Eyes of a Stranger (1981)

A nosy news reporter attempts to track down the man that she believes is responsible for murdering a string of women around town. After initiating him in a deadly game of cat and mouse, Jane must fight to save her sister's life when the killer strikes home! EYES OF A STRANGER takes the most depraved, degenerate, and misogynistic acts from notorious Grindhouse films like DON'T ANSWER THE PHONE and masks them under the guise of a 'legitimate' Thriller thanks to Ken Weiderhorn's clean directorial style and a smart script. The depictions of extreme violence against women and bloody stabbings make it an extremely brutal outing, removing the safety net of comic gore in place of more realistic deaths. It also borrows heavily from a range of Hitchcockian influences (most notably REAR WINDOW and De Palma's SISTERS), but does so successfully by creating several suspenseful moments where Jane is just seconds away from discovery once she has infiltrated the killer's home. EYES OF A STRANGER transcends the primitive plotting found in many of the other Slashers of its time, making it a welcome surprise to genre fans.

Rating: 7/10.

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  1. Great review, Carl! I was in high hopes you would enjoy this one. I had heard less than stellar things about it some years back, but thought it was a wonderful addition to the form upon seeing it on DVD. A nice surprise.

  2. I was shocked to say the least, it was incredibly violent even for a Slasher film! I can accept the Grand Guignol in Horror, but this type of forceful violence against women always hits me a little harder. Very happy with your rec on this one V!

  3. Sounds pretty good. You don't mention any negatives though. What brings it down to a 7?

  4. Never heard of it, but heading to Netflix right now!

  5. It is good in very many respects, but there are a few parts where the pace lags and some iffy acting moments. In an attempt to keep the review as brief and poignant as possible I just tried to hit on the better aspects of the film =D

  6. Found this one at a flea marker for 1$.
    Can't wait to view it!!