4 Dead Girls (2012)

Lily and her friends finally get a place of their own after renting a house off campus, but there is a sinister evil that lurks within that is looking to consume their very souls! 4 DEAD GIRLS is just a terrible film. A really terrible film. We start with a cast of untrained actresses who spend more time undressing than rehearsing their lines. Mike Campbell and Todd Johnson manage to make nudity unappealing and boring through the lengthy and pointless sex scenes. The Soul Taker can't quite capture souls of the clean and pure of heart, though, can he? Abysmal special effects, poorly written characters, and it is impossible to take Mike Campbell seriously as the villain. No group of girls would ever be willing to move into a fully furnished home with only a suitcase full of personal belongings, either. 4 DEAD GIRLS, but no potential audience.

Rating: 2/10.

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