Enter the 'Abandoned Mine' in a New Trailer!



Starring Alexa Vega

The suspenseful thriller will hit theaters August 15th

LOS ANGELES, CA - June 17, 2013 - The official theatrical trailer and poster (and stills)are now available for Gravitas Ventures’ upcoming horror/suspense thriller ABANDONED MINE, written and directed by Jeff Chamberlain, and starring Alexa Vega, Reiley McClendon, and Saige Thompson. The film will hit theaters August 15th, and follows five small-town friends who decided to celebrate Halloween with an overnight adventure into the legendary “haunted” Jarvis Mine. Local legend says that a family was murdered in the mine exactly 100 years prior, and that angry spirits have occupied the mine ever since. The group becomes trapped, and their cameras catch the mysterious occurrences that follow:

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