Teen Wolf: Season 2 (2012)

The world has changed for Scott and his group of friends after defeating the werewolf that had set out to destroy them. As the new Alpha, Derek begins recruiting discarded teens in to his own wolf pack in preparation for the battle to come with the Argents. Meanwhile, Scott and Allison are ripped apart as her grandfather returns to avenge the death of his daughter. But now, a terrifying new creature has arrived that will threaten to destroy them all...

MTV's hit series returns in Teen Wolf: Season 2! While it is easy to dismiss the show at first glance, Teen Wolf is quick to prove that this is no TWILIGHT. Russell Mulcahy and his team of writers and directors have delivered on the Horror in a slickly produced and surprisingly entertaining series that is filled with fast-paced action, unexpected twists, and steamy romance. The creature design and skilled make-up work that are used to bring the deadly Kanima to life are top of the line, as the series continues to root itself in practical effects whenever possible.

Season 2 introduces a number of key players into the unfolding drama between the two clans, particularly in the scheming patriarch of the Argent family: Gerard. Michael Hogan plays the part perfectly as the keen manipulator who will stop at nothing to see Scott, Derek, and the rest of the pack destroyed. His part in luring Allison in to the family business is essential, to say the least. Crystal Reed gives an added depth to her character this season as she is transformed from the swooning teenager in to a hardened warrior. Unfortunately, we see very little growth in many of the other male leads, who seem to be caught in an emotionless void as they are drawn in to the same stereotypical lines of action and reaction episode after episode. Whether it is was intended this way or not, Tyler Posey comes off as a rather dopey hero, as Scott is frequently looked down upon for his overall lack of intelligence and indecisiveness. Dylan O'Brien is given few opportunities to break away from his silly antics as Stiles, while Tyler Hoechlin and Colton Haynes remain rigid in their stifled performances. Linden Ashby and JR Bourne help to carry the kids, as the older generation should.

This season starts of strongly enough, with a quick hook in the first three episodes that will keep audiences glued. Things taper off mid-season as the plot and characters become more widespread and diluted, before coming back for a big finish. Fans of the series will not be disappointed, while newcomers can join in on the action with relative ease as Scott and the gang take over the night in Teen Wolf: Season 2.

Rating: 7/10.

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