Scavengers (2013)

In SCAVENGERS, a salvage ship locates a mysterious artifact from the far outreaches of space, and one that could change the fate of the entire universe. They may not have the opportunity to unlock its secrets, however, since another band of rogue space pirates are hot on their tail, and they will stop at nothing to retrieve the ultimate in alien technology for themselves! Writer/Director Travis Zariwny sets his ambitions high as he attempts to create a grand space odyssey on a microscopic scale, but despite his best efforts, SCAVENGERS simply isn't very good. The script picks up in the middle of a galactic civil war, and often feels like it is missing an entire opening act that should have been used to set up the characters and events that suddenly appear before us. It isn't exceptionally well written, either, and the cliche dialog fails to live up to its obvious inspirations within the genre. Jeremy London is surprisingly entertaining playing Black Devert, leader of the band of space scavengers. He is a welcome diversion from Sean Patrick Flanery, at least, whose awful Colin Farrell impression makes a complete mockery of the entire film. Both the production design and special effects are admirable for the budget, even if they fall desperately close to the made-for-television type. Although Zariwny tries his damnedest to make each scene as complex and captivating as possible given the film's few sets, SCAVENGERS rarely manages to maintain interest in the audience, but not as a result of a lack of effort on his part. It will be a while before anyone manages to salvage this wreck from the dollar bins.

Rating: 4/10.

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