Aberration (2013)

I feel like it is a discredit to myself and my readers to even post a review on this film. It is not only a complete waste of my time, but it is a complete waste of your time reading this. ABERRATION is the perfect title for this awful piece of shit. It is kind of like STIR OF ECHOES, if STIR OF ECHOES was a mindless and boring retread of a thousand other ghost stories. I am having trouble even describing the film without making libelous attacks against the cast and crew. The only thing that could possibly be worse than the agonizing plot would be the atrocious performances that kind of made me want to cry a little. And for all of the bad acting, the filmmakers didn't even have the decency to include a single good looking chick to distract from the rest of the on-screen stupidity. I take pride in my integrity when it comes to watching and reviewing films. I feel it is unfair to turn a film off or find other distractions to help numb the pain during particularly bad movies, but ABERRATION made me want to smash my Blu-ray player through the TV, and then mail it to director Douglas Elford-Argent with a note that says "YOU MADE ME DO THIS." In case you are still wondering what the film is about after all of that, homely college student Christy Dawson discovers that she is able to communicate with the dead when the spirit of a young boy uses her to help solve a rash of recent murders. A complete and utter failure.

Rating: 2/10.

Movies and Other Things That Are Like ABERRATION:


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Image Entertainment Draws 'Blood' Sept 10th!


Available on DVD, Blu-ray and Digital Download
on September 10, 2013

LOS ANGELES, CA - AUGUST 31, 2013 - Image Entertainment, an RLJ Entertainment (NASDAQ: RLJE) brand, has officially announced the release of BLOOD on DVD, Blu-ray and Digital Download on Sept. 10, 2013. Directed by Nick Murphy, the film stars Paul Bettany (A Beautiful Mind, Master and Commander), Mark Strong (Zero Dark Thirty, Sherlock Holmes), Stephen Graham (“Boardwalk Empire”) and Brian Cox (The Bourne Identity). BLOOD will be available on DVD for an SRP of $27.97 and Blu-ray for $29.97.

BLOOD tells the story of the Fairburn brothers (Paul Bettany and Stephen Graham), detectives who will do whatever it takes to catch the killer of a shocking murder in a small town, while trying to live-up to the reputation of their tough-as-nails ex-police chief father (Brian Cox). But when a suspect's interrogation spins violently out of control, the brothers must deal with the consequences…and the mounting suspicions of a colleague (Mark Strong) seeking the truth. A gritty, electrifying suspense-thriller about the price of duty, the ties of family, and the bonds of Blood.

The film was produced by Pippa Harris (Revolutionary Road, The Kite Runner, Jarhead), the BBC, and executive produced by Academy Award® winner Sam Mendes. Read The Full Post HERE!

'Billy Club' Hits it out of the Park!

"The kind of movie you can’t help but inflict on your friends. Destined to be a cult classic."
-Bob Etier, Technorati

LOS ANGELES, CA - August 31, 2013 - From the team that brought you the instant cult classic and horror fan favorite, Blood Junkie (2010), comes Billy Club, a new film that combines two of America’s favorite pastimes -- baseball and slasher movies!  Billy Club follows the story of a little league team that was torn apart by a gruesome triple homicide and the four friends who reunite 15 years later to pay tribute to their fallen coach and teammates.  A mystery unfolds as the secrets from their past return to haunt them, and a vengeful killer, hidden by an antique umpire’s mask, returns to even the score.

Billy Club is proud to announce the world premiere screening of our film at the 2013 Milwaukee Film Festival. Join us on Tuesday October 1st 2013 (10pm) at the historic Oriental Theater in Milwaukee, WI for the world premiere of Billy Club. More information and tickets available soon at www.mkefilm.org (Additional screenings on Oct. 7th and 8th.)

Award winning artwork: Our collaboration with the outstanding design team Dog & Pony has produced some amazing principle artwork for Billy Club.  The 19th Annual Communicator Awards has honored our Billy Club poster campaign with its prestigious Award of Distinction.  Check out all three posters and our official teaser at www.BillyClubMovie.com

About the Filmmakers:  Billy Club Co-Creators Drew Rosas and Nick Sommer began their collaboration with their previous feature-length project Blood Junkie, which was hailed by Mark Borchardt of American Movie fame as “A glorious tribute to the bombastic realm of 80s culture and horror cinema.” Blood Junkie was picked up for distribution by Troma Entertainment, it screened in several festivals across the globe, and was selected as one of the Top 5 Horror Films of 2011 by Bloody Disgusting’s Lauren Taylor.

About the Film:  A one-of-a-kind indie adventure ride through northern Wisconsin.  As both a mind-bending mystery and a breakthrough genre film, Billy Club showcases a passionate collaboration of extremely talented producers, actors and artists, including a memorable role by actor Mark Metcalf (Animal House, Buffy the Vampire Slayer) as The Umpire. Chock-full of psychological twists, hilarious characters, and unforgettable kill scenes, Billy Club stands out as an inspiring example of indie horror filmmaking at its best. Currently in the final stages of color timing, Billy Club is slated for a world premier in late Summer 2013.
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Take the 'Scenic Route' Sept 17th!

Vertical Entertainment Presents

Available on Blu-Ray & DVD September 17, 2013

LOS ANGELES, CA - August 31, 2013 - Mitchell (Josh Duhamel) and Carter (Dan Fogler), life-long friends who have drifted apart, are on a road trip when their old pickup breaks down, leaving them stranded on an isolated desert road. Nobody can pick apart a man like his best friend, and as the relentless elements of the desert grind them down, they start to attack each other’s life decisions with unwavering brutality. As they question who they are and who they could have been, their agitation leads to physical confrontation and ultimately knife-wielding madness, and what begins as an inconvenience becomes a very real life or death struggle:

Running Time: 86 minutes
Rated: R
Format: DVD
Aspect Ratio: 16x9 1.85
Audio Format: DD 5.1

Co-Directors: Kevin Goetz and Michael Goetz
Cast: Josh Duhamel (Safe Haven, Transformers) and Dan Fogler (Kung Fu Panda, Balls of Fury)
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Halloween is About to Get 'Bloody'

Currently Set for October Start Date

HOLLYWOOD, CA - August 31, 2013 - Robert Miano (Donnie Brasco), the Hollywood veteran, will play the character of Old Man Granger in Black Pumpkin Pictures' horror thriller Bloody Bobby, helmed by AFI grad Anthony Hall (Mud Season). Ace Marrero (Madison County) will play the part of Will, and Jessica Morris (Role Models) does a turn as Crystal. Curt Clendenin, who started out his career with a part in the Blues Brothers, will be introduced, taking on the lead, Reggie, and his twin, Alex. It's the story of Bobby Maxwell, a 10 year old trick-or-treater who is tormented and killed by bullies and comes back 25 years later on Halloween night to seek revenge. Anthony Hall says "The interesting thing about Bloody Bobby is that it is reflection of some of the pervasive ills that haunt our society."

Juri Koll is producing, and recently brought on Mark David as cinematographer. They worked together on the feature American Cowslip, A Venice Tale, and TV pilot Low Lifes, among several other projects. The story is by creator Ryan McGonagle, script by Jen Mathiason and Ryan McGonagle. There are several other scripts in this series being readied. As Mr. Koll says "I got into this because I loved the story - it's a unique horror story with strong characters - nothing cliche about it. What makes it even better is that we're looking at a solid franchise." Filming is expected to take place at Valuzet Ranch, in Saugus, California, beginning in October.
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You're Invited to the 'Bloody Homecoming'

Image/RLJ Entertainment Presents
Available on DVD and VOD September 24th.

LOS ANGELES, CA - August 31, 2013 - A group of seniors anxiously prepare for Homecoming night in the sleepy town of Winston. Three years after a tragic accident left a student dead at the annual dance, they find themselves haunted by a deadly visitor from their past. Unable to bury old demons, it looks like it’s finally payback time, and someone’s out for blood. Before the night is over, the halls will run red as they are stalked, staked and butchered by a relentless, savage killer bent on revenge. They must stop whoever is hunting them, or this year’s dance is going to be a killer:

Cast: Jim Tavaré, Rae Latt, Lexi Giovagnoli, Alex Dobrenko, Randi Lamey
Director: Brian C. Weed
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The Walking Dead: Season 3 (2012-2013)

The Greene family farm has been destroyed, with countless casualties along the way. Tired and defeated, Deputy Rick Grimes attempts to lead what's left of the struggling survivors to safety, which they find in the battered remains of an old prison. Or so they think... Meanwhile, Andrea has also managed to escape, though not unharmed. After being cared for by a mysterious new ally, the pair stumbles upon the barricaded town of Woodbury, led by a charming and charismatic man known only as The Governor. This idyllic community seems like paradise compared to the horrors of the outside world, but Woodbury is hiding its own sinister secrets that will tear the town apart. When it is discovered that Rick and his followers have unwittingly stumbled into The Governor's domain, they set off a series of events that can only end in more bloodshed.

AMC's hit series returns with a bang in The Walking Dead: The Complete Third Season! Where the story elements in the series opener often felt rushed, the second season demonstrated a significant decrease in pace in exchange for more character development and depth. Here, in Season 3, we find an even balance of both, with an incredible amount of bloody violence used as leverage against the dramatic undercurrents. It would seem that Rick and company would have less to fear, having already dealt with Shane and the undead heard that destroyed the farm, but nothing could ever prepare them for the new horrors that are about to be unleashed upon them. The concept of the dead returning to life and eating the living seems trivial compared to the evil that exists in the hearts of man, especially after we are introduced to The Governor.

David Morrissey joins the cast this season as the self-proclaimed leader over the small town of Woodbury, and effectively asserts himself as one of the most powerful players that the series has ever known. Morrissey immediately captivates the audience with his smooth demeanor and authoritative command, which is why it comes as no surprise when Andrea quickly falls under his spell. We see the cracks in his otherwise flawless exterior very early on, however, which puts us on a constant alert as we desperately seek to understand his hidden agenda for the people of Woodbury. If his influence wasn't felt strongly enough in the preceding episodes, "Arrow on the Doorpost" solidifies Morrissey as the star of Season 3, creating more tension and suspense as Rick sits down with The Governor to negotiate the terms of their surrender than in any of the battles against the undead. What we see behind his calm exterior is a soul of pure evil, and that evil will be unleashed anyone who stands in his way as we approach the season finale.

Where his limited range of emotion only served to drive a wedge between him and the audience in Seasons 1 and 2, Andrew Lincoln truly comes in to his own in Season 3. As a character, Rick suffers through the most tragedy that any man could possibly endure, and it shows through Lincoln's troubled performance. Rick is not the man we have come to know in previous seasons; The weight of his responsibilities and the reality of the "Kill or be killed" world that they have found themselves in has finally sunk in. Rationality has given into rash and often dangerous decision making, leading many to question his role as group leader. With the help of Hershel and the others, Rick is pulled free from a panicked state of delusion, and brought back in full force to face off against The Governor and his misled band of followers. Like Morrissey, Lincoln is given ample opportunity to shine in Season 3, and he comes through with his strongest performance yet.

Without downplaying the importance of each of the remaining characters, Laurie Holden's role as Andrea stands out above all others. Andrea finds the strength and selflessness that she has been lacking since she was first saved from taking her own life. She not only tries to make peace between the two warring tribes, but puts the lives of others before herself after realizing that she has aligned herself with a monster. Holden exhibits an incredible range of emotion as she struggles to find the right path, which inevitably puts her at odds between her old allies and new safeguards. It is easy to see why she was chosen to have such an integral role in the development of Season 3.

Several other new faces join the cast, as well, including Chad L. Coleman as Tyreese and Danai Gurira as the deadly, sword-wielding Michonne who has immediately become a fan-favorite. You'll just have to wait and see who's still living and who has joined the ranks of the undead by the end of this season. We can only guarantee that it will be a complete shocker! Greg Nicotero and Howard Berger continue to impress with their outstanding special effects and grisly gore, but as with the previous seasons, it is the human element of The Walking Dead that truly sets it apart from all of the other television programs within the genre. The Walking Dead: The Complete Third Season makes no missteps in driving the series forward and solidifying its rankings going in to the fourth season.

Rating: 8/10.



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FEARnet Announces September Programming


FEARnet Presents Premieres of ‘THE UNINVITED’, ‘SINGLE WHITE FEMALE’, ‘DORIAN GRAY’, and ‘SUCK’; a “Slayed By the Bell” Marathon, “Foreign Fridays” Block, and More

SANTA MONICA, CA - August 28, 2013 - The acclaimed box office smash, INSIDIOUS, will make its FEARnet debut on Sunday, September 8, at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT. Directed by James Wan (SAW, THE CONJURING), and written by SAW scribe Leigh Whannell, INSIDIOUS stars Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne as Josh and Renai Lambert, parents whose son has fallen into a coma, following a mysterious incident in the attic. Things get much worse for the family, as their son’s illness leads to a terrifying encounter with malevolent ghouls, and a journey into the realm of the dead known as “The Further.” This will be a chance for fans to catch up with the Lambert family and their demons, before INSIDIOUS CHAPTER 2 hits theaters on September 13.

Also in September, FEARnet is giving you a chance to bring Jason Voorhees home with the Friday the 13th Sweepstakes! Starting Monday, September 2 at 9 a.m. PT, and running until 5 p.m. PT on Monday, September 16, participants can enter the Friday the 13th Sweepstakes at http://fearnet.com/fridaythe13sweeps, to win a loaded prize pack featuring a 46” television; 16 GB Flash Memory Camcorder; FRIDAY THE 13th Ultimate Collection, JASON GOES TO HELL, and FREDDY VS JASON on DVD ; DL & Co. “Rotten Luck” Dice Set; exclusive TALES FROM THE CRYPT merchandise; FEARnet swag, and more! Who says 13 is an unlucky number?

Other September Highlights Include:

· “Foreign Fridays” – Every Friday (10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT)

“Foreign Fridays” in September features Spain’s complete “6 Films To Keep You Awake” series, a Guillermo del Toro ghost story, and a J-Horror classic. The “6 Films To Keep You Awake” series kicks off with TO LET (10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT) on September 6, as a man and his pregnant girlfriend visit a creepy apartment complex run by a sinister landlady. THE BABY’S ROOM (12 a.m. ET/9 p.m. PT) follows, with parents who begin hearing unsettling sounds coming from their newborn’s baby monitor. The series continues on September 13, with A REAL FRIEND (10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT), as a young girl retreats into horror films, where her playmates are some of the genre’s greatest villains. Then, it’s SPECTRE (12 a.m. ET/9 p.m. PT), as an old man returns to his hometown, and sees the ghostly beauty he fell in love with many years ago.

The “6 Films To Keep You Awake” series comes to a close on September 20, with BLAME (10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT), as a single mother moves in with a gynecologist, and uncovers the gruesome truth lurking beneath the house. Then, preteens hold a bank robber captive with terrifying consequences, in the fan favorite A CHRISTMAS TALE (12 a.m. ET/9 p.m. PT). On September 27, a young boy is haunted by ghosts of the past in Guillermo del Toro’s THE DEVIL’S BACKBONE (10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT). And a journalist tracks down a cursed videotape in the original J-Horror chiller RINGU (12 a.m. ET/9 p.m. PT).

· “Slayed By The Bell” Marathon – Thursday, September 12 (4 p.m. ET/1 p.m. PT)

FEARnet sends you back to school with the “Slayed By The Bell” Marathon, a six-film fright fest full of teenage terror. It all starts with the original FRIGHT NIGHT, at 4 p.m. ET/1 p.m. PT, as Charlie Brewster joins with a late-night horror host (Roddy McDowall) to take down the bloodsucker next door. Next, Josh Hutcherson and Dane Cook star in the genre-bending DETENTION at 6 p.m. ET/3 p.m. PT, as small town teens deal with high school drama, time travel, a deranged serial killer, and the end of the world. Then, siblings are terrorized by a murderous teenage gang (led by James Spader) in THE NEW KIDS, at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT. NIGHT OF THE CREEPS follows at 10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT, as slug-like aliens infect a college campus, turning their victims into zombies. And a young girl uses a different kind of contraceptive in TEETH, at 12 a.m. ET/9 p.m. PT. CHRISTINE ends the evening at 2 a.m. ET/11 p.m. PT, as a geeky guy forms a dangerous bond with a classic killer car.

· ‘THE UNINVITED’ (Network Premiere) – Saturday, September 14 (8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT)

A disturbed teen returns home to dark visions and a new stepmother (Elizabeth Banks) she believes is responsible for her mother’s mysterious death.

· “The Call” Marathon – Thursday, September 19 (6 p.m. ET/3 p.m. PT)

Check the children, and then settle in for four films that will make you wish you never picked up the phone. At 6p.m. ET/3 p.m. PT, a babysitter finds herself home alone with a serial killer in WHEN A STRANGER CALLS. Next, at 8p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT, UNDER THE DOME’s Rachelle LeFevre receives threatening phone calls from the past in THE CALLER. At 10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT, it’s THE NIGHT CALLER, as an obsessed woman goes to extremes to meet a radio host. And a killer clown stalks phone sex operators in OUT OF THE DARK, at 12 a.m. ET/0 p.m. PT.

· ‘SINGLE WHITE FEMALE’ (Network Premiere) – Sunday, September 22 (8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT)

A software designer’s (Bridget Fonda) life is turned upside down when a possessive new roommate (Jennifer Jason Leigh) moves in.

· ‘DORIAN GRAY’ (Broadcast Premiere) – Sunday, September 22 (10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT)

A corrupt man stays forever young, while an old portrait continues to reflect his villainy, in this adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s iconic novel.

· ‘SUCK’ (Broadcast Premiere) – Sunday, September 29 (8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT)

Struggling musicians find fame and fortune after turning into vampires, in this comedic rock opera featuring cameos by music legends Alice Cooper, Iggy Pop, and Henry Rollins.
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Program Announced for Telluride Horror Show 2013!



TELLURIDE, CO - August 28, 2013 - The Telluride Horror Show, a 3-day genre film festival in world-famous Telluride, Colorado, is pleased to announce the first wave of film programming for the 4th annual festival that will run October 11-13, 2013. We are also pleased to announce the appearance of special guest director Frank Henenlotter, who will be on hand to participate in a Q&A following a special presentation of Josh Johnson's REWIND THIS! and a Q&A following a special screening of the legendary BASKET CASE.

Known for his bizarre mixes of horror and humor, Henenlotter scored a surprise hit with the first film he wrote and directed, the 1982 BASKET CASE. An instant cult classic, the film played for almost two years on the midnight-movie circuit before getting a more mainstream rerelease in 1984.

Henenlotter then wrote and directed the anti-drug horror film BRAIN DAMAGE in 1987. BRAIN DAMAGE also marked the first of six films with special effects artist Gabe Bartalos. An association with James Glickenhaus resulted in the 1990 horror comedy FRANKENHOOKER (which Henenlotter directed and co-wrote with then-editor of Fangoria magazine Robert Martin) as well as two sequels to BASKET CASE: BASKET CASE 2 (1990, which Henenlotter wrote and directed) and BASKET CASE 3 (1991, which Henenlotter directed and co-wrote with Robert Martin).

Though he changed careers in the early 1990s and became one of the guiding forces behind Something Weird Video (which made its reputation finding and restoring forgotten and lost exploitation films of the past), Henenlotter returned to filmmaking with the genuinely bizarre sex / horror / comedy BAD BIOLOGY in 2008. Two documentaries followed, HERSCHELL GORDON LEWIS, THE GODFATHER OF GORE(2010), and THAT'S SEXPLOITATION! (2013), currently screening at festivals. Henenlotter's new film, THE ART OF THIEVES, is a drastic change from the kind of film he's known for. It's a true story about the theft of street art. It will be released in 2014. 


Italy | 2013 | 93 min
Director: Lorenzo Bianchini
U.S. Premiere

Ethologist Marco Contrada wanders through the woods of Slovenia collecting animal species when he finds himself trapped in an abandoned ancient village across the river, where abomination dwells.

USA | 1982 | 91 min
Director: Frank Henenlotter

Followed by a Q&A with director Frank Henelotter

A young man carrying a big basket that contains his deformed Siamese-twin brother seeks vengeance on the doctors who separated them against their will.

Special Presentation

Oregon-based LAIKA has become the world's most ambitious, creative, and fearless stop-motion studio in the world. Mark Shapiro will talk about the remarkable creativity of LAIKA, from the CG-classic MOOONGIRL (2005) to the remarkable features CORALINE (2009), PARANORMAN (2012), and THE BOXTROLL (coming to theaters September 26, 2014). A Q&A willfollow the presentation, and production puppets will be on display.

USA | 2013 | 87 min
Director: Brian Netto

Followed by a Q&A with writer/director Brian Netto & writer/producer Adam Schindler.

In this unnerving chiller, Kyle and Rachel Massy are a young couple who have agreed to document their first pregnancy for a reality show. During the production, a series of unexplained phenomena start plaguing the couple, eventually derailing the production of the show. Rachel, growing increasingly paranoid, starts to believe that there might be something seriously wrong with their unborn bundle of joy. Told through the show's un-aired footage and interviews from friends, family and production members, Brian Netto's savvy debut feature injects the found footage genre with a fresh perspective and enough eeriness to keep you on the edge of your seat.

USA | 2013 | 91 min
Director: Josh Johnson

Followed by a Q&A with director Josh Johnson and special guest Frank Henenlotter.

An exploding industry without rules! Backyard filmmakers with zero budget and a surplus of dreams! Unchecked global piracy! The race to control media consumption! Videotape changed the world and laid the foundation for modern media culture. Low cost equipment created unprecedented opportunities. Major studios and small indies operated on an even playing field for the first time ever. The story of the home video revolution is a tale of both technological advancement and human ambition. VHS vs. Beta! Porn invades the home! Direct to-video madness! It's all here, along with a rogues gallery of directors, rental employees, XXX vets, box artists, collectors, and more. Join the pizza party!

UK | 2012 | 89 min
Director: Paul Hyett

The Seasoning House, where young girls are prostituted to the military. Angel (Rosie Day), an orphaned deaf mute, is enslaved to care for them. She moves between the walls and crawlspaces, planning her escape. Planning her ingenious and brutal revenge...

USA | 2013 | 77 min
Director: Bobcat Goldthwait

Followed by a Q&A with lead actors Alexie Gilmore & Bryce Johnson.

Jim and his girlfriend Kelly are in Willow Creek, California, to retrace the steps of Bigfoot researchers Patterson and Gimlin, who, in 1967, recorded the most famous film of the legendary monster. Kelly is a skeptic, along for the ride to spend time with her boyfriend between acting gigs. Jim, a believer, hopes to capture footage of his own, so his camera is constantly rolling.

The small town is a mecca to the Bigfoot community; sasquatch statues guard the local businesses, murals of the missing link line the roads, and Bigfoot burgers are the town delicacy. The couple interview locals who range from skeptic to believer and from manic to completely menacing. Some of the stories they hear are of chance encounters with a gentle creature, while others are tales of mysterious eviscerations.

On the day that Jim and Kelly plan on hiking into the woods to look for proof, they are given a simple warning: "It's not a joke. You shouldn't go there." Despite the ominous message and Kelly's own reservations, they head deep into the forest to set up camp. The events that follow will make them wish they had simply spent the night at the Bigfoot Motel. - Boston Independent Film Festival
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Can You Weather the 'Seattle Superstorm'?

Arc Entertainment Presents

Now Available on DVD

LOS ANGELES, CA - August 28, 2013 - A suspicious object is shot down over the waters of the Pacific Northwest, causing strong turbulence and ominous clouds that turn violently into a massive storm. As the heavy rains and hurricane-force winds wreak havoc in the city of Seattle, Major Emma Peterson (Ona Grauer: V, Stargate Universe) is handed the task of identifying the threat and securing the city, while trying to keep her own kids safe. As the weather turns even more deadly, she and her fiancé, scientist Tom Reynolds (Esai Morales: Caprica, 24), must work together to rescue her children and put a stop to the super storm that is threatening to annihilate the entire planet:

Director: Jason Bourque
Cast: Esai Morales (USA's Fairly Legal), Ona Grauer (FX's Archer, Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief)

Running Time: 88 Minutes
Rated: NR
Format: DVD
Aspect Ratio: 16:9 (1:78)
Audio Format: DD 5.1

Visit us online: https://www.facebook.com/SeattleSuperstorm
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Get 'Stranded' on DVD and Blu-ray



Now Available on DVD, Blu-ray and Digital Download

LOS ANGELES, CA - August 28, 2013 - Image Entertainment, an RLJ Entertainment (NASDAQ: RLJE) brand, has announced the release of STRANDED on DVD, Blu-Ray and digital download from Director Roger Christian and Writer Christian Piers Betley on Aug. 27, 2013. The film stars Christian Slater and Brendan Fehr. STRANDED will be available on DVD for an SRP of $27.97 and Blu-rayTM for $29.97.

When the isolated U.S. military moonbase is bombarded by a rogue meteor storm, Colonel Gerard Brauchman (Christian Slater) and his small crew are cut off from Earth with their life support failing. Before long, the crew discovers the meteors harbored alien spores…and they’re replicating. Now a vicious, shape-shifting predatory life form is loose inside the crippled facility, picking off victims one by one. Locked in a desperate fight for survival, Brauchman and the terrified remaining astronauts have one final mission…keep the creature from escaping the moon and finding a new food supply on Earth.

STRANDED was produced by Mark Montague, Isabella Battiston and Kevin DeWalt, and executive produced by Dr. Leonid Shapiro, Gi Fernando, Jack Tunnicliffe, Ivan Sabourin and Kevin DeWalt.

Recent Image Entertainment releases include The Numbers Station with John Cusack and Malin Akerman, Tomorrow You’re Gone with Stephen Dorff, Michelle Monaghan and Willem Dafoe, Day of the Falcon with Antonio Banderas, Freida Pinto and Mark Strong and the upcoming The Colony with Laurence Fishburne, Bill Paxton and Kevin Zegers, Blood with Paul Bettany, Mark Strong and Brian Cox and Paradise with Julianne Hough, Russell Brand, Octavia Spencer and Holly Hunter, written, directed and produced by Diablo Cody.
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Zach Parker Gives Birth to New 'Proxy' Trailer


LOS ANGELES, CA - August 28, 2013 - Director Zach Parker's latest film PROXY will have its World Premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 10th, 2013 . A very pregnant Esther Woodhouse is walking home after her latest OB appointment, when she is brutally attacked and disfigured by a hooded assailant. This horrible event seems to be a blessing in disguise when Esther finds consolation in a support group. Her life of sadness and solitude is opened up to friendship, understanding, and even acceptance. However, friendship and understanding can be very dangerous things when accepted by the wrong people:

TIFF Screenings:

Friday, September 6th at 8:45PM - Venue: Scotiabank Theater 10 (Press & Industry)
Tuesday, September 10th at 10:30PM- Venue: The Bloor Hot Docs Cinema (Public)
Thursday, September 12th at 5:00PM- Venue: Scotiabank Theater 1 (Public)
Thursday, September 12th at 8:30PM- Venue: Scotiabank Theater 7 (Press & Industry)
Saturday, September 14th at 8:00PM - Venue: Scotiabank Theater 9 (Public)

Attending TIFF from the film:

Zack Parker – Director, Alexia Rasmussen, Alexa Havins, Kristina Klebe, Joe Swanberg – cast
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Podcast Playlist: HMPod.com #114

Mark and Jerry return to the HMPod.com Horror Movie Podcast with Episode #114, featuring A Rob Zombie Retrospective & The Last Exorcism Part 2!

The original Superbeasto

Episode No. 114 of The Horror Movie Show, with your far-from-mute hosts Mark & Jerry, is the latest in a long series of retrospectives on the premier horror directors of this very modern age.

From his early originals — House of 1,000 Corpses and its gory bastard offspring The Devil’s Rejects — to hugely successful remakes of Halloween & its inescapable sequel, Renaissance man Rob Zombie has found a willing audience for his gritty horror flicks. His use of venerable character actors (including the late, great Karen Black in House of 1,000 Corpses) undoubtedly helps make his movies as much fun to watch as one could wish.

Invariably featuring his lovely wife Sheri Moon, Zombie has also explored animation (The Haunted World of El Superbeasto, based on Zombie’s own comic book) and recently released what is probably his best film to date, 2012′s Lords of Salem. Jerry & Mark give their two cents on this modern horror icon’s directorial outrages.

This episode of The Horror Movie Show is capped with a review of The Last Exorcism Part II. How does this sequel compare with its worthy predecessor? Tune in & hear all, gentle listener.
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New Cast Gets 'Stung' This Fall!


Film to Shoot In Berlin with Matt O'Leary and Jessica Cook as Leads

LOS ANGELES, CA - August 28, 2013 - Rat Pack Filmproduction and XYZ Films have announced today that Matt O´Leary (BRICK, LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD), Jessica Cook (MISTRESSES, MTV’s AWKWAR), Peter Stormare (PAIN AND GAIN, HANSEL AND GRETEL) and Lance Henriksen (THE TERMINATOR, ALIENS) have been added to the cast of the horror comedy STUNG. The film, to be directed by Benni Diez (KINGZ), is produced by Christian Becker and Benjamin Munz from Rat Pack Filmproduction (THE WAVE, WE ARE THE NIGHT) and executive produced by XYZ Films (THE RAID: REDEMPTION). The film is currently set to start shooting in Berlin on October 22nd, 2013 and has been sold in multiple territories, including the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, France and Scandinavia to independent distributor eOne:

In STUNG, a fancy garden party goes terribly wrong after a local species of wasps mutate into giant predators. It's up to Paul and Julia, two catering staffers at the high-society event, to stop the killer creatures - an effort that kick starts a budding romance between the two.

STUNG was developed by producer Benjamin Munz at Rat Pack Filmproduction (Munich & Berlin) based on an idea by Adam Aresty, who won RatPack’s 2012 horror-writing contest “Write for your life.“

“STUNG, to me, is bringing the creature feature cult film feeling from the 80s into the present and a modern day fun-horror movie” says director Benni Diez.

From 2008 to 2011 Diez was CEO of Kingz Entertainment, a production company specializing in visual effects for commercials (Toshiba, Shell, Audi) and feature films (Lars von Trier's "Melancholia"). He is repped by ICM.

Recently, XYZ executive produced the hit action film THE RAID: REDEMPTION which was released by Sony Pictures Classics last year.

XYZ Films and PT Merantau Films are currently in production on the highly anticipated THE RAID 2, which reunites writer/director Gareth Huw Evans with actor Iko Uwais, who will be reprising his starring role. Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions (SPWA) acquired THE RAID 2 in several territories, and Sony Pictures Classics will once again release the film theatrically in the United States.

XYZ Films and Merantau are in post-production on KILLERS, which is co-directed by Timo Tjahjanto and Kimo Stamboel, with Gareth Huw Evans and Rangga Maya Barack-Evans executive producing. Evans and Tjahjanto recently collaborated on SAFE HAVEN, a celebrated segment in the horror anthology film V/H/S/2, which just premiered at this year's Sundance Film Festival.

XYZ Films is also acting as executive producers on the upcoming supernatural thriller, OUT OF THE DARK. Participant Media is financing the film, which is a co-production between Colombia's Dynamo and Spain's Apaches. The company recently premiered their co-productions FRANKENSTEIN ARMY at Rotterdam and Tribeca and THE RAMBLER at Sundance. 

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Uncover 'The Mole Man of Belmont Avenue' Sept 10th!



Featuring Robert Englund and Tim Kazurinsky

Horror / Comedy Feature Film available on DVD and Digital – September 10th

LOS ANGELES, CA - August 28, 2013 - Level 33 Entertainment is excited to announce the release of the award-winning horror/comedy feature film THE MOLE MAN OF BELMONT AVENUE. An official selection of 18 International Film Festivals and winner of the “Best Horror Comedy” Award at the Chicago Horror Film Festival, THE MOLE MAN OF BELMONT AVENUE will have a multi-platform release on September 10th including DVD and Digital VOD platforms including iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, PlayStation and XBOX available for rental (check platforms for pricing) or purchase at an SRP of $14.99.

Written and directed by Mike Bradecich and John LaFlamboy, THE MOLE MAN OF BELMONT AVENUE was shot on location in Chicago, IL. Starring Bradecich and LaFlamboy as the Mugg Brothers and featuring supporting performances by Robert Englund (A Nightmare on Elm Street) and Tim Kazurinsky (“Saturday Night Live”), MOLE MAN is a movie that Fangoria Magazine has called “…the perfect comedy horror (film).”

Two years ago, the Mugg Brothers, who have never worked a day in their lives, inherited a brownstone apartment building. In that short time, their slacker ways have run the building into the ground. Tenants are moving out, no one drinks at the bar downstairs, and the building's pets are going missing. If all that isn't enough to make them sit up and take notice, they soon discover a mysterious creature is hiding in the basement and trying to eat every living thing in the building one by one:

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Scavengers (2013)

In SCAVENGERS, a salvage ship locates a mysterious artifact from the far outreaches of space, and one that could change the fate of the entire universe. They may not have the opportunity to unlock its secrets, however, since another band of rogue space pirates are hot on their tail, and they will stop at nothing to retrieve the ultimate in alien technology for themselves! Writer/Director Travis Zariwny sets his ambitions high as he attempts to create a grand space odyssey on a microscopic scale, but despite his best efforts, SCAVENGERS simply isn't very good. The script picks up in the middle of a galactic civil war, and often feels like it is missing an entire opening act that should have been used to set up the characters and events that suddenly appear before us. It isn't exceptionally well written, either, and the cliche dialog fails to live up to its obvious inspirations within the genre. Jeremy London is surprisingly entertaining playing Black Devert, leader of the band of space scavengers. He is a welcome diversion from Sean Patrick Flanery, at least, whose awful Colin Farrell impression makes a complete mockery of the entire film. Both the production design and special effects are admirable for the budget, even if they fall desperately close to the made-for-television type. Although Zariwny tries his damnedest to make each scene as complex and captivating as possible given the film's few sets, SCAVENGERS rarely manages to maintain interest in the audience, but not as a result of a lack of effort on his part. It will be a while before anyone manages to salvage this wreck from the dollar bins.

Rating: 4/10.

Movies like SCAVENGERS:


Watch the SCAVENGERS Trailer:

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Podcast Playlist: HMPod.com #113

Mark and Jerry are back once again to present the HMPod.com Horror Movie Podcast with Episode #113, featuring World War Z, After Earth, American Mary, Europa Report & Under the Dome!

Hollywood’s Golden Boy looks yummy

¡Hola! Welcome! Greetings! Aloha! Bonjour! Welcome to lucky No. 113 of The Horror Movie Show, arguably the best podcast that has ever been produced & broadcast directly through the ether at a frequency only exceptional turtles can appreciate. A full slate of motion pictures & televisual series awaits inspection by Jerry & Mark, your frequently bitten hosts, in this newest of episodes. Let’s to it!

It is a good indication that a trend or fashion has passed its pinnacle & is now headed downward when the big guns of Hollywood finally embrace it. World War Z is an example, with mega-superstar Brad Pitt flying around the world for the United Nations, trying to get a handle on the global zombie epidemic. Full details await.

Will Smith did much behind the scenes in his new flick, After Earth, but the lion’s share of acting went to his slightly whiny son Jaden Smith. Genetic monsters, inflicted on mankind by nasty aliens, are hot on the boy’s trail. Can Dad talk him through his journey to manhood?

Low-budget but effective thriller American Mary slices deeply into the body modifictation subculture. Europa Report is a worthwhile account of humanity’s first visit to a possibly lively Jovian moon. And the guys wrap this show with opinions about Under the Dome, the ant-farm fantasy based on the Stephen King novel. Best of luck enjoying this episode, folks! Back in a week with our Rob Zombie retrospective….
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Cruel Will (2013)

After the death of her abusive father, Lily and her husband Paul begin to experience strange happenings throughout their small suburban home, but have the pair fallen under the sinister influence of Lily's father's spirit, or have each of them begun to slip into a state of delusion brought on by their own repressed feelings? It is only by the cruel will of writer and director Arthur Romeo that this piece of garbage would actually be intended for human eyes. CRUEL WILL starts off boringly enough as we delve into the death of Lily's father, and her own dysfunctional marriage. Shortly there after, Paul is forced to question his own sanity as ghostly visions overtake him. The ambiguity here sets up for a decent mystery that pays off in the worst of all possible ways. When Paul finally loses his mind, actor Arron Kinser loses all remaining credibility what is easily the most absurd performance of the year. Kinser is laughably bad, but his supporting actors do their best to distract from his ridiculous display with their own poor portrayals of the other characters. CRUEL WILL is not the least bit terrifying or entertaining. It is a trial in patience that no viewer should ever have to endure.

Rating: 3/10.

Movies like CRUEL WILL:

Buy CRUEL WILL Online:

Watch the CRUEL WILL Trailer:

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'All Cheerleaders Die' at Strasbourg European Fantastic Film Festival!

Lucky McKee et les Pom Pom Girls Arrive
For the Premiere of
Feature to Debut at the Strasbourg European Fantastic Film Festival

LOS ANGELES, CA - August 25, 2013 - The Strasbourg European Fantastic Film Festival is pleased to announce that Lucky McKee is returning to the festival this year to preside over the feature-film jury and present the European première of his latest film, All Cheerleaders Die – a fast-paced and sexy horror film, co-directed with Chris Sivertson. Lucky attended the festival in 2011 as director of The Woman, which won the Grand Prix.

Andrew van den Houten (CEO of Modernciné), the producer of both All Cheerleaders Die and The Woman, and Australian actress Sianoa Smit-McPhee, will also be on hand for the première and to meet the public and press. All Cheerleaders Die could be described as a cross pollination of horror, sex comedies, action, non-ironic romance and straight up fantasy. And it’s also a supernatural thriller, but which captures the reality of the times. Lucky McKee and Chris Sivertson have crafted a mix of tones and emotions that encapsulate what it’s like to be young in today’s world, with its barrage of media, information and instant communication overload.

When tragedy rocks Blackfoot High, rebellious outsider Mäddy Killian shocks the student body by joining the cheerleading squad. This decision drives a rift between Mäddy and her ex-girlfriend Leena Miller – a loner who claims to practice the Dark Arts. After a confrontation with the football team, Mäddy and her new cheerleader friends are sent on a supernatural roller coaster ride which leaves a path of destruction none of them may be able to escape.

All Cheerleaders Die will screen in Strasbourg on 14 September, just after its world première as the opening night film at the 25th Anniversary of the Midnight Madness section of the Toronto International Film Festival.

Full Festival line up available at www.strasbourgfestival.com from 23 August.
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Abandoned Mine (2013)

A group of old friends get together on Halloween for a creepy adventure in to an old abandoned mine, but they quickly find themselves trapped, scared, and at the mercy of some unseen forces that refuse to let them reach the surface in ABANDONED MINE, from 2013. Director Jeff Chamberlain shoots for the same sense of claustrophobia and terror that Neil Marshall was able to instill in THE DESCENT, which is everything ABANDONED MINE is not, including enjoyable. ABANDONED MINE starts off by introducing to a group of characters that are nothing short of annoying, what with the two high school jocks competing for attention over the stereotypical Indian exchange student. Chamberlain mercifully begins killing them off, at least, once the group enters the mine. From there, we are given scattered moments of suffocating suspense as the remaining members struggle through the mine's narrow passages, but these are short lived and lack the impact of the aforementioned film since we have no emotional ties to any of the characters. The frequent shift in to the 'found-footage' serves as a constant reminder that we are watching a film, as well. This ABANDONED MINE is likely to stay that way once it hits store shelves.

Rating: 5/10.



Watch the ABANDONED MINE Trailer:

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Podcast Playlist: HMPod.com #112

Mark and Jerry return to the HMPod.com Horror Movie Podcast with Episode #112, featuring Pacific Rim, The Wolverine, Sharknado, Jug Face & Aftershock!

A fishy whirlwind of summer movies

Good day, folks! To crib from the great Firesign Theatre, we’re back from the shadows again. This episode of The Horror Movie Show is chockablock with reviews of new movies, including the surprisingly entertaining Pacific Rim. Apart from the thrills & spills of its over-the-top action, it can be considered a winner among summer blockbusters simply because it is not a sequel.

Your hapless hosts Mark & Jerry also claw their way through a review of The Wolverine, latest in the ever-growing series of flicks based on Marvel Comic’s X-Men characters. Can’t wait for the release of the movie based on The Acorn, the superhero whose power is being able to turn himself into food for squirrels. It should be terrific.

And yes, of course, we take a brief glimpse at Sharknado, a Syfy movie so amazingly stupid that it became an instant buzzword for movies that are stupid.

Following that is a bit of chitchat about Jug Face, one of the most original fright-flicks of the last year. Fresh, weird & entertaining, it is a winner. Jerry & Mark seem genuinely pleased to recommend this hillbilly horror.

Finally, the show concludes with Aftershock, the Eli Roth-driven feature that makes the old Irwin Allen disaster movies look like large, gooey pieces of delicious chocolate cake. Earthquakes, tsunamis, fires & psychotic murderers on the loose all conspire to make this one crazy South American adventure.

So ram those earbuds deeply into the holes on the sides of your head, crank up the volume & drown out the sound of that diesel truck bearing down on you. Happy summer!
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'The Caves' Take Over Nottingham!

Definitive Films Presents


Viking Cannibals Take Over Nottingham!

NOTTINGHAM, GB - August 22, 2013 - New production company Definitive Films have been given the unprecedented opportunity by Nottingham City Council to shoot a low budget horror film around the city’s landmarks. Key Nottingham attractions will be seen as never before – as the backdrop to an invasion by Viking cannibals! Local film makers Definitive Films have produced a horror feature film which will put well-known city locations such as Nottingham Castle, the caves, the Council House and Goose Fair to unusual use. Definitive Films are delighted with the support they have received so far from Nottingham City Council which has provided access for on-location filming. The trailer for the film is now available online:

They have sourced local talent where possible in order to keep the money within the city. The tagline for the project being ‘A local film for a global audience.’

“We hit on the idea of making a local film for an international audience,” explained the film’s young director Jack Delaney. “The cave network and the Castle stood out as tremendous locations in which to set a horror movie, and when we explained our strategy to the council, they understood and have granted us access which was incredibly supportive.”

“Nottingham enjoys a great reputation as a hotbed of film making talent,” explained Producer Scotty Clark. “It is tremendous to see the City Council understand our approach and support us as we seek to support the creative economy.”

The film entitled The Caves is about Viking cannibals who have lived in the caves for thousands of years and periodically awake, surface and feed off the citizens of the city.
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Image Entertainment Unleashes the 'Aberration'

 Available on DVD September 17, 2013

LOS ANGELES, CA - August 22, 2013 - Image Entertainment, an RLJ Entertainment (NASDAQ: RLJE) brand, announces the release of the supernatural thriller Aberration on DVD on Sept. 17, 2013. Directed by Douglas Elford-Argent, the film stars Gwendolyn Garver, Kristian Capalik, Cal Thomas, Bobbi Jean Basche and James Symington. Aberration will be available on DVD at an SRP of $27.97.

The film tells the story Christy Dawson portrayed by Gwendolyn Garver (The Brazen Bull), who is just a normal high school student, but she hides a chilling secret. Caught between the worlds of the living and the dead, she has been plagued by horrific, terrifying visions. With the appearance of a ghostly young boy, these horrific glimpses of evil begin bleeding into her reality. Someone or something is killing everyone around her, and her only hope of survival is to uncover the truth behind a mystery that has shrouded the entire town in terror.

For more information, go to: http://www.rljentertainment.com/product/aberration/b09e9b01-f99a-e211-97c7-020045490004#sthash.1ka4wBOD.dpuf
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'Embrace of the Vampire' Receives Blu-ray Treatment!

proudly presents


ON BLU-RAY™ and DVD OCTOBER 15, 2013


BEVERLY HILLS, CA - August 22, 2013 - Anchor Bay Films is proud to announce the home entertainment debut of the erotic horror film, EMBRACE OF THE VAMPIRE, starring Sharon Hinnendael (Rites of Passage, “Look”), Tiio Horn (Defiance, Hemlock Grove), C.C. Sheffield (“True Blood”), Chelsey Marie Reist (12 Rounds: Reloaded) and Victor Webster (Continuum) available on Blu-ray™/DVD Combo Pack and DVD October 15th. The film is a reimagining of the 1995 cult classic version starring Alyssa Milano, which will also be made available on Blu-ray™ for the very first time on October 15th.

EMBRACE OF THE VAMPIRE (2013) stars Sharon Hinnendael (Rites of Passage, “Look”) as Charlotte, a timid and sheltered teen who has just left an all-girls Catholic school for a new life at a co-ed university. But an ancient evil has followed her here, tormenting her with disturbing nightmares and tempting her with forbidden desires. It is a hunger that can only be satiated by sensual pleasures of the flesh…and a thirst for blood. It’s a battle for her soul… and one she’s losing. But Charlotte is a fighter. The chaos and torment threatens to unleash her own inner beast, and anyone even close to her may find themselves embracing their own horrific fate.

Also separately available on Blu-ray™ for the first time and DVD on the Anchor Bay Entertainment label is the ground-breaking 1995 infamous erotic version starring former “Who’s The Boss?” child star and “Charmed” vixen Alyssa Milano. Milano stars as Charlotte, a shy, sexually inexperienced college freshman stalked by a handsome British vampire (Martin Kemp of The Krays) who believes her to be the reincarnation of his long-dead lover. But with only three days to seduce the teen virgin, he’ll tempt Charlotte with forbidden passions that include sensual dreams, a beautiful lesbian (Charlotte Lewis of The Golden Child), torrid threesomes, scorching orgies and beyond. Jordan Ladd (Club Dread), Rachel True (The Craft) and Jennifer Tilly (Bound) co-star in the sizzling supernatural classic Mr. Skin calls “the sexiest horror movie of all time!”
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'The Twilight Zone: The Complete Fifth Season' Invades DVD Sept 3!

The Twilight Zone: The Complete Fifth Season

New Episode-Only Release Available Sept. 3, 2013

LOS ANGELES, CA - August 22, 2013 - Image Entertainment, an RLJ Entertainment (NASDAQ: RLJE) brand, announces the release of Rod Serling’s groundbreaking, science fiction anthology The Twilight Zone: The Complete Fifth Season, available on DVD on Sept. 3, 2013, at an SRP of $29.98. Travel to another dimension of sight and sound with Rod Serling's classic television series exploring the fantastic and the frightening. This collection includes all 36 episodes from the fifth and final season of this legendary series. Special guest stars include Jack Klugman, Jackie Cooper, James Coburn, Lee Marvin, Martin Landau, Mickey Rooney, Shelley Fabares, Telly Savalas, William Shatner, George Takei and more.

The 36 classic episodes include: In Praise of Pip, Steel, Nightmare at 20,000 Feet, A Kind of a Stopwatch, The Last Night of a Jockey, Living Doll, The Old Man in the Cave, Uncle Simon, Probe 7 Over and Out, The 7th Is Made Up of Phantoms, A Short Drink from a Certain Fountain, Ninety Years Without Slumbering, Ring-A-Ding Girl, You Drive, The Long Morrow, The Self-Improvement of Salvadore Ross, Number 12 Looks Just Like You, Black Leather Jackets, Night Call, From Agnes – With Love, Spur of the Moment, An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge, Queen of the Nile, What's in the Box, The Masks, I Am the Night Color Me Black, Sounds and Silences, Caesar and Me, The Jeopardy Room, Stopover in a Quiet Town, The Encounter, Mr. Garrity and the Graves, The Brain Center at Whipple's, Come Wander with Me, The Fear and The Bewitchin' Pool.

The Twilight Zone remains television's most treasured anthology program. The brainchild of writer and narrator Rod Serling -- inspired by the pulp comics, novels and sci-fi films of his youth -- the series introduced its own special brand of weirdness to viewers on October 2, 1959. As a program that correctly billed itself as one "of shadow and substance, of things and ideas," The Twilight Zone left indelible tracks -- not to mention unforgettable theme music -- and directors that included Don Medford, Douglas Heyes and Richard L. Bare.

For more information, go to: http://www.rljentertainment.com/product/twilight-zone-the-complete-fifth-season-the/76c10514-581e-4573-ad32-9d8800ae9063#sthash.TDeJLNTP.dpuf
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'Joy Ride 3' Begins Shooting This Sept!



LOS ANGELES, CA - August 22, 2013 - Terror gets back behind the wheel when JOY RIDE 3 begins production in Winnipeg, Manitoba beginning September 3. This gruesome third-installment of the franchise that follows 2001’s Joy Ride starring Paul Walker (The Fast and the Furious Franchise) and 2008’s Joy Ride 2: Dead Ahead, is written and directed by horror auteur Declan O’Brien (Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings, Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines).

Rusty Nail is back on the road again looking to punish injustice at every turn — and this time it’s with a group of hotheaded street racers on their way to the Road Rally 1000. As they drive through a desolate shortcut on the way to the race, an encounter with Rusty turns sour and soon he is tracking, teasing and torturing them until the end of the road.

JOY RIDE 3 is produced by Kim Todd (Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings) and will be distributed by Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment in Summer 2014 on Blu-ray, DVD, Digital HD™ and VOD.
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Rebecca Grant Joins ' The Judas Curse'

Rebecca Grant is the Newest Actress
to Fall Under


Shooting in the Greek Isles Fall 2013

SYMI, GR - August 22, 2013 - Actress Rebecca Grant, best known for her role in BBC1’s BAFTA award-winning medical drama Holby City, and Tiger Aspect’s Prisoners’ Wives, is to take the role of Stavroula in the forthcoming horror feature The Judas Curse, which begins shooting shortly. Rebecca, who is a cousin of Princes William and Harry, and is of mixed Scottish-Canadian, English, Spanish, and Filipino ancestry, will be playing a mysterious and sensuous Greek woman in her mid-20s. She will speak in Greek accented English and will deliver some lines in Greek. Read The Full Post HERE!

Christian Slater is 'Stranded' August 27!


Available on DVD, Blu-ray and Digital Download on August 27, 2013

LOS ANGELES, CA - August 22, 2013 - Image Entertainment, an RLJ Entertainment (NASDAQ: RLJE) brand, has announced the release of STRANDED on DVD, Blu-Ray and digital download from Director Roger Christian and Writer Christian Piers Betley on Aug. 27, 2013. The film stars Christian Slater and Brendan Fehr. STRANDED will be available on DVD for an SRP of $27.97 and Blu-rayTM for $29.97.

When the isolated U.S. military moonbase is bombarded by a rogue meteor storm, Colonel Gerard Brauchman (Christian Slater) and his small crew are cut off from Earth with their life support failing. Before long, the crew discovers the meteors harbored alien spores…and they’re replicating. Now a vicious, shape-shifting predatory life form is loose inside the crippled facility, picking off victims one by one. Locked in a desperate fight for survival, Brauchman and the terrified remaining astronauts have one final mission…keep the creature from escaping the moon and finding a new food supply on Earth.

STRANDED was produced by Mark Montague, Isabella Battiston and Kevin DeWalt, and executive produced by Dr. Leonid Shapiro, Gi Fernando, Jack Tunnicliffe, Ivan Sabourin and Kevin DeWalt.

Recent Image Entertainment releases include The Numbers Station with John Cusack and Malin Akerman, Tomorrow You’re Gone with Stephen Dorff, Michelle Monaghan and Willem Dafoe, Day of the Falcon with Antonio Banderas, Freida Pinto and Mark Strong and the upcoming The Colony with Laurence Fishburne, Bill Paxton and Kevin Zegers, Blood with Paul Bettany, Mark Strong and Brian Cox and Paradise with Julianne Hough, Russell Brand, Octavia Spencer and Holly Hunter, written, directed and produced by Diablo Cody.
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'The Walking Dead' Takes Over Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo!

Edmonton Comic & Entertainment Expo
Returns with Triple the WOW!

Star-studded lineup includes Sons of Anarchy, Arrow, to Walking Dead

EDMONTON, AB - August 22, 2013 - The Edmonton Expo is back in full force for its second year September 28-29, 2013 and ready to deliver triple the action with over 150,000 sq.ft making this the ultimate all-ages playground for the City of Champions to explore their inner geek in all facets of pop-culture including comics, gaming, anime, horror, fantasy, cartoons, and sci-fi.

Pop culture icons at the Edmonton Expo includes Ron Perlman (Clarence “Clay” Morrow) from Sons of Anarchy & the supernatural superhero film Hellboy. Honorary Albertan John Barrowman best known for the spin-off Doctor Who series Torchwood; Barrowman currently appears alongside another Edmonton Expo guest, Stephen Amell (Oliver Queen) on hit TV show Arrow as Malcolm Merlyn. Lost Girl's Kris Holden-Ried and Zoie Palmer will be dishing on how they solve supernatural mysteries. The nightmare himself Robert Englund will feed our horror fans while cult classic comedy Napoleon Dynamite star, Jon Heder, and new cast member of The Walking Dead, Chad Coleman (Tyreese) will also appear.


§ RON PERLMAN (Clarence “Clay” Morrow in Sons of Anarchy; Hellboy)
§ JOHN BARROWMAN (Cpt. Jack Harkness in Doctor Who, Torchwood; Arrow)
§ STEPHEN AMELL (Oliver Queen in Arrow)
§ KRIS HOLDEN-RIED (Dyson in Lost Girl)
§ ZOIE PALMER (Dr. Lauren Lewis in Lost Girl)
§ ROBERT ENGLUND (Freddy Kruger in Nightmare on Elm Street )
§ JOE FLANIGAN (Lt. Colonel John Sheppard in Stargate Atlantis)
§ CHRISTOPHER LLOYD (Doc Brown in Back to the Future)
§ JON HEDER (Napoleon Dynamite)
§ CHAD COLEMAN (Tyreese in Walking Dead)

HIGHLIGHTS: Get your nerducation with Workshops & Seminars…Retailer & Exhibitor Area…Celebrity Autographs, Photo Ops, and Q&A panels

§ Rue Morgue Screening
§ Geek Speed Dating (Saturday)
§ Costumes & Costume Contest (Saturday)
§ Writing 101 Panel
§ Want to Work for BioWare Panel
§ Getting Published Panel
§ Arrow Panel
§ The One and Only John Barrowman Panel
§ Lost Girl Panel
§ Back To The Future…Now! Panel
§ Geoscience of Star Trek
§ Walking Dead Panel with Chad Coleman

“The Edmonton Expo provides a platform for fans of all-ages to connect and get inspired and with the expansion to150,000 sq.ft there’s more room to explore all things pop-culture,” states Kandrix Foong, event director Edmonton Expo. “Not only do we provide entertainment there is also an educational aspect where we provide an inside look at how to land a dream job at BioWare to Writing 101 which enables us to stand out as a well-rounded expo executing entertainment and education.”
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Premuted Press Announces September Releases


LOS ANGELES, CA - August 22, 2013 - Permuted Press, the leading independent publisher of zombie, horror and postapocalyptic fiction, announces four new releases hitting eBook and print-on-demand retailers in August. August will unveil the work of one of Permuted Press's newest authors, Bill Braddock. Jonathan Maberry, New York Times bestselling author of Flesh & Bone and Assassin's Code says, "If you're going to chow down on people, you need to wash it down with something delicious. BREW is a deeply satisfying treat of a novel. Scary as hell, deep as the pit, and wickedly enjoyable."

Also releasing in August - The Road to Nowhere by Lee Argus, The King of Clayfield by Shane Gregory, and Blood Soaked & Contagious by James Crawford:

BREW: Ever been to a big college town on a football Saturday night? Loud drunks glut the streets, swaggering about in roaring, leering, laughing packs, like sailors on shore leave. These nights crackle with a dark energy born of incongruity; for beneath all that smiling and singing sprawls a bedrock of malice. Erupting from this mean soil is BREW, a novel of survival horror that unfolds in a single, apocalyptic night, when hard-partying College Heights swaps beer pong and karaoke for arson, murder, and cannibalism.

eBook ISBN: 9781618681492

Trade Paper ISBN: 9781618681485

THE ROAD TO NOWHERE: Welcome to the city of Las Vegas. Gone are the days of tourist filled streets. Now only motionless traffic stands shoulder to shoulder in what was once a thriving metropolis. After waking up alone in a hospital bed, everyone seems to have fled, leaving me behind. Survival becomes my only driving force. Nothing was as it should have been. Things seemed to lurk in the buildings and darkest shadows. I didn't know what they were, but I could always feel their eyes on me. Firm resolve seems to falter under the unrelenting attack of a new predatory force that refuses to be put down.

eBook ISBN: 9781618681058

Trade Paper ISBN: 9781618681041

BLOOD SOAKED AND CONTAGIOUS: Brain spattered on asphalt doesn't look very much like anything at all, especially if the asphalt is new. Older asphalt, gray and cracked from years in the sun, shows more of the fatty gelatinous smear but leeches away much of the color. Standing there in the late morning sun outside the evacuated shell of what used to be one of the best bakeries in town, I couldn't help but feel a little sad. The headless body on the ground didn't feel anything at all. I strongly suspect that the head, after I'd spread it over fifteen feet of asphalt, didn't feel anything either. I suppose that's a good thing. Really, if the zombie still felt anything after fighting with me, it would mean that I had not done my job very well. It would also mean the zombie had won. A zombie winning the fight means you die.

eBook ISBN: 9781618681072

Trade Paper ISBN: 9781618681065

THE KING OF CLAYFIELD: On a cold February day in the small town of Clayfield, Kentucky, an unsuspecting and unprepared museum director he finds himself in the middle of hell on Earth. A pandemic is spreading around the globe, and it's turning most of the residents of Clayfield into murderous zombies. Having no safe haven to which he can flee, the director decides to stick it out near his hometown and wait for the government to send help. But the disease and those infected are not his only concerns. He must also contend with armed gangs, strife within his group, his own lack of skills... and his conscience. There are tough decisions to be made if he is to survive. But if he is smart--and a little lucky--he can do more than survive; he can live like a king.

eBook ISBN: 9781618681133

Trade Paper ISBN: 9781618681126
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'Full Moon Streaming' Hits the Web!



New Acquisitions Label To Release Films On Site

LOS ANGELES, CA - August 22, 2013 - Full Moon Features is proud to announce the world premiere of brand new subscription-based video streaming service, FULL MOON STREAMING (www.fullmoonstreaming.com), which will be home to the entire Full Moon Features library; including brand new world premieres and resurrected film treasures, from the convenience of a computer or mobile device. FULL MOON STREAMING is one of the world’s first and finest interactive video experiences, and will provide fans with unprecedented access to exclusive content: webisodes, behind-the-scenes footage, Full Moon merchandise tie-ins, contests, and much, much more. Viewers who watch closely will be rewarded as they seek out the hidden interactive elements built into the very fabric of the films.

For only $6.99 per month, subscribers can stream titles directly and instantly on all devices, allowing them to watch their favorite films anywhere, at anytime. A mobile-friendly version is optimized for iPhone, Android, iPad, and tablets that is nearly identical to the desktop version. Titles include such cult favorites as Band’s Puppet Master series, Subspecies, and Demonic Toys. Plus the lost Trancers sequel will premiere as part of a three part anthology known as Pulsepounders, including a sequel to cult favorite The Dungeonmaster, which was shot in 1988 and never released until now. FullMoonStreaming.com will be interactive in ways that fans have never seen before, including opportunities to bring home items featured on screen and see rare exclusive extras.

“The fans speak, and we listen,” explained Charles Band, legendary founder of Full Moon Features. “I’ve been asked for a comprehensive Full Moon digital universe for eons, and now the technology has finally caught up to what I had envisioned. Fans will now have the ability to totally engage and immerse themselves into our Gonzo universe, and witness the world’s most beloved film treasures in the comfort of their own homes.”

Also on tap for Full Moon is a new acquisitions label as part of the streaming site, to showcase the work of upcoming filmmakers. “I see so much young talent out there with such a dearth of distribution,” continued Band. “At Full Moon, we have a full-scale distribution arm including home video (DVD and Blu-Ray) and on-demand access, and we’d like to give these aspiring filmmakers a chance to show their stuff on our site, and keep it in the Full Moon family.”

Subscriptions will be $6.99/month, including unlimited viewing.

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Experience 'The Walking Dead: The Complete Third Season' on Blu-ray and DVD



BEVERLY HILLS, CA - August 22, 2013 - It has become a cultural phenomenon. The fans embrace it, the critics adore it. And now the stakes have never been higher for the survivors...On August 27th, Anchor Bay Entertainment unleashes AMC’s original series THE WALKING DEAD: THE COMPLETE THIRD SEASON on Blu-ray™ and DVD. Available as a 5-disc set in each format, the release contains all sixteen episodes from the past season. Like the previous releases, THE WALKING DEAD: THE COMPLETE THIRD SEASON comes stuffed with tons of bonus features, including exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, never-before-seen featurettes, audio commentaries from cast and crew, deleted scenes and other surprises!

In addition, Anchor Bay proudly announces that, in response to overwhelming fan response to last year’s Season 2 limited edition “zombie head” packaging, THE WALKING DEAD: THE COMPLETE THIRD SEASON Blu-ray™ will be available in a limited edition “zombie head tank” package (water not included!) specially created once again by McFarlane Toys. SRP is $79.99 for the Blu-ray™, $69.98 for the DVD and $149.99 for the Blu-ray™ limited edition. Pre-book is July 31st.

Based on the hugely popular graphic novels by Robert Kirkman, THE WALKING DEAD: THE COMPLETE THIRD SEASON continues to draw in record audiences. Season 3 follows the weary group of survivors led by police officer Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), as they take refuge in a prison and attempt to set up a permanent camp. But while invading zombies are an ever-present danger, they must also battle the living, not only in the form of abandoned prisoners, but also the sadistic “Governor” (David Morrissey) and his followers. New characters introduced this season include Danai Gurira as “Michonne,” with her two “zombie pets” in tow, and Dallas Roberts (Shadow People) as the Governor’s lieutenant Milton, as well as the return of Merle Dixon (Michael Rooker).

THE WALKING DEAD: THE COMPLETE THIRD SEASON cast also includes Laurie Holden, Norman Reedus, Steven Yeun, Lauren Cohan, IronE Singleton, Chandler Riggs, Scott Wilson and Melissa McBride.

Season 4 of “The Walking Dead” premieres on AMC this October.
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'Fright Night 2' Trailer Draws New Blood!

Available on DVD and Blu-ray October 1, 2013

LOS ANGELES, CA - August 19, 2013 - By day Gerri Dandridge is a sexy professor, but by night she transforms into a real-life vampire with an unquenchable thirst for human blood. So when a group of high school students travel abroad to study in Romania, they find themselves ensnared in Gerri’s chilling web of lust and terror. Charley and “Evil” Ed must stop Gerri from drinking and bathing in the blood of a “new moon virgin,” which just so happens to be Charley’s ex-girlfriend, Amy. They enlist help from Peter Vincent, the vampire hunting host of a reality show called "Fright Night," to drive a stake through Gerri’s plan and save Amy from a fate far worse than death:

“Fright Night 2: New Blood” Blu-ray
Street Date: October 1, 2013
Prebook Date: September 4, 2013
Screen Format: Widescreen 2.00:1
Audio: English DTS-HD MA 5.1
Subtitles: English/ French/ Spanish
Total Run Time: 83 minutes
Closed Captioned: Yes

“Fright Night 2: New Blood” DVD
Street Date: October 1, 2013
Prebook Date: September 4, 2013
Screen Format: Widescreen 2.00:1
Audio: English Dolby Digital 5.1
Subtitles: English/ French/ Spanish
Total Run Time: 83 minutes
Closed Captioned: Yes
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'Scavengers' Arrive to Earth Sept 3!


Available on VOD and DVD on September 3, 2013

LOS ANGELES, CA - August 19, 2013 - Image Entertainment, an RLJ Entertainment (NASDAQ: RLJE) brand, announces the release of the adrenaline-fuelled, sci-fi thriller, Scavengers, starring Sean Patrick Flanery (The Boondock Saints), Roark Critchlow (V), and Jeremy London (Party of Five) and directed by Travis Zariwny. Scavengers will be available VOD and on DVD for an SRP of $27.97 on September 3, 2013.

The starship Revelator's crew of deep space scavengers have just discovered something…an alien artifact of mysterious, unimaginable power capable of threatening the balance of the known universe. Fiercely pursued by a rival crew of mercenary killers, who know what the life-altering device can do, the crew fights to protect not only the artifact's missing pieces, but find themselves battling for their lives and the very future of the universe itself.

For more information on Scavengers, please visit:

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Zach Parker's 'Proxy' to Debut at TIFF 2013


LOS ANGELES, CA - August 19, 2013 - Director Zach Parker's latest film PROXY will have its World Premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 10th, 2013. A very pregnant Esther Woodhouse is walking home after her latest OB appointment, when she is brutally attacked and disfigured by a hooded assailant. This horrible event seems to be a blessing in disguise when Esther finds consolation in a support group. Her life of sadness and solitude is opened up to friendship, understanding, and even acceptance. However, friendship and understanding can be very dangerous things when accepted by the wrong people.


Friday, September 6th at 8:45PM - Venue: Scotiabank Theater 10 (Press & Industry)
Tuesday, September 10th at 10:30PM- Venue: The Bloor Hot Docs Cinema (Public)
Thursday, September 12th at 5:00PM- Venue: Scotiabank Theater 1 (Public)
Thursday, September 12th at 8:30PM- Venue: Scotiabank Theater 7 (Press & Industry)
Saturday, September 14th at 8:00PM - Venue: Scotiabank Theater 9 (Public)
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Get 'Locked in a Room' Now!




DETROIT, MI - August 19, 2013 - The recent bankruptcy filing by the city of Detroit has not stopped its filmmakers. The horror film LOCKED IN A ROOM is now available as part of an 8 Horror Movie Double DVD, and is available through Target, Sears, Wal-Mart, Kmart, and FYE. LOCKED IN A ROOM is also available for digital download on Itunes. The film was directed by Larry Simmons, and produced by Gordon Djordjevski and DJ Perry. LOCKED IN A ROOM is being distributed in the US & Canada by Beverly Hills based Echo Bridge Entertainment, and was recently acquired by MIG Film Group for Germany, Austria, & Switzerland. "We are proud to have such great retailers involved with the distribution of our film to fans", says Simmons. At Risk Entertainment hopes its continued film productions will keep hope alive in the city of Detroit. Read The Full Post HERE!

Jason Mewes is 'Silent But Deadly'

It’s Slaughter Time

HProudly Presents

Slashing Up DVD & VOD Sept. 24th

LOS ANGELES, CA - August 17, 2013 - An outsider seeks revenge when his pet goat ends up as the daily lunch special in Silent but Deadly, slashing up DVD and VOD Sept. 24 from Inception Media Group. Introverted loner Thomas Capper (Jason Mewes, Clerks I & II, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Mallrats) prefers the company of his beloved goat, Liza, to that of people … and he’d do anything for her. When a Hollywood film crew starts shooting on location in the countryside of his small town, the cooperative and mild-mannered Thomas – a man of very few words – lands a gig as the director’s assistant. But when Liza ends up as lunch for the crew, he embarks on a merciless killing spree to avenge his dearly departed pet’s death … and has a few choice words for his victims.

Silent but Deadly is presented in widescreen with an aspect ratio of 16 x 9 (1.78:1) and 5.1 digital surround sound.
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Killers Come in All Sizes: A 'Puppet Master' Retrospective

That's right, it's time to take a look back at Full Moon Feature's signature series, the Puppet Master films! If there is one thing that Charles Band and company know best, it is tiny monsters and smaller budgets. Puppet Master is surely one of their most entertaining offerings, giving us many memorable characters and creative special effects (at least in the earlier films). In the first film, we are introduced to Blade, Tunneler, Jester, Pinhead, and Leech Woman, before meeting Torch, Six Shooter, and many other friends along the way. The series reaches its peak in Puppet Master 3, a period piece revealing the origins of The Puppet Master, Andre Toulon, set in Nazi Germany. From there, we can see a steady decline leading up to the laughably bad Puppet Master vs Demonic Toys, from 2004. With no further adieu, we present Killers Come in All Sizes: A 'Puppet Master' Retrospective!

Puppetmaster (1989)

Set in the newly-renovated Bodega Bay Inn, PUPPET MASTER follows five friends that have come to mourn the loss of their colleague, the mysterious Neil Gallagher, a man who was obsessed with the occult and immortality. As each of them quickly come to find out, Neil had been attempting to uncover a secret formula designed by the puppeteer Andre Toulon that would grant his puppets a life of their own, but instead of finding the formula, he found the murderous puppets, themselves! PUPPET MASTER was one of the last films produced under Charles Band's Empire Pictures, but it would go on to become the most successful franchise in the newly-formed Full Moon Entertainment line-up, spawning countless sequels and spin-offs. As such, it plays into the high level of camp and cheesy fun that Empire had always been known for, and it is filled with much of the same corny dialog, excessive gore, and gratuitous sex. Also typical of Empire's earlier releases, PUPPET MASTER includes incredible stop-motion animation and puppeteering that allows the puppets to spring to life in convincing on-screen performances. Blade, Tunneler, Jester, Pinhead, and Leech Woman each possess original designs and their own unique personalities. The eccentric, over-the-top characters played by Barbara Crampton, Paul Le Mat, Irene Miracle, and the rest of the cast only add to the silly script with their voodoo practices and telekinesis. Though the puppets may outshine the film, itself, PUPPET MASTER still ranks among Empire's better tiny terror films like DOLLS and GHOULIES.

Rating: 7/10.

Puppet Master 2 (1991)

The puppets are back, and this time they have revived their vengeful master Andre Toulon! When a group of paranormal investigators set up shop in the Bodega Bay Inn, they discover that the rumors about the Inn's murderous living puppets are true, but only after they become the puppets next victims! PUPPET MASTER 2 carries over all of the quirky humor and extravagant characters from the first film in another oddly entertaining entry. Each of the original puppets return with the addition of Torch, a bullet-toothed assassin that comes fully-equipped with a powerful flamethrower! Toulon releases the puppets to extract the spinal fluid from their victims in order to create enough of his secret formula to reanimate a life-sized puppet of his deceased wife, which leads to a number of blood-soaked deaths at the hands of the pint-sized terrors. Not surprisingly, the plot is scattered and misdirected, leading to a number of pointless side-steps and tedious filler. The special effects, on the other hand, continue to delight as the killer puppets head out on their murder spree. Strictly saved for B-movie savants.

Rating: 5/10.

Puppet Master 3 (1991)

The Nazi's obsession with the occult leads them to the home of a gifted puppet master, Andre Toulon, where they hope to uncover the the secret behind his living puppets for use in their own military applications. Their confrontation with Toulon leaves his wife Elsa dead at his feet, and after a daring escape, Toulon vows to avenge her using his murderous puppets to destroy the Third Reich! Full Moon Entertainment mainstay David DeCoteau presents the strongest entry in the PUPPET MASTER series with this origin story, which features Toulon's early beginnings and the creation of several of the most memorable puppets. Guy Rolfe offers a truly sympathetic and sincere performance that humanizes the character of Andre Toulon while giving him a meaningful reason for revenge. PUPPET MASTER 3 is the largest production of any of the films, using the Universal backlot to simulate Nazi Germany with exceptional results. The puppetry and stop-motion animation also rank very highly within the series, particularly in the articulation and movement of the puppets' newest addition, Six-Shooter. Although there would be a few entertaining entries to follow, PUPPET MASTER 3 marks the high point for Toulon and his friends.

Rating: 7/10.

Puppet Master 4 (1993)

The puppets are back, and this time they must help a young science prodigy defend himself and his friends against the evil Totems, demonic effigies that have been given life by the dark lord Sutekh in order to stop the humans from retrieving the secret of eternal life. While PUPPET MASTER 4 is a small step down from the serious tone and larger scale of the third film, it is a highly entertaining and action-packed sequel filled with plenty of battles between the tiny terrors. Blade, Tunneler, Pinhead, Jester, and Six Shooter are joined by the powerful new Decapitron, a puppet that is inhabited by the soul of the puppet master Andre Toulon, himself! Despite the inherently cheesy dialog, the acting is fun and energetic, and always provides a laugh. It also displays more of Full Moon's impressive puppetry and design, which would unfortunately begin to decline in the entries to follow. PUPPET MASTER 4 is the last great film in the series, and it is a real treat for B-movie fans!

Rating: 6/10.

Puppet Master 5 (1994)

Rick Myers is imprisoned for the murders that occurred in the Bodega Bay Inn weeks earlier, but he escapes with the help of the puppets and returns to the hotel to find that the demon lord Sutek has assumed the form of his most powerful Totem in order to take back the secret of eternal life! Filmed simultaneously with the fourth film, PUPPET MASTER 5 is a direct continuation of the previous story which brings back each of the surviving characters and follows all of the same familiar steps. As should be expected in the series at this point, the plot falls secondary to the mindless puppet action, where the puppets battle the demon lord and take out a few unlucky intruders. But for a few bloody deaths and some guilty puppet pleasure, there is very little to watch for here in this slow and repetitive sequel.

Rating: 5/10.

Curse of the Puppet Master (1996)

The dimwitted Tank is hired by an eccentric doctor that has become the new owner of Andre Toulon's magical living puppets. Dr. Magrew uses Tank's uncanny woodworking skills to begin carving a brand-new puppet for his own cruel intentions. Borrowing generously from 1973's SSSSSSS, director David DeCoteau proves that the real CURSE OF THE PUPPET MASTER is Full Moon's unwillingness to give up on the failing series. There is a spark of creativity here in the sixth installment, but not enough to make up for the weak acting and exhaustive plot. The puppets, themselves, are poorly articulated, and appear far less than they have in previous installments. Even die-hard fans will find this to be a difficult watch.

Rating: 5/10.

Retro Puppet Master (1999)

RETRO PUPPET MASTER delves even further into the back story of puppet master Andre Toulon. In this episode, Toulon is only a teenage apprentice working to perfect his skills at puppetry, but he is taught the ancient magic of eternal life by an elder sorcerer before his death. The Egyptian god Sutekh sends three of his minions to reclaim his dark secrets, and Toulon must use his new skills to bring his puppets to life in order to fend off Sutekh's evil forces and save the woman he loves! RETRO PUPPET MASTER is a valid attempt to breath new life into the films by introducing a brand-new set of puppets, many of whom are earlier prototypes of puppets like Blade, Tunneler, Six Shooter, and others. Unfortunately, this entry is completely devoid the light humor and fun that made PUPPET MASTER such an entertaining series. The performances are atrocious, with the worst coming from Sutekh's three feeble-minded followers. What is most disappointing, however, is that the puppets are just as dull and inanimate as they had been in the previous installment, CURSE OF THE PUPPET MASTER. Outside of the poorly disguised clip show PUPPET MASTER: THE LEGACY and the made-for-TV crossover PUPPET MASTER VS DEMONIC TOYS, this would be the last direct sequel in the series for over a decade.

Rating: 5/10.

Puppet Master: The Legacy (2003)

PUPPET MASTER: THE LEGACY can be considered either the best or the worst entry in the entire series. We begin with the beautiful thief Maclain, who breaks into the Bodega Bay Inn to steal the secret formula that gave Andre Toloun's puppets life. Instead, she finds one of Toulon's pupils, a German refugee living under the name of Eric Weiss. Her questioning brings on a heated debate over Toulon's true intentions: whether he was a selfless Nazi killer, or a cruel master to his puppet slaves. The new footage in THE LEGACY only constitutes a fraction of the film, and is used to frame a series of clips from each of the previous entries in an attempt to piece together some sort of cohesive storyline. Charles Band does as best he can to string the varying plots into a single narrative. In doing so, he removes much of the weaker exposition that littered the series, and is able to increase the puppet action using each of the best scenes at his disposal. The scenes are edited together well enough, although this naturally leads to all sorts of contradictions and inconsistencies. Newcomers to the PUPPET MASTER movies will enjoy seeing the best that the series had to offer, but longtime fans will find this entry to be entirely redundant and unnecessary.

Rating: 4/10.

Puppet Master vs Demonic Toys (2004)

There is no excuse for how terrible this film is. We all accept the Full Moon flicks as being often cheesy, always low-budget, but above all well-crafted and entertaining entries in the B-movie canon, but unfortunately SyFy Channel got their corrupting hands on the rights to this one in an attempt to strip the series from what little dignity it had left. The puppets and toys in PUPPET MASTER VS DEMONIC TOYS are laughably cheap plastic imitations of the amazing hand-carved and frightening creatures in the original film series. They lack the character and personality that the wooden dolls were given due to inferior puppetry and carelessly crafted designs. They also receive some much (un)needed upgrades for the final (only) battle in this anti-climactic mess. As far as the acting and dialogue goes, it feels as if the actors think that they are hamming it up in a campy B-movie classic, but really the whole display comes off as amateur and sickeningly over-the-top. This is unmistakably Corey Feldman's worst film role, and despite the script's failed attempts at humor, he does get the audience laughing. It's too bad it is at his own expense. PMvDT fails on every low-budget TV movie level it possibly can, and will only serve to upset if not infuriate fans of either series. It does not even make for a guilty pleasure on a late night with friends. It is so bad it's bad, not so bad it's good. I can go on, but what's the point, really. The evil CEO of a large toy manufacturer makes a pact with a demon to possess all of the toys that are scheduled to be sold to boys and girls around the world during Christmas in exchange for unimaginable power. It is up to Andre Toulon's last surviving relative to resurrect Toulon's living puppets in order to battle the demonic toys that aim to rule the world! Fail.

Rating: 3/10.

Puppet Master: Axis of Evil (2010)

Six years after their last outing, the Puppets are back in their newest adventure! After a retelling of the opening events from the original film, PUPPET MASTER: AXIS OF EVIL picks up immediately following Andre Toulon's suicide in 1939, following a young craftsman who finds Toulon's puppets and uses them to stop a Nazi ploy to destroy an American weapons facility. Full Moon favorite David DeCoteau resumes the reins after being absent from the series since CURSE OF THE PUPPET MASTER, bringing with him a familiar look and feel that is consistent with the earlier films. AXIS brings back Jester, Blade, Leech Woman, Pinhead, and Tunneler, whose designs each come very close to the first models. The puppetry itself, however, hardly matches up with the impressive work done earlier in the series. Full Moon features are not always groundbreaking cinematic achievements, but for the most part they are largely entertaining. Unfortunately, all of the fun and ridiculous murders have been stripped away from this entry, as the film takes itself far too seriously to be enjoyed. Much of the run time is squandered on poor acting, one-dimensional characters, and bland filler material with very little action. This is not the PUPPET MASTER revival that many fans have been waiting for, but rather one of the weaker sequels in the series.

Rating: 5/10.

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