Podcast Playlist: Monster Island Resort #100

When it comes to indepth, critical, and thought-provoking commentary on Horror in history, literature, art, film and beyond, one can do no better than the Monster Island Resort Podcast, hosted by San Diego's own Miguel Rodriguez. Miguel is an invaluable asset to the Horror scene in Southern California, as he hosts San Diego's first and only Horror Film Festival, Horrible Imaginings, amongst his many other monthly events and tireless efforts within the genre. Please welcome Miguel to the Podcast Playlist with his 100th episode:

#100: Science Special!

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Monster Island Resort Podcast: Episode #100 Science Special!

It’s my 100th episode! What better way to celebrate than with a combination of scifi-horror and real science! Europe’s CERN Laboratory (short for the Conseil EuropĂ©en pour la Recherche NuclĂ©aire, which I did NOT attempt to butcher in this episode), which houses the monumental Large Hadron Collider (LHC) recently pulled double duty as the location for a zombie film called DECAY–which was written, directed, and acted in by several CERN employees!

I was joined by accelerator physicist and DECAY writer-director Luke Thompson to discuss physics, CERN, and the experience of making a horror film containing one of our generation’s most thrilling scientific achievements. I am very excited to bring you an extra special 100th episode! You can watch DECAY for free here:

In other news, my friend Ken J. Hall just released his Horror Workout with legendary scream queen Linnea Quiggley on DVD! In this 80′s horror spoof of workout videos, we get a look at all the fitness activities necessary for the most wild horror and slasher situations! This release includes new commentary from Linnea and director Kenneth J. Hall, as well as brand new cast and crew interviews! Check it out here: www.horrorworkout.com!

Finally, I want to publicly say goodbye to my dear dog Cheswick. May you run, nap, and lick too many palms in doggie heaven.

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