Butcher Boys (2012)

Every few years, screenwriter Kim Henkel tries to find a new way to cash in on his prior successes with another take on the TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, but unlike in TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE: THE NEXT GENERATION, he may have finally done it. BUTCHER BOYS makes a "modest proposal" for today's youth, but not with quite the same eloquence as Jonathan Swift. Four friends find themselves running to escape a clan of crazed madmen who have made it their business to cook and sell the inner city youth as hors d'oeuvres to the rich and powerful... And business is good. Let's make no mistake about it, this is all just a clever cover-up for another TEXAS CHAINSAW remake, with only a few minor adjustments. Anyone that may say otherwise should take a quick look at the cast, which includes cameos by Bill Johnson, Edwin Neal, and Marilyn Burns. To Duane Graves' and Justin Meeks' credit, however, BUTCHER BOYS actually manages to entertain. Eventually. The opening act is extremely rough around the edges, leaving us stuck with a handful of annoying teens who we'd rather see die than continue on with their incessant prattling. We soon get our wish in the form of a number of gruesome murders, before our "final girl" Sissy makes another run for it. While she certainly isn't bad, Ali Faulkner should have taken advantage of her time spent with co-star Marilyn Burns to see what real terror looks like. The Boys, themselves, are a controlled-crazy, and far too scripted for their own good. What they lack in personality, they more than make up for in sadistic torture methods, the worst of which occur at an all-too-familiar dinner table. The few successes in BUTCHER BOYS are entirely derived from the CHAINSAW series, but the film does deliver much of the same fevered anxiety and frantic pacing that made the 1974 film such a frightening experience. It is dark, mean-spirited, and really quite nasty, which will make it worth the watch for CHAINSAW fans.

Rating: 5/10.

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