Indiecan Entertainment to Debut 'Solo' in Canada

Indiecan Entertainment Acquires

A Thrilling New Film By Director Isaac Cravit

TORONTO, ON - October 12, 2013 - Indiecan Entertainment has acquired the Canadian distribution rights to Isaac Cravit’s debut feature length thriller Solo. In ‘Solo’, a tense psychological thriller, Annie Clark (Degrassi) plays a teenage girl who is terrorized when she spends two nights alone on a remote island as part of her camp counsellor initiation.

Solo is written and directed by Isaac Cravit and produced by Chris Bennett and Robert Budreau for Lumanity Productions.

LA-based Continental Media acquired worldwide rights ahead of Cannes and sold the US to The Orchard, who are partnering with horror specialist Shock Till You Drop on a late October release.

Solo was produced by Lumanity Productions in association with Gyro Park Productions and Vigilante Productions and executive produced by Jacob Cohen, Dan Shimmerman, Mark Gingras, John Laing, and Tom Bjelic. Production partners included The Movie Network and Movie Central.

Solo stars Annie Clark (Degrassi: The Next Generation), Daniel Kash (Aliens, Momma), Richard Clarkin (Goon), Steven Love, and Alyssa Capriotti. The film was beautifully shot outside of Toronto and in Algonquin Park by Stephen Chung and edited by Adam Locke-Norton, with original composition by Todor Kobakov.

Solo has recently received great reception from audiences at the Montreal World Film Festival, Edmonton International Film Festival, and will play at renowned genre fest Toronto After Dark on October 21st.

"Solo grew out of a story I heard from a friend around a fire one night. A girl she knew at summer camp returned from an uneventful overnight by herself (a “solo”), and a week later had her pictures from the trip developed. As she thumbed through them, she came across pictures she didn’t remember taking, strange ones, like pictures of her tent, her clothing, her tampons. Eventually she reached a picture she knew she didn’t take: A picture of herself asleep in her tent. Around the fire, we were all noticeably disturbed and uncomfortable. I was inspired. This was a story I wanted to know more about. Who’s this girl? Who’s taking pictures of her? What physical and psychological toll does being alone in the wilderness take on a seventeen-year-old girl? That was the spark that started me writing,” says Isaac Cravit.

“When I started Indiecan Entertainment a couple of years ago Robert Bubreau approached me to see if I would be interested in distributing Solo. I really loved the script and the vision the filmmakers had in the making of the film. After seeing the final product I was excited to get behind the film. I am really looking forward to rolling the film out with the Solo team in early 2014,” says Indiecan’s Avi Federgreen.

“With Avi and Indiecan, we will get a real grass-roots and social-media focused approach to the release of Solo to reach the dedicated fans of Annie Clark and the same die hard audiences who attend the sell-out Toronto After Dark Festival” says producers Chris Bennett and Robert Budreau.

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