Names in Horror: Lance Henriksen

Lance Henriksen is sure to be a familiar face, as he has appeared in numerous genre classics since the late 70s, starting with his commanding performance in Damien: The Omen II. Henriksen would first meet up with a young James Cameron during his lead in Piranha II, which would secure his place in Cameron's later films like The Terminator, and most memorably, as the android Bishop in Aliens! Prior to that, Henriksen also appeared in the omnibus Horror film, Nightmares, a lost treasure of the early 80s. In 1987, Henriksen starred as the leader of a rogue band of vampires in the cult-classic, Near Dark, before moving on to one of his most powerful performances as Ed Harley in the terrifying supernatural Horror film, Pumpkinhead! Additional appearances include The Pit and the Pendulum, Man's Best Friend, Scream 3, The Mangler 2, and many more.

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