Podcast Playlist: Monster Island Resort #102

Miguel Rodriguez invites you to return to the Monster Island Resort for Episode #102, featuring Horror, Sexuality, Body Fluids, and Rotting Flesh with Thanatomorphose director Éric Falardeau!

I have a great ooey gooey episode for you today! I recently caught a screening of a Canadian microbudget body horror film called Thanatomorphose at my friend Paul’s great Ocean Beach film festival The Frequency Film Festival. This is a film that shows what super independent horror can achieve without the creative hindrances of producers and huge money. It was a truly honest and disturbing look at sex, death, and decay–one that doesn’t shy away from some of the more taboo aspects of those concepts.

The director Éric Falardeau was in attendance all the way from Montreal with a really fascinating Q and A, and I got the chance to have a beer with him and discuss the philosophies behind his filmmaking of both Thanatomorphose and his animation short Crépuscule.

This conversation was the reason I love podcasting–it highlights what the potential of horror can be when it is approached with a cool mix of intelligence and bravery. I want to thank Eric for his time. Please check out his films on his VIMEO page here!

Enjoy this teaser for Thanatomorphose, and enjoy the episode! Remember to follow me on Twitter @MonsterResort!

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