Movie Monsters: Apollo 18 (2011)

The rocks on the moon aren't what they seem, as the crew aboard Apollo 18 quickly finds out in the similarly-titled film. How do these creatures attack their hosts? Read The Full Post HERE!

The Visit (2015)

Becca and Tyler embark on their first visit to Grandma and Grandpa's house, only to discover that their grandparents' odd behavior is becoming increasingly alarming as the trip goes on. Has their childish fantasy run away with them, or are these two seemingly sweet souls hiding a sinister secret? Over the river and through the wood, to grandmother's house we go in M. Night Shyamalan's latest thriller, THE VISIT! Shyamalan draws heavily from childhood fears and fairy tales, alike, as his two young protagonists fall prey to their own terrifying imaginations, but the audience is continually left guessing as to the true nature of Grandma and Grandpa's frightening "ailments." While THE VISIT offers Shyamalan's most interesting premise in years, the execution simply falls short of its true potential. This results mostly from the utter misuse of the "found-footage" format, which creates a constant sense of artifice and unnatural behavior. Olivia DeJonge and Ed Oxenbould feel much to primped and polished in their respective performances as Becca and Tyler to make for believable child characters in this real-life setting. M. Night does get away with a few genuine scares along with the growing tension and suspense that are found in the final act, but it is just too little too late to fully redeem the film.

Rating: 6/10.

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Names in Horror: Bette Davis

Bette Davis was one of Hollywood's sweethearts from a very early age, with dark, deep set eyes that made her a darling actress in the Golden Age of film making. It was only later that she gained notoriety within the Horror genre with the release of What Ever Happened to Baby Jane, where the actress took a much more sinister approach to her craft. Davis would act in Hush... Hush, Sweet Charlotte, as well, as part of the Psycho-Biddy genre, and can also be seen briefly in Burnt Offerings, starring Oliver Reed and Karen Black. Read The Full Post HERE!

Horror Quotes: Carrie (1976)

Margaret White: I can see your dirty pillows. Everyone will.

Carrie: Breasts, Mama. They're called breasts, and every woman has them. Read The Full Post HERE!

Horror Posters: Piranha 2 (1981)

Yes, those are flying piranhas. Yes, this was technically James Cameron's first directorial effort. No, the film is not in Japanese. But this poster sure is sweet. Throw disbelief to the wind and enjoy some good old fashioned shlock in Piranha 2: The Spawning, starring Lance Henriksen. Read The Full Post HERE!

Behind the Scenes: The Descent (2005)

Neil Marshall supervises from within the claustrophobic confines of the set for The Descent. Marshall's sophomore outing would prove to be even more successful than his first, ranking within the Top Ten Greatest Films of the 2000s for many Horror fans. Read The Full Post HERE!

Great Moments in Horror: The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1925)

This is just one of many magical moments brought to life within the Expressionist sets of The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. The film features all of the odd angles and emotive performances that would come to define this period of German film making. What are your favorite moments in The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari? Read The Full Post HERE!

Villains of Horror: Silent Night, Deadly Night (1984)

When Billy sees that the other boys and girls are being naughty on Christmas Eve, he responds in the only way he knows how... PUNISH!! No one will be alive to open presents on Christmas morning with Billy on the prowl. What makes Billy your favorite Villain of Horror? Read The Full Post HERE!

Terror Trivia: Jaws - The Revenge (1987)

According to this film, the events that occurred in Jaws 3-D never took place. Read The Full Post HERE!

Controversial Moments: Humanoids from the Deep (1980)

Ahhh, yes... There is nothing more controversial than a little giant monster fish rape, as we can see pictured here in Humanoids from the Deep! But just what do the bastard children of these mutant monsters look like when they come to term? You'll just have to watch to find out! Read The Full Post HERE!

Movie Monsters: Alligator (1980)

This is why your mother always warned you not to flush baby alligators down the sewers. Alligator takes the Jaws concept to its outrageous extremes, and manages to remain entertaining the whole way through with some pretty impressive special effects along the way. What makes this your favorite movie monster? Read The Full Post HERE!

Names in Horror: Alex de la Iglesia

Although his Horror films are few and far between, Alex de la Iglesia is an incredible talent who is most often compared to Guillermo del Toro in sense and style. His black comedy, Day of the Beast, has made its way through underground circles for years despite its lack of a proper release within the United States. More recently, he has directed the dark and twisted drama, The Last Circus, which has been met with its own acclaim in select audiences. Read The Full Post HERE!

Movie Monsters: [Rec] (2007)

As if the zombies were not enough, Paco Plaza added this gangly beast to the final terrifying scenes in Rec. Sometimes, it is better not to see what is about to eat you. Read The Full Post HERE!

Horror Quotes: Dagon (2001)

Uxía Cambarro: You cannot care for her. You do not dream of her! You will go soon to a beautiful place. You will forget your world and your friends. There will be no time, no end, no today, no yesterday, no tomorrow - only the forever and forever, and forever without end. It is your fate. It is your destiny. Read The Full Post HERE!

Names in Horror: Alan Ormsby

An associate of the late Bob Clark, Alan Ormsby has established himself as a distinguished writer, director, and actor in his own right. His writing credits include Cat People and The Substitute, while he is responsible for directing the cult-classics Deranged and Popcorn. Ormsby also starred as the flamboyant leader of the theater troupe in Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things. Read The Full Post HERE!

Behind the Scenes: Wes Craven's New Nightmare (1994)

Heather Langenkamp gets up close and personal with her arch-nemesis, Freddy Kruger, on the set of Wes Craven's New Nightmare! When did Wes Craven originally conceive of the plot for this film? Read The Full Post HERE!

Great Moments in Horror: The Taint (2010)

Drew Bolduc and Dan Nelson show off one of many insane splatter effects from their shocking horror/comedy, The Taint! Featuring more cocksplosions than any other film in the history of mankind. What are your favorite moments from The Taint?
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Heroes of Horror: Bad Taste (1987)

He's a Derek, and Derek's don't run! Derek may be a bit daft, but when it comes to stopping alien threats from taking over New Zealand, no one does it better than this member of The Boys! Why is Derek your Hero of Horror? Read The Full Post HERE!

Terror Trivia: Elvira's Haunted Hills (2001)

After discovering no one would finance a second Elvira movie, writer/star Cassandra Peterson decided to make it herself, ultimately sinking a million dollars of her own money into the film.  
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Movie Monsters: House (1986)

Richard Moll towers over William Katt as Big Ben in Steve Miner's horror/comedy, House, from 1986. Why is Big Ben one of your favorite movie monsters? Read The Full Post HERE!

Names in Horror: Britt Ekland

The beautiful Britt Ekland has starred beside Roger Moore as one of the many Bond girls, but she is better known to Horror fans for her role as the sexy hotel maid in Robin Hardy's cult-classic, The Wicker Man. Ekland has also appeared in other British Horror features such as Asylum and The Monster Club. Read The Full Post HERE!

Horror Posters: Hostel (2005)

Three backpackers head to a Slovak city that promises to meet their hedonistic expectations, with no idea of the hell that awaits them. What do we think, Horror fans? Does this poster do the film justice? Read The Full Post HERE!

Behind the Scenes: An American Werewolf in London (1981)

Rick Baker and team prepare David Naughton for his final transformation as An American Werewolf in London! Boasting some of the most incredible practical effects work that has ever been caught on camera.
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Unhappy Holidays: A 'Silent Night, Deadly Night' Retrospective

“Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse...” Well... a mouse... and a psycho Santa Claus that is out for revenge! And if there is one thing this Santa knows how to do, it's punish all of the naughty little children... Banned from countless theaters after only a few short days, SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT has become a cult-classic of the Slasher genre, spawning five sequels and a recent remake. Get out your milk and cookies for today's feature entitled Unhappy Holidays: A 'Silent Night, Deadly Night' Retrospective!

Silent Night, Deadly Night (1984)

What could be better than watching a deranged Santa Claus enforce his misguided morals upon naughty girls and boys on Christmas Eve? As we learned in 1984, nothing.

SILENT NIGHT DEADLY NIGHT opens on Christmas Eve, when Billy and Ricky witness their parents being killed by a thief in a Santa suit. They are quickly shuttled off to the local orphanage, where Billy runs into trouble with Mother Superior for drawing pictures of dead Santas and sneaking a peak at two young lovers. After lashing him with the belt and tying him to the bed, Mother Superior teaches Billy that punishment is good. Punishment is absolute. We are always punished for our sins. Years later, Billy takes a job at the local toy shop, where he is forced to play Santa Claus for all the town's children after a co-worker calls out sick. With the memories of mom and dad still fresh in mind, Billy snaps, and decides to spread a little bloody Christmas cheer of his own the only way he knows how... PUNISH!

It should come as no surprise that a poster depicting Santa coming down the chimney with a fire axe might stir up a few parents, and after much complaining, SILENT NIGHT DEADLY NIGHT was effectively cut or banned from countless theaters across the country during its initial release. But why? SILENT NIGHT DEADLY NIGHT is no more harmful than any of the other holiday Horror films to come out in the early 80s. DON'T OPEN TILL CHRISTMAS had someone slinking around London killing anyone dressed as Santa? MY BLOODY VALENTINE showed the sadistic Miner ripping out people's hearts on Valentine's Day? It is clear from the start that this isn't the real Santa anyways, though that wouldn't have convinced any of the parents who boycotted the film without even seeing it. Could it have been the loose plotting about trauma, punishment, and revenge, or maybe the sub-par acting? No, it could only have been the fact that a psycho Santa is running around killing people with a freakin' fire axe!

There really is nothing more to SILENT NIGHT DEADLY NIGHT than a ton of awesome gore, but who's complaining? Well... Besides the parents. First off, we get the world's worst grandpa, who warns Billy that "If you see Santa Claus tonight you better run boy, you better run for ya life!" Thanks, grandpa. Next, it isn't enough for the armed gunman in the Santa suit to steal the family car... No, he has to shoot dad and then rape mom before slicing her neck open. Classy! Does poor Billy get any sympathy after witnessing these traumatic events? Hell no, Mother Superior adds to the fire and tries to beat the fear out of him. It works, for a little. But once Billy gets a hold of that Santa costume, it's all over. Billy strangles a naughty co-worker with Christmas lights, stabs another, brains his boss with a hammer, shoots the Mrs. with an arrow... And that's all before leaving the store! Linnea Quigley makes a great wall mount as she is thrust through a pair of deer antlers, topless. Her boyfriend doesn't get much better treatment. Thankfully, her little sister has been a good little girl, and is handed a bloodied box opener instead of being killed. Two bullies steal a pair of sleds, and it is off with their heads! The film rightfully ends at the footsteps of the orphanage, where Santa makes one final stop on his deadly rampage. In its uncut form, SILENT NIGHT DEADLY NIGHT paints the winter snow red with blood. And if the brutal deaths weren't entertaining enough, Robert Brian Wilson's absurd performance as Billy takes the cake. He is completely emotionless as he coldly shouts 'PUNISH' before planting his axe into each victim.

For everything that this tasteless and trashy film lacks, it more than makes up for in bloody violence that Slasher fans are sure to enjoy year after year!

Rating: 6/10.

Silent Night, Deadly Night 2 (1987)

After SILENT NIGHT DEADLY NIGHT had been cut short early during its initial release, a sequel seemed like the perfect opportunity to re-market and re-release footage from the original film to reduce costs. Nothing could have prepared audiences for the horrifying results: A virtual clip show containing over forty full minutes of the first film framed around some of the worst acting and inconceivable plotting known to man. Ricky, Billy's younger brother, relays the events of his brother's screwed up childhood and ensuing rampage to a police psychologist, but oddly enough, he does so from his brother's perspective since he wasn't present for the majority of the events. After, he describes his own disjointed and incomprehensible murder spree. There is no way to adequately describe how terrible Eric Freeman's performance is in the film, it literally has to be seen to believe.

SILENT NIGHT DEADLY NIGHT 2 is only remarkable for being one of the worst films ever made. The typical Slasher series doesn't resort to reusing stock footage for at least six or seven sequels, but the flashbacks here almost outlast the running time of the new footage! It is only a little more acceptable in this case due to the fact that many viewers missed out on seeing the original in theaters, but that does not excuse the rest of the pathetic production. It always seems like there is some joke going on behind the scenes that director Lee Harry didn't share with the cast, as if the entire film was some sadistic episode of Candid Camera.

It goes without saying that the only thing worth watching for is the atrocious acting and dialog, but this is one of those rare occasions where the film is so incredibly bad that it has become a cult favorite amongst Horror fans.

Rating: 2/10.

Silent Night, Deadly Night 3 (1989)

A blind teen is undergoing an experiment in which she subconsciously taps into the mind of serial killer Ricky Caldwell telepathically to try to awaken him from his comatose state. After another failed attempt, she heads off on vacation over the Christmas holiday, but she inadvertently sends Ricky images of his most hated holiday that awaken him from his mental prison with only one thing on his mind: Revenge? Fearing that there was far too much good celluloid left in the world, Monte Hellman, acclaimed director of nothing, set out to waste as much as possible with another awful sequel to SILENT NIGHT DEADLY NIGHT. Although it is no worse than the last film (no film ever could be), it is certainly less enjoyable. The hilarious overtures of "actor" Eric Freeman are sorely missed here, as Bill Moseley takes over for him in the role. Moseley is only given a couple of lines and forced to wear a ridiculous fishbowl over his exposed brain throughout the entirety of the film, sans Santa suit. The Z-movie plotting immediately falls back into a tedious stalk-and-slash routine with few deaths and very little gore. Avoid.

Rating: 4/10.

Silent Night, Deadly Night 4 (1990)

An investigative reporter is attempting to solve a recent suicide that seems to be linked to a mysterious feminist cult in SILENT NIGHT DEADLY NIGHT 4. This film couldn't have anything less to do with the rest of the series, and clearly had the name tacked on at the last minute for publicity. No Santa Claus. No Christmas killing spree. No Fun. Instead, it plays closer to THE WICKER MAN or THE LAIR OF THE WHITE WORM. Only badly. The confused plot even has the lead fantasize about giant bugs before transforming into one herself? And for no better reason than to show off more of Screaming Mad George's gruesome creature effects. Clint Howard takes over for Eric Freeman and Bill Moseley in a throwaway role as "Ricky Caldwell," if you can even call him that. Another terrible sequel.

Rating: 4/10.

Silent Night, Deadly Night 5 (1991)

Mickey Rooney plays a demented toymaker, Joe Petto, whose hand-made toys are to die for! SILENT NIGHT DEADLY NIGHT 5 may not be a great film. It may not even be a good film for that matter. But it is at least better than the previous sequels by comparison. It actually centers around the holiday for starters, but it is also very mean-spirited and unique. The problem, as always with these films, is that the interesting premise is quickly destroyed by the drab acting and storyline. Who are we to side with here? The neglectful mother and her mute child? The obsessive Santa stalker? The crazed toymaker? Or maybe the guy who can't seem to keep the boom mic out of the shot? Thankfully, the film packs enough mild gore and Mickey Rooney 'splotation to keep things moving, if only at a crawl. The creative effects that come out of the final scene are worth the wait, so sit back and enjoy as the killer toys take over Christmas!

Rating: 5/10.

Silent Night (2012)

Santa Claus is coming to town, and he is packing a special surprise for all of the naughty little girls and boys... Police Sheriff Aubrey Bradimore is left to find this psycho Santa before he slashes his way through town on Christmas Eve! SILENT NIGHT is bottom of the barrel Slasher filth with few redeeming qualities. Steven C. Miller is sure to include all of the gratuitous nudity and gore that fans would have come to expect from a SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT remake, but without any of the more entertaining elements that made the 1984 film a cult-classic and Christmas tradition. The few characters and loose plot points that do exist are entirely inconsequential to the film, and serve only as filler between the bloodshed. One would hope that Miller would then overcompensate for the lack of substance with a series of jaw-dropping death scenes, but even these are mild and unmemorable at best. SILENT NIGHT has very little chance of surviving the holiday season once it is taken off the store shelves and forgotten.

Rating: 4/10.
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Great Moments in Horror: Chopping Mall (1986)

The mall must have been offering discount head explosions at a fraction of the price. Chopping Mall may not be good for much, but where else can you find deadly security robots and dead teenagers all rolled up into one? What are your favorite moments from Chopping Mall? Read The Full Post HERE!

Villains of Horror: The Devil's Rain (1975)

Jonathan Corbis is ready to unleash hell in The Devil's Rain! ...But not before throwing on some AC/DC and Iron Maiden, for good measure. What makes Jonathan Corbis your favorite Villain of Horror? Read The Full Post HERE!

Terror Trivia: Tremors (1990)

Tremors was originally given an "R" rating by the MPAA not for violence but for language. As an appeal, producers removed all utterances of the "f" word, with the exception of one - when Kevin Bacon says "Fuck you" to the dead graboid. Read The Full Post HERE!

Sinister 2 (2015)

A young boy is seduced into doing the bidding of the ghastly Bughuul by his cadre of undead child victims in this sinister sequel! CITADEL director Ciarán Foy takes over for Scott Derrickson in bringing the chilling Mr. Boogie back to life, drawing from the same visual language and stylistic overtones that had made the original such a success. In doing so, SINISTER 2 suffers from many of the same flaws, however. While the film is undeniably shocking and filled with many unexpected frights, any attempts at developing a true sense of terror are supplanted by the series shrill sound effects and jolting images that plague the production. Once again, the horror involved in watching the various home videos and in Mr. Boogie's spine-tingling appearances subsides with each disillusioning scene of the ghost children. Their role in the film is made indispensable as we learn the horrifying secret behind the Bughuul's bloody designs. James Ransone is no stand-in for Ethan Hawke, delivering a painfully stale performance that only ranges from complete daftness to utter bewilderment, thereby preventing the audience from investing in his plight as Ex-Deputy So & So on the trail of Mr. Boogie. Although there is certainly room for improvement, SINISTER 2 is at least able to offer more cheap thrills and gruesome imagery for today's modern gore fans.

Rating: 6/10.

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