New Trailer Debuts for 'Murder Eleven'!

Indican Pictures Releases a New Trailer For

“The Countdown has Begun!”

LOS ANGELES, CA - October 3, 2013 - Director Jim Klock’s Murder Eleven has been described by Influx Magazine as having a “titilating premise” and being “a surprisingly intimate thriller.” The film also offers a few surprises, as well. This exciting title will release through Indican Pictures in three weeks (Oct. 22nd, 2013). The film stars Jim Klock (Bitch Slap) as Richard, a serial killer hunting the streets of Atlantic City, NJ. Actress Autumn Federici (The Blackout) also stars as Katey, Richard’s next victim. Both Michael Mack and Richard Reid are two detectives tasked with tracking down this sadistic killer. As well, actress Julienne Irons is caught in the middle of two worlds as Richard’s wife, Samantha. Each of these actors and characters can be seen in the trailer debut for Murder Eleven:

The official trailer for the film also shows detectives Mayfield and Jesse on the trail of a sadistic serial killer. Their prey has killed ten victims in ten weeks. Each time a woman has been captured, she has been found seven hours later, murdered. Now, Mayfield and Jesse only have seven hours to prevent Murder Eleven and to save Katey’s life. Fans of thrillers can preview the cat-and-mouse thrills and the compelling drama in this clip from the film, which is hosted below.

Murder Eleven is set to release October 22nd, 2013 on DVD. This title will also be available on other digital platforms, shortly (to be announced). Hosting “strong, dynamic performances” (Influx) from all of the cast, Murder Eleven promises a powerful film debut from Klock and from the entire cast. More details on the release can be found below.

Release Date: October 22nd, 2013 (DVD).

The official synopsis: “A serial killer roams the streets of Atlantic City killing prostitutes with ruthless efficiency. His motives are unknown, but the killers’ most recent clue lets the two homicide detectives know that they are in a race against time before he murders #11. With no leads and luck against them, their worst nightmare comes true when the killer decides to turn his last victim into a deadly game of cat and mouse… (Indican Pictures).”

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