Sorority Row (2009)

After a sorority prank goes horribly wrong, the sisters of the Theta Pi house begin receiving threatening messages from a mysterious killer that knows about their deadly secret. SORORITY ROW delivers more trite mainstream Horror for the masses with no thrills or suspense. It reuses the same tired plot line established in I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER and countless other Slashers. The emotionless acting and callous characters become an absolute chore to watch, while the film takes itself far too seriously for what is nothing more than an empty, derivative plot. Every possible jump tactic has been employed to try to force a reaction out of the audience, which would be impossible to achieve otherwise while relying strictly on the script. Loud music cues and quick camera jerks are never acceptable substitutes for character driven suspense and timing, but whereas most other Slasher films would overcompensate for these common failures with gratuitous gore, SORORITY ROW remains consistently disappointing in its tame and uninspired deaths. The film is a pathetic mess that walks the same boring and predictable path as the APRIL FOOL'S DAY remake, and should be avoided completely.

Rating: 5/10.


  1. Yeah,I had a tough time making it through this one,whereas some of the later scream inspired slashers were decent,this was lame,predictable and just downright awful

  2. i thought this was a remake of "The House on Sorority Row (1983)", not that makes it any better. i do want to see this, it scares me that movies are cookie cutter flicks. i have been revisiting some of my favorites and i wonder why movie makers cannot do things right.

    return of the living dead (I, II, III)
    re-animator - bride of the re-animator
    evil dead II
    fright night - fright night II
    frankenstien: unbound

  3. Wow, didn't know there was a "April Fool's Day" remake out, too.
    Is nothing sacred anymore?

    I mostly avoided this movie after a look at the dreadful poster, but recently caught the trailer per chance and thought that it didn't look quite as bad as I feared, well, I guess the trailer is already the highlight of the movie then.

  4. I will see it, when it comes to Netflix, cause I am masochistic like that with horror flicks. But not excited for it, at all.

  5. Somehow this was receiving really good reviews when it was in its theatrical run, I just dont get it. It was absolutely awful. The APRIL FOOLS DAY remake are direct to DVD and arguably worse.

  6. I enjoyed the heck out of this POS...but that's me....