Podcast Playlist: HMPOD.com #123

Mark and Jerry return to the HMPod.com Horror Movie Podcast with Episode #123, featuring The World’s End, The Wicker Man (’73 & ’06), Rapture-Palooza, The Hills Run Red!

Drinking for the end of the world

Hallo all! Welcome to Episode 123 of The Horror Movie Show on hmpod.com. Hopefully everyone survived Halloween & is now basking in the glow of pre-diabetic syndrome. Only one cure: More candy!!!

Your hosts, the lugubrious Jerry & Mark, begin the show with a lively discussion of British comedy-sci-fi weirdness The World’s End. This tale of a long-time loser determined to finish a legendary pub-crawl is the latest from Simon Pegg, the man behind Hot Fuzz & the fine Shaun of the Dead.

Next is a debate concerning the 1973 British horror classic The Wicker Man & its U.S.-focused remake from 2006. While no one could deny Nicolas Cage is a scenery-chewer of the highest calibre, it’s questionable whether he does a better job in the role so ably filled by Edward Woodward in the original.

2013′s Rapture-Palooza is yet another end-of-the-world comedy & frankly better than the recently reviewed This Is the End. Apart from the extremely similar theme of the two movies, comic actor Craig Robinson co-stars in both. How about that?

Finally, tipped off to The Hills Run Red in one of the millions of horror fan pages on Facebook, the guys discuss this violently low-budget flick. For all the deets, you only have to listen. Cheers.

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