Movie Monsters: Dracula (1931)

One of the classic monsters of film land, Dracula has kept a strenuous hold on pop culture for nearly a century with his icy gaze. Bela Lugosi will always be remembered for this iconic role as the titular Count. Why is Dracula your favorite movie monster?


  1. The late Great Sir Christopher Lee was the "Dracula" that we grew up with, good Sir....
    Horror of Dracula is still one of the best Vampire films Ever made...!!!
    ... even know all of the special effects used to show him destroyed by sunlight.... even down to the way "dust" ("Potter's Earth" make-up) trickled from his hands as the thin layers of paraffin broke open.... truly Creative and visually stunning "Practical Effects"....

  2. Many, save for you and I. Christopher Lee is my single favorite actor, and the defining Count in my humble opinion, as well. There is no mistaking Lugosi's historical and cultural significance, but Lee's thunderous, animalistic portrayal is second to none.