fable about the Holocaust — both of Jewish people & Native North Americans? Is it Stan the Man’s revelation of his involvement in the fake moon-landing conspiracy? Listen to the discussion & you’ll probably be intrigued enough to want to watch this wacky documentary.

Now ring up room service, have them deliver some raw hamburger and a large bottle of puddle-water so we can get this party started.

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