I Am ZoZo (2012)

This is easily the worst film I have seen all year, even worse than the shitstorm that is ABERRATION. It is painstakingly boring with no suspense and absolutely no payoff of any kind. For the uninitiated, ZoZo is a supposed deity that has frequently been encountered during spirit board sessions around the world over the centuries. Those who communicate with ZoZo are said to experience terrible events or even demonic possession following their encounters. I AM ZOZO attempts to fictionalize one such case, in only the most mundane ways imaginable. We are first introduced to a group of unlikeable teens led by the idiotic Mel, who refuses to stop playing with the stupid Ouija board even after she repeatedly encounters hostile spirits. The acting is atrocious, and the editing for the Super 8 film stock is even worse, with dialog overlapping cuts and leading to questionable jumps in continuity. ZoZo's powers of possession amount to briefly holding one of the characters down on the bed, and causing Mel to use her inhaler. Then it's over. Although Tess is shown to have become possessed by the demon in the very beginning of the film, we are never shown how this truly takes effect. Writer/Director Scott Di Lalla only demonstrates his complete lack of talent as a filmmaker from start to finish. I AM ZOZO is a pathetic excuse for a film, I regret wasting my time seeing it through to completion, and I apologize to anyone who wasted their time reading this review. Look elsewhere.

Rating: 2/10.

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  1. I'm ready, Scott. Leave your anonymous comment about how readers should go to a credible film review site and how this review is entirely unfounded below. Or better yet, have the cast and crew rate the copy of this review on Amazon as being unhelpful, that is about as much retribution as one could hope for, and it will be devastating to my imaginary online persona.

  2. Oh God, I just got a copy of this for review. I might have to just shelve it. Yikes.

  3. And here I was hoping to compare notes, lol...

  4. I think the cast and crew must have written most of the reviews for this on IMDB, because we seem to have watched totally different films. I think i'd be less disappointed if the movie just sucked from the get go instead of offering up a glimpse of potential that it never cashed in on.