Son of Ghostman (2013)

Denny McNamara's life has just about hit rock bottom when fate intervenes and presents him with a greater calling... By donning his childhood hero's signature make-up and cape, Denny is transformed into the Son of Ghostman, a campy Horror host who makes it big after his videos go viral online. But will Denny's new-found love interest accept his secret alter ego? Director Kurt Larson makes his feature film debut in the loving homage to Horror hosts past and present entitled SON OF GHOSTMAN. It is clear from the very start that SON OF GHOSTMAN is a passion project that has been made all the more endearing by the film's heartfelt cast. Devin Ordoyne portrays Denny as the lovable loser who overcomes life's challenges with his positive outlook and constant perseverance. As the Son of Ghostman, his awkward appearance and dorky demeanor make him as adoring to the audience as he is to his internet fans in the film. Marlon Correa and Matthew Boehm add an additional layer of subversive humor to the mix as Denny's two closest friends, Carlo and Zack, while Angela Gulner steps in as the object of his affection. Gulner emits a sweet and captivating charm that makes it just as easy for us to fall in love with her on screen. And, of course, what would SON OF GHOSTMAN be without its nefarious villain, Denny's pompous rival Count Dracool, played by the film's director. Larson gives us plenty of reasons to despise his character in a series of playful bouts between Denny and Dracool. SON OF GHOSTMAN exhibits many of the disadvantages that are commonly found in independent films of its size, but these minor imperfections only add to its unique appeal, and are easily overlooked in an honest and equally original work such as this. To paraphrase the great Ghostman, himself: "In this wretched, soul-sucking, parasitic world of ours... You need someone to save you from the doors of bore," and  Kurt Larson may just be that someone.

Rating: 7/10.

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