What Will Be Uncovered in 'Skendleby'?

Strange Happenings Have Been Reported In

A new novel by Nick Brown

LOS ANGELES, CA - October 17, 2013 - When archaeologists and developers fight over a site of historical interest in a small Northern village, strange and inexplicable things start to happen. 4000 years ago, a small Neolithic tribe travel to an uninhabited region of the Cheshire Plain, now known as Skendleby, and bury alive a possessed young woman in a shamanic ritual. The members of the tribe also sacrifice a young man whose body is left to watch over the burial site and protect it from intrusion.

Claire Vanarvi, a psychic healer in modern day Skendleby, dreams she is in the same tomb where the young girl was buried alive. When Claire awakes she senses something stirring underneath a nearby mound of earth. Instinctively, she knows that whatever it is must never be let out.

Unfortunately, there are several people determined to disturb the ancient burial site; a local property developer hopes to build mansions for the rich and famous on the plot of land, and a group of archaeologists want to excavate it. As both groups come closer to fulfilling their plans, the ghost of ‘the watcher’ starts to make itself known and a series of odd occurrences befall the small village and its meddling residents. When the tomb is eventually opened, an eerie chill suddenly descends upon Skendleby and things start to turn sinister. A group of locals - led by the psychic healer Claire and the agnostic Reverend Joyce - realise there is a link between the disruption of the burial site and the strange goings-on, and attempt to put a stop to it.

Skendleby is written by author and archaeologist Nick Brown whose own experiences inspired the story. Brown’s in-depth knowledge of local history and archaeology, his personal concerns about the over-development of the countryside, and prior episodes of apparent hauntings in his own house, all contribute to make this supernatural tale ring spookily true. Even those who aren’t fans of horror can enjoy this gripping and genuinely creepy story. The novel has echoes of ghost story master M R James, and Brown has succeeded in penning a story which fits the classic mould of such writers whilst remaining thoroughly modern with its somewhat tongue-in-cheek style.

About the author: Nick Brown has an extensive background teaching and writing in the fields of archaeology and ancient history; he taught and studied at both Manchester and Leeds Universities; worked with the Greater Manchester Archaeological Unit on the reconstruction of a Romano-British Villa; and has contributed many articles to academic journals and magazines on the topic of archaeology. Brown also opened and was the Principal of Oldham Sixth Form College and was awarded an OBE for his role in making it one of the most successful in the country. This is Brown’s second novel and is the first in a series of ghost stories set in the fictional northern town of Skendleby. Skendleby by Nick Brown (published by New Generation, RRP $13.99 paperback, $7.99 eBook) is available online at retailers including Amazon.com and can be ordered from all good book stores. More information can be found at the author’s website: www.nickbrownbooks.com.

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