Sedona Film School to Host 13th Annual Shorts Film Festival

Students Look Forward
to Their Film Festival at

Sedona Film School’s 13th Annual

Taking Place May 24-26!

SEDONA, AZ - May 7, 2013 - The film students are nearing the end of their academic year at the Sedona Film School (SFS). In just a few short weeks the talented, and excited, graduates will be ready to show you their films. The atmosphere on campus is alive with creative energy and the students are working feverishly on their final projects.

There will be fantastic, fun and frightening films for everyone to enjoy. SFS students are working on westerns, dark comedies, futuristic sci-fi flicks, action-packed adventures, motocross and moving documentaries. Screenings will be held from 10 am to 6 pm on May 25 and 26, 2013. Save the Date!

The exciting weekend will kick-off with the 2nd Annual Career & Gear Fair on Friday night, 5:30-9 pm at the film school. A variety of equipment vendors, local television stations, film production companies and even SAG-AFTRA representatives will be on hand to talk to attendees. There will be raffle prizes all evening. Admission is $5 and raffle tickets are $5 each or 5 for $20. Follow us on Twitter at SedonaFilmSkool, or check the website,, for the latest vendor updates.

The students are definitely looking forward to another opportunity to host the community of film lovers at their campus. They hope you will come for the whole weekend and explore the vendors at the Fair, screen films on Saturday and Sunday, and join them for a wrap party on Sunday night.

Here are just a few of the exciting films you can look forward to viewing:

Blood and Dust, by Ali Nidzgorski – Corruption, theft and murder are what help the money-hungry Sheriff thrive in his small western town. After the Sheriff robs Hattie Jane and frames her for the murder of her own husband, she must find justice. Can she escape the clutches of the low down Sheriff? Will anyone come to her aid?

Evolution, by Cody Wethington – After spending their childhood racing motorcycles as a hobby, two young men find themselves transitioning from amateurs to professionals in off-road racing. Explore the grueling sport of off-road racing. Jumping over tractor tires, blasting through the desert and maneuvering around rocks! Watch as Mason and Dave race their way from weekend fun to a paying career.

Invisible Truth, by Ben Fama Jr. – Struggling with memories of a traumatic past of sexual abuse and neglect, Kara must come to terms with the thoughts plaguing her mind. After settling for too many things in her life, Kara must face her distorted self-image and discover what is hidden behind an Invisible Truth

The Man Who Music’d, by Krista Lindner – Benjamin was born with a strange birth defect. Music plays from his ears, betraying his mood in every situation. Growing up in a small town where everyone knows and accepts him is getting too predictable. He decides it’s time to move to the big city and live with his best friend, Marty. Benjamin learns that the big city dances to a different tune.

Ghostbike, by Judith Finneren – Love and forgiveness are the telling messages in this real life story of a family whose lives changed in a split second due to distracted driving. The passion and joy of bicycling are revealed, and a husband’s legacy is created by his widow, Judith and their son and daughter. And finally, we will hear from the young man whose distracted driving altered the lives of not only the Finneren family, but many others, including his own.

The Journey Home, by Hali Pekron – In 2016 invading forces are making their way up through Mexico into the United States. A Phoenix, AZ family flees the advancing forces and seeks safe haven in the New Mexico countryside. They hope to wait out the turmoil with their grandparents on a self-sustaining farm. With America on the verge of collapse and the family managing their own struggles, a stranger finds his way into their lives. The line blurs between friend and foe.

Lady Susan: Jane Austen’s Missing Masterpiece, by Michelle Lambeau – Beloved English novelist Jane Austen is famous for writing six great novels. But she wrote seven. Rejected by her family, dismissed by experts, the author treasured “Lady Susan” and kept the manuscript with her always. Academics, actors, intellectuals, writers and directors—from both sides of the Atlantic—come together in search of the truth. Why did Jane Austen write such a tale of adultery and passion, abuse and betrayal? And what are the family secrets that refuse to stay buried?

Sweet, Sexy Ocean, by Alexander Finden – This vibrant, character-driven nature film documents and brings awareness to the red sea urchin business in San Diego, California. Explore the beauty of southern California's kelp beds, the passionate life of an urchin diver, and the consumption of these spiny creatures in markets and restaurants. The future of these urchin populations depends on collaborating to conserve the coastal environment through locally co-managing fisheries.

Passes will go on sale May 1, 2013. A one-day pass will be $10, a two-day pass will be $15 and a weekend pass (which includes the Career and Gear Fair and FREE popcorn all weekend) will be $25. All events and screenings will be held at SFS 4215 Arts Village Dr., Sedona, AZ 86336. Call 928-649-4257 for more information.

The film school is now accepting applications for fall 2013. To learn more about the Sedona Film School, please visit

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