CMU Offers New Cutting-Edge Makeup Effects Program

CMU College of Makeup Art & Design Launches
Groundbreaking Program

Educating the new generation, special effects workforce to lead the future of
Digital and Practical Makeup Industries

TORONTO, ON - January 27, 2016 - It is the ultimate geek smackdown! Are you team practical effects or team digital effects? CMU College of Makeup Art & Design announces it's settling that debate because it's finally both with their groundbreaking new program, Digital Makeup Effects Artist Program: Creature and Character Design. This 17-week program is the first of its kind in Canada and is the next step in an evolving discipline that will meet future industry demands to provide skilled makeup artists who are fully conversant in both practical and digital makeup effects and design.

Before there were digital effects the movie industry wizardry was done primarily through the use of practical effects with makeup, props, and animatronics. Digital effects are now the norm for creating the movie magic you see in many of the summer blockbusters, but they are often missing the realism and grit of practical effects. In entertainment and technology industries - the true champion is the new super skilled worker who is versed in both talents.

"Today we are seeing more employers integrate practical and digital effects into the overall concept and design of the sophisticated content they produce," says President of CMU College of Makeup Art & Design, Barry Patterson. "We identified a gap between available training and emerging industry demands which led us to create the new Digital Makeup Effects Program to prepare creative artists for that future."

The curriculum of this unique Digital Makeup Effects Program blends life drawing, traditional figurative sculpture, an intro to 3D scanning and printing, online portfolio creation, Photoshop; and ZBrush, the industry standard for digital sculpting. Graduates will receive a diploma and a highly coveted, blended skill set that primes them for jobs in film, television, video gaming, toy design, prototyping, special effects; and 3D scanning, printing, and modelling.

Welcome to the future of digital tools in concert with the practical ones! Registration is now open for the limited, first intake of students for May 2, 2016.

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