Scenic Route (2013)

What starts off as an innocent road trip turns into a struggle for survival when Mitchell and Carter's truck breaks down off of an isolated road deep in the desert. The two are forced to confront their own failures as tempers flair and accusations fly while awaiting any signs of salvation. Kevin and Michael Goetz take us down the SCENIC ROUTE in this gripping psychological thriller that tears at the soul. As lifelong friends, Mitchell and Carter are able to dissect each others' lives with clinical precision, taking vicious stabs at one another for minor faults and major life choices. These are real characters with real thoughts and emotions, and it shows. Kyle Killen's keen scripting comes flying off of the page as Josh Duhamel and Dan Fogler lose themselves in their characters and tear into each other emotionally and physically. We see plenty of heart in here, as well, when the two are finally able to set aside their differences and rely on each other for strength in a hopeless situation. The next time you are out looking for a fast-paced and engaging psychological thriller, we suggest that you take the SCENIC ROUTE!

Rating: 8/10.

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