Aberration (2013)

I feel like it is a discredit to myself and my readers to even post a review on this film. It is not only a complete waste of my time, but it is a complete waste of your time reading this. ABERRATION is the perfect title for this awful piece of shit. It is kind of like STIR OF ECHOES, if STIR OF ECHOES was a mindless and boring retread of a thousand other ghost stories. I am having trouble even describing the film without making libelous attacks against the cast and crew. The only thing that could possibly be worse than the agonizing plot would be the atrocious performances that kind of made me want to cry a little. And for all of the bad acting, the filmmakers didn't even have the decency to include a single good looking chick to distract from the rest of the on-screen stupidity. I take pride in my integrity when it comes to watching and reviewing films. I feel it is unfair to turn a film off or find other distractions to help numb the pain during particularly bad movies, but ABERRATION made me want to smash my Blu-ray player through the TV, and then mail it to director Douglas Elford-Argent with a note that says "YOU MADE ME DO THIS." In case you are still wondering what the film is about after all of that, homely college student Christy Dawson discovers that she is able to communicate with the dead when the spirit of a young boy uses her to help solve a rash of recent murders. A complete and utter failure.

Rating: 2/10.

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  1. And before you god damned cast and crew members come on here and post anonymous comments like a bunch of fucking pussies, rewatch the shit-ass movie you just made and tell me I'm wrong. Your movie sucks, deal with it. I didn't make it suck, you did.

  2. So you're sort of on the fence about this one, it seems.

  3. Yeah tell us how you really feel. Totally useless review. Leaves us no reason why its bad, its just bad.

    I guess I will wait until a reputable reviewer reviews the title before I make my mind up on whether to watch it or not.

  4. Was it at least enjoyable when you worked on the movie, Joe Doe?

  5. I prefaced the review stating that no one should bother reading it. That was fair enough. You want a fair critique? The directing was lazy, the acting was amateur, the special effects were awful, and the plot was derivative. It sucked.

  6. Let's play the quote game, too:

    "As I said earlier, as a horror film, Aberration falls flat."
    "I found the majority of the film to be dull and somewhat boring as a horror film."
    "The title is a little misleading to make viewers believe the film is more of a horror film than it really is."

    I'm surprised all 24 people in the cast and crew voted the film up on IMDb, and it STILL only got a 4.9. Wait till the actual audiences begin rating it.

  7. wholly christ, i just watched this and it is amongst one of the worst films i have ever seen. An experience so dire that whenever a ghost appears it does not incite fear, but envy to be so lucky to exist on a material plain where Aberration is not a movie.

  8. That comment brought a tear of joy to my eye.