'The Caves' Take Over Nottingham!

Definitive Films Presents


Viking Cannibals Take Over Nottingham!

NOTTINGHAM, GB - August 22, 2013 - New production company Definitive Films have been given the unprecedented opportunity by Nottingham City Council to shoot a low budget horror film around the city’s landmarks. Key Nottingham attractions will be seen as never before – as the backdrop to an invasion by Viking cannibals! Local film makers Definitive Films have produced a horror feature film which will put well-known city locations such as Nottingham Castle, the caves, the Council House and Goose Fair to unusual use. Definitive Films are delighted with the support they have received so far from Nottingham City Council which has provided access for on-location filming. The trailer for the film is now available online:

They have sourced local talent where possible in order to keep the money within the city. The tagline for the project being ‘A local film for a global audience.’

“We hit on the idea of making a local film for an international audience,” explained the film’s young director Jack Delaney. “The cave network and the Castle stood out as tremendous locations in which to set a horror movie, and when we explained our strategy to the council, they understood and have granted us access which was incredibly supportive.”

“Nottingham enjoys a great reputation as a hotbed of film making talent,” explained Producer Scotty Clark. “It is tremendous to see the City Council understand our approach and support us as we seek to support the creative economy.”

The film entitled The Caves is about Viking cannibals who have lived in the caves for thousands of years and periodically awake, surface and feed off the citizens of the city.

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