13 Ghosts (1960)

When a desperate family inherits their uncle's lavish estate, it seems like all of their dreams have finally come true... But only if they can survive the mansion's 12 ghostly inhabitants! 13 GHOSTS may be more of a nostalgic piece of Horror cinema than anything else, since its hokey charms are mostly lost on modern audiences. Master showman William Castle introduces another goofy gimmick with his Illusion-O, which makes it so that the ghosts in the film can only be seen through a special viewer. When they do appear, they are silly red spooks that dangle before the camera like cheap marionettes. What is perhaps the most perplexing about the film is how jaded each of the characters are whenever they encounter one of the ghosts. No one seems the least bit stunned, but more curious than anything. Margaret Hamilton makes an appearance later in the film as the helpful housekeeper that holds a seance to put the spirits to rest. Like HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL, 13 GHOSTS only produces mild scares in a family-friendly spook show with 1950's sensibilities.

Rating: 6/10.

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  1. How did the Illusion-O deal worked with a rental?

  2. If I have to compare this one to the remake....I still like this one better. I seem to be one of the only people that HATED the remake.....if you want to clear me out of a room.....put that in. I will stick around until the guy gets cut in half with glass....then I am outta there! :D


  3. The single-disc release actually comes with the visor, and the blue does remove the ghosts while the red makes them pop out, but they are visible without using the visor normally. I watched it this time in the William Castle box set, where the ghosts just appear in red over the blue backing, but the tints are still intact.

    Froggie the remake is definitely intolerable, as are each of the other Castle remakes from the 2000s. There were a few shocking moments, but it is tough to sit through for them =D