Join 'The Ghost Club' This Halloween!


Innovative Interactive Reality Show Blends Ghost-Hunting Fan Content with Original Film,
Web Serial, Augmented Reality App and More

LOS ANGELES, CA - October 12, 2013 - With Halloween approaching, ghost hunters and ghost story fans will have an innovative new web destination called “The Ghost Club,” where they can document and share their own destinations, or learn about how to start their own Ghost Club. The innovative site is powered by, LLC the interactive media company behind recent projects like PSYCH The S#cial Sector (USA Network); Welcome to Sanditon, the sequel to the hit web series The Lizzie Bennet Diaries (Pemberley Digital), and Aurelia: Edge of Darkness (from independent Lisa Walker England). Theatrics also powers Wikia’s Virtual Cosplay Contest, held in conjunction with ComicCon New York.

“The Ghost Club” offers ghost-hunting fans a place to document and share their adventures, and interact with others who love the paranormal world, including fans of popular ghost-themed movies and TV programs. The project, created by Atlanta-based production company The Secret Club and Michael Mailer Films, is available as fans are getting ready for Halloween, as part of a transmedia “StoryScape” that includes a forthcoming independent feature, a series of webisodes, comics, live characters, Ghostpedia (a ghost-hunting wiki) and an Android augmented reality app.

Original content to be released on the site centers around the cast of a reality TV series about ghost hunting who will be live and participating. Each week The Ghost Club cast uses a mix of modern and modified nineteenth century technologies to investigate reports of the bizarre and unusual. Among their famous forefathers, are Harry Houdini and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the new Ghost Club is more concerned with proof and then with ratings but will do whatever it takes to stay maintain it’s stature as the preeminent ghost hunting organization. “The Ghost Club” movie follows the cast through an episode, as they investigate an eldritch antebellum mansion and its eccentric caretaker (William Forsythe). The goal is to engage people across media by allowing people to engage with scripted content, games, and participation through ghost hunting and the whole ends up being greater than the sum of its parts.

Viewers will meet Jimmy (Jason Nunes) and his team of investigators; his little brother Austin (Jason Mac), second in command and true believer Tab (Clark Sarullo), team psychic Caitlin (Enisha Brewster), surveillance expert Parnell (Jeph Cangé), and Goth-girl and 19th century tech master Noreen (A.C. Smallwood). The Ghost Club: Spirits Never Die takes place at a mansion.

“Theatrics is all about empowering fan communities,” said Biff Van Cleve, CEO,, LLC. “That’s why we’re so eager to see how our partners use the platform to help their fans co-create new content and connections. We’re excited that our site will become headquarters for sharing the ghost hunting expeditions of fans across the globe.”

“We want ordinary ghost-hunting fans to ‘Join the Hunt’,’” said producer Hank Blumenthal. “The Ghost Club Storyscape empowers people to participate in ghost hunting by creating their own character or club. You can take advantage of our advice, tips, and tricks and post your evidence to be evaluated by a community of Skeptics and Believers. Fans can also lean back and watch the videos and stories that are posted about the modern day investigators of the Ghost Club storyworld. The Ghost Club Storyscape continues the long history of Ghost Clubs that stretches back to 1860 London. Charles Dickens was an early investigator and Harry Houdini, a diligent skeptic, with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the great believer, formed a ghost hunting team.”

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