Fright Night 2 (2013)

Charley Brewster and his friends discover that their professor is a vampire while studying abroad in the 2013 sequel to FRIGHT NIGHT! Did I say sequel? I meant... Remake? I think? FRIGHT NIGHT 2 suffers from a severe case of identity crisis, considering it bills itself as a sequel, but complete disregards the existence of each of the previous films. The linear progression of the story mirrors the 1985 original, with only a few minor changes being made to the characters. Gerri Dandridge is now played by the sexy Jaime Murray, who is revealed to be Elizabeth Bathory, herself. Chris Waller plays a second-string Evil Ed, but Will Payne lives up to his name as the new Charley. Although FRIGHT NIGHT 2 is more sexually-charged than ever before, the dramatic increase in sex and blood does not make up for the many shortcomings in the script. The massive pool of blood that appears in the climax does make for an impressive set piece, however. FRIGHT NIGHT fans will find enough mindless fun in this... whatever it is.

Rating: 5/10.


Watch the FRIGHT NIGHT 2 Trailer:


  1. Wait...they made ANOTHER Fright Night 2? Where the hell was I at!?


  2. I am sending you to the corner, to think about what you have done... I am ashamed to see 5/10... :)

    Jeremy H.

    New Look, New Name and Same Stuff...

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  3. Firstly,Fright Night remake was brilliant. Fabulous cast and David Tennant looking doing a Russel Brand clone thing was ace. I waited eagerly for this film to find it went straight to DVD. I rented this before Blockbuster goes under and this film is driving me nuts.
    Firstly, why keep all the names but change the actors ? It simply doesn't work.
    Secondly the Peter Vincent does not have same flair and they didn't even bother to keel continuity by giving him English accent.
    Thirdly - WHAT happened to the script? Load of rushed drivel . Oddly, Peter Vincent doesn't believe in monsters or vampires despite (if this was supposed to be a sequal ) all the collection he had and fighting them in last one. Charlies girlfriend suffers from amnesia too and doesn't believe in teacher being a vampire even though she wears cross around her neck . Rushed drivel !!!
    The remake was brilliant, slick, captivating and had buckets of style. The second one is completely Crap. I'd ask Blockbuster for a refund on this but they need all the money they can. If you're going to do a sequal ,continuity is the key. If you disagree, bite me !!

  4. I can't say I share your enthusiasm for the remake, but I agree on all other points. the sequel just does not make any sense on any level. It is so god damned confusing. If they are disregarding the original OR the remake, why does Charley's girlfriend keep saying "Oh no, not this vampire crap again?" What vampire crap? Clearly nothing has happened prior to this? Thanks for reading, Collette!