Hangman (2015)

The Miller Family returns home from vacation to find their house ransacked, but what they do not know is that this minor trespass is only the beginning of a sadistic killer's terrifying game of cat and mouse! Britain's own Adam Mason returns with another unnerving thriller, this time taking on the horrors of home invasion in a deeply disturbing and frightful new film. HANGMAN is told through the lens of the killer's camera as he watches his unwitting victims from somewhere within the house. With each passing day, the masked man pervades every inch of the Millers' personal possessions, starting with small and seemingly innocent pranks before turning to much darker and more sinister offenses. A decade ago, HANGMAN may have made a much more profound impact before the genre had experienced an epidemic of both found-footage and home invasion films, but without the benefit of being the first of its kind, it lacks the suspense and overall intensity that it may have had previously. The abrupt ending also fails to deliver any sense of closure or meaning behind the killer's seemingly-senseless rampage. Regardless, we, as the audience, reel behind our sickening feelings of being watched and intruded upon thanks to the voyeuristic found-footage format. Fans of similarly-themed films like THE PURGE, THE STRANGERS, or THEM will find plenty to enjoy here, however.

Rating: 6/10.

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