Shocking New 'Queen of Necrophilia' Video

Deathless Legacy Presents

Italian Horror lives in this disturbing new music video.

LOS ANGELES, CA - January 30, 2014 - Italian director Andrea Falaschi released Deathless Legacy first official videoclip “Queen of Necrophilia”. He decided to face the strange theme of necrophilia, using two different shape of women: a black shaped one and a white shaped one, so different but so united in their same, depraved perversion, NECROPHILIA. The Italian horror cinema of Bava and Fulci can now live again, thanks to this young talented director. Check out the new music video after the jump!

“Queen of Necrophilia”, directed by Andrea Falaschi, has been the video winner of the Italian 2013 FI-PI-LI Horror Metal Festival and rewarded by MANETTI BROS.

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