Podcast Playlist: HMPod.com #113

Mark and Jerry are back once again to present the HMPod.com Horror Movie Podcast with Episode #113, featuring World War Z, After Earth, American Mary, Europa Report & Under the Dome!

Hollywood’s Golden Boy looks yummy

¡Hola! Welcome! Greetings! Aloha! Bonjour! Welcome to lucky No. 113 of The Horror Movie Show, arguably the best podcast that has ever been produced & broadcast directly through the ether at a frequency only exceptional turtles can appreciate. A full slate of motion pictures & televisual series awaits inspection by Jerry & Mark, your frequently bitten hosts, in this newest of episodes. Let’s to it!

It is a good indication that a trend or fashion has passed its pinnacle & is now headed downward when the big guns of Hollywood finally embrace it. World War Z is an example, with mega-superstar Brad Pitt flying around the world for the United Nations, trying to get a handle on the global zombie epidemic. Full details await.

Will Smith did much behind the scenes in his new flick, After Earth, but the lion’s share of acting went to his slightly whiny son Jaden Smith. Genetic monsters, inflicted on mankind by nasty aliens, are hot on the boy’s trail. Can Dad talk him through his journey to manhood?

Low-budget but effective thriller American Mary slices deeply into the body modifictation subculture. Europa Report is a worthwhile account of humanity’s first visit to a possibly lively Jovian moon. And the guys wrap this show with opinions about Under the Dome, the ant-farm fantasy based on the Stephen King novel. Best of luck enjoying this episode, folks! Back in a week with our Rob Zombie retrospective….

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